Wedding Un-Crashers part 1


Zaruji, Berii, Eremi

Date: November 15, 2012


Two families who have been feuding for generations, finally have something in common! They don't want their children getting married to one another. The Yatsuo family and the Hariku family in the southern Land of Fire are planning a wedding ceremony. A team of three is all that is needed for this mission, since everyone involved in the wedding is purely civilians and non-combat oriented, except against one another. Run security for the wedding, and use of force is only to keep them from killing one another. This mission request has been sent by the bride- and groom-to-be, to keep their families civil during the ceremony.

"Wedding Un-Crashers part 1"

South part of Land of Fire

Zaruji had accepted this mission as his first that he decided to lead. When offered the list of names available for genin that could go on this mission, he was at a loss. He didn't recognize any of the names!
So, random pick brought him two Genin from clans in the area. The notoriously well-known Uchiha clan, a female named Berii, and the lesser-known Satonezu clan, some might call them speedsters for their natural talent for speed. That would be useful for running someone down if they took something really important needed for the wedding.
Zaruji then sent out a request to the two Genin to see if they wanted to come on the mission (more like a summons saying they had to per order), and to meet him dark and early at the front gate of Konoha to leave out before sunrise towards the southern portion of the Land of Fire.
At this moment, Zaruji sits on a rock butted up against the inside wall next to the guard shack, leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed, waiting patiently and quietly. It's almost eerie how he sits there so still. His pack sits on the ground next to him, full of rations, first aid kit. The usuals.

Walking through the forests while taking the normal paths that leads from Kadomai to Konoha, Eremi would appear dressed in his normal attire of mostly black clothing and a backpack hung over one shoulder. A yawn would escape his mouth as he approached the designated meeting spot, possibly alerting himself to Zaruji and others if not doing so earlier.
"Uhh…Hello." Eremi would offer, glancing over toward the elder teen propped on a rock. "I..I'm Satonezu Eremi. Are you Zaruji?" A brow would be raised as he waits for a response, shifting from one foot to the other to find comfort and clenching the strap of his backpack tightly. "Are we awaiting one more to arrive?" Looking around as he asked the question.

Another low rank mission, she just led the destruction of a bandit camp for crying out loud! Though… that probably didn't count, she had a Jinchuuriki on her side. Berii for, just a moment, thought she was moving on up and maybe wouldn't even have to go to these exams. "Bweeh…" Berii comes along slouched, her eyes low to the ground, the thought of being stuck doing awful missions for the rest of her life creeping over her not to mention it was early! So after the nervous Eremi approaches and dull looking Berii would soon follow. She needed the money z.z

Promising team, no?

Honestly, it was a good thing Eremi came first, she forgot to ask for a description of Zaruji but, knew Eremi was coming along. With a deep bow, she decides to at least be respectful to overlap her lack of enthusiam. "Good mo'ning, captain." Berii then stands up straight and yawns, wiping a tear away. As for her, she didn't look prepared for any journey, just equipped with her usual ninja outfit.

As the two approached, Zaruji's eyes moved to Eremi when he came into sight, and Zaruji stood up. When Eremi introduced himself, a very simple "Yes I am," was given and then the pink haired Uchiha was on her way. He regarded her for a moment in silence before he gave her a nod, "Good morning. Uchiha Berii, I presume."
He would walk over to his pack and grab it, tossing it over his shoulders and sliding his arms through the straps, adjusting it and looking to them for a moment, before he pulls out the mission explanation, folds it up and tucks it back into his pocket. "Did either of you bring foodstuffs? We'll be there two nights and head back here on the third day."

Eremi nodded in response, glad that the first person he came upon was Zaruji. Briefly his focus would change as he happened upon spotting Berii. Another genin that was apparently getting in several missions as of late. Perhaps doing as many as they could before the exams came upon them. It was a smart move, he just hoped others would be far more lazy when it came to preparing for them. Especially the Uchiha's whom he had his doubts about being able to go up against in any of the rounds.
"Hello Berii." He offered quickly, noticing her tired look then shifted his attention back on Zaruji. "I have some dried jerky and the likes I always carry, enough to hold me over, but no full course meals if that's needed." He didn't know they'd be gone for so long, guess that just means he'll have to train on the way.

Berii gives a slow nod that it was her, still trying to wake up she stands up straight, slams her fist into an open palm and outs on a determined face. It really… doesn't do much for waking her up but, she felt slightly better. Though she'll put up the awake act until she actually well, woke up. "Hey Ewemi." She responds just as quickly, unintentionally mocking his greeting. Though like him, she focuses back on this new person, lifting her scarf and looking over it as Eremi explains his food situation. "Hnn, I've got some stuff." Another quick scan over the rune covered scarf just to make sure she wasn't lying. "Mmm yep, bowing stuff though wike gwonowa." Berii frowns slightly, "Neh, they pwobabwy got food fo us thewe." Berii comments to Eremi.
The pink haired Uchiha stepping towards the gate, hinting that she was ready to go. "So anything we shouwd know, neh?" Berii looks over her shoulder to the team leader.

Berii's speech pattern might get odd looks from people the first time they heard it, or a sweatdrop. Zaruji is nothing but forcefully ignorant of it. Even if understanding it at the moment might be a little.. awkward. "It's a thirteen hour trek at a liesurely pace. So with the three of us, stopping once to eat, which I have a good meal for all of us packed, keep your food for snacking along the way if you get tired to regenerate as much as you can, we should be there by nightfall. We won't be running a whole lot, but once or twice to make up for time to eat." He then walks to the mouth of the gate, and lets out a breath. "What you should know I'll explain on the way." And he begins their journey by stepping off down the road, expecting them to walk with him closely enough that they can hear his explanations. But at this moment, it's just quiet walking.

Thirteen hours of nothing but walking and talking with a meal in between…Eremi was definitely going to train on the way, but nothing too strenuous. It was a mission after all. So as quickly as he could he dropped down to one knee, swung the backpack to the ground and produced a couple of leg weights which he strapped under his clothing to one leg and then the other before standing back up with a much lighter backpack over one shoulder. Much better…
The young teen would then move to catch up with Zaruji, and Berii if she decided to not stop and watch what he was doing, before falling into the same pace as the rest. "It sounds good to me." Taking a deep breath of the cold morning air which caused him to yawn once again. It was still early after all and a long walk wasn't going to be waking them up that much faster.

Berii flips the scarf over her shoulder, "Mmmkay." Berii sticks close, thinking over the 13 hour trek her eyes shift between the two she was partnered up with a few times. "Neh, somehow seem to get wong missions with peopwe I don't weally know." The Uchiha just smiles and gives a dismissive little wave to the air. Though the sound of rummaging causes her to glance back at Eremi wondering what the heck was going on back there. "Ah… oh." A trickle of sweat, is that how he's so fast. Berii clears her throat to wipe away the look of shock on her face, just pleasantly smiling and turning around. A hand on her chin, she peers ahead. She doesn't need Sharingan to know that she should copy that.

Zaruji would explain for now the purpose of the mission, the situation, and what he expected of them. "The plan is simple. Berii-san, your position will be people. Make sure they don't get rowdy with one another and destructive. Eremi-san, your duty will be items including things that would halt the wedding going through. Like the rings, bride's dress the night before to ensure it's not messed with or outright stolen. You are also the chaser. If someone does take something, it's up to you to run them down and immediately return the item or items. I will be overwatch to support either of you if you need it, or take over for the wedding at large if one or both of you get caught up trying to take care of a specific activity."
After that explanation, he would stay quiet for their questions and answer them as best he could for right now.

The plan did sound pretty simple, but don't they always before something catastrophic happens? At least that's how things always ended up with Eremi around. At least his part of the plan catered to his abilities, for the most part. Now to not mess it up. As for what was required of Berii, he couldn't help but giggle quietly to himself as he pictured her trying to calm a large crowd of rowdy people with just her voice and not burning them alive. Even the first time he met her inside that damaged academy class room she had exemplary skill with fire, but not so much with enunciation.
"Umm…If we are to assume thugs, bandits and hired ninja aren't going to be there, how much physical force do you want us to use if say the rings or dress is stolen? Is it just…apprehend and restrain or go at your own leisure?"

Berii squints at Zaruji. "Neh? Yeah, simpwe." Berii sort of laughs, she honestly had no questions on the matter she was just worried for the other two she ahd some sort of curse of making missions more difficult. "Hopefuwwy they stay put." There was a visible tension in Berii's body, that Uchiha blood probably telling her to 'kill them otherwise' but, Berii wasn't like most Uchiha… right? Right?!

Fast forwarding through the morning walk, and a big run for maybe the last hour, cutting off a good hour and a half off their time if they only stop to eat for an hour, already ahead of schedule!
Zaruji would keep them together at the fastest pace all three of them could manage, which would probably be his own, he was modest enough to let them know to slow down, he wasn't as fast as they.
Landing on the ground beside a small stream from a leap off of a tree, Zaruji scans the area, making a single handseal for about five seconds, then nods to himself, "This is a good spot to stop and eat. Nothing around except maybe non-chakra using animals."
He then opens his pack, and pulls out a roll of small sticks which he builds up into a small fire, using flint and tinder to strike it up quickly, then pulling out a few small metal pots, and the last thing, a couple sacks of food. Some egg rolls (yes, he's into foreign style foods), and some chow mein noodles with meat in it, and a hearty sweet and sour sauce. Everything he had was slightly heavy.
"We eat this, reenergize, and don't exert ourselves until the last hour of travel to our destination, and we'll have far less chance of making ourselves sick."

With the weighted gear on, Eremi was the slowest one in the group, but he'd never complain about it. If the others went too fast he'd push himself harder to catch up, but that never seemed to be the case as the pace at which the group ran was more then easy enough for him to stay on track.
When they finally reached a stopping point, Eremi wasted little time taking the leg weights off and putting them away into his backpack. If they were closing in on their destination, he didn't want to be at a disadvantage, especially not when around a new team leader. He had some first impressions to make and they all had to be impressive. At least that's what he had in mind, something always seems to go awry.
Seeing the fire being built, Eremi would take a spot up next to it. "This…this all looks delicious. Much better then jerky." Looking over the spread, ready to dig in.

Berii silently watches Zaruji as he pulls out the flint and tinder, she then looks back to Eremi. Then back to Zaruji who managed to get the fire going easily enough, Berii smirking slightly decides to hold back her comment, though was impressed with the meal he struck up. Another thing to copy, there's really no reason for her to not have a lot of food on a mission. Berii herself would pace around for the time being while Zaruji continues to set up. Eyes darting left and right. "Hnn." Berii eventually stops and comes over to the group, planting herself on the ground, the only way to stop the pacing.
"Neh, so Captain. How wong have you been a Chuunin? Neve' been on a mission o' seen you awound weally." Berii starts a bit of idle chatter, peering at Eremi's backpack as she does so, not really aware that she was staring at it with a drifting mind.

Zaruji divvied out the food in three equal portions, which was still enough to fill each of them.. hopefully. Eremi's comment gets a smile, or what they could see of a smile behind the mask, when his eyes close in upward crescents. "Thank you. I try to make it myself, but sometimes I just have to visit the lady who has a shop based on foods from the southern continent. Most of it is delicious."
Berii's question gets a blank look, before he holds her portion of food out to her on the metal plate he had portioned it upon. "Better eat up, I want to get there as soon as possible." He was obviously dodging her question, and made no sign otherwise that he was going to answer right now. But he stands, grabbing his own food, "I'm going to check out this area. I'll be back in a couple minutes." And with a muffled whooshing noise, he leaps into the treeline, the rustle of leaves is the last they hear of him for the moment.

Taking the portion made for him, Eremi didn't hesitate force feeding himself the food in large mouth fulls, "Th…thank you." Chewing in between words, "This is…delicious." He didn't speak again after that, attention purely on the food in front of him, not even noticing Berii eyeing his backpack like some sort of theif. Not like there was anything important in there..or was there?
A few more bites and Eremi was already done with his food just in time to let out a long exhale, rub his belly and witness Zaruji heading off. "You must have asked him the wrong question Berii." Holding his plate still, he'd wipe off any excess food crumbs into the fire before setting the plate aside. "Speaking of…possibly wrong questions. There's something I've been wanting to ask." A casual glance giving to Berii to see how she felt about being questioned. It didn't matter, he was going to ask anyways. "Aren't you and Hitoshi dating?"

When he gives that blank look Berii would feel it and in return she peers, head tilting to the side and eventually he just moves on. "Oooookay." Berii shakes her head speaking to the spot Zaruji was, "Thanks… I guess." Her attention is drawn by Eremi, "I guess, didn't expect anyone to fweak out ove' a question wike that." She'd eat, normally for now too confused to actually put any thought into rushing herself. "Hmm?" She'd continue to put food in her mouth as he seems to prepare to ask her an odd question and… odd it was. Because well, Berii returns it with a shrug and, "Guess not, hnn." She then puts her eyes back onto her food not looking to care to explain that.
She now hopes that some sort of person jumps out of the bushes and asks Eremi a bizarre question, for balance sake. The thought, made her feel a little bit better and she starts to pick up the pace in eating.

"Oh…" Seems that was all Eremi was going to get out of that question. "I guess Taiki and Naru broke up as well. Though neither of them cared to talk about why. Couldn't even get anything out of Atsuro. Said something about 'It doesn't matter.' It must matter if it's a secret. Did you know anything about it?" A raised eyebrow directed toward the girl, "Probably, I don't expect you to share that either."
The boy leaned back on two arms, staring up through the trees at the sky, "Guess young love is hard to stick with. Though it's not something I've ever experienced." He sure was talking a lot. An unusual amount for him at that. Probably the fact that there was one less person around know and he was sort of growing more comfortable around Berii. It was hard to be intimidated by someone with a speech impediment. During combat was a different situation entirely though.

Berii blinks at Eremi, a bit surprised he was still on the topic of relationships. "Neve' weally cawed to be honest. I just knew Nawu was dead, then she wasn't but she was pwetending to be o' something. I'm suwe that didn't hewp in the relationshiwp." Berii seemed a bit more annoyed with this subject than her own personal relationship question somehow, a bit of agitation clearly on her face now. "Hnn, don't expewience it. Missions just mess evewything up, then someone gets pwomoted and then you neve' see them. Because they'we too busy doing othew things. But uh…" Berii seemed to be done with her food. "How heavy aw those weights you had on, neh?"

Another rustle of the trees, but in the opposite direction from which Zaruji left. He drops out of the tree, landing with only a slight bend in the knees, and walks back to near the campfire, starting to pack everything up and grabs things to go wash in the little stream.
He would let them continue on with their conversation before finding a moment of lull in the talk, "We're about to head out again. I know it's only been a half an hour, barely that. But I don't want to get there any later than safely possible."

Seems Eremi too, had asked the wrong group of questions. The awkwardness of the conversation something he wasn't expecting honestly. This is why he just tries to stay silent. 'Wait, did she say Naru died, but…not really?' Thinking to himself, he sure did miss a lot in those six months he was gone.
The rustle of the trees causing Eremi to jerk up, not expecting Zaruji to come in from a different direction then he left, "I'm…I'm ready when you are." Grabbing his backpack and standing up, he'd place the strap over one shoulder before looking toward Berii. "Not much, only about 50lbs each."

Berii gets up onto her feet, turning her head away from Eremi as he mentions the weight hiding her 'wtf' face once more before quickly turning back to Eremi with a smile once again. "Ah yes, not that bad." Berii was a little afraid of Eremi now, his modest ways were hiding someone terrifyingly strong. Berii would decide to stick on his good side! "Aye!" Berii delivers a lame salute. "Don't want to stick out hewe anyways, so don't mind at awl." She'd be ready to move herself right away.

As they start walking along the path that led out of the small clearing through the southern forests, Zaruji would pipe up once they got their pace. "One year. Before that I was on a team, and after our whole team got promoted, we went our separate ways to work as individual units." He was answering Berii's question from earlier. And, another thing, where did his food go? Took it with him, and didn't bring it back, but he had the containers. Probably ate it out there to keep his face hidden behind that mask?

Things were very…unusual between this group of people. Secrets seemed to be every where. Whether it be going off for some unknown reason or past relationships, things best left unshared? Eremi on the other hand, didn't have much to hide. He didn't like to get his hands dirty, it was better that way. Less stressful. So he shrugged off the odd behaviors choosing to instead walk with the group in silence. Listening to what they wanted to share.

Berii seemed to have some song in her head, her step was a little boppy. At least until Zaruji spoke up. Berii nods a bit sort of understanding his disappointment. "Hnn, same thing kinda happened to me except wew… I obviouswy wasn't pwomoted." Berii sighs, "Too much time in the hospitaw. That's, what I'm gonna bwame it on at weast." The Uchiha glances at Eremi. "Neh, anything you want to shawe? No one jumped out the bushes and asked you some sowta odd question, might as wew join the cwub." Berii then looks at him, and doesn't look away a sideways glance there as she full on expected him to answer.

Zaruji nods and "Mm," an understanding hum but that was about it. The next several hours he would answer questions they had, dodging a few here and there about his past should they ask, answering others. He would warn them on somewhat of a countdown judging by the sun's location in the sky how long it was before they started picking up the pace. His food was well digested by now, so it wouldn't hurt to speed up.
Arrival at the location of request was simple enough. It was evening and there were two definite locations that had a lot of activity. "The first place we'll stop at is the groom's family home. Do either of you need to stop for anything? There's a general store in town that sells a few things, some oddities just in case. No weapon store either. Anything you need of that I might be able to help you out. And as far as how far you can take it for rowdy people," he breathes heavy for a moment, looking around, "tie them up at most if they are really uncontrollable. I have lengths of chord, ninja wire and some rope. None of these people are trained combatants, but they have some strength being farmers and the like."

Clenching the strap of his backpack tightly with the odd look Berii was giving him, Eremi wasn't exactly sure what to say. She hadn't really asked him a specific question and just if he wanted to share…anything. That could be taken in many different ways, but which one should he take. Sure he could use a bathroom break, but she didn't want to hear that, did she? No, of course not. "Umm.." Turning aside as he went to follow along Zaruji. "Not…really. If you have a question, I'll answer it, but besides that. I don't know o.o"
Shrugging it off unless she had an actual question, his attention turned toward the leader, "No, I don't need any supplies. I've got a few in my packs and my backpack. I have something for tying people up as well if it comes to that, but…I mean, hopefully farmers don't try anything against trained shinobi…"

"Hnn, no fun Ewemi." The Uchiha shakes her head, obviously disappointed in this Ewemi guy. "Hnn.." She thinks back on what he said earlier, thinking on the whole young love thing. "Oh, no giwlfwiend but, you must've had a cwush, neh?" That would be the resulting question after a good bit of travel but, now they were at the destination and if Eremi hesitates Berii is easily distracted.
Berii does a quick check of what she needed, eyes in place? Check. Scarf still there? Check. "Hmm… I think I'm gonna buy some food if anything, othew than that I'm good. Have mo' than enough wiyew. Oh yeah, that's one of my things I guess." Berii decides to mention, it would be nice for their team leader to know what they did. "Shouwdn't be too much of a pwobwem though." She then looks around the area, trying to find a place to grab something on the go if Zaruji doesn't point it out first.

And point it out he does. "The main store, they also have a small place to buy food they pick up from the farmers and cook it into various things if memory serves me correctly." Meaning he was here before? "I was here about a year ago, right after picking up Chuunin, on a mission keeping them from sabotaging each other's farmsteads." So that question's answered.
"You have about an hour before we need to report in to the mission requesters. So meet me by that building," he points down the road to the only four story building in what looked like the entire town. "In forty five. I'm going to go ahead and let them know we are here, and then we'll get settled in for the night. It will be an early morning tomorrow, so we'll need more rest. Berii?" He turns to her, looking at her. "If you could, please pick me up something?" He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out some folded ryo bills that would be enough to cover at least four meals. "Use whatevers left for your food, unless you want me to go get my own, in which case I'll go get it later." At least he was acknowledging the fact he was asking her to to a menial task for him that he could do himself. But he was offering to pay for hers, too.

"Maybe…" Eremi would leave that out there as an answer. If Berii wanted to know more, he'd fill her in, but who doesn't have crushes. Especially in young and pre-teens where their bodies are maturing and they don't know what all those hormones mean.
Still not needing anything from the market and not inherently feeling like exploring a new area he wasn't comfortable around. With new people that he had no clue what their intentions were, he decided he'd just head over toward the building now, that they were all going to rendezvous at later.
Upon reaching the building, he'd find a spot that was out of the way and place his backpack in some bushes. Carrying around all that weight was fine when you're just walking and running, but in combat, not so much. After which, Eremi stretched his arms out before falling forward and doing some pushups o.o

Eremi's answer actually goes completely unheard, as she is focused on Z-man "Ah… okay." That explains it, she thought the mission briefing was that well done! "Hnn. Gotcha, these peopwe weally don't wike each othew, heh." Really? Multiple times they need ninja to hold things together? Maybe they should be knocking trouble makers out. This thought of punching helpless people in the face, didn't sound all too great when she visualized it though… "Bweh…" Snapped out of her daydream by money, she takes the Ryo and laughs. "Neh, why wouwd I have a pwobwem? Getting me a fwee meaw." Berii accepts and heads off to go get some food. "See ya soon." Berii squints her eyes at Eremi weight touting and now instantly hopping into training mid mission, he continued to worry her about the upcoming exams.

Zaruji departs from them, well kinda, as he walked near Eremi over to the building after Berii showed her enthusiasm for a free meal. As Eremi was outside, it almost looked like he was a sentry outside, so enthusiastic and energetic that might help keep people out of the building that are ne'er-do-wells. After that, Zaruji would dissappear into the building.
Outside there is a picnic table under a streetlamp at the entrance of said building, so Berii would have somewhere to eat, and Eremi a place to do dips if he so wished. Or other exercises that required a bench.

Eremi continued his pushups off to the side and out of the way off the path. Those that walked by, he simply ignored for sake of staying consistent and keeping up form. Form is everything after all. This went on for a while until he slowly walked his fist in toward his hands and arched his back, slowly coming up to a standing position. "Decent warm up." Glancing around for where Zaruji went and if Berii was on her way back with food, Eremi would spot the picnic table and just make the best guess as to that being where Berii was going to eat, so he'd head over there now.
Once at the table, he'd have a seat, pulling out the small packs that lined his belt and placing them on the table. Opening each one and checking their contents. Counting each kunai and making sure they were in fact full of every thing he would need, such as bandages.

Berii comes out of the shop, three brown paper bags. The food in their own personal packages themselves within said bag, no leakage or anything of the like. The shop owner mentioning the benches nearby after witnessing she was new and she'd head over to the table. "Oh hey." Berii holds up her right hand where two of the bags were in place. "I know you wewen't hungwy and aw but, just in case. If not…" Berii looks to the bag, "I'w eat it mysewf wayte'" Berii puts the bag in front of Eremi and takes a seat, unravelling her bag of mysteries! "Oh so, the cwushes, neh?" Berii looks up to him for some gossip, "Anyone I know?"

Zaruji is indside, speaking with the couple about wedding plans, and ends up having to come downstairs, and grab the other two. "Hey, let's go up, I want you two to hear this as well. They are explaining the wedding arrangements, which will give us better insight on how to approach it tomorrow." He then dissappears through the door again, which closes behind him with a quiet clack. His voice wan't oppressively 'get in here now', but there was a little urgency to how fast he wanted them to get in there and upstairs.

Looking through the gear, taking stock of each item, Eremi's attention is shortly directed at the brown sack placed in front of him. "Oh, well thank you." Grabbing the edge of the bag to tip the opening toward his face and take a peek inside, "But I'm really not hungry." What is all that stuff? Letting go of the edge and refocusing on his own gear that was all there and placed it back on his belt.
When asked about the crush, for a moment Eremi thought about simply saying 'Of course you know her, it's you.' But that sort of joke would just cause an awkwardness that wouldn't help the rest of the mission. "I don't think so. I met her in the academy and she moved away shortly after graduating. Haven't seen or heard from her since." He was willing to go into further details, but the urgency of Zaruji's arrival and departure let them know there was no further time for chit-chat. So he quickly rose up and followed after the man.

"Dawwww." Berii teases though doesn't pester him much more about it, she was more worried about food and well it wasn't anyone she knew so it took the fun out of it! Berii was just about to pull out some food just as their attention is called. "Ooop, sounds guess he's wight, hnn." Pouting she puts the food away and moves.

With the three arriving at the room of the bride- and groom-to-be, and after greetings and introductions, it seems that there is a reception as well after the wedding that needs to be safeguarded from family fueds.It was hard enough getting both families in the same large barn, yes, a barn dressed up will be the reception 'hall'. They cleaned it up, promise!
As the explanations go on, the team gets information that one or two in either family were plotting to ruin the wedding and or reception. An eye would need to be kept on those individuals, and descriptions were given as well as names.
After everything was all said and planned for the next morning, the team would disperse to their rooms, one to a room, and get ready for the morning. It would be a day to remember, for certain!

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