Water surfing!


Kataru, Meruin, Sekisetsu, Yuuka

Date: January 19, 2011


Kirigakure’s Genins meet Kataru for the first time.

"Water surfing!"

Black-Sands Beach [Land of Water]

Black-Sands Beach [Land of Water]


Here lies a long, thin breakwater isle of volcanic black sands, surprisingly soft to the feet despite their fiery birth and the pounding since that has formed the beach. While barely 30 feet wide, the strip is well over 200 long- And is studded with spires of wind-polished obsidian, including the chissel-chipped, flat 'stumps' of stone where obelisks have been drawn forth from this beautiful creation of nature.

While little plant-life lives upon the few inches of sand that cover the volcanic glass and rock that make up the stable substrate, the garbage and refuse of birds can be seen everywhere- And their nests can be found nestled in the shadows of rocks. A single, larger 'hill' of solid rock reaches perhaps two feet above the generally fairly level isle, and upon inspection, a hole is seen in the side of it, leading into a black-glass tunnel lit by phosphorescent moss.


It is a calm morning at the Beach. It would have been ideal if it wasn't for a VERY spotty fog. Despite the sun burning down there seems to be a persistently rising thin fog, bellowing out from some central point located not far from the water. At times when concentration is lost, the flash of the sun off a headband protector can be seen off the murky silhouette of an unknown shinobi. Anyone closer might also hear mysterious sounds of frustration, emanating from the same point.

It isn't unusual for the mist to be thick as it hovers over the surface of the earth this early in the morning. The fog kept a lingering moisture and faint chill in the air while the growing warmth of the springtime sun tried to push it away, though the ocean held onto its wintery chill with some stubbornness. Yuuka parts her lips as she yawns, freeing one of her long kimono sleeves around the tied and wrapped bundle in her arms to lift a hand and absently rub at her eyes, rubbing the sleep from them. She quietly follows the worn earth path to the stretch of shoreline, the ebony sand there extremely fine that most times it provided great resistance when training. Still, Yuuka makes sure not to stray too far from the part with the mist as thick as it is, knowing that if she does, it would be near impossible to get back to the path.

An exhale of breath as Kataru releases his hand seal. Almost immediately the thicker fog around the beach dissipates, leaving only a knee-high thick layer on the surface of the water. Kataru peers down at the scroll in front of him, then mouths the words before shaking his head. Anyone observant (and most ninja are) may notice a second scroll standing up near the water's edge, as it was tossed there. Kataru does not seem to take much notice of those around him, seemingly engrossed in his training.

Emerging from the thin forest of trees, Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes with some surprise as she sees some of the fog around her begin to clear, pretty quickly at that. She blinks again as she sees the hovering mist shift outwards to coat over the ocean, frowning softly in thought before glancing around and wondering if something else was behind this. Seeing Kataru not too far away, her vivid blue green eyes watches him for several quiet moments while he mumbles to himself, shaking his head once while absorbed in the task of reading his scroll. The young woman pauses before absently lifting one of her hands to brush back a lock of snow white, tucking it behind her ear as she takes a couple of steps, then stopping once more. "Um… konnichiwa?" Yuuka says softly, almost soft enough not to be heard.

Kataru is sitting on the beach sand, just interrupted from studying his technique scroll by Yuuka.

Kataru jumps to his feet almost instantly at the sound, managing to complete both the Ram and half of the Boar seal before he catches himself and glances behind him. Spotting the Hidden Mist forehead protector he halts his half-completed replacement technique.

"Ah, konnichiwa," he says after he regains some composure. "I did not see you there." he admits with a sheepish grin. It's only now that he actually properly looks at Yuuka. Only an instant blush before he says, "I do not believe we have met… I am…" a moment’s pause, "Hishen… Hishen Kataru."

And Yuuka jumps in her skin reflexively when Kataru jumps, blinking her bright eyes a few times as she sees his fingers stumbling between a seal and another, "Oh, my apologizes… I did not realize you were training…" she says softly, embarrassed slightly from her mistake as her slender arms tighten briefly around the wrapped bundle she carries, her gaze lowering for a moment or so before he introduces himself. Quiet, she glances up at him again, murmuring softly, "I'm… Kaguya Yuuka-san… Again, I'm sorry Hishen-san for intruding… I feel rather silly now…"

"Waaaaaahhh!!! My sand castle!! She knocked it down!!" "Damnnit, ya little rat!! It shouldn't have been in my way!" "I'm gonna tell my mom!!" "I don't care ya little poop-maker!! You better hope I don't see you around here anytime soon!!" "Aaaaaaaahh!!!!" "…Hmph… Scareddy cat." And hence another way in which Sekisetsu has ruined some kids day, just because. Sure, she was clumsy, and simply having knocked down the castle because a mild trip was not enough. When the kid cries about it, she denies him an apology, while knocking it down further as she stood, seeming a Godzilla to his Tokyo. As if things couldn't go any worst, fist shaking and stomping will have been used to simply scare the kid off, so that she may escape from the patrons who now eyed her accusingly.

Sekisetsu seemed to slip away unpunished, just before bumping into Yuuka, who was unknown to her at this moment, from behind. "Yeesh!! Can't anyone watch where they’re going?? How in the hell am I supposed to walk, when people can't watch where their standing!!!" Angry as usual, arms flailed as her loud shout reached that of a thrown tantrum.

Kataru seems abbot taken back at Yuuka's apology, "Ah no no…" he starts, "I'm sorry, Kaguya-san. It’s a public area and I should have expected more people being here… I was likely bothering people with my ninjutsu… I feel a bit silly…" All this gets interrupted with the arrival of Sekisetsu. He bites his lip at the tantrum, obviously with no idea what to do to help. He half-steps forward once or twice during, only to think against.

Yuuka blinks with evident surprise as she's suddenly bumps into behind, her bright eyes glancing over her shoulder at Sekisetsu for quick moment before a soft frown appears in her facial features. "Sekisetsu!" she says the girl's name firmly in a tone of chastising. "Honestly, it is just an accident. There is no need to get so upset over bumping into someone." Her frown gently deepens into one of concern. "Sekisetsu-san… take a few breaths and calm down okay? There is no reason to be angry…" Strange words from a Kaguya, perhaps, though the gentle kunoichi still shows concern for the girl.

When her name is called the first time, the flailing still seems not to end. However, when the gentle voice is used and the girl is urged to calm, Sekisetsu stops instantly from her tirade, as if it all had been an act. "…Pretty-nee-san? Oh… Didn't know that was you! You shouldn't have been just standing there. I mean… what if I was on fire and then I all of a sudde-…Who's the nerves dude? And why doe he keeps stepping back and forth like that and biting his lip… Do you have to pee?" Looking on, Seki saw blond hair and the rather tanned skin, and tried to get a feel of who this guy was. "…Do you surf any? You look like some guy that I burned real good awhile back. Decided that he would hit with his board while I was swimming." Seki's look to this man would turn from inquisitive, too harsh in about the time it takes to blink. It seemed as if this memory had made her pretty angry.

Kataru seems surprised at the harsh criticism, looking away for a few seconds, unsure how to respond to this barrage. "We… have not yet met." he says, with a faint 'thankfully' under his breath. "I am… Hishen Kataru, Shinobi Logistics and Support Chuunin. Honored to meet your acquaintance." He briefly glances at the sea. "Surfing has kind of lost its edge once I learned to be able to walk on water I have to admit, I have not in years, not since I arrived here." He still seems unsure of what to do under the harsh glare however.

Yuuka sighs softly as she gently shakes her snow white head, causing a few tresses to fall forwards over her shoulders. "Sekisetsu-san… whether it is me or not, that does not mean you should treat people like that…" she gently chastises the little girl again, her gentle frown tugs at her features, "Nor should you say such rude things to someone you have not met. Would you want them to act like that towards you?" After a moment or so her expression softens, though another faint sigh escapes her as she gives Kataru an apologetic glance, "And this bundle of energy is Kuroenko Sekisetsu-san." Yuuka introduces Seki, smiling gently. At the mention of surfing, she blinks as she glances towards the ocean thoughtfully, "I wonder if it is possible to surf without a board… with water walking I mean…"

Kataru nods sagely, "Well, don't worry Kuroenko-chan, I'm pretty sure I am not the one who hurt you like tha… err…" his voice trails off as she wanders away, "I have never been good with kids, I have to admit." he says after a few second before turning his attention back to Yuuka. Gears seem to turn in his head. "Well… yeah, there’s no reason why not." He states after a few more seconds. "You will just have to adapt your technique. Instead of pushing away, you need to relax a little and… sink in slightly. This way you avoid walking on top of water and can actually be swept with streams. Not the most intuitive thing." A pause… "If you're good enough, I can imagine you might even be able to surf UP waves by countering the flow of water with your chakra." he grins, "That might actually look pretty funny actually."

Yuuka blinks her bright eyes and tilts her snow white head as she watches Sekisetsu wander off down the ebony beach once more, sighing softly before returning her glance back to Kataru. Smiling gently, she shakes her head softly as she murmurs, "Do not worry so much about her. She is a bit difficult to deal with, as its part of her personality." Falling quiet as she simply listens to him, her smile warms as it grows, hearing Kataru working out the concept of possibly water surfing. Even as he grins, Yuuka lifts a hand to partially cover over her mouth as she chuckles softly, "I imagine it would look interesting, yes." the Kaguya kunoichi admits with a quiet voice.

Kataru seems unconvinced about Yuuka's placations of Sekisetsu. "Eh, so long as she doesn't find out I did use to surf. I do not look forward to being burned again." The latter part spoken under his breath. He glances back at the water as a smile starts working over his face. "Well, if you think it would look interesting, come. I wanna try it out." He laughs and starts towards the water, pulling off his shoes when he reaches the edge.

Yuuka chuckles softly from behind the long sleeve of her kimono before letting her hand down to wrap around her wrapped bundle, her bright teal eyes looking to Kataru as he makes his way to the water. Blinking once, her eyes widen as she shakes her snow white head, closing the distance between them with a couple of steps, "Oh no, no I could not. Not dressed like this anyway…" she murmurs, glancing back to the ocean with hesitation. Though as she looks back to him, her expression softens, "I would not mind watching though, that is… if you do not mind."

Kataru laughs a little, "That is fine. I just wanted to show off to you anyway." His shoes off, his pants rolled up a bit, vest and scrolls safely on the shore. He steps onto the water without so much as ripples forming. He runs out to the breaking point of the waves on light feet and quick movements before stopping dead, raising his arms to his chest, making a seal and falling silent in deep concentration. It takes a few minutes, but he slowly lowers into the water, wobbling a little uncertainly. "The instinct to walk on water is very hard to overcome after doing it so long…" he notes, "But I think I got it!" He tries it a little, sweeping forward, not even walking but moving more as if he is ice-skating on the water.

Listening quietly, Yuuka blinks once before quietly murmuring to him in reply, "Um, why would you want to show off?…" The question goes unanswered for the moment as her bright aquamarine eyes follows Kataru outwards towards the ocean. After a moment or so, she frowns gently in thought, seeing him wobble, though skating on top of the water a moment after. Her expression softens, clearly amused to see it working. In some way at least. Not her original idea, but she found it interesting to see Kataru adapt it with his own line of reason.

Kataru skates around a little more, gaining a tad more confidence, before he moves back to behind the break point of the waves. He stands in wait, passing over some smaller ones before one of appropriate size to him arrives. He smiles and skates forward, his momentum quickly replaced by that of the wave. Caught up, he changes his pose, one foot ahead of the other, legs a little bent, arms stretched to the sides for balance as he lets himself be swept up by the wave. He feels the exhilaration, laughing and screaming once, changing his direction to stay out of the way of the breaking wave. Mid-way through his surf he looks up at Yuuka and waves at her. He realizes only a little too late that this is a mistake, his expression going from a grin to a look of slight fear as he … topples. His chakra unfocussed and the wave to contend with, he quickly sinks under the waves…

Yuuka continues to watch Kataru quietly with interest, seeing him quickly adapt to the new way of water walking as he apparently waits for a wave more suited for him. Not that she has any experience with surfing in general. Still, when a larger wave begins to grow, he skates out towards it, situating himself and bending his knees as the momentum pushes him up and forwards. Her small smile grows, seeing him succeed and laughing with the thrill. When he waves towards her, Yuuka practically beams as she reaches up to wave back at him, only to blink as she seems him fall forwards as he's swept under the water. Sudden panic knotted in her stomach as she looks around quickly, seeing no one else around. Without hesitation, Yuuka quickly sets down her wrapped box on the soft sand and slips her small feet out of her shoes, hurrying forward as quickly as she can to the water's edge. Without stopping, she focuses chakra evenly through her feet as she continues sprinting, going straight towards the general area where she last saw Kataru. "Hishen-san! Hishen-san!" her usually quiet voice repeats his name a bit louder.

Anyway… Though Kataru and Yuuka have found other ways to distract themselves, it seemed that Sekisetsu had some rather unfinished business. A certain ice cream shop owner had been riding his cart nearby. Soon after mere moments, the Kaguya and her new surfer friend, might hear a large explosion come from near a path just north of the sea shore. 'BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!' along with the screaming of 'OOOooooooo!!' rang out, sending a rather large shockwave even toward the water's edge. From there, ice cream, rained from the heavens, causing the kids at the beach to scream and cheer. Sekisetsu, now covered in various flavors of the cold treat, and apparently sporting a rather pleased smile on her face, devious yet slightly cute.

"That'll teach that old bastard to stop price gouging!!” was shouted with a cackle, her approach to the beach guided by a chibi-sashay. "Hey, Pretty-nee-san!! You should have seen me in act-…” was cut off, when the girl suddenly found her jaw actually dropping at what 'Nervous-san' was doing. Was he… surfing without a board? "Whoaaaa!! Coo-Hey!! Wait a minute!!" Word of recollection. Sekisetsu suddenly felt a familiar pain, just enough to distract her from the Chuunin's rather sudden wipe out. Her mind saw a brief glimpse, as she recalled the incident where a surfer, while in competition, used her forehead as a ramp to send himself airborne from. One moment, a face would pop up… A rather scared and surprised face that would show just before waters bashed and tossed the man about.

Steam began to rise from Seki as her fist would tighten. "IT WAS YOU!!!!!!"

Yuuka is only greeted with dark water and a few bubbles for about a minute. Then a lot of bubbles followed by a dark shadow. One hand reaches out without warning, grabbing for a handhold which is easily found the moment he spreads chakra through his fingers, increasing the water tension dramatically and allowing him to pull himself out. When his chest and both arms are out he pauses a moment to wipe hair and water from his eyes, then stares straight up at Yuuka. Seconds feel like eternity to him as he stares into her concerned eyes, a blush creeping over his features. "Ah… um… I didn't realize I fell so hard…" he speaks softly, not quite recovered, "But I do not mind death if all the angels are as beautiful as you…" His romantic state of mind however is quickly interrupted as another wave comes up behind him. Unable to compensate quickly enough, Kataru swallows a gulp of water and flails, desperate to pull himself out of the water completely.

Stepping on top of the water, Yuuka searches for a dark shadow of a body under the surface, or anything else maybe, as if or when she doesn't, she'll have to dive in after him. Its only short moment after a hand reaches out, causing her to jump in her skin briefly as she watches Kataru pull himself halfway out. Closing her eyes, she presses a hand against her chest as she sighs a breath, shaking her snow white head as he wipes water out of his eyes. "I am glad that you are alright, Hishen-san…" Yuuka murmurs softly, "I hope you are a little bit more careful next time, but I thinks this probably happens frequently with surfing…" she smiles gently. As he speaks, she listens quietly while blinking with some surprise, her cheeks flushing a faint pink as yet another wave washes over him. Standing on top of the water, the wave easily goes beneath her feet, her hands instantly reaching out for Kataru to help pull himself out of the ocean itself.

Without realizing it Kataru takes hold of Yuuka's hand and uses it to pull himself up, it being hard to perform the delicate ki manipulations needed for water walking when you are disorientated and swallows two gulps of seawater. Once his chest is out he manages to run chakra through his feet which pushed him up the rest of the way. He stands next to her for quite a while, which feels like forever, not releasing her hand or moving his eyes away from hers. "Ah… thank you Kaguya-san…" he manages, then looks away, "Ah, sorry about that…" he starts to apologies with a nervous smile, "I didn't mean to upset you… I mean… I WAS fine, I do this kind of stuff all the time and it’s always been safe… Just you know… a little distracted today because of…" he realizes what he is saying and nervously drops her hand, "Ah, I mean… Thank you Kaguya-san."

While all this was going on, Sekisetsu was angry and rather merciless. She couldn't really water walk… A shame for her and a saving grace for Kataru. However, she could throw stuff. One of those projectiles was a morning star mace, which if it hit would smash into Kataru's head rather comically, just after he decided to thank Yuuka!! "Hey!!! Don't ignore me you damn bum!!! I knew it was you!! Because of you, not only did I get a concussion, but, I almost drowned!!!" Now… keep this in mind. Kataru had been surfing during a competition. During such competitions, the public are not allowed in the water to swim or otherwise, they have a chance to get hurt. As many could tell from Sekisetsu's unwillingness to obey, she did not listen to instructions.

As Kataru grips her hand, Yuuka reaches out and uses both to keep a firm hold on his arm as she helps him out of his water, struggling only briefly as he manages to get himself out. Sighing softly, she tries to offer him a smile as she lowers her chin in a quiet nod, "Just… be careful." she murmurs faintly, quickly realizing that her hand was still held in his wet one. When he does release her hand, she covers part of her mouth with her long sleeve and chuckles softly, "It is okay." she assures him, "And, Yuuka-san is fine, if you wish to call me by my first name." Turning slightly to glance back to the ebony sand beach, Yuuka frowns mildly before sighing quietly to herself, seeing it covered in ice cream now. "Training will be difficult now…" she murmurs to herself. It was then that her hand snaps out into the air, snatching the mace by its handle before it had the chance to his Kataru. With her bright aquamarine eyes still on the sandy shoreline, she narrows her eyes on Sekisetsu with a mildly flat and unamused gaze. Really. That girl and her temper. Yuuka lightly shakes her snow white head as she begins to walk back to the shore.

"K…Kataru… … san…" he manages in response to her giving him permission to use her first name. "Kataru-san… you may call me that…" he manages. As her gaze shifts to the beach and the oncoming weapon Kataru barely blinks. It is only when she starts walking away that he catches on to what just happened. "Hey…" he says under his breath, "Did that girl just try to…" He casts a look back at the beach and spots Sekisetsu. A light growl escapes his lips as he too heads for the beach at Yuuka's side. This involves hurrying to catch up on her lead, but when he does he looks pretty stoic and serious.

"…Ugh!!!!" Obviously a grunt of disgust. "But why???!!!!!! You can't tell me actually like this guy!” would be shouted along with more frustrated and angry flailing, as Yuuka and Kataru were now making their way back. "Stay out of this, Pretty-nee-san! Nervous Dude and I got a score to settle!!" Steam soon would be replaced by immense heat, Sekisetsu obviously getting angrier and angrier as they approached. She wanted to hate Yuuka for stealing her chance for retribution. (She really, really hates that. Ask Meruin. However, Yuuka was too damn pretty. She couldn't hate her if she tried.

Her bare feet touching lightly on the soft sand once more, Yuuka frowns softly at Sekisetsu as she's nearly cursed for interfering. Or whatever the girl viewed as interfering. She watches her quietly for a moment or so before lowering her gaze, looking away, "Sekisetsu-san… if this mace has not hit him, but me instead, what would you have done…" she murmurs quietly, another moment passing before the Kaguya kunoichi sets down the mace on the soft sand beside her. "If that had hit me… I would have been greatly injured… maybe disabled for the rest of my life…" Looking back up at Sekisetsu, Yuuka tries to smile gently, though it never seems to reach her eyes, "I know it would have been an accident, that you did not really mean to injure me… but the damage still would have been done anyways…" It seemed useless to try to explain this to the girl, but Yuuka did care for her, and she wanted so much to explain just how dire her actions could have on others. "Sekisetsu-chan…"

Meruin suddenly appears on the last bit of sand on the beach, his long hair rushing in front of him as though he'd stopped and the movement had been too sudden for it to stop too. But it did. As abruptly as the eight year old had appeared, his hair froze in mid-motion before slowly falling backwards to slide down his back, resting at mid-thigh.

Despite the fact that he probably could be stared down by a 9 year old, Kataru looks knowingly at this exchange between Yuuka and Sekisetsu. His respect for Yuuka's ability to make someone feel guilty though grows; since he’s almost ready to apologize at her story. But he stays strong and grabs one of his scrolls from his vest on his pile on the beach when he can. He decides not to say anything, especially since it may cause Sekisetsu to blow up again.

"…Umm…” was said with a kick of the sand, Sekisetsu seeming to withdraw, her head dropping to look elsewhere. As Yuuka spoke further, Sekisetsu's heat seemed to cool, slowly becoming lesser the more guilt compounded onto the girl. "I wasn't going to hit you!! …I swear!!", was a trembling rebuttal, fear of the Yuuka being hurt beyond repair, slowly beginning to slowly creep to an otherwise conscious-less girl's mind. Some mysterious power was being used that was beyond anything that Sekisetsu could possibly combat. Yuuka's abilities with suggestion didn't just lie with how cute she was. She had the ability to shut this loud mouth girl up through simply giving her questions she could not answer. The icing on the cake, or rather, the straw that broke the camel's back lied in Yuuka's term of affection, which would cause the small girl to instantly hug Yuuka's leg, and say,

"…I'm sorry."

Sekisetsu just apologized. The world as we know it is going to end.

The sudden pressure on her leg was enough for Yuuka as she kneels down beside the girl and wraps her slender arms around Sekisetsu, smiling gently as she holds her quietly for several moments. "I know you are." she murmurs quietly. "You are a very smart girl if you recognize that there will always be reactions to what you do. And I am very proud of you for apologizing, Sekisetsu-chan…" Still hugging the girl, she looks up at Kataru and offers him a gentle smile before relaxing her arms, pulling away enough so that she is eye-level to Seki. "Would it be okay if I made a suggestion?" she asks, her gentle smile warming some.

Even Kataru is no longer capable of holding a grudge against Sekisetsu after this display. He backs away a little, figuring that this is one of those mysterious 'girl-moments' he often hears about. He retreats to where he put his stuff and starts putting on his shoes and securing his scrolls on his back again.

Meruin turns around, then, to be greeted with the odd sight of Sekisetsu and Yuuka embraced; the kind soul and the firebrand finding understanding in one another. And he stared.

When Sekisetsu felt the hug, something in her would seem to switch over. Yuuka's words after, made her roll her eyes. Was she serious. "I wouldn't go that far.", would be muttered under her breath as Yuuka now looked into her eyes. When Yuuka asked if there may be a suggestion, Sekisetsu, now coming out of the spell of guilt that had haunted her, had only simple reply.


Yuuka's arms would then be grabbed and pushed off of her shoulders, before the Kurenko decided to totally disregard the Kaguya, and move toward Kataru. "But I do have a plan… If you are ever around him again, I just won't attack. However…" Sekisetsu suddenly then peered upward to Kataru, a devious and yet evil intent being held behind a cute smile, as heat suddenly burst from her body once more. "Don't think that when she isn't around, that I won't bother to grill your hide and serve it to the sharks in that ocean, you blind-surfing bastard. Just be on the look out… I will not be letting you go this easily…" With that the girl turned and walked way, still ablaze, and still pretty much not even bothering to look back. Sekisetsu seemed even to walk pass Meruin, not bothering to say anything.

That is, until she'd then kiss him on the cheek, and then kick him in the shin. Otherwise… she was going to leave if not stopped.

Her expression softens with a gentle smile as Yuuka chuckles quietly, hearing Sekisetsu's words before her arms are pushed away altogether. Then gently shaking her snow white head, the Kaguya kunoichi rises to her feet as Kataru is threatened, yet again. Sighing softly to herself, she shakes her head once more as Seki begins to leave. Though, as she does, Yuuka lifts a thin brow to see the girl kiss him on the cheek, only to then kick at his shin before continuing on. Blinking once, she lifts a long sleeve to cover over her mouth as she chuckles quietly. "That was rather amusing…" she murmurs softly to herself.

Kataru is sitting down putting on his last shoe as Sekisetsu approaches him which gives him an intense eye-level view of the newly vengeful Genin. Despite this he kept her gaze, even if he is left a little more shaken when it is over. "And they call kids, bundles of joy." he mutters under his breath, "The villagers obviously never dealt with kids that can burn down countries or drop a mountain on you…" He finishes up attaching all of his gear and rises to face Yuuka. He is still a little soggy, but his fatigues are meant to work well even when wet. "Kag… ah… um… Yuuka-san." he manages. "Thanks for that… I've never known how to deal with kids, but I have to ask…" A pause as he searches for the right words, "Are ALL Mist Village's Genins like that?"

Yuuka turns her bright aquamarine eyes to Kataru as he approaches her, smiling gently still as he thanks her. "You do not need to thank me, Kataru-san. I just hope that one day she will realize her actions have harsh consequences on others…" she quietly shakes her head, "Maybe she will learn on her own to bottle that emotion and use it in her battles." When he hesitates asking a question she blinks, tilting her snow white head faintly as she quietly waits, though when he does, she blinks again. Not even a moment passes as a soft smile grows on her lips, hinting at her quiet amusement as she murmurs, "I do not think so, as I do not behave like she does."

Kataru smiles and says, "Of course I need to thank you, Kag… Yuuka-san." he says simply, "You helped save me from drowning today, and helped with tensions with another ninja." A pause, "You know…" Another pause, "If you ever need help or a favor, will you think of me?" he asks seriously. At her statement of the behavior of Genins he falls more silent, "Ah… er, I see…" he manages. Another pause, "Well, if that’s the case then… I suppose I shouldn't have a problem with too many of the Genin." He meets her eyes, "I know I don't have a problem at all with some of them."

Yuuka chuckles gently, lifting a hand to absently brush her fingertips through her snow white hair and tugs a lock behind her ear. "I will keep it in mind, Kataru-san, though I do not wish to trouble you too much." Her smile grows some as she watches the wheels turn in his head, realizing that she was a Genin as well. "Probably not many problems, no." she murmurs softly, "But there is always excitement in Kirigakure." It seems that even at her age, she is more innocent that she should be, as the implication of his last statement doesn't seem to really mean anything to her.

Kataru smiles and nods, echoing Yuuka's chuckle. His fingers in his right hand starts forming and un-forming a fist as he adds, "Trust me, there is nothing you can ask of me that will be too much trouble, Yuuka-san." he says simply. He grins widely for a short while before glancing back towards the village. "Well, um…" he starts, "I should… probably… head back…" A remorseful tone sounds as he continues, "I am training and attempting to become a Tokubetsu you see… a special Jounin and… my teacher does not take kindly to me spending too much time away from my studies." He brightens up a little, "We will get to see each other again, I hope?"

Yuuka smiles gently, but lowers her chin softly in understanding as she murmurs, "Of course. I still feel bad that your training was interrupted… but some things cannot be helped." She doesn't know what a Tokubetsu is, but it did sound important. Still, her warm smile grows, "It’s very likely. It’s a small island." she chuckles, "I will make a lunch for us then, if you ever want to train together. I doubt I will be much of a challenge…"

Kataru felt at that moment that there were a hundred things he wanted to tell her. About her hair, face and eyes, about the way she walks and talks… He only managed one sentence however.

"I would like that very much."

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