Wedding Bells - Sealed with a Kiss


Itami, Arika, Kaidan, Jiro, Hiei, Sachiko, Sousa, Hiroto, Kuoroke

Date: October 9, 2015


The big day has finally arrived: Itami and Kaidan are getting married!

"Wedding Bells - Sealed with a Kiss"

Sunagakure - Sunadome

The sun rose over the village of Sunagakure, casting away the shadows and bathing it in warmth on this fine day. A gentle breeze sweeps through, bringing cool air from distant lands, providing some means of comfort for those who have not grown accustomed to the weather here. A few petals from flowers lift into the air and dance away, much to the chagrin of one Watanabe mother inside the arena. This was supposed to be a /perfect/ day without /any/ issues whatsoever! If she could punish those flowers, she could, but she won't because it'd just torch all the rest that line the walls here. Grief! Can anything else go wrong?!
Not entirely. Everything was going exactly as it was supposed to go according to the plan that was constructed. The arena was just about done. All that was left now was for the guests to arrive! Outside the doors of the arena people were gathering, wearing their best outfits for this occasion. They were a little impatient, but all of that was largely overshadowed by the eagerness they had to await the opening of the arena and find their way to their seats. Today was a momentous day, after all. The Kazekage and Kaidan were to be wed! Who couldn't be excited about that?! Well, one Watanabe dad. Not that he would object or anything, but he's always gotta be wary. He is among those waiting outside to eventually make his way in. He was…'a little behind'. About a week behind his time he was supposed to be here.
Eventually, the doors to the arena are opened and the crowd begins to funnel inside and into the lobby where they are ushered by guides to minimize any choking in lines. Shinobi, naturally, are close by, dutifully watching and keeping an eye on all within the crowd as well as around the arena. After the attacks suffered here, they can't take any chances. Everything is still going according to plan. Good, good.
Anyone who is important is already inside the arena, namely all those who would be participating in the reception. The musicians, priests, vendors and all else are standing by patiently waiting for the wedding to take place. Including Itami, who is in a staging room converted to be her own personal chamber for now. Her family as well as assistants were present here, helping her to make any last minute adjustments to her gown and looks. She was nervous, more than she'd ever been in her life and it was showing as a visible fear as she sat down, attempting to quell the shaking that she was enduring. She'd never had this sort of feeling before, not even on the battlefield. What was this?

Among those already seated is Hiei. He's dressed in his finery and while on the outside, he is quiet and attentive, on the inside he is in agony. It had taken all he had not to whine to Sachiko as they crossed the desert to get here. Having grown up in the mountains of Kumogakure and the Land of Lightning. Being in Suna was akin to a fish sizzling on a hot plate. The heat was agony. But he would endure it. If nothing more than to keep his word to the two Genin who brought his invitation. He idly mops his forehead with a silk hankerchief as he waits for the ceremony to begin.
Sitting in between him and Sachiko is Shun and Akira. Shun is wearing his long pink hair loose in the same style that Hiei is, though he's dressed in dark blue where his father is in mostly whites. The four year old is looking around with interest, and trying desperately not to fidget too terribly much. Meanwhile, his older brother Akira is sitting stoically with a blank expression, almost like he might not want to be here at all. Even if that's the case, the boy hasn't voiced any concerns or complaints.

In an area out of sight, Kaidan grumbles about his Kimono. He looks down at it and adjusts it and then shifts in it and then grumbles some more. The man can't seem to get comfortable in this outfit and it probably doesn't help that half of him is actually puppetry. He sighs as he looks at the Kimono before a grumbly tailor swats at his hands and sets everything back in place. Kaidan grinds his teeth a little and someone who is used to wearing an outfit that looks more raggity than anything gets to stands there awaiting a major moment in his life while trying hard not to fight with clothing. Why can't they just, like, take down a giant scorpion or something as part of their ceremony?

Kuoroke was already inside when the others were let in, along with some other ninja, many of them high-ranking and most of them known as the less festive type, much like himself. On such a remarkable day, someone's got to keep working, and of course Kuoroke volunteered. For now, his work consists of overseeing security, so he's made sure there are no potential threats lurking. Now, standing inconspicuously to the side of the room, he waits for the others. It's apparent he's not here to celebrate, as, unlike the guest, his clothing is habitually sober and simple.

As one of the special planners and all that Jiro was already inside when the doors were opened, standing near Itami's mother - and looking incredibly grumpy. Well, formally dressed and grumpy because of it. Hair slicked back and dressed in a full formal kimono, Jiro looks absolutely nothing like he normally does. All the street rat has been washed away and gel'd down so that he actually look like a half decent kid. Even those who know him might almost be tricked into thinking he's actually an innocent child who is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Really he's looking for whatever escape he can find. One thing they didn't tell him during alllll that planning was that he was going to have to get DRESSED UP. He would've fled long ago…now he was stuck. And grumpy.

Arika bounces around Kaidan, adjust things here and there. "No! You gotta look better, and you can't do that! It'll look bad!" she grumbles, straightening here and there. Yeah, for some reason she was in charge of the groom for the time being. I mean, sure, she'll likely be helping Jiro as well, but the girl isn't gonna come out until everything is perfect! It should be noted that all the Kage and other more important folk like Daimyo have front-row seats with the immediate family of the two to be wed. Arika was dressed in a kimono that was pretty fancy. Or is it a yukata? Player can't tell… Regardless, it's something fancy! "Okay, /now/ you look good!" she declares with a sagely nod.

Hiroto walked to find a place to sit when he was allowed in. Knowing that some people might take this as an oppurtunity to do something he left Tenshi in a good spot to keep an eye out. He himself was trying to be unseen in the seats. Or more so just not attract attention. He wanted more so to keep an eye out rather then be here for the wedding, but Itami has helped him out some. So he would be here for that as well as just making sure it stays safe.

Sachiko had admired her husband's restraint when it came to traversing the desert. It felt kind of good to be in the heat instead of the cool mountain air again, though. Now that she was sat down, though, it felt unbearable. Especially being able to tell all three of her boys were positively restless. Hiei melting in the heat, Shun just barely able to sit still, and Akira seeming like someone killed his dog. At least that's how she viewed it. Not literally viewed, though. She was adorned in her blindfold, a white band to match her husband which had both the Yotsuki and Iga clans marked on it. She wore a kimono that was a sky blue at the shoulders and faded into dark blue, depicting the sky. The sun sat on her right shoulder, clouds floating around it, the moon at her left ankle surrounded by stars. Despite the weather being nice, she too was anxious. This was the first time she'd actually stepped into Sunagakure since she went Missing Nin… and she expected /something/ to become havoc.

"Don't you just look fussy," Kotone spoke to Jiro with a chuckle. "But don't be too upset. Aside from your current situation, all that you've done here has helped this event go over very well. I'm impressed," she gave him a good natured nudge. She then leaned in and whispered, "Also, if it were me, I'd have made you something much better than that, but it wasn't my idea to do this to you." She was hinting at someone he knew very well that was responsible for that. A man approaches Kotone and looms over her, but she looks up and causes him to recoil half a step. "You're late, Kin," she pointed out to the shadow. "I know, but I'm here now, don't that count?" He questioned. Kotone narrowed her eyes. "I suppose it does. This is the big day, after all. I'll just have words with you later," she chimed. The man grumbled and rubbed his neck. "She doin' well at least?" Kin asked. "I hope so. I've been out here managing everything with my helper here," she gestured to Jiro. "But her sisters are with her. So, I hope they can do the trick." Kin nodded and decided that was enough questioning. He's gonna go find his seat.
Itami is seated in her staging room being calmed by her sisters who are doing all they can to reassure her. It's working, thankfully and the assistants are chiming in as well as the village voice to offset her worries. "I know I shouldn't be frightened, but I am. I'm excited and all of my…shinobi self is trying to claw its way to the surface and just find everything wrong with today. Everything is going /too/ well. That shouldn't be a problem for me, but it is." She shook her head. "We're well aware of your anxieties, you come by it naturally. It's something very unique to those of the Black House. You're not in it, but that doesn't mean you're not a part of it…or suffer from it," Katashi spoke with mild sarcasm. "I suffer from none of those things," Sorano added. "No one was talking about you, Sorano," Katashi grumped. "All that aside, this is a day you should be happy about. Right now, there are thousands coming through the door and filling the seats, happy to be a part of your marriage. They're here because they support you. If you had any doubts about it, just listen to the sounds coming from outside this room," Kishi described while offering Itami some tea. She took it up and sipped at it, nodding her head both at it and the remarks to her. "You're all right. I shouldn't try to succumb to those fears. They're trying to rob me of my joy. I should look forward to this…"
Outside, feet continue to shuffle as the seats quickly fill with bodies to watch the procession that's soon to begin. Aides would signal to one another to indicate timing and an estimation for the procession's readiness. Turns out, all the final adjustments are being made with the tailors and the knocks on the doors to each of the staging rooms would be the final indication that it's time to take the walk downt he aisle.

Hiei releases a soft breath and wipes his forehead again. He fans himself slightly. "I have no idea how you grew up here. This is worse than any fire jutsu. At least then the heat is over at some point. I'm dying out here." He murmurs softly to Sachiko. He then comments, "Don't see many Iga though. Then again, we are right at the front.." He wants to turn around and look, but he doesn't. It would be rude.
Shun looks over at Sachiko. "Mommy this is where you grew up right? What kind of house did you live in. Was it" He furrows his brow as he searches for the right word. "…a tent? Like I saw in my books?" Which means the half-Iga can see, for anyone close enough to pay attention.

"Hey, Short-stack! Quit it!" He declares to Arika as she fusses and then he fusses with the neck piece and is stopped again, "I can't help it this is as uncomfortable as it gets." He then looks over at the tailor and hten at Arika before letting out a sigh. He shakes his head. He doesn't have family that is all gathering around to see him. A few relatives out there, some of the puppet brigade, but Kaidan has often been a loner until Itami came along. He sighs as he looks at the outfit he is in and then shakes his head, "The things I do for love…"

As the people move into the room, Kuoroke slowly moves around its perimeter, keeping his eyes on the flow of people. When he passes by the front of the room, his eyes slide over the front row and the various high-ranking guests sitting there. He commits their positions, and the identities of those near them, to memory, and then moves on. Among the others, he sees Sachiko and Hiei, with their children. For a second, he hesitates, unsure if he should acknowledge their presence in any way. He decides on not doing so: he's met several of the other dignitaries present before, he tells himself, and he did not specifically greet them, either. The fact one of these used to be a missing-nin should have no bearing on his behaviour.

Jiro fidgets with the kimono, ready to peel it off at a moments notice as he starts tugging at the formal sash that keeps it tied closed. Bah! When the big man appears he frowns a bit and scrunches up his face, eyeing the man warily. Well, Itamis momma seems to have him well in control and wait a minute! "Who's idea w's it!" He says loudly before shaking a fist in the air in front of him and looking around. Someone's gonna get punched!

"Everything's gotta be perfect!" Arika declares, grinning a bit to Kaidan. The girl would climb onto his back, but that would ruin his (and her) outfit, so she had to settle for just bouncing around him, much to the displeasure of some of the people who had helped Arika get ready. Namely: Ping. Arika would poke her head out, find Jiro, then send a shadow clone over to him so that it could whisper that the groom was as ready as he'd ever be!

Hiroto was now watching intently at the arena area. Shouldn't be to long, and luckily nothing has happened to try to interupt. Seems it is going to be just fine now. Tenshi on the outside would notice the same. A mostly normal day so far. After a while Hiroto would start looking around at people specifically to see who is all here to enjoy the wedding. Some he recognizes… Others he doesn't.

"It's just because I was brought up here, hun. I don't know how you can stand the cold and the friggin' /snow/." Sachiko clearly has a distaste for the fluffy white crap that falls from the sky. Her husband has fun on it, but she's just not so sure. She tilts her chin just slightly upward when she makes note of Kuoroke passing, but she tries to be nice and not make him obligated to greet her or her husband. "Yes, darling, Momma grew up here. No, I didn't actually live in a tent. Not… once the village was fully formed, anyway. Probably did when I was really little, though." She reaches over and gently ruffles his nice hair a bit.

Where on earth is the First Kazekage on this most illustrious of occasions for his successor?!?! Well, it's not as if these things start on the dot. :P It takes a bit of time for the ushers to get everyone settled in, the tailor to make the last-minute changes to the dress insisted on by the mother of the bride, the groomsmen to help the ringbearer cough up the accidentally swallowed ring, those sorts of things. Hence, Sousa isn't about to let some fluffy ceremony cut into his experimentation time any more than it has to. e.e He arrives at the tail end of the seating period, still rubbing traces of some chemical from his robes, and takes his reserved place. Being a Kazekage has perks. ;)
Meanwhile, a certain humble shinobi family of Sunagakure has a lot more respect for the current Kazekage's special day, and has been here for a while now (they're just so humble you didn't notice them before). Shemri and Fukanzen sit in the crowd, a fair ways back in the seating as they're hardly VIPs and are lucky to get into the event, with their children sandwiched between them. Little Sabure sits quietly with his usual sober expression, watching as best he can between the heads of all the grown-ups for the start of any interesting activity. Teenager Megumi, by contrast, is bouncing with pent-up energy. "This is awesome! I hope I get a wedding this big and fancy someday! I gotta get famous first though, probably win a few awards as an actress and maybe save the village. Say, is it too late to be a flower girl or something?" "This is a fact," Shemri sighs, putting a restraining hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Try to sit still." -.-

"Weeeeeell, I'm not going to say any names. That person knows who they are and they should watch their back from here on, but it was Itami," Kotone threw the name out there as if to get trampled by a stampede of horses. "So, now you know where your outfit came from," she chuckled. "It looks like it's time. The priests are beginning to gather," she states as she begins to take her place within the arena.
Itami hears the knocks and receives the notice to come out of her room so that she may begin the procession. Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest, but she quickly stuffed it back in and took a deep breath. She looked at herself in the mirror and brushed softly at her hair to ensure it was fitted in place along with the white tsunokakushi she adorned. Her hair, having been dyed blue for this day to match with her blue kimono decorated with a scale pattern, reflected off the headpiece giving it soft glow. When she was finished with her inspection, she rose from her seat and received help with her robes so that they'd be moved aside enough for her to proceed forward without bringing her to fall. She stepped out of the room slowly and made her way into the hall that led into the arena, finding herself curious of what Kaidan looked like in this instant.
The musicians, within the arena were signaled to begin playing their music as those part of the procession would start to make their entry into the arena. Along with the arena musicians, those part of the procession would join in and play their instruments in sync with the others, the sound reaching all parts of the stadium. The floral arrangements on the walls rustle as the wind picks up in the area, causing more petals to release and slip into the air, much to Kotone's distress. First the falling, now the wind! Can anything not go right?!
Her frustrations aside, everything is going well.

Hiei eyes Sachiko. "Don't start. Snow is fun. I tried to teach you how to snowboard, but you weren't having it." As the music begins to play, he quiets down and also watches as Kuoroke walks by. He doesn't say anything either. There would be opportunity to mingle after the ceremony right? As Shun climbs into his Mom's lap for a better view, Hiei fidgets a little himself to try to get some air circulating in his clothes..and then the wind picks up and there is an audible sigh coming from his lips. "Thank Kami.." He murmurs as he reaches over and takes Sachiko's hand in his. He flashes her a smile and then looks back to watch to see how they do things in the Land of Wind.

The redhead mutters quietly and adjusts her legs a little to make it easier for her son to be in her lap. Sachiko smirks lightly at the sigh from her husband and takes his hand easily. Her other hand is wrapped loosely around Shun as the procession starts in full. She actually wondered if she'd get a few Iga appearing distasteful about the boy in her lap… He could see, that much was obvious, but they couldn't possibly know he was /born/ blind, so there shouldn't be an issue… Hopefully. In addition, she wished she didn't need to wear the stupid blindfold here, but there were several reasons for it and she didn't dare take it off. A quiet sigh escapes her, full of frustration and gratitude the wedding was starting.

Appearing as the ceremony begins, Kaidan smiles at Itami. He approaches his position but takes a moment to lean over and quietly state, "You look beautiful." He nods his head and then looks forward as he tries his best to look stoic. As he walks along with her though, he can't help but occasionally steal a glance over at his bride. It isn't exactly often he can see Itami looking unsure and uncomfortable like this. She's always so tough and stoic and now she's truly a blushing bride.

Itami! Jiro should've known! He glares at where Itami is hiding and looks like he's about ready to go on in there and give her what for! But then the wedding is about to start so…he can't. Not yet! It'll have to wait till after when he can get close to her. There's always time later and she'll never see it coming either! When the Ari clone arrives he nods. "Alrigh', le's get it starte'," he says as the music starts.

As the wind picks up, Kuoroke frowns a bit, considering if he has to take action. Not for now, he decides, although if it gets any worse he may have to. In any case, the Kuroki makes his way to the entrance, still studying the crowd from behind his glasses as he moves.

Hiroto notices the wind pick up, and frowns. Can't someone stop that at least during the wedding. Of course then he noticed them all starting the ceremony. He would watch from his perch on the seats above quietly. Every once and a while he would look around still not completely convinced someone will not use today as an oppurtunity for mischief. Tenshi as well would be outside keeping a look out. Nothing seemed of not so far luckily.

The ceremony begins! Just as Sousa calculated. ;) Sousa sits back and enjoys the music, watching the crowd around him crane their necks to see the approaching bridal party. To him, observing the collective social behaviors is more interesting. Besides, he'll get a better look when they arrive at the front.
Megumi turns around and kneels on her seat as the bride arrives. "Oooo, pretty!" she stage-whispers. "Hey Mom, can I dye my hair like that? You can't say it's bad if the Kazekage does it!" Shemri pulls Megumi down by the ear. >.<; "Kazekage-sama may do as she judges appropriate, but it is several years too early for you to make such choices! Now hush, you are a guest here and a genin of this village!" >P Fukanzen picks up Sabure and hoists him overhead briefly to get a clear look at the bridal party. o.o Megumi folds her arms and scowls. "Parents' pet." >.<

Itami smiled to herself like a bashful child at Kaidan's compliment of her. She opened her mouth to speak, but only an embarrasingly soft squeak came out in response. She isn't feeling like much of a dragon today, it seems. She lifted a hand to her face to cover her lips, thinking it may be best that she just tries to keep her voice for when they approach the shrine.
The procession continues with the priests and musicians continuing down the line until they all gather around at the alter, with the groom and bride now standing together waiting to receive their purification.
As the purification takes place, additional aides step in to begin preparing the next step of the ritual. Upon finishing, the main priest lifts up a scroll and begins the blessings and asks of protection from the gods over the couple at the shrine. The music begins at this point and a maiden steps up to perform her sacred dance for both the bride and groom as well as those in attendance. Upon finishing, the priests provide the nuptual cups to drink from as well as gesture for the bride and groom to exchange their vows. Itami takes up her cup of rice wine and looks at Kaidan, holding her cup out to him before taking her drinks and continuing with her vows saying, "I don't think I have the words to speak right now and I can't even say this vow was well prepared, but… It's here where I find myself on the most difficult battleground I've ever had to stand on. There are no weapons or enemies other than my own thoughts that have kept me trapped and in fear of what the future may hold, but, it is my hope that I can move past these and love you with all I have to offer and my hope that you would love me the same."

Sousa watches the religious aspect of the ceremony with a clinical eye. Despite being raised among monks, he has developed a peculiar strain of agnosticism. He doesn't contend that spirits necessarily don't exist — shoot, he's personally met Death if that wasn't simply some extraordinarily lucid hallucination — but he suspects that most existing belief systems have more made-up superstition than substantive truth. More importantly, he believes that whatever does exist, whether you call it material or spiritual or anything else, follows inviolable rules, even if those rules are too complex to discern. After all, that's the very basis of science! But at the same time, it's unlikely that a guy in a funny hat shaking a branch at the bride and groom is going to do any harm. e.e Superstitch away.
This part of the ceremony is definitely a lot less interesting for Megumi. She squirms in her seat through the rite. "When are they gonna kiss already?" :P

Kuoroke observes the rituals from his professional point of view, mostly, paying more attention to various technical details than to the emotional value: he double-checks if the aides are the same ones whose background he'd checked beforehand, the wine is served from the correct container, and the musicians are the ones he hired. He recognises several of them: they are close relatives of his, ones he hasn't spoken to in years.

Taking up the same rituals, Kaidan turns with his own drink. He watches Itami while she speaks till he drinks as well before saying his vows as well. "When I found you, I saw the strength to overcome. When I stayed with you, I found the support I needed. When I am beside you, I know all is possible. I will, from this point, offer you all the strength I have, all the love I have, and all of the remainder of my life. I cannot promise you a future freed from pain or any guarantees that sadness will not come, but I can promise you that I will always pay double to those that bring you pain and I can promise to be there to wipe away any tears that sadness may bring. From here until forever, you have my love, body and soul." He then joins her as they both take the appropriate rings and exchange them. One on his finger and one on hers. He smiles at her before the blessing is given and he leans in to give her a deep kiss on the lips, finally breaking from ceremony a bit as he simply reaches to her lower back, presses back to dip her slightly for this kiss…cause come on? He already did all that ceremony stuff now they are married.

Jiro just kind of watches, a little less fidgety now that stuff is happening and he's kind of intrigued by it all even! He looks around the arena a bit before turning his attention back to Itami and Kaidan as they go through the process and do a bunch of weird talking stuff and promises and blah blah blah. And then when it seems like it's over they kiss??? The boy blanches and looks /anywhere/ else. Why do people do that?! So gross! Ugh. "Lemme know when ther' dun," he mutters to Itami's mother, folding his arms over his chest with a soft hmph.

Hiei watches the ceremony with a slight smile. It reminded him of the day that he married Sachiko afterall. Sasuke ate half of the floral arrangement, but all in all a good time was had by all. He glances over at Sachiko right about the time that Shun exclaims. "They're kissing! Nasty! Ewwwww!" Hiei winces slightly as Akira adds. "Why do adults even /do/ that!? So gross." But at least he's a little quieter about it. All Hiei can do is give an apologetic look to the people around them.

Arika snickers a bit at Jiro. "But i's so cute!" she says, grinning widely at the kiss. I mean, as long as it's like this and in the wedding, it's okay, right? Also, Arika may or may not be reading a few fairy tales… The girl beams a bit wider and cheers loudly, regardless of the crowd, and she starts chucking uncooked rice at the two. "Yay! Congratulations, Kai-kun! Good job, Itami-chan!" Then she peeks over at Jiro. "Ne, d'you think Itami-chan will let us run the village since she has to go on her hunny-moon now?"

Wooo! n.n Megumi claps enthusiastically at the big moment, followed by the rest of her family. Even Sabure smiles a little. :] "Yeah, awright! Hey Kazekage-sama, keep me in mind anytime you need a baby-sitter!" :D
Sousa smiles a little bit too. As meaningless as emotions are, being simply electro-chemical impulses in the brain matter, trying to quash them is equally meaningless, so Sousa doesn't mind indulging them on occasions when it doesn't seem particularly disadvantageous. Sousa stands up, and *POOFS* from the arena. Sheesh, already heading back to his experiments? Well, not exactly. He has a wedding gift in mind…he intends to see to it that the administrative papers don't pile up too much during Itami's honeymoon. ;)

Sachiko may as well have been a child with how much she did not want to sit still. The only thing keeping her from truly wriggling was the child in her lap. Marriage was all well and good, but she didn't like where she was, she didn't like the people — especially the amount — and to postpone it all with a dance, of all things… A low groan was starting to form in her throat when Shun exclaims how gross it is. She makes a face. "Says the kid who put /everything/ in his mouth in order to figure out what it was. You're an Iga, kid… That's the least gross thing that you would theoretically taste, trust me." Of course, she's jumping to conclusions with that, but hey… In any case, she just shakes her head a little at it all, not at all apologetic for her son's outburst. Just waiting for the bride and groom to happily finish their ceremony.

Hiroto settled down eventually once everything happened. Seemed it turned out well, and they are now married. Happy thought indeed. Hopefully that can restore hope to the village, and helps make this place work to fix itself again. After a lot of turmoil we may finally be able to turn it around. At least for a little while.

Itami's eyes had filled with tears by this point, but they were only just beginning to overflow as Kaidan finished his vows to her. She didn't have the elaborate words to say like he did and she began to secretly punish herself for her lack of elegance. Yet, all of that would soon flush away as he leaned in and leaned her back in the kiss. Her mind blanked out entirely and she felt as if she was floating on a cloud. She raised her arms to wrap around his shoulders, holding herself firmly in place to keep herself from losing consciousness. It was that big of a deal.
"Let you know? This shouldn't have happened at all!" Kotone hissed to herself softly. "There's nothing about this where a kiss was supposed to happen at all. What are they doing?!" This is just all wrong. /All wrong/. She could tear apart her program, but there was too much invested in this to rip apart this assortment of paper, but she did crumble it.
Kin came over to join Kotone and wrapped an arm around her, holding her close. "This is payback for giving me s*** for being late," he smirked. "Just let things flow, Kotone. I, for one, want to beat this guy's face in for taking my daughter from me, but we all can't get what we want now, can we?"
Kotone simply seethed in place, but she had to admit, having her husband here was preferable to him not being here. The sisters came along to join in the fun as well, but ultimately share in the moment of watching the youngest of the family finally get married. It's about flippin' time.
The stadium erupted into cheer at the kiss shared between Kaidan and Itami, celebrating this union in the midst of strife they've endured. There was no sadness to be had on this day, but instead the determination to continue forward in the face of adversity in all its forms.

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