We meet again!


Shezano, Iori

Date: September 9, 2010


We Meet Again! Iori vs. Shezano!

"We meet again!"

Genin Testing Area [Kirigakure]

After being here early you Shezano were working on his Taijutsu skills trying to make them flow better. As he moved he would do a back flip and from that he would go into a spinning hand stand kick. While holding that stance he would do a couple of push ups and breaks into a sweat as the training started to get to him. Popping up he would then stand there and smile. Building his chakra to his hands was something else he was working on as he punched the dummies knocking each one back a bit. "Damnit the chakra keeps breaking off at the end of it." is said after taking in some deep breaths.

Iori after eating a good meal decided to work off the food with some exercise. Kirigakure was as bland as usual with the overbearing mist constantly looming around. Iori didn't mind this, he like the subtly of the village that the mist brought. Headed to the genin training area memories of his academy years came to him. Iori smirked as he was one of the top 10% in his class. He found that others weren't too balanced a large flaw if one is planning to live long as a shinobi. The shinobi from yesterday new that, infect they seemed to thrive on it. Bloodshed and more violence, it must one of the many curses put on shinobi. Iori finally arrives to the genin exam area. It's wasn't being use now so, or so he thought, which made it the perfect tranquil placed to practice. However a familiar voice would send a groan throughout Iori as his eye spotted Zano. He really didn't get the guy but from what he is seeing now, Zano is a taijutsu expert, or aspiring to be one.

As he it the dummies they would start to strike back and he dodged and blocked them two would knock him into the air as the other two would come down with an punch combo right before he was to be finished off he would land softly. "Over." is said as the dummies became lifeless once more. "Tsk….that was two close." would be said with a smile. "If I can get that chakra move down them maybe I can deal out more damage." is said to himself as he places his hands in back of his head.

Iori inspected Shezano. He was standing right behind him after he finished attacking those dummies Shezano probably didn't notice Iori was there since he seemed to be so concentrated. Iori stared at Shezano with a blank stare yet his eye was piercing. If Shezano would turn around he would notice that Iori's had his hand on his chin in thought. Iori would speak out of curiosity. "I don't remember you, from the academy. What was your name again?" Iori questioned. He knew Shezano's name but he wanted to see if it would refresh any memories.

With a smirk he would attack Iori with an elbow strike and then turn around. "My name is Shezano Akuu and I'm not from this village that's why you don't notice me." is said as he flips backwards. "Nice to see you again Iori." is said with a smile on his face. "Your part of the top 10% right?" is asked as he fixed his bandages. "What brings you here?" is asked with and straight face.

Caught off guard by the elbow, Iori grabbed his injured area. "You have a bad habit of attacking me." Iori chuckled. "Didn't I promise you a spar?" Iori smiled as he took out two shuriken. "I'll show you why I was in the top 10" Iori tossed the shuriken at Shezano, while he did so he would also try to establish a link with the attack as a diversion. If it his Zano would notice his vision blur for a split second. Iori tested the guy, to see what he could do.

After dodging the kunai with his sure speed of replacement he would notice that his vision is action up and with a smile shake his head. "Damn!" Shezano would then rush him again and this time attack him with and flying kick combo front he other say this time it was meant to hurt him and bad.

Iori avoided all the attacks as his outlined appearance would become more blurry to Shezano. Iori grinned "Rattle" the sound of a chain rattling echoes throughout the mist, no throughout the inside of Shezano's head, it would seem. Suddenly rusty blood soaked chains would fall upon Shezano and constrict digging into his body. They would dig into his skin like they were intending to split him into several tiny pieces. Iori would be holding up a common genjutsu hand sign and speak as Shezano's senses were under his control. "Try not to think about the pain…."

The chains would trap him as he laid there he would think of something to do. "Damnit Zano this is bad….what should you do?" is asked to himself as he struggled to break free. The hold was a good and strong one but Zano still had a plan.

Iori took out a kunai and tossed it at Shezano. It would graze him across the cheek to release him. "tsk, if I had know this I would've charged more chakra." Iori takes his other hand and digs into his shuriken pouch. Jumping back while simultaneously launching a volley of speeding shuriken at Shezano Iori's aim was very good for a person with only one eye.

After taking the shuriken dead on the cheek he would smirk. "Just as planned." would beside as he replaced himself with the shuriken throw by Iori. Once he was in the air he would toss his own shuirken that flew faster and with more force than Iori and land him straight in the arm. "Your nothing special." would be said as he dashed at him and attacked with and rising knee and a falling axe kick. Once that was over he would flip behind him and his scared would move over the eyes just long enough to hid the punch coming in.

Iori avoids the first to strikes and with some silly slip up he is hit by the last. "Not bad…but." Iori would smile as he evoked the painful chain illusion again. 'Don't get cocky…" Iori then takes out two kunai and with deadly aim launched one at each of Shezano's legs. Iori panted a bit. Stupid mistakes, I still need to train more.

Iori had some skills in Genjutsu that's for sure but he wasn't going to let it beat him. He stood there and smile as he started to think of something he could do but nothing was coming to mine. "I have to break out of this genjutsu first." Is said as he moved in and thought of an attack he might be able to land. He would now rush Iori and attacked him with a flying spin kick and then once his feet touch ground he would come up with a rising upper cut and finish with a rising knee strike.

Iori avoided all the strikes but it was tiring. "You have some good Taijutsu skills; you could've easily been in the top 10 along with me." Iori spoke as he reappeared after using his last replacement. Iori was holding three Kunai in his hand, his arm up as he was about to throw them. "Shezano, that’s a good name." Iori smiled before throwing all three kunai at Zano. They would arrive at the same time as Iori had arranged for them to.

The replacement cam so easily to him as he moved out of the way again this time he didn't attack rather he walked up to Iori with a smile and his hand out. "Thanks for the show of genjutsu….Your really high in the field." Is said with a smile from Zano as he looked at him hiding his mouth with his scarf. "I'm going to call you friend from now on Iori and my personal rival." is also stated as he turned to walk away.

Iori chuckled. "Ninjutsu too. I think I will enjoy being your rival. No….superior." Iori placed his hand back in his pocket and gave Shezano a thumb up. "See ya around." Iori turns to walk back to a better training location. "My Taijutsu need more work." Iori hummed as he departs.

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