Way of the Student


Fudo, Miyo

Date: March 4, 2013


Miyo and Fudo end up training at the same time when a spar is proposed between them. During the spar, they learn more about each other and some respect is earned as well as some ire.

"Way of the Student"

Training Area in Konoha

Fudo's scroll was laid out before him this afternoon. The day was a bit brisk, but still quite sunny so it was an odd contrast of warmth and cold depending on how mcuh the wind picked up at any given time. He seemed to be primarily training his shuriken throwing as it was a weak spot for him, utilizing a post as a target as he was now throwing two at a time over and over again. It didn't seem that he was missing the target much, hitting it where he liked did seem to be an issue at the moment. Every now and then he would gather the shuriken and analyze the findings before trying a different approach for another set of throws. It seemed he was some what of the meticulous type.

As per usual, Miyo was headed out to the training grounds which had proved to be practically a second home for her. It pleased her parents that she worked so hard, as well as her teachers and comrades. However, she rarely had time to relax while doing so. Today, she had no particular thing in mind, however, felt as if she might be interested in some sword training, so she had her sword, Benisakura, strapped over her body and carried what was probably a bokken or similar training sword in her hand wrapped in cloth. As she entered the training area, she saw Fudo and grinned before walked over towards him. "Hey there, newbie. I see you've finally found out about good ol fashion training. Hehe!"

Fudo kept his focus forward on the post as he would say, "Hello, girl." while he continued to toss the shuriken at the post over and over again. "Yes. I was given training as well as instructions, so now I am prepared to do the work of self improvement." he would state as he finished his set rapidly. Taking a moment to stroke his chin and consider the way the shuriken had landed. There was certainly work to be done, but improvement was noticable from earlier in the day. He began to formulate ideas on how to string this together with other jutsu, but he would also sigh at the fact that he really should stick with the basics until they are second nature. It was… frustrating to say the least. "Here to train with your sword again?" he would ask of the unnamed girl.

"Well, it's good that you found yourself someone to help you out. Who was it?" She turns and looks at his target practice. He was alright. She wasn't the greatest with shuriken or kunai, but could regularly hit her target. "Yeah, I'm here for a little sword practice. Nothing special." She'd turn and head off towards a training dummy, as usual, intent on beating the thing to a pulp with her sword.

"Uchiha Narusegawa, mostly." Fudo would state before looking over towards the grey haired girl for a moment and pondering. "I think the issue that I am having with this is that I haven't gotten a feel for practicing on a moving target, so simply using this stationary one isn't really going to help me improve much until I can understand better how these weapons work." He would bend over to take up his scroll and rewrap it before asking, "Would you care to assist in my training? Perhaps I can help you with your own."

"Ah I've heard that name before." Miyo turns to look at Fudo. "Naru-san teaches my friend, Midori, yet I don't believe I've ever met her." She nods slowly. "I have heard good things about her though." So, the guy wanted to train with her. Well, that could possibly be done, but she didn't feel that she'd match up well. He was older, and probably stronger, in the long run. "Well, I suppose I could work with you for a bit. What did you have in mind?"

"I assume you are more familiar with training and spars than I am. What usually happens in them?" Fudo would ask of the grey haired girl. He may be older, but he really doesn't have any experience in a lot of things related to the shinobi lifestyle as of yet. "I mentioned my throwing and your swordsmanship… but there may be a disadvantage there given the range difference…" Fudo would begin to consider what could be done about that.

"You need not worry about range. I am perfectly capable of fighting a multiple ranges, though my sword is most useful for close range." She shrugs and then looks around. Well, there was no easy to way to really go about it, she assumed. "Might as well just get to it and see what happens, right? Loser buys lunch."

Fudo would nod as the grey haired girl suggested that it just happen regardless. He would pack his training scroll away and make sure he had all of his tools available in his leg pouch before he focused his chakra just a bit incase he needed it for anything during his first confrontation with anything moving. Finishing that, he widened his stance a bit, though he didn't seem absolutely determined as he stated, "I am prepared."

"Hum you sure?" Miyo began unravelling the practice sword she had brought with her to reveal a wooden katana fairly identical to her real sword and then pointed it menacingly at Fudo with her left hand. "Here I come." She dashes forward, quickly, but by no means as fast as a shinobi would be able to move, trying to close the distance between them. To compensate for the inability to reach him, she tosses a shuriken his way, spawning it from a seal hidden inside the sleeve of her robes.

Watching the girl's advance, Fudo would move his hand to his hip pouch to produce a kunai in order to try to deflect the incoming shuriken. The dagger was raised, and he came close to doing it, but his arm was still scraped by enough to cut in to it lightly as he began to run a tight circle, keeping his distance for now as he'd pass by the training posts. As he passed by, he would have grasped a hand full of smoke bombs as well as some makibishi, tossing them towards Miyo's feet as his kunai twirled around in his hand and would be loosed right after through the smoke cover, though he himself would not emerge.

As Miyo would close in with Fudo, she would watch carefully as he spun the Kunai and pulled the Mashibishi and smoke bombs out, and when he threw them, she leaps through the smoke, but as she comes out the other end, she is too slow in her reaction to effectively block in the incoming kunai and her wooden sword merely causes it to bounce off and slice her arm. It bled a bit, but didn't seem to deter her more than making her grimace from the pain. As he continues moving away from her, she dashes in, quicker than before, being that he was closer now and the burst of speed put him into her melee range, she swung the wooden sword for his knee cap, following it up by leaping in the air, twisting, and delivering a kick towards her abdomen in order to keep her momentum up, and likewise attempts a smashing blow towards his shoulder and neck with the sword on her way around in the spin.

His ploy was unsuccessful as the smoke simply didn't go of at the same time, leaving it with too much exposed area for the girl's daring leap through it to close the distance. While he did land a blow, she continued to land her own, first cracking his knee which caused him to stumble slightly, but not enough to stop him from moving to the side of the kick, though that led him to the sword hitting him high aferwards. Fudo did not react much to the pain however. Things had been worse for him before coming here as far as beatings were concerned, but he did have to go easy on the knee for the next few moments, so he focused on attacking with his hands, swinging a fist towards her ribs as he tried to stay inside of her attack range, making it too close for comfort. He followed up with a sharp jab before giving a snap kick a try once he felt his knee wasn't aching so much.

Miyo was impressed with Fudo's willingness to engage her in melee range, even though he knew their training was probably years or more apart. However, despite all of her training, Miyo disappointed herself. Her recent movements left her relatively open to the first jab and the best she could manage was to intercept it with her right arm, which was currently free, and the blow struck her hard enough and at an angle that caused her some physical pain, and the same was true about the second jab, which she attempted to defend against by moving her right arm into its path again, intercepting it. Again, it hurt, and the previous damage her arm took made it all that much worse. However, as he kicks out, she manages to raise her leg and intercept it.
In retaliation, she plants her blocking leg down between his, bringing the distance between them to a minimum, and then attempts to strike him hard in the chest with a powerful palm strike with her free hand, being that they were too close for her to strike with her sword. After the attempt, she would hopefully have some distance between them by either knocking him backwards or by moving back herself in the case of a failed attempt, and then would attempt another stab with her wooden sword, aiming for his chest.

She seemed capable enough at switching her tactics so far. From ranged to weapon range and now she was attempting melee. Fudo would use this agaisnt her those, moving even closer, leaning in heavily towards her, practically ignoring any ideal of personal space as he lessened the power of the plam strike and essentially deflected it with his bare body. This left him off balance though as she was already movign back to use her sword, and while she barely made contact with him, it was enough. to push him back even more. Fudo would stumble a step before flipping backwards, sending down his last batch of smoke bombs and makibishi before a trio of shuriken would be sent after it, trying for a slightly more advanced technique than he'd been training earlier.

Fudo's defensive technique was rather interesting, and surprised Miyo, however, she did manage to deliver the blow with her sword, which made her feel better, at least until he went on the offensive again. Throwing more smokebombs and makibishi, she dodged backwards, putting some distance between her and the foottraps before two Kunai came through the smoke. Miyo attempts to use a seal to block them, however, she clumsily drops the tag in her haste, and it falls to the ground just as the kunai strike her. Thankfully her robes were designed to be heavy and be able to block minor attacks, and as such, took the majority of the danger out of the blows, even though they hurt like crazy.
To get revenge, she quickly spawns more shuriken and tosses them in the general direction of Fudo.

Grasping two kunai, Fudo would send one towards the shuriken coming his way, and botch the toss entirely, the kunai thudding in to the ground as the shuriken continued on their way. He would side step one of them only for the rest to come, scraping by and one lodging in to his left arm. His eyes lowered slightly, half lidding as he would flex the arm enough to dislodge the weapon, but grunting as it aggrivated the wound a bit more. Raising his arms despite the damage, he would begin to form seals with a decent amount of rapidity before ending on a tiger seal and releasing a small gout of flame towards Miyo s he charged forward. A distraction as he would slide a kick towards her legs and suddenly rise up with an elbow towards her chest with his good arm.

Miyo was surprised to see that Fudo was able to use fire elements with what was apparently so little training, and scrambled to raise another barrier seal, holding the tag in front of her to create the shield which blocked the ninjutsu. However, as she was planning to use it to block his next incoming attack, it fizzled out before it was able to do so, and he strikes her leg with his foot, knocking it out from underneath her. However, as she falls, she uses her sword to brace herself, only going down to one knee before she takes an elbow to the chest, knocking her over on her back. After it was over, she seemed unable to get back up.

Fudo exhaled sharply after the elbow blow, his eyes focused on Miyo as she lay on the ground and he slowly moved to stand straight. His left arm was bleeding freely, and he had scrapes and bruises in other places, but he remained solid in his resolve and countinence. He watched her in silence for a few moments before taking her sword from the ground and moving over towards her. "Are you conscious?" he would ask, circling around her as he kept the wooden blade angled towards her as his calm gaze held her.

"Yeah, Im still conscious. I've had worse." She looked towards him and scowled as he held her wooden sword. "It's rude to take someone's sword. You have absolutely no manners, do you?" She would make a sound of displeasure and then her hand would suddenly dart out and grab a hold of it attempting to yank it out of his hand.

"When it comes to the…" he would begin to say before raising the sword up out of her reach as she began to move quickly. "… when it comes to the ways of the shinobi, I most certainly do not have manners." he would say to her as he kept his gaze on her ceaslessly. "In my brief time learning of this way of life, I have learned many things that parallel what I knew before I came here. Hold the advantage, or lose it. Think before you act. Mercy is a gift, not a given. And so on and so forth." Fudo would shove the tip of the bokken in to the ground to his side as step away from it as he kept his eyes on the grey haired girl. "What is your name?" he would ask again.

"Heh" She makes a face as he refuses to give her sword back and basically ignores everything else he says as she pushes herself to her feet. Miyo was finding herself not liking the guy all that much. "I don't have any intention of telling you." She plucks the sword from the ground and moves over to where its cover was and then put it away. "I'll see you around. And next time I'll make sure not to take it easy on you." She then makes her way towards the training ground's exit. She had some wounds to tend to.

She had refused again, and Fudo simply watched her as she moved to get her weapon, replied to him and left. Holding his left arm now that she was gone, he would glance over at the training post for a moment as he said to himself, "Nor I you." He would begin to gather up his tools and such strewn about the area and pack them away to be cleaned and used in the future as he considered the spar. So that is what it was like to battle a kunoichi student. He would remember it.

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