Weight of the Clan


Hyuuga Yuzuna, Kaydin

Date: Feburary 16th, 2010


Kaydin and Yuzuna share their own pride for their clan, as well as their burden.

"Weight of the Clan"

Zen Gardens

The full moon rises slowly in the velvet night sky, coupling with stars as they steadily come to life, twinkling brightly with the sway of the spring wind rustling through the budding branches of trees. Sitting in the dim lighting of the moon, Yuzuna lifts her pale eyes upwards, blinking slowly at the glow that peeks through the pink flowers that have seemed to blossom overnight from the many trees throughout the tended and cared for gardens. Sitting calmly beneath one of the cherry blossom trees, the pale folds of her kimono shift just slightly as she lifts an arm, white bandages visible beneath the sleeve as she cups her fingers to catch a softly falling pink flower peddle in her slender hand with a lingering pause.
Pulling her hand to her, she looks over the small peddle briefly before up at the sky once more, offering her admiration in quiet silence before she allows the flower peddle to fall with the others, gathering on the ground like that of pink snow. With a slow breath, she lowers her gaze, moving out her hands to the positioned Koto instrument out in front of her, hair slicked back with moisture from a recent bath as she lowers her soft fingertips to the strings. For a quiet moment, nothing happens before her hands start to flow, fluid with practice as she begins a melody.

Kaydin walks into the garden's slowly, silk jacket fluttering with the wind as he watches the flower petals fall. He approaches the area when he hears the sound of a Koto, turning his head to the music and noticing Yuzuna. He then bows deeply, raising to catch a falling sakura petal with his fingertips, gently catching the petal and lets it fly from his fingertips with the wind. He proceeds to watch the falling flowers, occasionally watching the moon.

Yuzuna blinks her pale lavender eyes calmly, following the fluid movement of her hands as they brush against the strings, dipping her fingertip every now and then for a stronger tone in a note, though she keeps the music reasonably soft. The dark, straight hair draped along the curve of her kimono as it shifts just slightly with her movements, her chest moving just slightly with even, calm breaths. A few cords in, she closes her pale eyes, though the music created from her fingers along the Koto doesn't waver as the light tone goes up and down with a gentle rhythm. The corner of her lips tugs just slightly before her pale eyes open once more, her slender fingers slowing with the end of the song. Pale eyes blinking softly with some surprise, Yuzuna turns her head just slightly, watching quietly the approach of one of her clan as he stands straight and tall.

"You play quite well, Yuzuna-sama." Kaydin says softly and calmly. "My name is Hyuuga Kaydin, Branch member of the Hyuuga Clan." He says softly before turning to look to her. He looks her over then look around her before looking up to the moon again. "The moon is beautiful tonight."

Yuzuna narrows her pale eyes just slightly, though doesn't seem so surprised that he knew her and that she did not know him. "Thank you." she murmurs lightly as she accepts the compliment, soft fingertips lingering along the strings, though they make no gesture to begin. "I am forbidden to train at the moment, so I must tend to other skills until I may do so." Her slender hands pull away from the instrument, cupping lightly over one another as she leans back and straightens the curve of her back, poised perfectly ladylike while appearing comfortable as well. Yet another skill that had been mastered. Her pale eyes follow him quietly, silent throughout his introduction and meeting his eyes when he glances towards her. The corner of her lips tugs slightly, if only for a fraction of a moment as Yuzuna lowers her chin in a nod of acknowledgement. "Greetings, Kaydin-kun. I am sure you know already, though I do not want to be impolite. I am Hyuuga Yuzuna, heiress of the main branch and sole descendant of Hyuuga Hikaru." Her chest rises and falls with a steady breath as she turns to lift her gaze towards the night sky, quiet and still. "That it is."

"Of course, Yuzuna-Sama." Kaydin says as he bows again, making eye contact with her this time. He tilts his head and then looks around again. "Why are you forbidden to train, if I might ask, Yuzuna-sama?" He asks curiously as he watches the sakura blossoms falls slowly, reaching out once again to catch it gently with his fingertips, watching it. "You carry a quite an honor being heiress and descendant of Hikaru-sama. Does it cause you burden, or give you pride?" He asks calmly, looking back into her eyes.

Yuzuna releases a slow breath as she gently shakes her dark head, "Yuzuna-san, please. I have not yet earned the privilege of the honorific sama yet." she murmurs lightly, honestly she could care less about the title. Her pale eyes blink at him briefly, stoic expression barely fading with something of amusement. "It seems your perception needs some training still." Lifting her right arm, her other hand reaches up to brush the hem upwards to show part of her forearm, white bandages visible. "A mission that was something to be desired, unfortunately. I am supposed to be healing, though there is only so much time spent in the hospital being fawned over before it becomes bothersome." Watching him silently for a moment or so, Yuzuna motions to the grass next to her. "Sit." Her hands reach out to the Koto once more, though only testing the pitch of the strings for accuracy. "It graces and curses me with both, I suppose…" she murmurs softer.

"A fitting reply. You speak of your duty with grace befitting one of your title, Yuzuna-san." Kaydin says softly as he then bows again as he moves to sit by her. "I didn't want to point out the obvious, plus your bandages do not show blood or signs of injuries under them, and most people prefer to dress in gauze." He says apologetically as he then moves to sit by her, watching her. "How serious were your injuries?" He asks with a tone of concern as he looks to her bandaged arm.

Yuzuna turns her ebony head to glance to him, pale eyes blink slowly as for a moment, the emotion behind changes subtly. "Hm. Grace." she murmurs the word, as if pondering it for a moment or so. "I suppose so, though I do not think that I will ever reach the level of grace my mother seems to have effortlessly." Turning her hand, she flexes her fingers experimenting, feeling the muscles flex with the skin. "True enough." she admits, though her stoic frown hardens slightly. "Mostly blade injuries, though there were a few blunt strikes that causes some greater damage. At present, my health is nearly restored." Her fingers flex slightly, curling into a light fist, "Kaydin-niisan. Did news of my mission reach you then…" Yuzuna was sure that most of the Hyuuga district was talking about it. Rarely did she ever fail a mission, though worse still captured by the enemy and held a prisoner. The disgrace has clearly left an impact on the young woman.

"Rumors. Never verified facts. Regardless of what happened though, My loyalty to the clan doesn't change, meaning my loyalty to you is just as strong, Yuzuna-san." He says calmly as he watches her. "The fact you live is better then the failure, because now, you can better prepare. The only way for the failure to remain failure is if you do not learn anything, Yuzuna-san." He says calmly and softly, looking out to the petals. "Does the Sakura tree produce perfect blossoms every time? Perfection is similar to reaching to heaven. It is something to strive for, but never to achieve." He says softly as he holds out a hand to let the petals land and fall from his hand.

"That is beside the point. Our reputation and honor still must be upheld. Being defeated and captured is not an option." Yuzuna lifts a hand, brushing her slender fingers through her long, dark hair, brushing moonlit locks from her face. Her pale eyes blink slowly as she glances to his, seeming blank and innocent as she listens to him, watching him quietly before she turns her gaze down towards her hands in her lap. Thoughtful, an unusual tinge of color rises in her cheeks. "Yes, I was told something similar to this by Hyuuga-sama." she murmurs lightly. "I think… I am almost envious." Yuzuna glances upwards at the full moon through the soft pink branches, petals falling gently on the wind like raindrops.

"Envious? Of what?" Kaydin asks curiously as he watches the petals fall. "My hand is the same as your hand. We are of the same clan. The difference is, my duty is to protect the main family." He says calmly as he watches her, and then notices the tinge of color to her cheeks. "Do I embarrass you, Yuzuna-san?"

Yuzuna quietly lifts a hand from her lap, cupping it in the air to catch some of the soft pink petals in her palm in silence. "Our duties… are different." she murmurs lightly, distant. "Though they are still for the good of the clan. Our family." Pulling in her cupped hand, she gently brushes her thumb along one of the petals. "I… find your sense of duty admirable. You seem content."

"I am content. I exist to bring honor and glory to the Hyuuga clan. I genuinely believe our clan is without a doubt the greatest thing in existence." Kaydin says as he watches her. "The main family I hear focus on so much other things, so much politics. I believe the main family will lead us to greatness. My opinion, my desires, are the greatness of my clan. So no matter how much torment or pain I am put through, My opinion will never change. My duty is clear." He says calmly as he then smiles to her. "That's why I do not worry about you being captured. You will learn from it, and become stronger, and greater." He says with a smile and nod.

Yuzuna blinks with some surprise as he smiles at her for the first time. One that can never be feigned. A moment or so passes before her expression softens gently. "Sacrifice. It is always about sacrifice." she murmurs lightly, hearing the irony in her voice. "I have to wonder… how much sacrifice would ever be enough. Our clan deserves to be happy just for being. Just existing. Our clan deserves greatness, yet it is flawed." She releases a slow, quiet breath in thought. "Our clan, our family is above all else. If it were without needless sacrifice, then we would truly become our potential…" A moment or so passes before her pale lavender eyes harden slightly, determined. "I am a shinobi, but I have been tutored for many skills. Even my very body and essence will serve its duty towards the clan, preparing to be a bride that any husband would have proudly stand at his side." Yuzuna suddenly moves, facing towards him with a hand beneath his chin, directing his matching pale eyes towards hers, though her eyes still hold their serious nature despite how closely she inspects him. "I do not wish for anyone in our clan to need to sacrifice their dignity, who they are for someone they do not know or love. We still have our minds, our thoughts."

" I love this clan." Kaydin says to her, letting her direct his eyes and face to face her. "Many branch members show disdain for the main family, because of the cursed seal which is held over us. I do not." He says with a smile, a genuine smile as he moves to gently take her hand from his chin, gently holding it. "I am a Genin. I have not been in battle nor on missions. I have been trained in the basics of our clan's fighting style, and with that, I will achieve greatness for our clan." He says as he reaches to her hair but stops before actually touching her. "Any husband whom shall be betrothed to you will be more lucky then any man there is. I am honored by your presence alone." He says with a smile. He then sighs softly. "I still have my dignity. I still have my thoughts and mind. And what I truly wish to do, is to make my clan proud of me. To bring glory to my clan." He says as he keeps his hand just from touching her.

"As much as I love our clan." Yuzuna answers easily. "Though I am not ignorant of our flaws. I do not wish for there to be distinction, disdain or hatred between our families. I do not wish unhappiness on any of our loved ones. Whether it is to serve for honor or pride, or to simply marry someone on your terms and desires." she shifts her gaze away from him, set in her thoughts as her velvet voice murmurs lower, "He may be, though how am I to know what kind of man he is. What kind of life will I have. Will I be fond of him or will it ever be love." Yuzuna nearly sighs at herself for thinking such idiotic thoughts. "Do not hesitate if you do not want to." she murmurs, "You are an Oniisan. I will not use the seal on you."

Kaydin nods and reaches to stroke her hair softly. "Our clan does have flaws. As do all things." Kaydin says as he watches her. "It is my desire to make our merits more then the flaws. I train to be the greatest." Kaydin says as he moves his hand to her cheek softly and then moves his hand from her. He then holds one of her hands with both of his. "Sadly, most likely your marriage will be arranged. Much like my own. To bring honor, my parents both agreed at my birth that I am to marry Hyuuga Uma, since my own bloodline is far enough away from hers that it wouldn't diminish." He says with a smile and a nod. He then moves to let go of her hands, incase she may get offended with him touching her when he is supposed to be married to someone else.

Yuzuna remains still as he brushes his fingers along her soft, dark hair, though as he moves his hand to the side of her cheek, she turns her head just slightly to lift her pale eyes up to his, blinking with some surprise. She watches his gaze before looking down to her hand, held between both of his. Her expression softens slightly, "It is." she murmurs quietly. "Though my mother feels that there is little reason to tell me who he is. She thinks that it will only distract me from my duties and training." Looking up, Yuzuna smiles gently, "Do you love her?" she asks boldly and easily, almost hopeful. "Do you visit her often?"

"I never met her. I have seen glances of her in passing, but we never met. I do not know her well enough to truly love her. It is an arranged marriage though I have heard that she is rather reclusive." Kaydin says softly, almost sad he couldn't tell her more. "I am sorry for not knowing more about her." He says as he watches her and he moves his hand to her cheek, tracing his fingers softly along her skin. "I hope you will find love and happiness, Yuzuna-san. I believe you will look more beautiful with a smile if it isn't improper of me to say."

Her expression softens, though Yuzuna offers him a quiet smile. "You still have time to know her. I am sure you have several years before the actual wedding itself." She chuckles once before lowering her eyes, "I apologize. The topic seemed to come up strangely and I am prying into your business. Its rude and unladylike." She blinks her pale lavender eyes as his fingers trace along her cheek again, earning a faint blush as she glances up at his own pale orbs. Her expression softens briefly as Yuzuna chuckles once to herself. "It probably is, though it is your honesty that is significant…"

"I don't like to lie." He says as if that is confirmation he is being honest. "Truthfully, you do look more beautiful with a smile." He says with a smile of his own and then shakes his head. "I do not mind if you pry into my life. My life is an open book." He says calmly as he goes to move his hand from her cheek unless she doesn't want him to.

"Valued then." Yuzuna murmurs lightly, lips parting as she glances to her hands in her lap. "It still seems rather rude of me, regardless." A quiet moment or so passes before her expression softens with a light smile in thought, her pale eyes looking up to the moon to watch it in silence, "Uma is lucky, I think, to have such a kind and proud fiancee."

"I thank you for your compliments, Yuzuna-san." Kaydin says with a slight blush of his own as he looks up to the moon, smiling a bit more. "What is some of your goals and wishes, Yuzuna-san?" He asks calmly as he watches the moon. "Do you strive to reach for heaven?" He asks with a smile.

Yuzuna smiles some, "I would not say it if I did not think it was true." she answers easily, almost quoting him. Her pale eyes blink slowly as she quirks a dark brow, tilting her head slightly to glance to him as the corner of her lips tugs slightly. "I would have thought that its obvious." she murmurs, her pale gaze looking back to the moon as they blink slowly. "I will become the Hyuuga clan Head Elder. I want to ban the curse mark from the branch house, reverse and remove those with existing marks and make our clan whole once more."

"From my understanding, the mark is irreversible. While it is a noble goal, I suggest not mentioning it until you become elder. There is allot of the main house who believe the mark is completely worth it." Kaydin says with a nod. He moves to watch her. "Do you know who you are to wed, or did they not arrange your wedding?" He asks curiously.

Her expression hardens slightly, though Yuzuna keeps her gaze on the moon, slender fingers curling slightly in her lap. "I have not spoken my true intensions to anyone but you, though Hyuuga-sama will know of my desire to one day have his place as the head of this clan, with his blessing. The more innocent and naive I appear, the more it will make the Elders think that I can be used as a puppet for their purposes." She turns her head slightly to give Kaydin a glance out of the corner of her eye, "It is only irreversible because no one attempted such a task. Though I have my plans to protect the Byakugan still." after a quiet moment or so, Yuzuna presses her lips together. "It has been arranged, yes. Though as I said, mother feels there is no reason to tell me who."

"Well I wish you luck in your goals." He says as he moves his hand to one of her hands, rubbing her fingers. "Please whatever may happen, please do not let anything take your kindness and warmth away. So many Ninja have sacrificed it to be weapons, but it also takes away who we really are." He says as he moves to stand and straightens his sleeveless long coat. "I hope to see you more often, Yuzuna-san. I enjoy your company. In fact your the first I have allowed myself to open up to as well." He says with a smile.

Yuzuna watches his hand as his fingers brush against hers with such reassuring words, giving him a glance as he rises to his feet with grace only the Hyuuga clan are known for. Smiling gently, she lowers her chin in a quiet nod. "You should be careful in the future. You could easily whisk someone's heart away." she murmurs, blinking slowly as she glances down at the Koto. With a slow breath, her eyes close as her fingers brush along the strands experimenting.

"I think for the moment I would rather whisk your heart if I could." Kaydin says with a playful smile of his own as he watches her fingers move along the Koto before gently catching more petals and breathes in their scent, smiling as he waits for her reply before he would walk off.

Her fingers flow over the instrument, though the corner of her lips tugs slightly as Yuzuna keeps her eyes closed and focus on the notes, "And that is where the desires of the heart do not coincide with what the clan deems fit." Her pale gaze opens slightly, watching her fingers with some distance as her long, dark hair drapes over her shoulders, shimmering in the moonlight. "But your company is always welcomed, Kaydin-niisan."

"As is yours, Yuzuna-san. I thank you for your wisdom and company. I hope you have a good night." He says with a smile as he bows and walks off, sleeveless jacket fluttering as he walks, the clan symbol on the back of the white silk garment.

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