We've got a runner!


Nori, Hiei, Misaki, Hiroyasu

Date: April 29, 2013


The Kumo team is near the Waterfall when a Runner comes flying through. He is followed by Nori. The Kumo team quickly gives chase and helps Nori capture the guy. The Runner gives them information about where the explosives team (from a previous mission) is camped, and they head off to capture prisoners. Misaki goes into the camp by herself as the other three are devising a plan, and chaos ensues.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"We've got a runner!"

Waterfall area and nondescript mountain area to its north

It is a quiet afternoon in the Land of Fire. The birds are out and chirping, the frogs in the waterfall's lake-ish area are ribbiting, and the mice are a-skittering about.
Suddenly, the birds go flying from their roosts, the frogs dive underwater, and the mice hide. That's never good. A man comes flying through the tree-branches and into the area. He quickly starts scaling the waterfall and moves farther away from Konohagakure. A few moments later, Nori comes running in, obviously slower than the other guy.

Hiei is here hanging out and enjoying nature with Hiroyasu and Misaki. Sitting on one of the low branches of a tree that faces the waterfall, he converses with them quietly until the animals seem to become disturbed and a mysterious figure runs by underneath. Then, he's shortly followed by Nori. Hiei looks over at Hiro and Misaki, "Hey, isn't that Nori-san?" He pauses a moment and then smirks. "Let's give him a hand." And then, he dives out of the tree and hits the ground running off to catch up with Nori.

Misaki is as usual running about in the trees. She has to climb but manages to somewhat combine it with practicing levels of tree walking. Dashing about over branches, occasionally showing off with an acrobatic backflip or some other move. But now she goes for sheer speed, rushing over the tree parallel to Hiei. "Hai!" She states, this allowing her a better overview over what they're facing. She rushes after Nori, trusting her team to keep up. "Hiro can you keep up!?" She asks loudly, hoping for an answer.

Hiroyasu sitting next to Hiei twirls a seal between his fingers watching the serene picture which is destroyed by the sudden change, "Let's do it." he leaps up and follows behind them both, his boulder bouncing in it's intricate rope cage.

Nori is very focused with tracking the target. When Hiei and Misaki suddenly bring up his rear, he almost seems surprised to see them. He erks, "Ano…hi," he says somewhat out of breath already. The boy calls out as he moves, "It's good," breath, "you're here," huff, "I have to stop," puff, "that guy up ahead." Okay, take a breather.
he man up ahead continues to move at a fairly quick pace.

Hiei keeps pace with Nori for the moment along with Misaki and Hiro. "We were in the area, Nori-san." He listens when the Konoha nin says that he's got to catch the guy up ahead. Hiei nods once. "Consider it done." He leaps, slapping the release buttons on his legs and the weights fall away from him. He also releases the ones on his arms. There is a small release of chakra before his speed drastically increases. "I'll see if I can't slow him down a little."

"Hiei, take off your weights and try to stick a shuriken in his leg…" Misaki says after some quick thinking, pouncing around through the trees. Trying to pass Nori, pushing herself physically to go harder, better faster … stronger. "Who is he?" She asks once she reaches Nori, gazing over her shoulder at Hiro, a little worried about his boulder buddy…

Hiroyasu trailing behind them takes a moment to analyze the situation, "Hiei, I am going to hurl a barrier in his path, it won't stop him but he will have no choice to alter course, use that opening to flank him. Misaki, If Hiei manages to flank and retard his movement, I want you take the other flank. Leave an opening for nori up the middle." he says reaching into his seal pouch for the proper seal, he holds it in his hand "give me a moment, this takes a lot of focus to feed it enough chakra and not face plant. Are we clear!?" he asks.

Nori is sure glad he ran into the Kumo team. He was already starting to run out of stamina. He's been running for a bit. As Hiei unleashes his speed to catch up to the target, the man picks up speed himself. Rather odd that bit there…but it is hard to notice because as soon as he does, Hiroyasu throws out the seal and the man just about near runs into it. He rears up just shy of the seal wall, which allows Hiei and Misaki to flank him. Nori and Hiroyasu come up just behind him, and he is penned in.
With a small grin, the man turns and nods his head, "You've got me. Now what?" Nori grunts. "Hold him. If he makes a move on you, feel free to use force. And they aren't Konohagakure shinobi. They don't have to answer to the Hokage if your sneaker doesn't get brought back in one piece." Oooh, he swore. The man says, "Oooh, swearing now are we?" Haha.

Hiei slides to a stop, kicking up dust and debris. He ends up in a low crouch…his hand moves behind his back to withdraw his sword as he straightens up slightly. He stands at the ready as he smiles. "I suggest you give up and go with Nori-san peacefully. As he said, we aren't from Konohagakure. And I will feel no remorse in turning you into small pieces." His bares his teeth slightly as he begins to get excited as the adrenaline begins to flow throughout his body.

Misaki gives a faint nod, squeezing her fist one to let the claws slip out, holding them ready. "Ready!" She yells, keeping focussed on the flank she's supposed to spring on. "Give me that little extra juice.." She says to herself. Focussing on the situation as a whole. Her footing is excellent when she's focussed like this, hopping from tree to tree. She's already complimenting Hiro for his intelligence on this one. When Hiei speaks she chuckles… half hoping he's bluffing. Murder is the last thing they need… especially with the trouble she keeps causing!

Hiroyasu slides to a halt just behind nori, it was his preference to lurk in the read guard. "Nori-sempai, What's the situation, and who is this?" he asks trying to fill in the gaps in his situational awareness. Never-the-less he plunges his hand into his sealing pouch pulling it out with three seals pressed between the slots between his fingers. "Surrender now, and it will be amenable to your health." he adds, Hiei wasn't the only one who could say cool lines in the face of danger.

The man holds up his hands, apparently tired enough too. He says, "Yeah, okay, fine. I'll play nice, I promise." Nori shakes his head, "I don't want you to play nice. I want you to give us information."
Nori's face looks as calm as a deep still body of water. "You know what I want. I can come in there and take it if you resist, and it will be painful." The guy does grimace slightly, which makes it even more titillating for the Kumonin as to what exactly the Yamanaka can do. After a moment, the man just nods, "The camp is four clicks to the north and one click to the west from here. Follow the mountain ridges until they come togehter in a V. There is a cave there…and the camp is inside."
Nori nods and then looks to the others, "We can't bring him with us. I'd suggest tieing him up. I have rope, but I leave it to you how to put him aside for now. I could really use help dealing with the camp too." Nori turns to Hiroyasu, "Another guy with explosives…he ran before he could do any damage. I followed. We need to destroy their camp."

Hiei listens to Nori and listens to the man as he explains where the camp is. He sheathes his sword and moves to get the rope from Nori. Once he's done tying the guy up, he suspends him from a tree branch, but only in a way that he won't be too terribly uncomfortable. He does however, give Nori a look when he says that he can take the information and make it painful. So that was the jutsu that he wasn't willing to show him. Makes perfect sense now. He looks at Misaki and then at Hiro and then back to Nori. "We'll help you with the village, Nori-san. Just tell us what you need."

Misaki didn't stop when the rest did. After the man stopped she moves on through the canopy, dragging out ninja wire from her tool belt. Quickly spinning it around anckle height in half a circe along the potential escape route of the man who stopped there. Happy she did, given that Nori just openly announced tieing him up. Yea, like he's going to allow that to just happend! Once Misaki finishes placing the wire she waits in the shadow of some leafs just in case. Appears Hiei was on the case. She sighs and already begins picking up her wires. "Better safe than sorry.." She comments idly.

Hiroyasu nods his head "Since it is your request sempai, as your guests we are at your disposal." as Hiei does the right thing in tying up the rebellious villager. "Explosives? You said, how many and of what caliber. Are we to assume hostile intent or is this a suppression mission. What are our operational parameters, and defined mission goals. Please be specfic" he says pushing the glasses up on his nose. "Good thinking Misaki, in cutting off any possible retreat." he adds making a note of her tactics into his array of stratagem.

Nori looks up as Misaki has them all surrounded by something or other…"Is that, ninja wire? Thanks." He chuckles. Luckily Hiei is doing all the dirty work for Nori. It is a good thing that Hiei knows where Nori keeps his rope now at least.
Nori listens to Hiroyasu and nods, "Intelligence told me that the others we took captive were going to blow something up…and this guy was in the middle of planting explosives on a path…so, yes, hostile intent." Nori eyes Hiro for a bit and then goes on, "We scope out the camp, determine if we can handle those present, and take prisoners if possible. Someone is supplying these men with explosives. I'd like to know who. Still, if they attack us, we have the right to use force. I'd prefer to use as little force as possible, but that is me."

Hiei nods as Nori lays out the mission. He cracks his knuckles. "Maim, but don't kill. Got it." And that's what little force translates to in Hiei-speak. He hooks a thumb over towards the guy hanging from the tree. "He's not going anywhere until we come back through and pick him up. So..lead on, Nori-san." He finally looks around and notices the ninja wire. He blinks. When did she do that? He's going to have to keep an eye on Misaki. She's proving to be as sneaky as Hiroyasu. And that's saying something. He hops from one foot to the other slightly, the excitement having not completely left his body just yet. He's itching to go.

Misaki follows along with Hiei once she cleaned up her wire. Though she holds back now. She doesn't want to waste any energy. "Time to give these things a spin.." She says, gazing at her gloves. Following their lead. Her sense of direction isn't the best.

Hiroyasu nods his head "Got it." He looks at Hiei "incapacitate your opponents, Limit yourself to taijustu." He thinks for a moment looking at Hiei "If you wish to use your use the sword, lock the sheath." he blinks several time at Misaki's words "Our host has asked that we, limit our use of force. If we act impulsively, you will be the one explaining to Sensei. If we manage to keep this under the radar, we can perhaps avoid the repercussions of our unsanctioned sortie". Before he turns to Nori and says "Please, lead us leaf-sempai!" his tone changing from serious hiro, to happy hiro now that everything has returned to calm.

Nori listens to the interaction between the Kumonin. "And here I thought we had odd shinobi in Konohagakure," Nori says with a wry grin. Nori isn't exactly entitled to be asking for their help, but hey…when you have the extra forces at your disposal. Nori ahems, "Yeah, about that. I am not officially asking for your help, so feel free to tell me to go eat goat turds. On the other hand, I am just happening to head four clicks north and a click east to some pretty good sparring partners that need to not be killed." Ahem, wink wink nudge nudge. And off Nori starts moving.
Skip ahead those four clicks and one click, over the river, through the woods, and into the V that makes up the valley of the mountains…and there is the cave. There is one guard, and who knows how many more inside. Nori sighs and looks at the others.
"I suppose I have to show you all what I do to gather some intel. I'm about to go unconcious…don't let my body hit the ground." And after a quick hand-seal, Nori indeed collapses. A moment later, they all can see the guard wave toward them, give the thumbs up and a one_sec_hold_on sort of sign. The guard runs inside quickly, only to come on out just as quickly as he ran in. The guard then comes running towards the group with his hands up. When he speaks, it is Nori's voice that comes out, "Tie me up too…"

Hiei smiles at Nori and it's no surprise that he follows the Konoha ninja to the direction that he gives. All of the Kumo group could make this trip no problem. Afterall, they're used to twice the distance with large boulders on their backs. Once they arrive, Hiei watches Nori employ his jutsu and he comments. "Hiro..remember when I was telling you about weird jutsu they use here? This one just made the top of that list." He catches Nori's body when it goes limp and lays him down on the ground gently. When Nori comes back and asks them to tie him up, he looks at Misaki, motioning to her ninja wire. He then scratches his head and asks. "Which you. This you, or you, you?" He asks pointing between the two Nori's.

Misaki chuckles and nods. "Yea.. which one?" She holds her ninja wire ready to tie up whomever gets pointed out. Gazing at Hiro. "So what's the plan?" She asks, already hating all this sneakyness. She likes to be stealthy, but only to make a proper impact. Can't we just like, throw a match in there and just make them go poof?"

Hiroyasu watches the bizarre turn of events, "I think I agree Hiei. This tops the weird Konoha jutsu list." rubbing the back of his head in confusion as well before snapping out of his Hiroyasu-ian daze "How many targets, armaments, positions and situation. Hiei, let's assume the explosives are not proper housed, limit lightning chakra to emergencies only, lets also assume it could be ninjutsu armaments, so lets keep all chakra use to minimal to prevent accidents. Once we get the details, we can formulate a strategy." he looks between the two nori's "If I were poke his body with a stick, would he feel it or you" he asks looking around for a loose branch.

The guard/Nori says, "Why would I ask you to tie my real body up?" He smirks, rips off a portion of the man's sleeve, shoves it in his mouth, and then holds out his hands for Misaki to tie him up. Assuming she does, he'd release his mind from the target's body and return to his own. Both bodies would take a moment to regain conciousness. When Nori wakes up, he rubs at his head, "That's not fun for either of us." If they can read him, that is a bit of a lie…Nori does like it.
Nori listens to Hiroyasu and agrees, "Yes, limiting chakra-usage is a good idea. There are four men inside. There are indeed crates of explosives. They are all just in there cooking a meal around the fire." Yes, fire…around explosives…these guys clearly aren't too smart. "The cave is rather small. I suggest we take out the fire first. I can do it, but that does limit visibility. Anyone else able to point people out easily in the dark? I can sense and tell one person other than myself where to go mentally." Nori grins at that.

Hiei nods to Hiro. It was a good thing he brought that up, cause he would have gone in there and started blasting people with needles. He shakes his head to Nori. "I can't see in the dark. But couldn't Earth Jutsu just smother the fire? While that's done, Misaki and I can start knocking them senseless. Then you and Hiro can take anyone that moves towards the explosives themselves."

After Misaki tied the guard up she went silent, letting the rest discuss strategy. At some point she got a little impatient. Because one moment she was standing there.. the next… She's not? Where the sprint did she go… She's standing right there by the cave, casually walking up to it. ~ Misaki-kun what ARE you doing!? ~ She sighs and peeks inside from the side of the entrance. "Bunch of militia's…" She whispers in retort to Matatabi who does - not - approve of this whole ordeal. "Sh… I got this.." She whispers while taking a good look inside. Actually assesing things before storming in.. which she's about to do.. if nobody stops her.

Hiroyasu thinks for a moment, "Is there only 1 exit, If so then we have a natural choke point. If they are using an open fire then we can assume their not going to react as hardened ninja might. Their instinct would be to flee the cave to escape the blinding smoke. Dealing with them in the open while negating our tactical advantage in close quarters, would prevent any friendly fire. And we seal the entrance to prevent re-entry…" before he trails off his words muffle by the sound of his hand slapping his face. "Hiei, from now on, she is going to wear a leash. Or we could let her die in a terrible 'accidental' explosion due to improperly handle explosive.. I'm fine with either" he says rubbing his eyes with his fingers. "Nori-sempai, I am sorry." he says adjusting his glasses from the face palm.

Nori nods, "I can put a dome over the fire easily enough. And," and…and…and suddenly Hiroyasu, if he didn't try to block it, would be hearing Nori's voice INSIDE HIS HEAD! Mwahaha. Nori says, <and I can talk with you to guide you if need be.>. Whoops, there goes Misaki. Nori blinks and moves to act. The boy makes a serpent handseal and places an earthen dome up over the fire. Dust erupts inside the cave as this happens. Nori calls out <Go.> and then, "Go." Err!
Inside, everyone freezes for a second as their fire is suddenly snuffed out and dirt is thrown up into the air. Then they note the earthen dome where the fire was and look up to see…Misaki?

Hiei frowns when Misaki disappears. He offers Nori an apologetic look before looking at Hiro and then listening to him talk. He knew Hiro well enough to know that he probably wasn't kidding. "What's the point of using strategy if you don't listen to it." Having abandoned his weights during the run to catch the first villager, he simply disappears from where he is to stand behind Misaki. He slaps her in the back of the head. "Never do that again." He hisses in an angry voice. Then he looks into the cave to see them both being stared at. "Crap. Now we've lost the element of surprise. I hope you're happy." He cuts his gaze towards Misaki again and for a moment, it looks rather murderous. "Here they come.." He hops back away from the opening to the cave.

Misaki seems rather calm under this all. "Okay… EVERYBODY STOP MOVING FOR A SECOND…" She says firmly… actually walking into the opening of the cave. "Really, stop… I'm holding a fireball in my throat and I'm not afraid to use it. You guys know how fried human smells? She licks her lips… "Delicious…" … She then gazes at the group, if they still come at her she just backs up properly, slipping her neko-te out of her gloves.

If they do stop she would order them to put hands on their heads and to come out in an orderly fashion.

Hiroyasu sighs "I don't know Hiei, I think i'll stop providing tactical analysis." There were more voices in his head than usual 'Uh, okay?' he thinks in response not knowing if it worked like that before making his way down to the entrance the old fashion way, by walking and taking his sweet time about it.. "Ooh look pretty flower! I'll need to get some before we leave!" he says stopping to admire a flower on his way to the entrance.

Nori just shakes his head. The four men grunt and all move to attack Misaki at once. Not too big of a deal hopefully for the girl. Meanwhile, Hiei is left trying to figure out what to do. Does he pick one out and attack, or does he try to help Misaki? Nori calls out to Hiroyasu mentally <Eh, maybe you can put up a seal around the cave, just in case something does happen…we won't die at least.>

Militia_A roll(s) Confused-Punch from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Nori
Militia_B roll(s) Angry-Punch from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Nori
Militia_C roll(s) Slothly-grab from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Nori
Militia_C roll(s) Greedy-Grope from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Nori
RP: Hiei transforms into RAPID-MOVEMENT-MODE.

Hiei watches Misaki ignore him and then walk into the cave like she's an one person army. The Yotsuki temper flares up in him and when Misaki is attacked by four people? He simply stands there and crosses his arms over his chest. She got into this on her own, she could get out of it on her own. His eyes scream bloody murder…if it looks like she might get in trouble, he'd step in. But for now, Misaki could learn her lesson.

RPCOMBAT: Misaki defends against with a WEAPON-BLOCK…13
RPCOMBAT: Misaki defends against with a WEAPON-BLOCK…21
RPCOMBAT: Misaki defends against with a DODGE…23
RPCOMBAT: Misaki defends against with a DODGE-II…24

Misaki grins at the group coming at her. "Okay.. have it your way.. I was dying to test these anyways." She crosses the claws, catching the first two hits easily, grinning behind her claws. "Is that all boys?" She seems to be prone to be grabbed by the first one, who sloth-grabs towards her. But when his hands nearly reach her she ducks underneath, aiming to stab her claws into his chest once, on the right side, not near the heart, before placing her other claw against his groin, using that pull and slide through underneath him, which means the grope missed as well as the man she just tried to mutilate had razor sharp claws rush past his crown jewels.

She gets up and aims a high kick at the chin of militia-D. Before stepping into the shade of the cave, keeping dead silent. She blinks once, and her eyes start to glow, each in different colors. Her pupils like thin lines, she can see fairly well in the darkness of the cave.

RPCOMBAT: Misaki attacks with SHARP…19
RPCOMBAT: Misaki attacks with PHYSICAL…14
RP: Misaki transforms into MATATABI-CHAKRA-LEAK.
Groper roll(s) Dodge-for-sharp from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Nori
Groper roll(s) GASP-for-physical from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Nori

Hiroyasu turns his attention from the flower to the combat, 'Yes, I can have a full on barrier ready to cover the entrance.' he thinks to the voice in his head, it was just like that he ate those mushrooms in the forest. "Hiei, Go ahead engage them, take them out before negative consequences fall on all our heads. Nori-sempai must complete his mission! We must never jepardize the mission!" he shouts pulling out a variety a seals and begins pumping chakra into two of them, he throws them at the outcropping of some rocks in an attempt to cut them lose from the their perch and perhaps if his calculations are accurate, thawck! the badguys.

RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks with CHAKRA-HARDENED-SEAL…12
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu attacks with CHAKRA-HARDENED-SEAL…15
Groper roll(s) Blind-run-for-seal from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Nori
Groper roll(s) Blind-run-for-seal from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Nori

Militia-C guy is slashed thoroughly enough. He cringes and falls backwards as the blood spurts out. He sits there, holding his rib-cage bones. Ow. He isn't going anywhere.
Militia-D man sees the blood flying into the air and reels backwards, gasping in horror at the gore. This doesn't quite get him safely out of the way, not exactly…because the kick still connects, but it isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. Turning, he tries to make a run for it…and runs to the right…toward the cave wall. Yup, he is headed in the wrong direction. It helps that Hiroyasu sent two chakra-seals to blast the rock out. One of the rocks flops by his foot, but the other one hits him in the head and he goes down hard.
Meanwhile, Militia-A and -B are still at it. They continue for Misaki. The first man sloppily fumbles a kick out, while the other man just goes for an angry bear-hug…around her feet.

A roll(s) Sloppy-Kick-For-Misaki from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Nori
B roll(s) Bear-Hug-Feet-For-Misaki from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Nori
RPCOMBAT: Hiei attacks with INTERRUPT…27
RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a BLOCK…16

Hiei was content to simply stand there and watch Misaki take them all out. He had already noticed the change in her demeanor, and her eyes. He knew that if she got any more excitable, he'd end up fighting her if she went out of control. When the kick comes for her, he speeds over, standing in front of her with his arm up. The kick grazes him and he takes a step back, unable to block it completely. "Fool." He states plainly before kicking out at his leg and then aiming a palm strike towards his torso. He was still angry with Misaki, but you never jeapordize the mission, so he shoves his emotions down into that place where they can be better managed.

RPCOMBAT: Hiei attacks with PHYSICAL…30
RPCOMBAT: Misaki defends against with a DODGE…19
A roll(s) Block-4-Life-For_Physical from 20 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Nori
A roll(s) Block-4-Life-For_Physical from 20 to 30 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Nori

When the bear-hug comes towards her feet she jumps straight up. Coming down at mister B with her claws, sticking them deeply into his back again and again. She seems somewhat in control. "Bakara, why defend me, I was fine!" She states, giving the man she just multi-stabbed a kick to the face for good measure. Before her cloak dies down, and her eyes return to normal.

She looks at the guy she stabbed in the chest and nuts. Walking past him, sweeping her right foot up across his face to knock him out, before beginning to tie him up by ninja wire. "He might talk with a high pitched tone, but information is information.." She walks up to Hiei and smiles warmly. "Hiei-saaaaaan.." She says with her most requestingly of voices. "Could you hold this for a momeeeennnt?" She tries to hand him the wire, speeding off if he grabs it. Leaving him to drag the body…

RPCOMBAT: Misaki attacks with SHARP…15
RPCOMBAT: Misaki attacks with SHARP…14
RPCOMBAT: Misaki attacks with PHYSICAL…24
B roll(s) Dodge-sharp from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Nori
B roll(s) Dodge-sharp from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Nori
B roll(s) Dodge-Phys from 15 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Nori

Hiroyasu continues holding on to the full barrier wall, just in case it. Ready at a moments notice.

Hiei is able to not only able to kick the militia-A man in the groan, but he is also able to hit him with that brick-breaking strike. The soulstrike manages to burst the man's appendix…yeow. And then there was one. Nori and Hiroyasu appear to not have all that much to do really, which is why Nori starts pulling out a set of ropes from his burlap sack. He must have feet and feet in there.
As the fight wraps up, Nori notes the change in Misaki's chakras and notes it in his mind for later, but for now he just calls to Hiro, "Let down the seal please." The last guy doesn't so much get slashed in the chest, but his knuts are slashed by the knuts(tm). Yup, he'll be an eunich from now on. "Someone should really put some first aid on that," Nori says as he goes about tieing everyone up too.
Finally, they each get to grab someone (Misaki gets the bleeding gonads guy because no one else will touch him;p), and they walk back to Konohagakure's intelligence division.

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