Wedding Preparations


Miu, Yuzuna

Date: October 7, 2013


Miu calls for Yuzuna to ensure that she is “ready for marriage”.

"Wedding Preparations"

Miu's Home

We're going back! Back in time! When dinosaurs ruled the land and… nope, not that far back. We're now going forward to just a few days before Yuzuna leaves for Kumogakure. Miu herself had actually been busy for once, doing /stuff/ so the two have not had much time to speak until today.

Yuzuna, had been invited to Miu's home, though there was not a meal in sight or even anything to drink as usual. It was obvious this was just going to be a quick and simple conversation among the two, or at least the intent. So, there Miu waited, resting against a pillow lined wall with her kiseru being held daintly with one hand, while the other idly twirled her hair. Miu looked a little stressed at the moment, a hard gaze upon a wall, not making much of a sound since she entered her home.

Yuzuna had been Miu's assistant for some time now. Even if she wasn't a Hyuuga, people naturally pick up on people's mannerisms if they are around each other long enough of a time, much less if they're keenly aware of their surroundings like the Hyuuga.

The note was an indicator that something was out of the ordinary.

If it had been any other errand, Miu would just have mentioned it at the office where the Clan Head worked from. But not this time.

Arriving a few minutes before the indicated time, Yuzuna lifts a small hand to knock lightly at the door, waiting long enough for her to be invited inside before sliding open the door. Slipping inside, her outside shoes are replaced with slippers, and Yuzuna enters the room that Miu currently occupies.

Another indicator. Miu is hardly ever this brooding. So whatever this might be about, it must be serious.

Yuzuna approaches and shifts to take a seat in front of Miu, legs tucked beneath her as she lowers with a respectful bow. "Hyuuga-sama. You summoned me."

"Mm. Yuzu-chan." Miu looks up to Yuzuna with a faint smile, though the usual air-headedness about Miu was missing. "Excuse me, I forgot how much work I actually pile on you. Taking it all up at once, along with all this traveling has left me somewhat exhausted. Regardless." Miu sits up, "Welcome." She takes a deep drag and looks over Yuzuna. "I won't be wasting much of your time, I'm sure you're eager to prepare for your trip and marriage. Though I'm sure you understand the gravity of the situation, which is what I'm here to talk about. A few questions is all."

She lowers the pipe and dumps the remaining tobacco into a dish before placing her hands in her lap. "Now then, I'm curious. How much do you like this man? Have you grown to love him or… is this simply for the sake of the alliance? I don't want to put you in this position if it is going to be a life of sheer misery, we have plenty other eligible Hyuuga for that. Given your position as my assistant, it does bump up to level of trust we are showing Kumogakure though…"

Straightening the curve of her back, the young woman's expression relaxes subtly, but Yuzuna's never been one to easily smile. "Not at all, Hyuuga-sama. It is my duty." she dips her chin. "Thank you for having me into your home." Her pale eyes watch Miu, quiet, observing while her Clan Head speaks. The mention of the marriage stirs a flit of a few emotions through the young woman's eyes, but as quickly as it appears, it fades into her passive mask.

The next question though was something of a surprise, briefly catching Yuzuna by surprise. A hint of a frown gently knits at her brow with a little bit of thought. "I never really thought about it." she admits. "He… seems to be nice enough. The one time I met him, we enjoyed each other's company at least." Something else flickers through her pale eyes. "Hyuuga-sama… you know more than anyone else that I have always placed the clan first. I have never held the expectation that I would be part of anything but an arranged marriage. If I can further unite the peace between Kumogakure and Konohagakure… It is all the more reason to move forward."

Miu smiles gently, watching Yuzuna's features quietly as she speaks. "Ah, you did not flow into my lie. Good, I'd expect as much from Hashiramako's ANBU and my right hand, duty first." Miu then relaxes a bit, "Though the second bit, is somewhat unnerving, though I do understand. You younger ones have grown into these much more peaceful times. I've sure you've had your fair share of experiences of the Clan Wars." Miu's smile fades once more, "Though those times were the majority of my life. In that time, I've grown to understand many terrible things, the harsher rules of the world." Miu's expression continues to darken as she thinks back.


Miu glares on ahead, "That is a word that only exists in fairy-tails and in reality it truly means deceit." Miu peers at Yuzuna. "I do not know what Kumogakure expects of this arranged marriage, whether it is to achieve the strength of the Byakugan, hold you hostage as part of some favor or maybe… just maybe they have this illusion that our two villages can have true peace." She inhales and exhales slowly, attempting to recollect herself to remove the poison from her voice. "In the end, this peace will be shattered, no matter how strong the Raikage's will, each Hidden Village still works for their country and this alliance can be damaged within a whim of the daimyo. Many outside sources can harm what we are attempting so that is why…"

Miu watches Yuzuna in the eye, "This is not a mission of peace, this is an S-rank mission, Yuzuna-chan. The Raikage is green, this shows through him allowing the strongest visual technique into his village… into his home. To stand right beside him whenever it pleases. You can easily access information on their plans, learn their defenses, find whatever flaws they have to exploit and when the time comes, Kumogakure will crumble in an instant if need be." Miu clears her throat, "Of course that is… if it comes to that."

Yuzuna is quiet as she listens, unwavering as Miu looks her in the eye and reveals the details of her mission. Subtly she dips her chin with a small nod of acceptance. "Of course, Hyuuga-sama. If it comes to that." she murmurs. "Is there anything else of this mission that I should be aware of?" The young woman asks. This was probably going to be the only time that they would ever speak of the mission. Yuzuna wanted to be sure that she was filled in on everything, just in case. Always thorough.

"Good." Miu smiles, looking a bit proud. "Nothing in particular, your eyes are strong. So I expect a lot of information and of course, I expect none of this to be written within the Land of Lightning. All information will be verbally sent by you, to me. I will let you know if there are any changes personally, if I messenger claims I gave a change in plans, you are to ignore them, they are potentially a spy. Simply establish with Ogosokamaru that you will be making a trip back here once a month. I am considering making the Hokage aware of my plans, in time I will let you know who all is within the loop and the amount of trust to be given for now, only trust me." Miu places a hand on her heart before standing up. "Now, if you will follow me, there is one more thing we must do. Something you should've expected."

Miu leads Yuzuna to a far off room, sliding the door open to reveal to elderly Hyuuga awaiting their arrival, both void of expression. "Like I said before, I don't know if the new Raikage is blindly going into this or, if he plans to take advantage of you. Therefore, you will need to be marked with a seal to protect our kekkei genkai. It is what makes the Hyuuga the strongest clan in the Leaf."

Miu says this and nods to the two guards, gesturing Yuzuna to rest on the bed within the room. "That being said, we are a strong pillar in the foundation of this village. For them to acquire the Byakugan or even to just find its weaknesses will be a massive blow to not only our clan but, the entire village." Miu looks to Yuzuna. "This seal, will activate upon your death, the attempted removal of your eyes or, activate upon anyone tampering with the seal itself, the tampering failsafe can also be activated through a special hand seal I will teach you. Now, you at least have some choice in this…."

Miu's hands come together and disappear within her sleeves, "The activation of this seal does not simply eradicate Byakugan, it destroys your eyes entirely. A Hyuuga without their eyes? Nearly useless. So, you can either have the seal simply destroy your eyes on activation or we can modify it. So that it also kills you in the process. A quick an easy out if you are put in danger while within Kumogakure's lines."

With Miu's urging, Yuzuna pushes herself smoothly to her feet as she follows her Clan Head. Lead to a far out room, her pale eyes glance to the elderly Hyuuga first before looking to the gestured bed. Obediently the young woman approaches the bed matting on the floor and takes a seat on the edge, her gaze returning to Miu while she listens.

Fear briefly flickers through her pale eyes. Blindness. It was the cruelest fate for a Hyuuga to endure. She can feel her fingers curl tighter into the fabric in her lap. She may be strong, but that fear is held by all Hyuuga. "'Quick and easy'." Yuzuna repeats quietly. That's never been her way, but blindness? "What would you have me to do, Hyuuga-sama?…"

Miu's head tilts to the side, "These two already know what I want." Miu backs out of the room, placing her hand on the entrance. "Yuzuna-chan, good luck." She looks to the two Hyuuga in the room, nodding to each one of them. "For now I must depart. I will be back later tonight if you have any further questions. Though you're a smart girl… woman now, I suppose." Miu smiles and bows gently before closing the room off and walking off to her next task.

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