Second Promotion Exams - We meet again....Daisuke!?: Fuuta vs. Rise


Fuuta, Rise

Date: November 30, 2012


Fuuta and Rise clash in the exams. Who will win? Who will lose their scroll? Who the rendezvous is Daisuke!?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - We meet again….Daisuke!?: Fuuta vs. Rise"

Floral Oasis

If there's any place that just about EVERYONE tended to avoid during the Jounin Exam it would definitely be the Flora Oasis for only one simple reason: Too much Exposure. Despite this obvious fact Rise still chose survey the area the surrounding area upon discovering the Oasis. Especially since it -did- make it easier to spot danger before any of the other competitors can approach through less extraordinary methods. "Seems I lucked out this time around." Rise remarked after coming to a stop near the center of the Oasis. Then careless dropped her back pack, barely useable after her encounter with Daisuke, filled mostly with berries and makeshift rock weapons acquired during her journey. Afterwards she placed her hands behind her back and leaned back, stretching and moaning towards the heavens as the noon time sun warmed her even more than the jacket covering her form. Speaking of which…
"Hmm… I wonder if… *headshakes*… Naw, it probably just Goh-sensei," She giggled into her hand before crouching down to start sorting out everything in her pack.

Fuuta had been laying low long enough. He needed to get out there and acquire a scroll now that he was all patched up and what not. First thing Fuuta did was prep his items for extensive use both offensive and defensively. He saves a few provisions for escaping and what not. He went out to scout for some passerby's but found none that seemed to appealing. He'd checked around everyone it seems but the Floral Oasis. No one would ever go there. Not in their right minds. The oasis is too open. Fuuta figured he might as well check it out. And much to his surprise he found someone near the center of the oasis. Their backs were turned and they seemed to be preoccupied with something. Fuuta blinks and slaps his forehead. "Well…..I guess I should be thankful I found someone." he tries to hide himself not realizing who he was stalking.

Rise nose twitched and smiled toothily. "Ya know, ya probably would've been betta off just out right demand'n my scroll than try'nna sneak up on little 'ol me." Rise called out without even turning to look at the approaching Kiri-nin. After a moment’s pause is given to see how (if at all) Fuuta would try to reply, Rise would shake her and start to return what few items she dug out from her pack before rising back to her feet. "Not like that would've done ya much good n'ewayz though.." She added, brushing off a bit of nonexistent dirt from her pants leg. "Still up for try'n somethin though… Yoko-kun?" She turned, hiding a wince from a raw nerve being pulled by a smile. It seems she still hasn't quite fully recovered just yet.
But will Fuuta notice? Or will he assume that the bandages covering much of her form is not just for show?"

Fuuta stops and deaddpans. He then clears his throat and shakes his head. "As sharp as ever Ri….RISE-chan?" Fuuta blinks twice recognizing the cloud shinobi. "Oh…wow." he states seeing Rise's condition and bandages. Fuuta shakes his head "Geez you look like tete-a-tete. I waaaas about to take your scroll but I don't know if I could live with myself afterwards." Fuuta chuckles he holds out his palm to Rise "So you can just hand it over." Fuuta grins and nods with a smug look on his face.
"Not really gonna try anything. You're injured I can tell." he notes the burns peeking through the bandages. "I don't know what or who you ran into but you're lucky to be alive. Soooo just hand over the scroll nice and easy now." he requests "If ya do I'll make sure you heal up all nice and what not instead of exacerbating your condition." he finishes. Fuuta then taps his foot as if waiting for Rise to hurry and concede. "Welllll~"

Rise simply crossed her arms beneath her breast and shook her head once. "Nothin doin Yoko-san. If ya want somethin from me yer gonna have to do a lot more than that." She stated pointedly, then took a step forward and jabbed a finger out at Fuuta. "Cuz I sure as heck wouldn’t be out here if I was gonna take it easy after bein deep fried, Yoko-baka!!" She called out, then slid a step back into a basic kata. "Now what's it gonna be? Put up or shut.. *winces and headshakes*….. what's it gonna be?", She asked brazenly.
There would be no backing down at the Shirokiri. No matter what the future promised…

Fuuta sighs and rubs his eyes at Rise's response. "Figured you'd say that. Had to try though." Fuuta lowers his hand and his eyes split daggers at Rise. "I consider you a friend but that won't stop me. Nothing personal Rise-chan." Fuuta states bringing one hand up to charge chakra. Fuuta respected Rise's gull and vigor. He nods softly to acknowledge that they'd be fighting at shinobi, opposing shinobi, and not as friends. Fuuta rests his hand on his hip and glances around a few times. He then looks back to Rise. "I do hope you're prepared for this."

Unbeknownst to Fuuta, Rise's vigor had more to do with the effects of the soldier pill still circulating his system since escaping from Tadashi's medical center. But rather or not that will matter in the end or not is up to time itself to tell. "More than you'll ever know Yoko-kun." She stated casually slipping a hand into her back pouch. Then in a blur of motion a trio of shuriken are sent flying straight at Fuuta before the Shirokiri takes off to the side. Fully intent on circling around to try and limit Fuuta's escape options long enough to sort out the only paths are left.
"There." She murmured, sliding to a stop and abruptly altering her coarse once more while another barrage are sent flying. Lighter and Swifter, but not quite as deadly as their predecessor since they lacked true penetrating power. Where they failed however in power the shuriken more than made up for it by being more easily directed by wind, angle, and at times even terrain. Hit or miss, Rise kept up the pressure by zig zagging forward in quick, short, low leaps forward before spinning about to try and lay into Fuuta with a series of successive kicks!

It takes Fuuta a moment to get a fix on Rise's movements. Her first flurry of shuriken come quick and mid jutsu Fuuta gets hit. He guards his vitals well but still takes a fair amount of damage. He then looks to see that Rise has launched another ranged attack at him. He figured she'd be pressing him soon after given the speed and ferocity of her actions. Fuuta knew this would leave room for error as her actions would be hasty. He evades the shuriken taking out a curved kunai. When Rise appeared attacking with successive kicks Fuuta iis one step ahead and merely slices her thigh after he kick had extended fully. He then slips past her appearing to be retreating. But Rise would be a fool to think Fuuta would just leave it at that. As he countered her kick he slapped an explosive tag down at her feet. The pain should've distracted her long enough so that see wouldn't notice and even if she did Fuuta was already at work with transparent wire to snag Rise before the detonating the explosive tag.

The white hot agony that trailed up Rise's leg almost blinded her for a moment of everything else but the feeling. Thus it was up to years of training and instinct to guide her out of Fuuta's trap before even more harm could be done. Thus, as she fell back to the ground she twisted just enough to land on her hands and spring out of reach of both wire and explosive in one flawless move. Over and over Rise flipped back in the air until the time came to curl out and prepare to land. The moment her injured leg hit the ground Rise dropped down into a kneel. Panting, Rise closed her narrowed her eyes to better focus on willing the pain back into its old corner. I… I, almost forgot… how dangerous you can be at close range." She remarked nonchalantly even as her mind reeled back from the sight of the crater left behind by the explosion. The longer she stared at the mess left behind by the explosion, the more she began to lose herself to a memory…
"I ain't… lettin’ that happen again…” She muttered darkly under breath, digging her hands into the ground at her sides. With one final shake of her head the spell created by the sight is broken. Afterwards she gritted her teeth, clinched her fist, and burst forward. Unleashing as a hail of dirt and pebbles at Fuuta as soon as the range allowed for the latter to be effective, then leap burst forward in their wake with intent try and sweep de-pants and de-flesh the Kiri-nin with a swipe of her Kunai. Without missing a bit she kept up the pressure with one final head butt to the gut as an added bonus!

Fuuta anticipates the dirty move from Rise. He knew she would have to do something to compensate for the injured leg. Fuuta evades that sly strike with little effort. But he finds himself unable to slip out of the range of her kunai completely. Fuuta gets a thin slit along his lower torso because of such. He sighs and side steps Rise's headbutt. Letting her strike air with the attempt. Fuuta would then push off Rise trying to cause her to lose balance and stumble forward. "You know I'm even more dangerous from a range right?" he remarks with a sly smirk. Rise would find herself under the barrage of several guided shuriken. Fuuta's fingers had led them to her. But where did these shuriken come from. "I didn't really expect to run into anyone around the oasis but you know what they say….expect the unexpected." Fuuta snickers. He hints to his pre-battle preparation.

Even as Fuuta pushed her forward using her head as a spring board, Rise took the pressure in stride by tucking in and rolling forward with the momentum, then spring out of it into the air. A quick twist in mid-flight helps and land with the Chuunin's in front of her once more. The question that followed however nearly made her face fault in embarrassment. "Ri-right, I knew—Whoa!" She exclaimed, stumbling to the side and incidentally knocking aside one of the shuriken meant for her shoulder with an arm guard. Sadly, performing a similar maneuver without fully recovering does not pan out quiet as well. Even so, the worst of it was absorbed thanks to Daisuke's thick jacket taking the worst of slash of the next shuriken to be sent flying. Due to the pain of the first still pinning her down Rise stood her ground and deflected the last shuriken as soon as the timing felt right.
"Ow *groans* Guess its plan A then.." She mumbled, then scrambled back onto her feet into a straight forward charge for Fuuta. Blurring in and out of sight as she approached before vanishing all together. Left, Right, Up, or Sideways. It did not matter where Fuuta look there is simply no trace of the young Shirokiri until she was prepared to 'stop' and rise, unleashing a powerful uplifting kick to send Fuuta towards the heaven. Success would earn Fuuta another shadow that is fully determined to bring him crashing back to the ground after having the air crushed out of his lungs. Failure only meant the need to use her momentum into a faster point blank tackle!

Fuuta cuts the wire to his fingers and waits for Rise's next move. It was astonishing to see her vanish. Fuuta lost track of her for a while there until he finally notes the shift in the flower petals do to the wind created by Rise's movement. It took a bit too long to determine her whereabouts. Fuuta was then caught off guard by the launching kick. When he's slammed into the ground after receiving the mother of all bear hugs he notes his condition. "She's winded me." Fuuta looks back to Rise and shakes his head. "Guess I have no choice then. I underestimated you. Play time is over though now." he states. Fuuta stands and performs a few handseals. Two clones appear at his side. Fuuta and his two clones take off one after another. They seem to rush Rise challenging her directly. One of the clones is launched into the air by the other. It would then charge Rise after doing so and motion to tackle her. Whether it came in contact with her or the ground it would burst spreading acid over the area. The attack was used to cause her to forget about the airborne clone which would descend upon her location and detonate spreading a large explosion outward.

While compared to Fuuta's landing Rise's was a walk in the park the sudden jolt from the landing still sent a shockwave of pain coursing up her legs and unsteady the girl. She would not be able to keep things up for much longer at the rate things were given even AFTER her success. "Ye.. yeah.. let's end this quick." She stated wearily before re-affirming her footing once more and whipping a hand up just as the clones exploded into existence. "… Come." She gestured with the outstretched hand a second before they charged. Although her eyes canned them thoroughly for any signs that would reveal that one of the attackers was the original, Fuuta's words from before gave her pause in thought. "Heh, Yoko-baka", She murmured and dashed to the sides. Even after reaching a safe distance out of their deadly reach Rise kept circling around the Fuuta from afar. Using the brief lag between attacks to risk popping a large, dark red pill. It did not go down easy, but whatever discomfort she felt quickly vanished an instant later.

"Yosh." From forward flip to somersault, then somersault into back spring, over and over again Rise flipped towards her target until only a meter or so separated them. One final handspring launches just the foot or so she need to land into a handsign and deliver a doubly painful barrage of spinning kicks to break through Fuuta's guard long enough for a spinning headbutt to be delivered at the gut!

Fuuta winces as Rise managed to evade both his clones. "She's fast. I'll have to rely on misdirection." Fuuta then watches for her to emerge after the clone's explosion went off. It was quick and her blitz came fast. Fuuta couldn't evade the entire flurry. "Yoko-Baka?" he mutters before getting head butt in the stomach The wind was knocked out of him and he was stumbling back. "Pow-wow! I can't lose here. Not to her." Fuuta growls and takes a moment to try and gather his thoughts. He knew he was a sitting duck for Rise right now but perhaps there was a way out of this.

Rise's ears twitched and murmured, "Not to me eh?" before springing back fully onto her legs, stumble back a step or two, then crouched down onto all fours. Afterwards using all the power behind all four of her limbs, Rise sprang as far skyward as physically possible. At the very zenith of her ascent, she tucked her body in and began to 'roll' forward; relying purely on memory and momentum to carry her towards Jin's prone from while there was still hopefully enough time to finish things off in one final move. "Rolling—" At the very last instant her legs burst forward. "Thunder!!" And with that final cry, her feet are driven straight into Fuuta's upper body; crushing bone through impact and aftermath as well as creating a nice size human shaped crater.

Fuuta opens his mouth but lets out a nothing but a gasping breathe and cascade of blood once he's been crushed by Rise's attack. He seems to have lost consciousness there for a moment. He was pretty sure a few ribs were broken and his chest nearly caved in. Fuuta sits up, slowly, it was painful to move and his eyes became dull being so close to kicking the bucket. "Alright…n-not bad." he pulls himself up breathing lightly, barely noticeable. He shifts left then to the right unable to really move. His legs are wobbly but his torso is what took most of the damage. Fuuta looks too Rise's leg and swallows once. "…..ok….here goes nothing." Fuuta takes out the blood scroll and flicks it towards Rise. "All yours then." of course the scroll unravels at Rise's feet. Fuuta blinks "Ooops….wrong scroll." he winks and the scroll bustles with all manner of weapons and tools. Fuuta pants once "Only got one shot with this."

Although Rise fared much better than Fuuta following the attack even she found the ground too unstable to stand for very long without collapsing onto her knees just to feel stable. Any attempt to rise after this only resulted in her stumbling right back into the ground and breathing even harder from the exertion. So, after a time she simply shook her head in exasperation and forced herself to remain grounded. Rise's eyes widen at sight of Fuuta beginning to pull himself out of the creator, but after a few seconds of struggling the Kiri nin finally seems to give up.
"Giving up.. *pant*.. already..?" She asked in between breathes with a grin.
"Huh? What was that?" She asked albeit by that time the scroll is already tossed at her feet.

"Ooops….wrong scroll."

Rise did not hesitate to think about what the exact mistake was. She focused as much strength as she could spare into catapulting herself out of range of the barrage of weapons and tools; leaving behind in her wake only a brief after-image. "THAT, DOES IT!!!" Rise, empowered now purely by rage, rose up growling and biting back tears of pain from forcing her body to act. Before Fuuta has even a chance at digging himself out further Rise would plant herself firmly on the shinobi's abdomen, take him by the collar and yank him closer to her face. "Where, Is, My, Scroll!?!", She demanded, maintaining her grip on the male if only just barely…

Fuuta smirks at Rise as she lets the tools and weapons litter the battlefield. Fuuta grumbles trying to stand but meats the ground once again with Rise atop him. "Your scroll? Could be any number of the ones I have on me. The only way to know is to take them all ^^ and open them to find out." Fuuta blinks "But wait….you're not supposed to open the scroll are ya?" Fuuta smirks at Rise. While she's toppling him she seems to have forgotten the armory Fuuta opened upon the battle field. With a tug of his finger he'd bring a blade upright from the ground and send it spinning towards another. The two collided but the momentum of the first uprooted the second and sent it right at Rise's head! Fuuta pulled the same maneuver again sending another spinning blade at Risu. If she couldn't deflect them both she'd have to move, Fuuta was counting on that.

Rise bared her teeth. "I ain't.. gonna ask ya… again… Yoko-baka!", She yelled into face when something in the corner of eyes catches her attention. Within the time it took Rise to turn her head fully to look at whatever the glinting object was it had already a hairs breath away from sheer into her. Her reflexes alone are the only thing that saved her from scalped outright… but even so, there was gonna be a nigh permanent scar across the bridge of her nose from pulling back. The second blade, scoring her cheek, is given much of the same treatment albeit with her body being carried along with the force of behind it and forcing her off the Chuunin.
Half blind by rage and even more so by pain, Rise becomes truly animalistic and tries to straddle Fuuta once more. Even if she should fail, that doesn't stop her from chasing after Fuuta, dragging him closer whenever the opportunity presented itself and lashing out with a barrage of rage fueled fist!

"You're a bit daft but I know you're not dumb. I shouldn't have to repeat myself Rise-chan~, You're gonna have to work for it." Fuuta chuckles only to mock and irritate her right before she's caught off guard by both his attacks. That provided a window for Fuuta. Clones good ol' clones. Fuuta managed to slip a few handseals in while Rise dealt with his sneak attacks. The rubber clones would take the brunt of Rise's rage while Fuuta moves himself over to the side. He stands and checks the battle field once more. He nods softly and tries to slip out at Rise rages on his clones. But he had a few surprises for her should she somehow manages to track him down. Fuuta didn't come all this way to lose after all. He'd never hear the end of it from Kitaru's annoying mouth.

Rubber Clones might have been made to withstand the most brutal of assaults, but beneath Rise's fist, they scarcely held together long enough to keep from revealing the truth behind their form. As a result, Rise ends up dividing her focus between strangling the clone to help work off the rest of her anger while the rest of her senses were tuned towards searching out the real McCoy. A trail of blood provided both an answer and an incentive to force her body onwards.
Belatedly along the way she recalled her main objective as well, but besides giving her a moment’s pause Rise quickly pushes the thought aside. Blood was in demand more than some silly example. Blood… and revenge against the monster that broke her before…

"Get back here Daisuke!!!" She yelled out with a mad gleam in her eyes. A second after the cry goes out Rise rushed forward right behind to try snap at the poor chuunin in half with a full on tackle against his whatever side he risked exposing during the escape. If she succeeded, there would be little thought given about taking his life at this point; only animalistic pleasure.

Rise seems to have lost it and not a moment too soon. Fuuta didn't escape from her but he did lure her into a trap. He couldn't fight her head on in is condition. His remaining rubber clone managed to attract Rise's rage and fall prey to her monstrous grip. Fuuta meanwhile detonated the explosive tags he'd laid down to aid in his escape. "Who is Daisuke? Oh never mind. Be cautious now." he advises as he continues to move into the forestry that surrounds the oasis.

"Another… freaking… clone..!?", Rise rasped after chucking the freshly exposed clone towards the ground. Before she had time to consider looking for Fuuta the faint sound of paper burning forces her into a impromptu 'dance' routine away, around, and at one point even momentarily into another explosive tag before leaping through the first sign of an opening. Naturally after the little trap set by Fuuta she is quick to hit the ground rolling then prepared to run at any direction at a moments notice. The sound of his voice immediately disrupts the internal debate that began to gnaw at her conscious almost as much as the strange morose feeling behind her body.
"Quit toying with me Senju-teme!!!", She yelled out into the forest, senses stretched once more for any further sign of her prey. At the first sign of his where about Rise dug into the back of her pouch and fished out her last three remaining of shuriken and let them fly. Each one thrown with just the right twist to curve around in mid-air and gradually curve back as they lost momentum. She meant to wound only to wound, but given Fuuta's condition there was truthfully no telling how more potent that might end up being, IF at all.

Fuuta manages to evade each of Rise's shuriken and smirks as he look back at her. His body is growing heavier and heavier. He can't keep this up forever thankfully the last chest piece was in place. Fuuta blinks once more as Rise calls him by another name. "You've lost it completely it seems." Fuuta comments. He waves at Rise attracting her attention as a shadow closes in on her from above. "Bonzai!" another clone from above Rise now? Fuuta sure did like spamming copies of himself and why wouldn't he? After all you can never have too much of a good thing. The clone detonates but it's explosion is used to not only wound Rise but create cover as Fuuta tries to feel the scene in horrible condition.

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