Water Ninjutsu? Not in the Land of Fire!


Himawari, Keno, Ryo, Sayuri, Toshio

Date: May 27, 2014


The Ono Teahouse catches fire. Though several shinobi, mostly genin, respond to the blaze, no one seems to know any water ninjutsu. The team has to work together to save two people.

"Water Ninjutsu? Not in the Land of Fire!"

Ono Teahouse

River Path [Konohagakure]


A man made path trampled out with foot traffic which extends right to the entrance of Konohagakure lake further in the southern expanse. The pathway is completely surrounded with matters of small critters, an abundance of insects, birds and plenty of shade due to the large trees. Within the summer months this entire path is a sight of a beauty itself with the sights, smells and sounds coming from within it. Aburame clan members are often found here moving through the bushes seeking for different types of insects finding a place to connect with nature. The sound of water flowing downwards is vaguely heard with no certain direction from where it is coming from.







The sun has set over the Land of Fire. The trees have all bloomed in the area and now they are starting to change colors and fall of the trees. There has not been rain in days. While most people are heading in for the night, a few in the area might notice a burning smell in the air. The Ono Teahouse seems to have caught fire. As more people notice, the sounds of screams can be heard. People are yelling for more people to grab water. With as much as they seem to dump on the fire, nothing seems to beat the flames back. Can anyone help save the teahouse?

Uchiha Ryo was walking down the river path, heading towards his home, when he noticed the fire in the distance. He had been to the teahouse once or twice before. He never truly cared for the place, but he was a shinobi of the village and it was his duty to try to lend aid. His pace quickens to a run as he heads towards the fire and the screaming people. As he arrives, he asks out loud, "Does anyone know if anyone is inside?" He then looks around to see who else is around.

Toshio was one of those people who heard the yell for water. He was also one of those people carrying buckets of water. He brings his bucket to the fire and dumps it out onto the fire. "Dont know if anyone is inside!" He says when someone asks.

Indeed, a little ball of energy did notice the smell of burning, much less the yells. She came from the beaten path, having been out for an evening jog it would seem. When she heard the word 'fire', Himawari quickened her pace and comes close just in time to hear Ryo calling out his question. "Oh no!" Looking up at the flame-laden building, she fidgets a moment before peering around. "Should someone go in and try to find anyone?" She looks to Ryo for the answer, since he seems ready to be in charge… sort of.

Sayuri was headed back from delivering laundry, her hands interlocked behind her head as she walks down the path. Then the scent of smoke reaches her nose, causing it to curl upwards slightly. Then the screams and yells reached her ears, and she quickly started to run, towards the direction of the fire. Stopping with a little pant, she looks between missing to conversation between Ryo and Himawari. Straightening up she runs her hand through her blonde hair slowly, her violet eyes moving between everyone, standing there and those running around. Her hand shoots out towards a man running away, and she says swiftly at him, "Get some people and have them grab anything that can hold water!"

No one seemed to know if there was anyone inside. Toshio was grabbing water, Sayuri seemed to be directing those around to grab water and Himawari wanted to know if they should rush in. Without any knowledge, Ryo had no choice. He activates his Sharingan and scans the teahouse. "There are two people inside still. We need to get them out but the fire is growing. Does anyone know any water jutsu?" Ryo asks. He then draws the blade from his back as he starts to move towards the door.

"Hey you!" Ryo turns around and points to Sayuri. "Have someone send message to the Hokage's office. That way they can send some help." Ryo goes from yelling to talking a bit quieter. Unfortunately the people inside did not have that much time to wait. They would either cook or die of smoke inhilation.

Toshio gets a bucket of water and douses himself completely. Once soaked, he then runs into the building, holding his breath as he moves into the building to find those two people. Shame he didnt wait to get told where they were. Impulsive genin is impulsive.

Himawari looks concerned, but once she sees the bald man activate the weird eyes, she looks toward the building curiously. Hearing his response, she hops up and down worriedly. "I don't know any Water Jutsu," she answers regretfully. Watching as Toshio dashes in, she looks concerned. Turning to Ryo, she asks quickly, "Where are they?" Only once — and if — she got an answer form him, she'd snag a bucket of water and mimic Toshio's action to dash in after him. Of course… if she gets no answer, she'll just stamp her foot impatiently and grab someone's bucket anyway, but instead of dousing herself, she'd throw the water at the building.

Sayuri looks at Ryo and first says "No… not my element." gives affirmative nod. Pointing to one of the people and telling them to relay the message to the Hokage's office immediately. Her attention then snaps to some of the people still standing around or who have started to gather to see what was going on. She lets out a small cough to clear her throat, then, with her violet eyes moving across the crowd points in the direction of the river, "The buckets and other thingies will be here soon! Start from where I am standing and form a line back to the river, the best we can!" she says firmly with a nod, "When the stuff arrives, we will keep water moving forward and backwards and start throwing it on the fire!" she says waiting to see if anyone will listen.

All the ruckus has finally attracted the attention of someone who was… Oddly, sleeping… On a bench nearby. Keno walks up calmly, watching what is going on, before clearing his throat "What exactly is going on?" Is asked simply, taking stock of who's where outside for the moment. "I mean, besides the obvious, the place is on fire." for now that's all he says, as he takes off the jacket he was wearing, the heat of the fire should keep him warm enough while he helps.

Surprisingly the unorganized group of people decide to listen to Sayuri. All of them except for one form a line leading to the river. They start to pass buckets back to her. It actually seems to be more efficient then everyone going and grabbing a bucket and then running towards the fire.

Ryo looks to Himawari as Toshio takes off into the building. "That makes three… They are near the center of the building. Please stay here though. Make sure the water is spread near the entrance so that we can have an exit. I will go after the others." Ryo does not bother dousing himself. Instead he pulls out a piece of cloth and wraps it over his face before running in after Toshio. He was not worried about the shinobi getting out. There were two people in danger currently.

Toshio runs into the burning building, looking about. Unlike Ryo, he had only normal blue eyes to see with but he knew how fire worked, it being his elemental affinity and a weapon smith in training. Hearing the screams, he makes his way to the two and smiles. "It's okay, lets go." He says as he helps them up. He takes a few moments to study his surroundings. The boy may be impulsive and impatient, but he was calm. And soon he see's a way out. "This way." He says as he begins to lead them out, pulling his sheathed sword off his back to use to push some burning debris away.

The girl was just about to douse herself when asked to stay here. Her brows knit together and she whines, fidgeting. Sighing as he shifts to head in, she finds a tree that at least partially hangs over the building and she moves to climb onto a branch, reaching out to grab a bucket from someone in the line who'd hand it to her. Then she tosses the water in an attempted arch over the entrance before handing back the bucket. Doing it from above might make a bit of difference, at least, which is what Himawari's trying to accomplish.

Sayuri nods as people start to form a line. Her hand shooting up and giving them all a thumbs up, "All right!" she exclaims, sounding a bit excited. As the people start passing buckets and anything else they found to hold water, she organizes a few people with hand gestures to stand towards the end to grab the containers and toss them on the flaming building. One of those being Keno, "Come on, pick a spot grab something when it is passed to you and toss it on the teahouse!" she says with a small wink to him, as she tosses a bucket onto the teahouse. "Good job everyone lets keep it coming!" she exclaims to everyone over her shoulder.

Keno blinks. He sighs a bit, shaking his head. He refrains from saying what he wants though, and just moves to get in the line and start being a go between for water filled items that can hold water, and those same items just empty and needing more water in them.

For the most part the fire was being beaten back. The doorway was clean of any flames. The effort was working reasonably well.

Moving through into the building, Ryo continues to move towards Toshio. He seemed to be heading towards the people. The smoke was easy to see through for Ryo's Sharingan. The people were in the center of the building. That where Ryo had hoped Toshio would stop and wait for him. Otherwise things might get kind of difficult. As he moves he wipes the sweat from his brow. With this level heat it did little to help him.

Toshio remains at the center of the burning building for now. When Ryo came for them, he gives a nod before gesturing to a potential escape route, waiting for the higher ranked ninja's judgment. He tries to keep the two safe from the fire though as best as he could.

Once the entrance seemed good for the moment, Himawari starts throwing the water on other parts of the building too. She'd shift between focusing on the entrance and getting other places as need be.

Yes victory is in sight, the flames that had been engulfing the building are being beaten back. Sayuri could tell progress was being made, a firm nod is given to no one in particular, perhaps to herself. She tosses another bucket of water onto the building. Her hands move as she makes gestures to new areas as they beat back the flames in one, yelling out and pointing to people, "You over there!" and "Get that side." her hand moves up and smears some ash across her face, leaving a black trail of soot across her cheek, while other bits of ash cling to her hair and clothing. "Just a little bit more!" she shouts behind her trying to encourage everyone, her violet eyes moving across the entrance waiting to see the two who entered exit, as a soft breeze causes her hair to rustle slightly across her face.

Keno almost seems bored, or at the very least detached, from this whole ordeal. He just stood in the line and passed water and empty water holders one way and the other so that the fire could get put out as fast as possible He spoke up to Sayuri "So, no one answered my question of what EXACTLY is going on."

The reason Keno's question had not been answered is that no one seemed to know how the place caught on fire. Perhaps it was a bad lantern or maybe even a lit candle that fell over. It does not seem intentional, but then again maybe it was. That would be decided later by an expert.

As Ryo moves in and spots Toshio, he nods to him. "Brave, but careless. Lets get them to safety. Before we risk the fire coming back." Ryo then points for Toshio to lead the way. He leaves his blade out incase he needed to cut through anything. He would follow behind the two people. One was an elderly man and the other was a woman. Likely the owners of the establishment. He had simply hoped they'd be able to make it out without too much trouble.

"Story of my life." Toshio responds before nodding, helping the elderly man and woman, letting the man use his sheathed sword as a cane. Soon the sound of a ceiling beam beginning to give is heard. This causes Toshio to help get the others out of the way, once more acting brave but careless of his own well being.

Himawari continues her work keeping the fire at bay and even beating it back some more. She lets others work at the base while she climbs up and down the tree to get other parts of the building.

Sayuri looks over at Keno, her head tilting a little to the right, "The Ono Teahouse is on… fire?" she says looking around for a second, "Beyond that… I really don't know, just started to organize people to get the fire out." she says with a small shrug as she tosses another container full of water at the building.

Keno sighs, shaking his head "Figures.. So, two people just rushed in there for absolutely no reason?" he grabs another bucket full of water and hands it to the person next to him, then grabbing an empty bowl… Seriously, a bowl, how much help is that?… and sends it down the line to be refilled with water.

As Toshio gets the others out of the building, the roof does decide to give way. Ryo gives him a hip check causing him to fall through a nearby sheet of tea paper to the outside. After that the section of the roof above Ryo gives in to the weight and falls down covering Ryo.

Now that the two people were out, a large turtle rises from the river. It wears a Konoha band on its wrinkled forhead. After a deep breath the old turtle exhales water into a stream towards the roof. Soon steam begins to rise as the fire finally is snuffed out. Though the turtle made the effort of the shinobi seem lack luster by comparison, the people standing around give them an ovation for their quick work. They saved two lives. Among those clapping in the crowd is none other than Ryo. Even though he was seen going down with the roof, he somehow managed to get outside the building.

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