Water hunting in the Stone


Naoya, Loki (emitter for Iwa ANBU and populace), Kaneko (initial scene set only, provides info for Iwa forces and policies)

Date: November 3, 2016


Naoya goes hunting Kiri missing nin in Iwa… and is finally blocked at the end

"Water hunting in the Stone"


Within Iwagakure, there has been a number of interesting and unusual events going on since the Civil War that happened three years or so ago. For starters, there is a huge construction project going on in the middle of the square. It looks as if a tall building is slowly being created, though right now it's not being worked on. A temporary setback. The villagers all tend to wear brown or dark maroon-color clothes, though there are a few people that don't quite fit in with that mould. Some wear bright colors, indicating that perhaps they aren't of Iwagakure.

For the past while, Iwagakure has pushed forth into the world of knowledge and, maybe someday, will become an equal contender on the world stage once more. For now, though, things seem to be going rather well. There's a bit of an air of tension right now, though. Perhaps it's because the Administration has been seen in more and more meetings recently. Maybe it's because of the Okumo 'stranger' that has been wandering about the village. Maybe, even, it's because there is some internal strife going on. Of course, it could also be all three… Who knows! The village right now is just going through their daily routines…

Sensors within the village that trained their senses on Naoya would notice that Naoya kept his word largely, without fail. His brood was within him at all times, and even more so not one notable use of chakra as a whole could be noticed yet.. The Okumo was moving around the village steadily an hour before dawn, having allowed himself only a few scarce hours of rest before moving again. Scenting the air, touching and listening to the walls, feeling the footpaths for vibrations and even touching his tongue after touching fluids on the ground or along the walls, tasting them even if they caused him to spit them out after a few second.

The scent trails that he found last evening were a start to refine his study and research. The ANBU wouldn't notice an oddity within his chakra, but the longer he searched, the more likely his patterns would cause him to draw closer to where Kiji had lingered. It wouldn't be for several hours when the city became more alive that Naoya would begin talking, calmly at at times making brides, directly or indirectly to try and have merchants tell him about an 'Ivory haired, pale girl' and the 'Giant that may be bushy tailed' that accompanied her or of a 'hound' that kept her safe.

RP: Naoya joins the roleplay.

COMBAT: It is now Naoya's turn.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a MASTERED-PERCEPTION…56

[NPC System]: ANBU roll(s) Diversionary tactics from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Loki

While Naoya's tracking skills are indeed impressive, and he has caught some slight whiffs of something that might be from Kiri, but it is likely old and slightly stale. Still, there are signs, though it's likely that he can't quite identify any specific person, or group. Nonetheless, the inability to use his spiders would provide an obsticle for him, especially since it could be a given that he is being tracked by sensors watching for any kind of shift.

Even at this time of morning, random villagers are out and about, though the traffic isn't anywhere near considering heavy. Mostly it's merchants and restaurant owners who are preparing for the morning rush. In particular, one man seems to be accepting a load of fish, likely imported, to prepare for the days business. It's still as fresh as they can get it in Iwa, even if the smell is likely a bit sharper than usual.

With the various stalls becoming filled and the stores opening, Naoya takes his time to travel to a smith first beyond the others. After arriving, Naoya would draw out a straight short sword, having it first appraised, asking for it to be not reforged though asking for it to be sharpened, and balanced once again if need be along with other general maintenance with the blade. Once the matter of payment arrives, Naoya pays the requested amount without haggling and then sets down a small pouch, the contents valuing a little more than five thousand Ryo from the assorted coins and bills within. "You likely have seen a traitor and not even realized it, I need help finding either of these people. I can promise you more once I find one, understand?"

Moving his hand away and to his pouch, Naoya lays out a well worn book and within it are faces, names, brief specialty information and their bounty value to which land. A total of seven unique sketches and proper photos were on display three were Land of Water criminals, two were Storm Brigade members that originated in the Land of Lightning while the last two were 'Okumo' Kiji of the Shimizu clan and 'Moto' Yoshi of the Kirryu clan. The drawn information of Kiji was less than a year old though there was a photo almost two years old of her, there is also a photo of Kiyoshi was likewise almosr two years old.. both candidates within the Kirigakure hosted World Tournament 'Soul Steel' Upon studying the photo another familiar face could be seen, Naoya was also among the photo, it was a showing of all Genin to were promoted to Chuunin that year under Mizukage Meruin.

"The reason these need to be found is they will ruin the country they hide within. Betraying everyone.. their friends, their families even even their Kage if it gets in their way of 'fun'." The final word is said bitterly causing Naoya to narrow his eyes at the man, giving his expression no matter how minute his full attention.

«GM» Loki says, "Needs to be >75"

RP: Loki rolled a 36 with 1d100 die.

The arms vendor finishes the job easily and quickly, and seems surprised that there was no haggling. This seems to ingratiate him slightly to Naoya, so when the pouch with the extra money is presented, his eyes narrow a little less than they otherwise would have. Once Naoya provides the pictures of the two he's looking for, his face turns grim. "Criminals like that would need to be found, aye." He then turns his attention to the pictures, looking at them closely for some few minutes before pushing the extra coin purse back. "I don't recognize any of them stranger. I've not heard of any of them being here, at least by what these pictures show." It appears he's refusing to take the money, since he can't help Naoya at all.

Not yet taking the money back, Naoya moves his hand over to the photos of Kiyoshi, tapping under his face twice. "This one.. he favors larger weapons, along with scroll work. This mutant, are you sure you have not forged nor worked on a weapon too great in mass for a normal human? 'Please sir', think.." While his words held a pleading wording, it didn't carry to the Okumo's eyes nor his actual tone. Slipping his fingers away, he turns the photo back to the man before motioning to the size and dimensions of the moto, seeing if the generalization of the Moto would give him some leads while he works on sheathing his maintenanced blade.

The man takes a closer look at the picture, then shakes his head. He seems a little disturbed that the plea did not quite reach his customer's eyes, but not too much. It appears he's used to shinobi at least enough to not be /too/ put off by oddities. The answer though, remains unchanged. "No, I'm sorry. I don't recognize this one at all. I have a few customers that weild big weapons. In fact, there's a clan here that has a few big 'uns themselves. So I'm afraid your weapons description isn't helping me much either."

Long distance to Kaneko: Loki remembers enough from Naruto and Iwa to know that large shinobi are more common in Iwa than elswhere.

Arching a brow, Naoya recollects the offered payment for information and puts it back into his pouch and nods slowly. Collecting his book, he doesn't put it away but slips out a pen, turning the page to one that was blank he presses the pen lightly against it. "Tell me.. what is the name of this clan? How many of them are known to using Scroll Sealing techniques? I think I might need to ask them about impersonators within their blood lines." Relaxing his shoulders, Naoya seems somewhat more relaxed with the photos no longer being up for question.

"Well, there be a couple of clans that have big'uns here. Murasame are metal weilders, and it'd be kinda hard to impersonate one of them," the man says as he leans back to think. "Other's Sasaki, the earth movers here. They have their share of huge'uns too. Thing is, either one could use large blades like you say, but both are pretty tight knit. As I said, I never seen that last one you pointed out. Sorry."

"Oh, I understand.. I understand well." Turning back to the man, Naoya bows his head slightly but then shakes his head. "The one I seek manipulates his body freely. There is a chance he murdered one and is taking their physical place as we speak.." Closing the book, he slips it into the folds of his clothing rather than back into a pouch. "He isn't normal so if you saw him it would be easy to pick out, especially seeing he only went and betrayed the Mists two winters ago.. I hope you never see him sir. Goodbye." With that said, Naoya turns and begins to depart. Looking around, Naoya closes his eyes and turns his head listen for where the crowds were most focused. Making his way towards them he would brush his knuckles lightly against another's shoulder before asking, "Can you show me where the medical facility is? I need to check on someone though I got turned around."

At this time of morning, the traffic is busiest headed toward the center of the village, unless you count shinobi among the rooftops, which has increased. That traffic seems more evenly spread in all directions. Still, the woman he bumped into would blink for a moment, then nod once before responding with, "Sure, go three blocks that way, turn left, go two blocks, then turn right and then straight for another five blocks."

'Three, two, five..' is mumbled under his breath before his head bows to the woman briefly and he departs. Naoya follows the path that the woman laid out for him though it didn't immediately seem as if he was aware of the growing shinobi force that was beginning to assemble along the path ways that he moved. At the end of the route, the Okumo looks up towards the rooftops for a few seconds before looking down. Kicking at the road slightly and steadily but on the seventh strike for some not paying attention he simply disappeared without the aid of chakra. Using physical prowess alone, Naoya lands onto the rooftops before rapidly repositioning himself in an attempt to close the distance with one of the shinobi that had been sent out to monitor him.

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Indeed, the roof-top traffic had been getting getting heavier the closer he had been getting to the hospital, though a lot of it seems to "normal" traffic, or what would appear as such anyway. When Naoya stops at the entrance, however, some of the traffic seems to stop as well. A betting man wouldn't take a bet that Naoya's watchers have been increased rather dramatically, it would be a sucker's bet. In fact, when Naoya finally makes the move to join them on rooftops, he finds three ANBU standing there, two with hands on their swords and one with a handseal already formed and ready. "Why did you come up here?" one of the men asks.

A dull gaze look at the man who spoke up, not showing a sign of worry at the concept of a three against one match nor did he seem excited by it. "If you wish for me to be out of your village more quickly you can aid with my research. Once that is completed then I will be leaving." Turning his attention to the man with his hands preparing to weave ninjutsu, Naoya motions faintly towards him and says "I have already collected the scent of two of the seven I am after within these walls. You are currently housing those that would betray their homeland for selfish reasons.. I doubt your ilk would do this purposefully, so that means your own village is at risk." Turning around, Naoya looks down at the hospital main entry way and says with his back turned to the men, "One of our scouts reported finding one of them on their way through this land to the Land of Birds, they wounded them and their mind, likely someone within that building would know of them, will you assist or watch from afar?"

"We do not know of any Kiri nin here, save you, missing or otherwise," the spokesman ANBU says succinctly. "Whatever you have smelled, it may be possible they have left already. However, you will not enter the hospital." With this another trio of ANBU appear, but one disappears rather quickly after the spokesman nods. "He has been sent to see if there are any Kiri shinobi in the hospital currently. You will wait here for his return." They're abrupt, yes. But they have their orders and they appear to be sticking to those orders.

"You don't know of any.. 'May be possible', for black OPs troops, you really don't know much about who is in your own village do you?" is said with a a half hearted chuckle at the end. Moving his hand to the side of his neck, Naoya presses slowly but steadily until his neck is forced into alignment. "Him.. he doesn't even have information to look. He is enacting the pointless, don't try to pacify me so weakly. The seven I look for are ex-Shinobi of the Mists. Are you looking for them to be shouting 'I am a Rogue Shinobi' when asked?" Walking forward for several steps, Naoya kicks off from the roof, hurling himself closer to the hospital, not yet entering it but walking closer to the entrance. "If you think assassins might be inside and send one man.. why are you worried about if I enter with all of you watching me?"

"I was offering options, and giving you possible explanations. If you want me to put it another way, then fine. There are no Kiri shinobi in this village other than yourself. Our man went to ask the doctors if they treated anyone with the symptoms you described. Only a fool would believe that we would mean to go around doing what you mocked us with. But the fact remains that you will not be entering that hospital. And since you are already making thinly-veiled threats," The ANBU replies as others make themselves visible on other rooftops, including on the hospital itself, "Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Any attempt to enter that buildig via any means will be seen as an attack upon our forces, and we will respond in kind. Then, when whatever happens here is done, your Mizukage will be notified that the attack perpetrated upon our village will be answered. Is this in any way unclear?"

Chuckling softly to himself, Naoya begins to bare his augmented fangs though he doesn't turn away from the hospital. "A hospital, something a village woman directed me to is being protected by dozens of ANBU because of 'one' terrorist hunter that has yet to break a rule?" Slowly turning around, a sensor would notice a shift not of his body language but his chakra it was rapidly being kneading within his abdomen and spreading out over his limbs causing what is like a second skin to begin grow and spread under his clothing. "Even while Kumogakure visits Kirigakure, they are able to be treated and observe our warriors. Kirigakure has sent aid and surgeons in the past to Iwagakure as well. Iwagakure took pride in attending the Steel Soul tournament of Kirigakure though now.. You all are acting under orders to be scared." A widened grin shines on his face as he looks up towards the roof tops, "If you had nothing to hide you would walk with me, not hide, nor restrict. What are you trying to hide, or are you all cowards to show an outside surgeon what kind of filth sensei had to work in when she visited?"

[NPC System]: Sensor roll(s) Chakra perception sense from 50 to 90 and get(s) a 90. - Rolled by: Loki

One of the ANBU with the swords rather suddenly draws his sword a split second later. "Do not try anything," the man says, his voice ominous. Several other ANBU tense up in preparation for either defense or attack at a moment's notice. "We don't have anything to hide," the spokesman says without seemingly missing a beat. "But we reserve the right to enforce rules based upon the declared reasons for visit for any foreign shinobi. Your reason for coming here was to look for Storm Brigade members. We have not seen any here. But, since you came here declaring yourself to be hunting them, certain restrictions have been set. We have even volunteered to ask for you in the spirit of cooperation, in order to prevent any possible violations of those restrictions. Those is not the actions of someone hiding something. Those are the actions of a hidden village protecting its own secrets while cooperating to the best of our abilities. Take that as fear if you wish, though I see nothing to be afraid of at this time. But bear in mind that releasing that chakra your building would see the same outcome as I described previously. I would advise that you wait to hear the report from our man. Either way, you're not entering that building."

Shifting a hand, Naoya motions towards the one that rapidly began to respond to his chakra molding by drawing a sword. "Oh yes.. nothing hidden, not fearful at all. Not even batting an eye when I already smelt the same Storm Brigade female that attempted to assassinate the Mizukage within /your/ walls." Turning his eyes from one member to another, Naoya steps away from the hospital with his hands still away from his swords, what was clear was that Naoya had no intent in lessening his chakra concentration. "You insist there are no 'Kiri Shinobi' beyond myself, which is true.. rogue nin aren't part of they betrayed. So that statement is moot." Motioning behind himself and towards the hospital and speaks up to ask, "Oh yes, the report of a man looking for Kiri Shinobi, who didn't even know they were in his village and still doesn't know what they look like. Tsk.. I thought the mountain air left your brains thin, I didn't think it made them 'that' thin. I'm going.. I have the intel the strike team will need." Kicking off, Naoya was visibly faster now, and each of the series of steps cause him to travel further than before effortlessly.

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RP: Naoya transforms into SPIDER-LIMB-CONTROL.

COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with UNSEEN-STEPS with a roll of: 54

RP: Naoya leaves the roleplay.

RP: Naoya reverts to his normal state.

Well, the ANBU are not about to let someone who is now actively threatening the integrity of their village go unescorted, right out the gates. In fact, the previously unseen presence of watchers is now very much seen as the ANBU would in fact trail Naoya until he left the village proper. When he does, the spokesman says, "Yeah, all you can say is you smelled someone's presence, and offer no proof other than your word, which you just indicated you will break on a moment's notice. Leave the village, and if your strike team comes and continues to act without proof, they will not like the response." That's all they will say on this matter now.

"Oh? Cut into our bodies? Leave the Kaguya disfigured and bleeding? I believe the strike force would enjoy that response." Lifting his hand once outside of the village, Naoya strokes out with a hand motion and with it a flare of chakra which causes a rapid conflict with most of the arachnids for several kilometers at once. "Your laws don't effect me here and now.." A soft smile appears on his lips as the effected spiders were not only the ones outside of the village but once again the arachnids within the village would under the Okumo's chakra influence, this time not only to see through them but expended to also spread them out, increasing his senses. "The ones I hunt were in this region within a week's time, I will be collecting their heads even if your ilk is trying to hide them in your key buildings."

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