Wedding of a Seven Swordsman


Ishino, Akane, Saisho, Meruin, Yuuka, Yoichi, Kazumi

Date: June 27, 2014


Ishino and Akane are wed

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Wedding of a Seven Swordsman"

Bioluminescent Lake, Kirigakure

It was the big day. The final day of Akane's freedom.. but that was for Ishino and her to know about. The time was dusk on the edge of the bioluminecance lake. There were plenty of chairs, food and music playing in what looked to be a rather nice gathering. The main motif was white, but there was plenty of japanese influences in how the setup looked as well. As the sun's light touched the edge of that lake for the last time, causing the surroundings to start it's own glow, the stage was set for that wedding itself.

Ishino stood up at the front, with Meruin before the alter. A general hush had fallen over those there, attention turning to the ceremony itself. Ishino's hands were clasp before him, the suit he wore was different than his normal suit, this was a much higher quality, a dress suit of suits, instead of that 'working suit' he usually wore. He waited as the music would start to signify the progression of the ceremony itself.

Out came little Saisho in a tiny bride's dress. It was white with a fitted bodice and a few bits of glass jewels in the full skirt. She wore a crystal tiara with a tiny veil and carried a basket of flower petals of white and pale blue which she scattered over the ground. Behind her was what looked like a stuffed panda that wore a tux and carried her tiny train. She looked quite proud of the whole thing. Once she reached the end she stepped to the side opposite her brother, the panda following dutifully.

'Don't mess this up.'
Gee, thanks, very helpful, Kazumi thought and gulped during his wait. Running his hand down the front of the tux he'd been put in, standing up straight for once. His hair, normally messy, has been forced into a more professional state which basically means it's gelled. The teen takes a deep breath and follows soon after Saisho, holding the small pillow with the wedding rings set carefully upon it. Both hands cup it, Kazumi intent on not dropping it or screwing up. Then he sees the Kage, though, and nearly freezes up on the spot, mid-step.
'NO! Wedit, kid, get it together. One step. Two step. See? There you are.'
The Genin manages to keep walking with the voice in his head pushing him forward, slowly making it to the alter with an ever-growing nervousness surrounding him to stand in his place.
'Your hands are shaking.'
Vow. Kazumi takes a slow, silent breath in to calm himself and control the shaking.

There's a few feet pause after the flower girl and ring bearer have made their way down the aisle, before the couple step out to follow. Her heels touch the petal'ed floor as Yuuka moves forward to the gentle tempo of the music, gliding in such a way that was almost dancing. A petite hand loosely looped into the bend of Yoichi's arm while they walk together, she barely turns her head to give her escort a glance out of her eye, the smile teasing at her soft lips almost playful as she turns her attention fully forward once more. A lingering sparkle in her bright aquamarine eyes when they come to the end of the scattered blue petals, and looking to Ishino, Yuuka smiles and winks at the groom before her small hand falls away from Yoichi's arm. Turning, she moves to the bride's side and turns again to face halfway between the 'minister' and the seated guests.

Stepping down the aisle with Yuuka, Yoichi keeps his steps in a cadence with those of the Swordswoman on his arm. His eyes would turn to her as she glances at him, the Kaguya-Hozuki containing a faint smirk before looking back ahead. For a man that normally only wears armor and has spiky disheveled hair, the Swordsman has severely cleaned up for the occasion today. Adorned in the suit fitted by Ishino's seamstress, Yoichi even has his hair slicked back and fixed to remain such, looking quite formal. Once Yuuka releases his arm, he would move to stand beside Ishino and clasp his hands behind his back, eyes scanning the crowd and even keeping a check on chakras and such in the area, though these actions would not be seen. He figures part of his job is to make sure things go smoothly as possible here.

Akane came from the back of the tent, showing a tiny show of hesitance before her steps became stolid and steady. Her dress had a bodice with crystals that reflected the fading light of the sun. As the golden light finally dropped below the edge of the lake and the light from the water was better illuminated the skirt seemed to light up with tiny blues and rainbows as thousands of tiny crystals embedded int he fabrig glittered and reflected. A veil of similar make hung over her thigh length crimson hair that was allowed for once to hang freely behind her. She did not wear a veil over her face but the scar over her left eye appeared to be gone. There was no henge, just a missing scar. She had asked Yuuka's aid in covering it well with makeup. Her eyes were a leafy green. In her hands was a bouquet mostly containing blue roses and white baby's breath wrapped in a white lace style paper.
As she moved down the aisle it seemed as it the train of her gown floated at first. But then one could see three little gremlins carrying it. Luckily for Akane they showed no interest in crystal or fabric and there was no metal for them to devour.
She kept her eyes forward, aware she was possibly the only outsider here (not counting foreign dignitaries that had been invited). She kept her eyes on Ishino and moved gracefully forward to stand before Meruin and to the side of Ishino with Yuuka and Saisho behind her. She lowered her head slightly in respect to Meruin and waited.

Meruin stood behind the altar, dignity in his bearing and ceremony on his expression. He was silent, his mist laden eyes slowly shifting as they looked over the event. Dusk at the bioluminescent lake, the sun taking its rest for the day to leave the blue glow at the lake's edge and over the trodden sands shining bright by the minute. They lent their light to all that was above them, coloring the chairs and people a pale but potent blue.
The Mizukage turned to look towards Ishino himself, the man about to express his commitment to one woman who'd seen both flaws and favors in his heart and considered it all a gift. He inclined his head to him in silent acknowledgement, the gesture one of respect and murmuring of good wishes.
And then he looked to the crowd. To Kirigakure's people that had come to bear witness, whether close friends and family or comrades in allegiance, filling the 500 chairs and standing along the beach in the distance. So many have come to see, some just to view an event featuring 3 Swordsman, the Mizukage and a beautiful flame-haired foreign woman, but many out of respect of two who have done much for the village and those who live within it.
Musing over this, Meruin's gaze turned then to those walking down the aisle as the music and procession began, signaling the true start of the wedding. Saisho, young and pure and happy, the young Doihara doing well in her job of flower girl, and followed soon behind by Suzuki Kazumi. A surprise for such a public event, but he's learned that the young man did have more social strength than he'd first shown, and indeed, his nervousness is overcome to see him to the end of the aisle without any issues, rings well cared for.
Soon after come the best man and the maid of honor. Kaguya Yuuka, ever graceful and gracious, balletic in the way she travels beside Yoichi, who has shown his respect for the occasion and its participants by showing the civil side to the deadly warrior.
And then came the bride… dressed in pure, gentle sunlight until the daylight finally let go of its hold and falling away from her, leaving her clothed in soothing moonlight, blues a caress to the senses, rainbows a cool murmuring. As she strode forward, train sailing the air behind her, the Mizukage inclined his head to her, remaining as he was until she lowered her head as well.
And then he began…
"Night's blessings," he began, voice ringing out to reach out to each in attendance, strong and clear, "To all who have come this evening to share in the commemoration of this time honored rite of joined futures filled with shared presents for Doihara Ishino and Fujikujo Akane. The words that will be spoken here beneath the stars and before your kin will be sacred. But cherished as they are, know that it is no oath that will bind these two together, nor no decree from a Mizukage."
He looks out over the people, voice rising, "We are not here to mark the beginning of a relationship; We have gathered to recognize and exalt in a deep bond that already exists. There is a connection… a sense of oneness between these two, and this night they will affirm this oneness and this dedication, formally and publically as they have already done with one another. As they now exist as one in their eyes, two halves of one complete being, so may they exist in our yours.
"Marriage is a going forth," spoke the Mizukage, gaze now turning to the couple standing before him. "A giving up of one way in search of a greater fulfillment than could be achieved alone, risking what you are for what you might be. You two have come to declare your love and solemnize your commitment. Tonight, I and your friends and your family and your comrades and those whose lives you are not even aware you've affected — we celebrate your faith in the continuance of this growth as you come to be united in marriage. Are you prepared to exchange your vows?"

Ishino's attention was just about everywhere, subtle, but it was there. He watched the progression, no threads attached to those rings as Kazumi did an excellent job of carrying them in, even with the terror of the night there.. Meruin. The others came in just as stately, a nod of thanks given to Yoichi as he stood in for Ishino's best man. The nod from Meruin was returned in equal measure, all those last minor details would get covered by either the gremlins moving about or the old man guiding people to the appropriate place. It was when Akane showed up, even with that slight hesitance, that Ishino's attention got focused. He'd watch her, an intensity in that gaze that usually went with a killing blow. But it wasn't any sort of bloodlust to it, instead, it was an earnest to see her with him, admiring how well the dress fitted to her and how even more beautiful she is than the first time she wore it. As she'd step close, pausing before Meruin, he too would move up. Watching Akane while Meruin spoke and only at the end did his attention shift, looking to Meruin. There was a solemnity to his voice as he spoke, the words simple and yet carried as Ishino, one oft use to being in charge, made sure those who needed to could hear. "I am, Mizukage."

The Genin couldn't look properly up at Ishino and his soon-to-be wife without seeing the Mizukage, so he just… didn't. He stood to the side, listening to the speech. That was enough to make him all the more awkward, but he stayed put, eyes down at the rings — that's what you're here for, Kazumi, he told himself. The boy gulps, just focusing with little help needed from that inner voice for now.

Akane easily felt the intensity Ishino leveled upon her and true to her character, she didn't even flinch. What would be a heavy burden on some seemed to simply make her stand taller and more assured of herself. She glanced to Yuuka and Yoichi and lowered her eyes in a silent thank you then turned back toward Meruin. There was no one to 'give her away' as it were. When Meruin noted the sheer number of people here Akane finally showed the first real sign of nerves.. she flushed and quickly turned her attention back to Ishino and Meruin. Only up close could one see that she wore a pair of skin toned armlets, thin and simple, smoothing over the scars about her wrists and lower arms. She had done everything to show Ishino's Bride as lovely as she possibly could. Meruin's words were heard with her head tilted down just a bit, her eyes on her blue rose bouquet. It was clear she was taking what he said quite seriously. And between meruina nd Ishino they might recognize a deep green tone in her eyes like the heart of a forest. At meruin's question she lifted her head proudly. "We are, Mizukage."

"Then we proceed…"
Meruin looked towards the groom, intoning, "Doihara Ishino. Look to your bride and repeat after me." He spoke in measure words, voice rising and falling in smooth artistry, placing emphasis where it was needed and allowing pause after every phrase for it to be repeated.

"I, Doihara Ishino, take you, Fujikujo Akane, as my cherished wife…
I vow to stand as your strong tower, your place of solace amidst the storms…
To honor and keep you, to support you in life and love in times better or worse…
Richer or poorer…
In sickness or health…
In turmoil or peace…
From here until we are dust, my undying devotion to you."

Ishino looked from Meruin to Akane then, watching her as he'd hear the words, with only one slight deviant from his words that those who knew why, would understand. "I, Doihara Ishino, take you, Fujikujo Akane and Kyoujin, as my cherished wife. I vow to stand as your strong tower, your place of solace amist the storms. To honor and keep you, to support you in life and loves in times better or worse. Richer or poorer. In sickness or health. In turmoil or peace." That intensity there focused on her with that slight pause and a small nod. "From here until we are dust, my undying devotion to you."

Meruin inclined his head in acknowledgement of the groom's words before turning towards the bride, intoning, "Fujikujo Akane. Look to your groom, now, and repeat after me." And so the Mizukage spoke her vows as well, voice holding a depth to match the words, allowing her to repeat them as they must be.

"I, Fujikujo Akane, take you, Doihara Ishino, as my beloved husband…
I vow to stand as your strong tower, your place of solace amidst the storms…
To honor and keep you, to support you in life and love in times better or worse…
Richer or poorer…
In sickness or health…
In turmoil or peace…
From here until we are dust, my undying devotion to you."

Akane saw the intensity in Ishino's eyes and her own widened just a bit when he acknowledged her other less stable half. But it allowed a calm that anyone watching chakras might notice. She held his gaze, glancing to Meruin when he intoned her own vows. She repeated every with another slight Variation. "I, Fujikujo Akane, and This One, take you, Doihara Ishino, as our beloved husband…" There was a change in vocal tone for a second then she moved on, no longer emphasizing the change. " I vow to stand as your strong tower, your place of solace amidst the storms…To honor and keep you, to support you in life and love in times better or worse… Richer or poorer…In sickness or health…In turmoil or peace…From here until we are dust, my undying devotion to you."

Meruin nods, saying, "The words are spoken, oaths written in breath and time. Let them be heard as they cross the seas on the chakras in the wind and fill the auras of our skies." He looks between the two, asking, "Are there any other words you would see added to this message before we continue?"

Ishino watched Akane, smiling softly at her own slight variation, there were few murmurs in the crowd that wondered but overall they stayed hushed. His mom was silently weeping in the background. Ishino reached out to gently take Akane's hands in his own, one of those rare times he was bare handed as he'd watch her. "I give all of me to you, Koi. I'll have it known before anyone and everyone. There is no doubt who holds my heart and no doubt who I am devouted to. May any who think ill tremble for fear of my wrath. Because it will be nothing on this planet, that will keep me from you." He took a slow breath, before finally nodding softly, not having anything else to add once he said his piece.

And that broke Akane's calm. Few had ever seen her shed a tear even in her mysterious past, but here and now Ishino's words had broken through something that had felt so strong before but now seemed so fragile. She held silent for a moment and her eyes flickered in tone, her chakra erratic, for that moment. She found she couldnt speak. Her breath was gone and she was mute. For those aware of the One, astonishingly that alter seemed to do the same. The entire ceremony thay had acted in accord… Rather than panic or simply break down the rest of the way as some brides would do she spoke with her actions as she often did and performed another thing few had ever seen her do willingly. She left her hand in Ishino's, laid the bouquet on the altar, placed her other hand beside the first, and sank to one knee, head bowed.

"Let it be known…" said Meruin over the groom and the kneeling bride, two messages given with the same depth of fervor through very different means, having to speak over the murmurings that arose at the woman's actions, including none too few whispered bemoanments about 'Her dress…'
"Rise, Fujikujo Akane," spoke the Mizukage. "Suzuki Kazumi, step forth with the rings. Bride and groom, please take your wedding bands….
"Exchange your rings."

Aaand… there goes the Genin's resolve. Being directly addressed by the Mizukage himself sends Kazumi's head spinning, but thankfully this was… kind of planned for. He froze, shook a little, and then the tension was whisked away by a gust of wind. The teen shifts, turning without the usual unease, and holds forth the pillow holding the two rings. He bows his head, mouthing 'Sorry…' to Ishino, and smiles lightly at the bride before stepping away only once the rings had been taken.

Ishino looked to Kazumi as he'd reel under the words of Meruin.. only for the other to step up. A small smile was given with a slight shake of his head, noting no apology would be needed at all. Taking up the ring, as Akane rose to her own feet, he'd gently align it to her ring finger and slide it on.. it of course fit perfectly. Little details, Ishino's specialty. "With this ring, I thee wed."

Akane rose as bid, taking the ring from the pillow, offering a faintly reassuring glance to Kazumi. She watched Ishino slide the ring on her finger and had to get a little aid from her own Other to still the shaking of her hand as she slid the ring on his finger. She didn't give Meruin time to tell them to kiss, it was a bit too much for her and she leaned up to kiss her Groom first firmly. Let the crowd titter.'

Meruin opened his mouth to speak but paused as Akane leaned up and kissed her /groom/ before anything could be spoken. The Mizukage managed to look amused without a smile ever touching his face, simply intoning, "I now pronounce you man and wife," he said over the applause that had already risen for the couple who had now joined one another in marriage.

Ishino felt her moving by her hand, smiling as she'd lean in to kiss him, he'd gladly receive her, kissing her back. His arms would wrap about her and from points around the stadium they were on as well as around the chairs, predetermined jars of fireflies were released. They would go fluttering up into the air around those close and far, filling the air with twinkling lights. Ishino would hold that kiss through the anouncement, only after the initial floating of lights dissapated would he finally break that kiss, eyes opening to smile at Akane first, then look to those around them.

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