Welcome to Sunagakure


Fuuta, Yaezaki, Moriko, Kazuhito

Date: January 24, 2012


Fuuta's first day in Sunagakure. See why it's ranked low as one of the worst villages he's ever visited. No offense to any Suna nin, OOC I love Suna. ICly Fuuta dun like it.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Welcome to Sunagakure"

Nanpuu Street

Finally the trip had been made! The desert is a long dry unforgiving maiden with eyes as cold as ice and a heart that burns hotter than a thousand suns. Still Fuuta wouldn't be defeated and as he entered the hidden village he lets out a loud rawr. People whom seem to be entering and exiting the village give Fuuta a few looks. The young man noticed that this seemed to be a hot spot. "Lucky!" Fuuta cheers. Now he looks for a tall structure.
Luckily for Fuuta there are large sandstone blocks lining the streets. Why there were there didn't matter but they were the perfect. He scales them quickly and prepares to shout out and make his arrival. However the aforementioned maiden blew hard and sent a collection of sand particles down Fuuta's throat. The young man choked and gasped before falling off the sandstone block. With a thud he hits the street below and people continue to walk as though nothing occurred. "…o-ore….sanjou."

A slow sarcastic clapping is heard below the hyper boy on the ledge and standing there is Yaezaki… Clapping with a smirk on his face. The boy's wounds had closed at least but there was still a visible bandage on his left arm, visible because he can't stand the heat in the desert in his usual clothes and so is wearing a tan sleeveless shirt rather than his typical outfit. He chuckles, looking better than the last time Fuuta had seen him on that mission. "Amazing, Aniki. Absolutely Astounding." Purple eyes smirk playfully up at Fuuta.

And about now, Mo can be seen wandering out from a nearby shop. In her hands is a lemon icy. She stares as the boy climbs a stone, chokes on sand and falls off said stone. She tilts her head and as she processes the information a large sweatdrop forms, before she takes another spoon of her lemon icy and makes her way toward the fallen person curiously. "Ummm, y'allright?" is the question as she gets close.

Kazuhito is wandering along, mouthing unintelligible words at the ground beneath his feet. His left arm is crossed over his chest, gripping his bandaged right. He seems to be paying no attention to the people around him except to side-step them from time-to-time until-
The impressive fwump of a human body falling in front of him grabs his attention. "O-oh! Are you? Al-alright?" He starts to move forward, but instead backs up a step as he sees Moriko moving forward to check on him. His attention instead drifts over to the clapper, who receives a suspicious inspection with a furrowed forehead.

With sand traveling down his wind pipe there were only a few responses Fuuta could give to each caring individual and Yaezaki. "W-wa….liquid life please?" Fuuta coughs more before turning over on his side. So much sand. It was everywhere. In his hair, eyes, nose, ears, throat and any other opening he'd foolishly exposed to the maiden. So far Suna was his least favorite of all the villages he's visited. Fuuta finally works himself to his knees still waiting for that water and wheezing up a storm…a dust storm to be specific. Fuuta also made a mental note…two of them. One was to slug Yaezaki's smartsand. The other was to ask Moriko where she got that delectable looking frozen treat.

Yaezaki wears his Konoha forehead protector openly, still seeing no reason to hide his home village. His long silver hair is held in a high ponytail today in order to keep it off his neck and as stated, there is a bandage on his left arm. Purple eyes glimmer at Fuuta but the boy keeps a little distance, preferring to let Kazuhito and Moriko to help Fuuta… The truth is he expects to be smacked for such sarcasm and so he keeps his distance. To Kazuhito who seems to be either high strung or the owner of a speech impediment, he offers a friendly smile. "Oh I'm sure the Great One is fine. He meant to do that." Evidently the heat has made him snarky….
Nevertheless, the 16 year old reaches down to his ever-present belt and tugs at his canteen. He couldn't handle the thought of being without water at his side so he'd bought the canteen and filled it with water as cold as physically possible. He starts to walk forward..then.. thinking twice he tosses the canteen at Fuuta, still keeping his distance. He saw that look on his 'friend's' face.. No way was he getting close…

Mo looks at her lemon ice, and then looks to Fuuta curiously. "I'll be right back." She says and in a flash she's gone. Soon enough though she is returning carrying a clear glass bottle with a silver top that appears to have a thumb press and a nozel? SHe grins and begins shaking the thing up as she gets closer to Fuuta with a suddenly very mischievous grin. When the contents of the glass are sufficiently bubbly she hands the bottle to Fuuta, of course she's stopped shaking it when she gets to the group. "There drink this…. It's nicde'n cold…"

"Oh. I-" Kazuhito reaches into the folds of his clothing and produces a small clay bottle, likely holding little more than a few swallows. "I don't- much more than this is too heavy for- that is- just walking around- but if you-" He ends his disorganized thoughts there, extending his arm and offering it to the man… And then he spots Moriko's offering. "Or- that- that- that would be better." He hangs his head, putting his bottle back from where it came. "Gr-great one? Is that- some- some- sort of title?"

In the middle of his suffering someone has the nerve to toss something at his head. Fuuta grunts as it smacks him right in the dome. He growls softly having decided to not show any mercy to Yaezaki. Fuuta takes the canteen thrown at him and scrambles to get it open so he can end this embarrassing and infernal suffering. He chugs half of it before he's down and exhales for the first time in the past 5 minutes. He silently screws the top back on and stands. Figuring it was Yaezaki's Fuuta eyes go hunting for the little twerp. Moriko's offer catches his attention first. The young man blinks looking to her then to the drink. He smiles "Oh why thank you miss." He graciously accepts the offer. He then glances to the young skinny….deathly skinny boy wearing a turban. Fuuta nods to him "Yes it is a title. I'll explain later after I pound a face and properly thank this woman for her generosity." His eyes once again go hunting for Yaezaki. Once they find the purpled eyed comedian he grins "Thanks for the water pal. Come….take your canteen back." He grins mischievously
Yaezaki flinches visibly as the canteen smacks Fuuta on the head. He hadn't been aiming for that…. He'd actually been trying to help. "Don't look at me like that! How would I have known you were sun struck so bad you couldn't dodge?" He watches as Fuuta takes the seltzer from the female and eyes her for a moment too long. Purple eyes shift back to Kazuhito, watching for the boy's reaction to the 'title' comment.. Suddenly his head snaps back toward Fuuta when the teen tells him to come get his canteen. Like Death Valley, he thinks… "No.. You.. ah.. you can keep that. I think I’ll drink sand instead."

Mo puts her hands behind her back and grins "Enjoy the drink?" She says cheerfully, and then blinks at the whole canteen thing… "You know, it works better if you catch the canteen instead of let it bonk you on the noggin." She comments, and then she glances at Kazuhito and offers a slight bow. "How're you? I trust you're well?

"You- your- thanking her by pounding her face isn't-" Kazuhito starts, eyes widening and voice raising. And then he realizes his error. "Oh- oh. I see." He takes a step back, then another, eyes darting between Yaezaki and Fuuta. And then, Moriko is standing next to him. He scans her face in alarm. "I'm- I'm- alr- do I- have we-?"

Fuuta's eyes narrow and he tucks the canteen away. "Fine then. Enjoy your sand." He decides that his vengeance will come at a different time. He now concerns himself with the glass given to him by Moriko. "Clearly only one person here knows how to properly show respect. Seems she can tell when greatness is standing before her." Moriko's joke about catching the canteen gets Yaezaki another glare from Fuuta. He sighs relieving himself of malicious thoughts and nods to Moriko "Yes. I will thank you for the drink again." Fuuta smiles and chuckles before widening his stance and posing rather flamboyantly. "The name's Yoko Fuutama and I'm absolutely flawless. Be honored and humble yourselves. But don't be intimidated as I'm not a tyrant. My greatness is generous." He nods then looks to Kazuhito seeing as he was the one who inquired about the title first of all. The boy seemed rather distraught. He spoke rather oddly too. Fuuta inclines his head as he opens the drink "Oi you ok kiddo? It's all a joke you know. No need to get uncomfortable. I'd never-" the drink is opened and rather exaggeratedly like you see in those old cartoons a torrent of seltzer swarms over Fuuta's face drenching him. "-eviscerate someone with my teeth." He blinks realizing what just happened.

Yaezaki Makes a face like he's actually going to take Fuuta's advice. But when he says that Moriko seems to be the only one to show 'proper respect' the teen rolls his eyes. Yup, this one had an ego that could grind more sand from the desert… The second glare is met with another false smile.. He's got the feeling that he's a dead man walking… Might as well enjoy it… He's about to add another 'friendly' mock to the pile he's racking up when the seltzer explodes all over Fuuta and that's the last straw.
Yaezaki bursts out laughing.
Unable to contain himself at will he covers his mouth tightly with a hand and flinches, his other hand wrapping around his still sore stomach where he'd been hurt. But it's just so .. damn.. funny he can't stop despite the pain and his sense of self-preservation screaming at him to reverse course….

Mo makes a very good attempt at feigning surprise! She puts her hand over her mouth. "So sorry about that, musta been all that posing, or they musta shaken it up at the bar where I bought it!!!" She calls out, somehow keeping a straight face through all of this. The girl then introduces herself. "Well I guess introductions are needed here, I'm Kirryu Moriko, Medical Jounin of Konoha…"

"AH!" As the seltzer erupts, Kazuhito actually leaps backwards a good couple of feet. His wide eyes flick back over to Moriko. "Y-y-you! Did you?" And then Yaezaki is bursting out laughing. As Moriko explains that she is, naturally, not to blame for the mishap, Kazuhito looks back to the bottle. "That doesn't seem very- but if you- if you're sure that- uh. Aida Kazuhito. I'm- I'm from- here, so welcome." He directs that last bit at all three of the older nin, but the way he continues to shrink from them hints that he, at least, is not particularly thrilled to have any of them present.

Fuuta eyes Yaezaki as he continues to laugh. -Laugh it up kid…just laugh it up- Was this karma for all the little stunts he's pulled? Fuuta wondered this for a second or two before dismissing it at some burrowing snake. When Moriko explains it he nods "It's alright. Just what I needed. Gets me ready for the heat." He did manage to get some in his mouth too and it was refreshing. "Delicious." He comments. Somehow he didn't believe Moriko entirely though. "Pleasure to meet you Moriko, Kazuhito. Mr. Chuckles over there goes by the name Yaezaki. Get acquainted fast because you might not see him again." He turns his head smiling at Yaezaki. This is also known as the -your camel is grass- look that Fuuta has only given to a select few people.
What remains of the seltzer is sipped by Fuuta as he acquaints with others. "I hale from Kirigakure. I heard the exams are going to be interesting this year. So I'm here to watch. See if anything compares to my greatness." He smirks. "Oi Kazu-kun, you said you're from here right? You know where these things are taking place?"

Yaezaki doubles over, still laughing his fool Konoha butt off so hard he'd forgotten to breathe. Finally, several moments later he straightens up, still clutching at his stomach with a wince, he takes a breath. He looks like he'd needed that bit of release from whatever had been going on with him.
Moriko's admission that she's also from Konoha gets a flinch from Yaezaki and he looks to Fuuta wondering if he's going to be blamed for the actions of his countrymen..or..in this case, Woman. He puts up both hands like to say 'not my fault!', but he can't help himself, he still found Fuuta's expression comical.
Taking pity on the now drenched Fuuta he walks over and pulls his scarf from his neck. He'd gotten it to keep the sand out of his mouth so it's more of a kercheif, but other than stripping off his shirt and exposing the rest of his wounds to a sun burn, this is all he has to offer. "Hey, bright side, Aniki: It's not raining…"
Purple eyes go to the thin boy, Kazuhito, then, and Yaezaki offers the boy a gentle smile. It's a smile he uses on his sister (who's 9) and other younger people. It's the kind of smile that puts a kid at ease, but there's no patronization from him. He just offers his name. "Kaseiume Yaezaki, as Aniki said. I'm also from Konoha." Then he adds, "There's no reason to worry, we're not going to hurt you, Kazuhito-kun." After all, why else would the kid be acting so scared?
The pale haired teen then catches the look on Fuuta's face and visibly pales. He tries covering it with a friendly smile.. but fails miserably and it looks more like a grimace…. He meant for a 'not worried' expression and got a painful sweatdrop instead… And now he's well within striking range. The boy swallows hard….

Moriko glances from person to person, then grins at the youngster. "I was here not too long ago rendering medical aid to Suna. I assure you, I'm a friend to Sunagakure." She says cheerfully, then rubs at her neck. "Has Miss Itami been around often?" She asks the Suna youth, then glances from Yaez to Fuuta, then grins "I've met Yaezaki before and all, I think I made 'em uncomfortable." she adds and grins cheerfully. "Sooo did that seltzer cool you off? Thought you'd spent a long time in the sun or something, which is why y'fell…."

"O-oh. The third phase, I'd imagine, you mean. Since there isn't really things to watch until then. But at the Sunadome Arena. On the north side of town. And-" Suddenly, everyone is talking to Kazuhito. His head begins to whip back and forth as he tries to get to everyone. "Ah- yes- yes. I didn't imagine you would, Kaseiume-san- but I ought to remind you-" he glances back between Fuuta and Yaezaki, "th-that by strict orders, fi-fighting is not-" And that's all he gets out before turning to Moriko. "You know Watanabe-sama?"
Fuuta eyes Yaezaki then the scarf then Yaezaki again then back to the scarf the one more time at Yaezaki before taking the scarf. Too late though he could feel the fabric of the scarf tugging at his sticky skin as he dried his face out. Yep Suna.worst village yet. Fuuta, didn't hit Yaezaki with the boy being that close but he wouldn't dare let the boy forget that it was coming eventually. He hands Yaezaki his scarf back "Thanks." He sighs looking to Moriko. Konoha is just full of jokesters it seems. "Well actually what had happened was-" Stop. Think. Analyze. Back up. Think again. Just agree with the lady. "Uh yesthe heat got to me. Thank you." He leaves it at that.
Kazuhito seemed awfully nervous. Maybe the heat was actually getting to him instead. Fuuta watches the boy handle all the questions coming his way and sips on the seltzer. "Watanabe-sama?" sounds important Fuuta thought. Kazuhito must've been referring to this Itami person Moriko mentioned.

Yaezaki displays a look of surprise as Moriko practically admits to shaking the soda before shifting his eyes back to Fuuta, almost afraid of his reaction to that. He's about to try to smooth things over between the Konoha nin and the Kiri nin, only to have Kazuhito speak to him and stutter about fighting. He blinks, wondering for a split second why he would… then he remembers something someone said recently about shinobi and murder and he frowns. But the boy's words bring out a big smile and he says proudly, "My entire team is in the exams right now. Well, besides me of course…"
Taking the scarf back from Fuuta, the boy nods and wads it up before stuffing it in a pocket. He offers a little smile to Fuuta and moves so he's more beside Fuuta, leaning against the wall he'd fallen from, oblivious to his footing… And anything living in direct proximity to his feet….

Mo beams happily "My students be in the thing as well." She says cheerfully, then she glances to Fuuta "Sorry for the prank, I couldn't resist… Was just too funny." She adds and winks cheerfully. Yes she owns up to the prank. "Nothing better than a little simple and harmless levity!"

Kazuhito is returning his eyes to the ground, awkwardly looking at anyone except those he is trying to have a conversation with, when abruptly: "Ka!" Kazuhito shouts suddenly. And then, abruptly, slams his own mouth shut. When he opens it again, he is talking rather softly. "Ka-kaseimu-san. You ought to- stand very still."

Fuuta sulks "Aww Moriko-san you were my favorite so far." He says in response to her admission. He doesn't mind too much though, just gives him an excuse t o visit the springs….if this village had any. Fuuta thumps his head -Of course they do. Desert duh- the heat actually was getting to him. Or rather the sun. He should've worn more layers. "I guess it's no big deal. Was kinda funny. Of course you are aware that I will have to return the favor." He smirks Moriko's way. Fuuta now inclines his head at Kazuhito's strange behavior. When he tells Yaezaki to stand very still Fuuta looks back to the runt. He spots a snake sunning near Yaezaki's foot. Fuuta eyes glint mischievously now. "Yaezaki-kun quick DOJ!" Fuuta says this as he tossed a kunai at the boy's legs, he was sure Yaezaki would dodge a pathetic throw like that. It wasn't aiming for anything, not even the snake. After all Yaezaki was the one who intruded upon it.

Mo notes the snake at this point as well, and of course the Kunai, suddenly she's simply gone, no flicker, no note of motion, and well she's near Yaezaki, a Kunai held in one hand and a snake being held in such a way it's not a treat to her or anyone else, and still very much alive. She looks at the snake and then tilts her head, and shakes her head. "This one's quite poisonous methinks." She mutters and then she beams and flips the kunai toward Fuuta so that it lands in the sand and skitters to him hilt first along the ground. Next she starts putting the snake in a cotton bag she gets from her belt pouch. "Catchin' these things alla time to make anti venom…."

Yaezaki's head is the only thing that moves when Kazuhito lets out the exclamation. He wonders for a moment if the boy's alright, only to blink at him dumbly when he's told to stand very still. He raises an eyebrow curiously, but simply obeys, wondering if they're playing a game now…. So he holds still. "What's wrong?" The Kunai Fuuta threw, however, was not cooperating with Kazuhito's instructions… As he sees it flying toward his legs, the boy jolts sharply, accidently kicking the snake with the toe of his sandal. He jolts again when Moriko disappears and reappears beside him, kunai and snake in hands…. His purple eyes go wide and he stares for a second before just looking at Fuuta with a scowl. Suddenly he stands up straight. "HEY! Is that MY kunai, Fuuta?!"

Kazuhito stares at the flurry of motion. His greatest portion of disbelief is reserved for Moriko, who has come up with snake in hand. "Ye-yes. I think. It is poisonous."

Fuuta noticed something strange about Moriko. The only hint that she had done anything was that she wasn't where she used to be anymore. Fuuta looks to her seeing she had the snake and kunai safely in hand. Fuuta blinks "Impressive." He says. Poisonous indeed Yaezaki was lucky. When the kunai is tossed back to him he retrieves it and nods towards Moriko. Shaking any sand off the tool by twirling it Fuuta tucks it back into his tool pouch. When Yaezaki yells inquiring about the kunai Fuuta feigns ignorance. "Oro?" he says turning around with his back at Yaezaki. He looks to Kazuhito "Good eye. If you hadn't said anything little Yaezaki there might be in some trouble."

Yaezaki Shivers as he realizes just how close to being bitten by a poisonous snake he had been. His attention turns again though and he eyes Fuuta as he takes the kunai and turns his back on the konoha nin. Something about that attitude… "It is mine isn't it?!" His right hand slides down to his kunai holder on his thigh and twitches like he's debating whether or not to 'offer' a new one to Fuuta, only to glance back to Kazuhito then says, "Che. You're the lucky one this time, Aniki." He points at Kazuhito. "The kid said no fighting."

"I- I- Yes! That would be- bad. So, so, don't." Kazuhito begins to nod. He glances between the two carefully now, though he seems unlikely to do anything besides protest to stop them. "And- thank you Yoko-san. I. Well. You know what to look for here if you live here, I guess."

Fuuta can't help but smirk at the rise he was getting out of Yaezaki "Finders keepers Yaezaki-kun." He replies. When Moriko departs Fuuta waves watching her as she departs. He stares for a few moments before looking back to Kazuhito as he spoke now. -I'd hate to have her as an adversary- Fuuta thinks as he listens. "No need to be so formal Kazu-kun. I respect your appeal to my obvious greatness but as I said I'm a generous man." He nods glancing back to Yaezaki "Right runt?" he teases. "Let's see you said the Sunadome on the north side? Thanks. Now one last question. I know you guys have hot springs around here. Care to enlighten me on the whereabouts?"

Yaezaki turns to Kazuhito after acknowledging what Moriko had said about Kunai.. Not that he really needed the one Fuuta has if it's his, he's more or less looking for a reason to give Fuuta heatstroke. "Yes, Kazuhito-kun, thank you. I'm no good at spotting those things in the sand." After listening to Fuuta speak Yae shakes his head. "Isn't it hot enough as it is? Er.. no offense to Suna intended, of course…" He snaps his fingers and smiles brightly, honestly. "Perhaps I can repay you both by treating you to a snack." He owes Kazuhito for the snaky save and he never did make food for Fuuta in that cave….. Two birds with one kunai! "What do you guys say?"

"Oh. The baths are on Nishikaze street. It's on the west side of town. Oh! And the arena!" Kazuhito blinks and shakes his head. "The- thank you, Kaseimu-san." Apparently, he's not very good at this 'not so formal' request. "Bu-but. I'm supposed to be hel-helping clean the arena. I was on my way there when- could we- maybe later?"

Fuuta shakes his head "Sorry Yaezaki-kun. My appetite is pretty much dead after that helping of sand I swallowed." Fuuta bends down to offer Kazuhito a hand shake "Much obliged Kazu-kun. You take care now." He says. This kid was going to be cleaning the arena must mean that the second part of the exams is about up. Fuuta nods understanding the call to duty and rises after getting the hand shake. He was hoping the boy would loosen up. "Alright Nishikaze street it is then." He faces west before glancing at Yaezaki "Oh what are you going to be doing later Yaezaki-kun? Given what just happened it probably isn't safe for you to be wandering around this place alone. Another snake might pop up." He's teasing the boy halfway.

Yaezaki smiles at the boy. "Of course, It's a promise then! Come find me whenever you get the time, alright?" His attitude towards Kazuhito is friendly and sociable, his tone light and airy. It shifts distinctly when he looks at Fuuta. "No sake." This time he seems to be warning the Kiri shinobi of something, only his eyes give away that he's mainly kidding. He's turned down on both fronts, though and he can’t hide the slight disappointment in his expression… Fuuta's teasing gets a little bit of an eye roll. "I'm not going to kick another snake… Go enjoy your Too-Hot-Springs…"

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