Welcome to the Real World


Misa, Miyo, Michiko, Sado, Ryouji, Hiroyasu, Hiei (emitter)

Date: May 22, 2014


Bandits attack a small village and the Kumo nin are dispatched to deal with it.

"Welcome to the Real World"

Small Valley in the Land of Lightning

With most of the Kumo shinobi dealing with the Pirates and the Hitokage, the roster for most missions is a little short. But the people of the Land of Lightning still need to be taken care of. With this in mind, hawks have been dispatched to those available shinobi for this particular mission. They are instructed to meet at the front gate to the village where a senior shinobi will brief them, and then accompany them to their destination.

- It was a day like any other, catching up on all the things that a certain shinobi who was on medical leave should have done.. but instead Hiroyasu finds himself leading a small band of fierce genin into the breach of combat once again. He was standing at the front gate waiting for them to arrive after receiving their summons, and likely stopping to outfit themselves. He is reading a small scroll while leaning against the wall, his horse Jinx stands nearby gnawing at the ground and prancing boarishly. -

Michiko was taking a nap when she got the message from the hawk. After reading it, she took a second to actually wake up and grab her stuff. Then dashed out the door to join up with the others who were part of the mission. Once she's at the front gate, she offers a slight bow to Hiro in greeting. "Hello, Hiro-san. How're you today?" Surprisingly, she doesn't have a book with her this time.

It had been not too long ago that Misa had returned from her clan. From the mountains where the secretive Hebisuuhai had made their home. But that was not without certain other things - she had sent letters and things home to Hiei, Nariko, and Hiroyasu all. Sometimes it was just eggshells of a pretty color, otherwise it was letters with sometimes awful handwriting (that she sent herself), and sometimes better handwriting (when she got a sister to write for her).

But regardless of such things, and in spite of not really having a chance to better and gain more skill… Misa had continued to practice. And when she had caught rumour of the problem with pirates and bandits, well. It took some time for her clan to release her again.

And some promises to be made, but we don't need to talk about this. What was evident was, right now - Misa - an inch or three higher and a little more gangly than the last time she was seen, clad all in black, her spiky black hair kinda falling in her face a little bit, and bangs hanging over her headband, moves to set herself crosslegged on a rock, a thick black serpent (also having grown a few more inches) drooped around her neck. The masked young woman held a kunai by the ring on the end, spinning it in circles, glancing up towards the Hiroyasu.

She was as ready as she could be, perhaps. "Hiroyasu-san," she says, her voice as whispery as it ever was. But there was a faint note of happiness in it, in spite of the oncoming mission. "It is good to see you again. I am sorry for not saying hi when I came back to the village," says Misa, the young woman likewise inclining her head to Michiko when she sees her, rising up from her sit to bow to the other young woman.

+ Uzumaki Miyo was not a Kumo-nin, and did not recieve one of the fancy hawk-delivered messages, but despite that she showed up. She was not really there for the mission, but instead appeared to be entering the village and just happened to come across the group of Kumo-nin, most of which she recognized, and slipped into their group as if it was absolutely normal for a random non-village kunoichi to be hanging out with them. She didn't say anything, just sort of lurked like a creeper.

"334…335…336…" Ryouji says with each hanging situp within his room. Even with his recent wounds, it won't slow him down for the eventual showdown with Sado. As he gets the summons, he reads it hanging upside down and slips off the bar and onto the ground. He quick gets his things together and heads out the door to meet Hiro and the rest at the front gate. He arrives just as Sado is and waves saying, "Mission time, best time. What's the situation?"

Sado hurries along the road towards the gates of Kumogakure, one of few who was probably coming from outside the entrance rather than within. He was a bit late today, having slept in after some intense training the last few days had caused him to fall asleep all over the place. "I'm here." he announces as he looks for people he knows, spotting Hiroyasu and hurrying over, looking like some kind of vagabond scurrying over for some scraps. (re)

- Hiroyasu nods to each as they arrive, "Good Afternoon, Iwata-san" he says with a bow of his head. There is a moment where he is unsure if he should rush and hug the Hebisuuhai or be casual and professional.. It was mission time and it was a unprofessional "It has been a long time Hebisuuhai-san, I assume you came back because everything found you well, and your Clan could part with you for awhile. Its excellent to see you; Have you told anyone else of your triumphant return?" he asks before catching a peek at Miyo trying to sneak and blend in with the other Kunoichi and the group in general.. The dynamic duo, the arch-rivals of awesome auspiciousness; Reizei Ryouji and Yotsuki Sado join to finish out the elite squad.
"It's a small village nestled in a valley about half a day's travel from our current location. The villagers have been the subject of hit and run raids from the local bandits. They've asked Kumogakure to come assist them in getting rid of the bandits in whatever way we can. Now as you all know Hiei is still under medical evaluation or what-have you. So I will be your Field Commander. As Always I suggest you elect a Squad Leader amongst yourselves.. Determine how you want to travel, and execute it." he says giving them all a nod, before nudging his horse with his elbow and it quits fidgeting while he moves into the saddle "Questions?" he asks. -

Michiko bows back to Misa when she notices her. "Misa-san, it's good to see you again," she smiles. "Hey, Ryouji-kun. Sado-kun. Glad you two could make it." She calls over to them when they arrive. She looks rather fired up herself today. She gives Miyo a small nod when she sneaks into the group, tightening the knot of her headband that's around her neck while Hiro briefs them. "Do we know how many bandits attacked, Hiro-san?" She asks once he's done speaking.

The serpent on Misa's shoulder levels its gaze as more and more people start shuffling in, the serpent kinda… pausing a moment before it starts nosing at Misa's collar. With his mistress ignoring him utterly, Misa rises to a stand as the snake crawls into her blouse, presumeably to settle around her hips somewhere, judging by the lump in her blouse over her hips.

It was Hiroyasu that her attention goes to first, a softening of her eyes perhaps the best clue to the smile hidden behind her mask. "I have not yet - but. I look forward to such things, Hiroyasu-san," she says.

To one side, her attention drifts away, her golden eyes finding Ryouji for a brief moment - before the woman inclines her head to him subtlely. Lurking like a creeper was something Misa was sympathetic with, so she wasn't exactly glancing too much towards Miyo, even if she does glance over her shoulder every so often.

Sado was less familiar to her, so he gets kinda a long unblinking look from Misa, before a brief nod of her head.

"Likewise, it is good to see you again as well, Michiko-san." she asks. "I feel you should be squad leader again, as well," she says, her voice, as always, a sibiliant whisper. Misa's eyes return towards Hiroyasu. "How well trained are these bandits?" she asks.

+ Thus-far Miyo's attention at infiltration had proven successful. No one had mentioned her appearance, and because she was totally not paying attention she did not see anyone acknowledging her pressence. She stuffs a hand into her pocket and pulls out her Amegakure headband and fits it to her forehead before giving everyone suspicious looks. She was going with, apparently - invited or not.

Ryouji is surprised to see Misa again. It's been a while and he wasn't expecting it. He blushes as he locks eyes with Misa for a moment and says, "Hi, Misa-kun. I'm glad you're back." He turns and listens to Hiro and nods to his orders, "I think it would be best for Michiko-kun to lead." He glances over at Sado, "It would be the best idea in this situation I think."

Sado wasn't big on leading a team, so he didn't raise his hand to offer. Instead he looks around at the team assembled, raising an eyebrow as Miyo brings out a Rain headband. He wasn't familiar with the girl but assumed everyone knew her. Michiko gets a wave in return for her greeting, and Misa was about to get a greeting when Sado spots the snake and cringes, staying quiet. "Michiko has my vote as well." he says to Hiroyasu up on his horse, looking around the area for any other horses before concluding they were hoofing it.

With Michiko as team leader the team finds that the trip is long enough that by the time the group arrives at their destination the sun has long dipped below the horizon. The village itself is easily visible, thanks to torches that are strategically placed at the village's boarders. There is also light coming from various windows and there are torches placed in the center of the village where the water well is. It seems that the Kumo nin's arrival was fortunate, because soon after they arrive, they hear what sounds like a whooping call before bandits..around six of them in all, come riding into the village on horses, kicking up dust and causing all kinds of ruckus. The villagers screech and scream, running for their dwellings or huddling in small groups in fear.

- Hiroyasu looks at Michiko "They weren't specific, I told you everything I was told.. I appreciate the tenacity and inquisitive nature but honestly most missions go like this.. 'Please help us' the end.. Its a lucky day when they say why or how.." he shrugs waiting for them to gather their form of travel, and rides off in the direction of their mission with his own chosen form. Half a day later, he finds himself staring into the dusk laden sky. Rubbing the side of his horse's neck thinking the travel was done, his ears tingle at the sounds of battle. "It seems like something is going on already without us.. Everyone lets do it by the numbers, they asked us to help them, protect them or defend them. That is the mission above all else, you know what you are supposed to do.. and when in question your squad leader will be your source of orders.. However do remember the chain of command, if I ask you do something its because you need to." he says hopping off his horse and charging into the village on foot. -

Michiko seems a bit surprised that Misa suggested she be squad leader. Then Sado and Ryouji back up her claim and she has to take a second to think about what to do. "Alright, then… It sounds far away, so we should grab some horses to speed up our journey. Once we get there, make sure the villagers are safe. We'll make a better plan later." Once they've all got horses and have set off, she starts planning for various situations. Finally they reach their destination, a bit later than Michiko would have liked, and find the village in chaos. "Remember what Hiro-san said. The villager's safety is our priority. Let's make sure this mission is successful." With that she follows after Hiro (on foot) into the village.

Hebisuuhai Misa just lets her eyes linger on Sado - she noticed his cringing as the serpent kinda got comfortable in her blouse, the young woman kinda dipping her head forward and letting her gaze level on him, out of the tops of her eyes. "Are you alright?" she asks him, her voice as soft as a serpent's hiss. Ryouji draws her attention next. "It is good to see people that I remember, still around," she says, her eyes flicking back towards Hiroyasu.

Misa had recalled Michiko leading before. And she was okay with that happening again.

Time passes…

…and Misa was quick to jump off of the horseback when the village came into sight, breathing out a little bit. While her glance goes to Hiro more often than not, Misa was taking up a position a few steps behind and to one side of Michiko, clutching a kunai tightly.

+ Horses… not as bad as ships. Miyo had learned to deal with it though, by sleeping! She had nappeed pretty much through the entire trip to the village, swaying slightly in her saddle, even at full speed, relying on her horse's instincts to follow the other horses. Upon arriving, Miyo woke up, a tad groggily and flops out of her saddle and lands on the ground in a heap. She then gets to her feet and rushes off after the rest of the group, doing her best to keep up, at least until they were surrounded!

Ryouji smiles at Misa, the same way he smiles at Michiko as well. "I'll always remember you, Misa-kun. I…ah…mean your snakes. I'll always remember your snakes." He coughs and runs over to take a horse from the village stables. He climbs on and rides off with the rest. He's used to running, but it might be a bit far and he wants to keep what stamina he has for the battle. The Reizei still hasn't quite recovered from the spar so any rest is welcomed.

The group travels on and as Ryouji sees the village with the rest of the group he says, "Understood, I see the bandits down there." He dismounts and takes off like a shot down towards the village, running at top speed while focusing his chakra and pushing his blood line limit into first gear.

So they were taking horses after all. Sado seems nervous, but as Misa asks him if he's ok, he turns a little sheepish. "Not a big snake person." he says to her, being honest. Even more so, he wasn't a big horse person, mostly for lack of experience. Somehow, it manages to go ok, if not a little awkward, as half a day passes.
As everyone arrives at the village Sado takes a few more moments than even the Rain girl who looked like she was sleeping the entire time. He was pretty impressed with that. Regardless, the young Yotsuki was able to catch up on foot once the group started towards the village. As the bandits come into sight and the sounds of battle reach Sado's ears, the young Yotsuki gets pumped, smacking a fist into the other open palm. "Orders?" he says as his adrenaline begins to pump

The shinobi's arrival hasn't gone unnoticed. When Ryouji makes a beeline towards the village, he is met by a bandit on horseback who throws a spear at the young shinobi. Towards his feet..in an attempt to trip him up as he moves as high speed. A yell pierces the air as two bandits draw bows and begin to fire arrows at both Misa and Miyo. A female bandit spews forth senbon towards Michiko and a swordsman on horseback swings his sword around his head while riding hard for Sado. He swings out at him as soon as he's close enough.

- It was not really a surprise that the Reizei that would charge ahead, and the Yotsuki was already in the middle of the classic Yotsuki charged.. Hiroyasu raises a hand to his face as he leans against the wall as his body swirls in a distortion and he becomes more subtly camouflaged with the wall behind him. He was going to watch for a moment and see if there was something that needed his attention or if this was a milk run and he was just going to keep the bottles from being chipped too badly. -

The bandits attacked the squad right away, which is both a good thing and a bad thing, in Michiko's opinion. The genin sees Ryouji getting attacked first, followed by two arrows heading towards Misa and Miyo. Sadly, she can't look over towards Sado to check if he's got an opponent as a Kunoichi attacks her with senbon. The senbon end up hitting a log instead of Michiko, thanks to a quick replacement Jutsu, and the girl leaps into the air to launch three firebolts at her attacker. While she's up high, she does a quick scan to make sure no villagers are getting caught in the crossfire. "Watch out for any stray villagers!" She calls out to the others, though they probably don't need the reminder.

That stare that Misa had leveled on Sado turns towards Ryouji at his stumbling, the unblinking eyes of the woman lingering after him before she snorts a bit.

But that was then, and this was now.

Misa was stepping forward when the shouts of the bandits cry out, and when the arrow arcs towards her, Misa starts to spin - whirling to one side as a haze… an arrow strikes her shoulder, leaving a deep cut. A low hiss that rattles in the back of her throat, and Misa falls into a crouch on the earth, three kunai appearing from goodness-knows-where. With a flick of her wrist, then another, then another, Misa sends three kunai with mild degrees of accuracy towards the senbon-spewing bandit, hoping to bury them into her while she was distracted. "Got it!" she cries to Michiko.

+ Arrows? Miyo does not like being shot at… Her robes swirl as her arms whirl around her, kunai lashing out, intercepting each of the sharp, pointy sticks of doom until none remained. A moment later, a single seal with her right hand caused one of her Johyo to fly forth from her sleeve, threatening to stick a goon so she could reel them in while her other hand tosses her kunai towards another target.

Ryouji is rushing headlong into battle, but best to hit them hard with shock and awe. That, and yes, higher body counts against Sado! He pulls out his blue sword sword with the lightning bolt, a gift from his sensei. With several quick slashes and cuts in the air he turns the thrown spear into so much kindling. "That won't work against me!" He throws out a pair of throwing stars as he closes the distance with the spear chucker, and does not stop as he reaches within melee reach. He stops his running, sliding across the dirt and rocks kicking it up behind him. His sword, set at his side, is drawn forward and cuts in a flash strike and left out in front of him as he breathes out slowly. Inhale, kill, exhale.

This was combat, Sado's first real combat mission. It wasn't just Ryouji and him battling with fists, these people would kill him if they had the chance. Regardless, he had his own honor in battle, and would seek to cripple or disable over any kind of gruesome death, not that he had a whole lot in his repertoire to work with. As the rider came at him with a sword, Sado pushes out of the path of the blade, his feet hitting the ground a safe distance away before pushing off again and attacking the rider. Surely being up on that horse restricted the rider's movement and Sado did everything possible to prep the rider for a powerful Lariat to take him right off the horse.

Michiko's fire attacks hit their target and knock her opponent off his horse. The bandit woman gets up and continues tossing senbon towards the kunoichi as she launches herself into the air, rebounding off the trees themselves to keep herself mobile. Misa's opponent's horse takes a kunai to the leg and throws it's rider so that he hits the ground hard. He stands up, spends a moment to find his bow and fires another arrow at her. The bandit that targeted Miyo leaps off his horse and is struck by her kunai. He pulls it out and tosses to the side before firing another arrow towards the Uzumaki. The spear wielder that faces Ryouji is bucked from his horse by the young genin's throwing stars. By the time he stands, the Reizei's speed surprises him and blood sprays into the air from Ryouji's attacks. The bandit flips forwards, rolling along the ground until he grabs his spear. He turns, facing the genin as he spins the spear around his body, showing off his skill with the weapon. He moves forwards to attack him with a combination move. Sado's attack…was brutal. When the sword wielding rider misses the Yotsuki, he turns around to make another pass only to be met by Sado's lariat. His body is literally ejected from the saddle and he crashes into a tree with a sickening thud. He stands up again, however, and holds his sword in both hands as he runs towards the young shinobi with plans of cutting him into little bite sized pieces.

Walking out of the darkness is yet another person. He is tall and dressed in what can only be described as tattered and torn shinobi gear. He wears a cloud shinobi headband on his head with a scratch drawn through it. As he surveys the battlefield, lightning arcs from one hand to the other before sparking from his body to strike the ground nearby him harmlessly. A new player has entered the fray.

Michiko can't help but grin slightly as her and Misa seem to be on the same page. It may have been a while since they fought together, but whatever bond they had is certainly still there. There was no time to check on her other companions in the midst of this battle, but they were all strong. She has witnessed their strength first hand, and definitely has faith in them. There are more senbon aimed at her, which admittedly is probably going to end up worse for the opponent. Michiko does a few handseals and launches three more firebolts, hoping to burn her opponent to a crisp. "Are you okay, Misa-san?" She calls out, seeing that she got hit by the arrow. She moves around quickly to do her best and avoid future attacks. She doesn't notice the figure in the shadows at all.

- From his safe? position he can watch the Genin fight, Hiroyasu watches a Sado and Ryouji charge into the badguys with great fanfare.. leaving behind the slower or less experienced shinobi. His gaze falls to the Hebisuuhai, She was caught by many arrows as she failed to avoid all of them.. perhaps her time away has dulled her a little, she may need some remedial training to get her back into fighting position but then again nothing tempers an Iron will better than a trial by fire. Michiko on the other hand is well equipped to handle her opponent and sends an impressive and rather intimidating roar of fire.. It seems the bandits chose interesting targets, the spear was a good counter to the speedy swordsman with its reach and leverage. The sword versus the Hands of the Yotsuki would complicate the close-quarters styles.. Against Miyo, Michiko, Misa were against ranged targets who could rain pain from a distance..
When the battle had gotten under way, a distant form emerges separate from the others.. familiar in its style, but unfamiliar in every other way.. was it a bandit in stolen or a dead shinobi's gear.. a tribute or trophy of a kill.. His vision narrowing as he focuses on the man in the tattered gear, it is immediately visible to the young shinobi that it was none of the above and that the man was a threat of significant note.. Look back at the genin and the mercenary miyo, he decides that it is probably not the best position to put them in, Nariko would murder him if he survived this, and Hiei would finish off whatever Nariko left alive.. He begins to circle around the group slowly using his stable nature to try get a momentary upperhand.. if it would succeed would yet be known. but fate was never on his side.. -

Misa certainly was struggling a bit. A hiss of sorts as another arrow strikes her, the young woman trying to stand a bit and leap away from the other one. This arrow strikes her shin, digging shallowly into it, her bright green, snake-slitted eyes narrowing tightly.

Kinda pushing off the ground with her 'good' foot, she spins - two kunai leaving her during that spin to arc towards the arrow-wielding bandit, her eyes briefly going to Michiko. "I am fine!" she calls out, a tone of annoyance slipping into her tone. Annoyance at herself, rather than the other nin. Eyes flicker towards the new nin, Misa noticing… "There is a cloud nin here, too!" she says. She didn't notice the scratch just yet.

Ryouji tries to shift to the side to avoid the spear strike, but he zigged when he should have zagged. The spear hits him in the side, but grazes him a bit. He's still in this fist. He comes to a stop and slides his sword in its sheath. He claps his hands together and surges his chakra as dust begins swirling around him for a moment. He pushes harder on his chakra system, making it go even faster. His body blurs farther as lines of electricity crackles in places. "Warm up is over…"

Sado looks a bit worried as the man crunches against the tree, but thankfully he gets up. "Lariat is a wondrous thing." he says as the man composes himself and charges back at him. Sado is more reserved now, keeping the Lariat away in the bag as he dodges the man's attacks with the sword and pushes back with three powerful fists aimed to disable or knock out the bandit. He isn't given much time to look around the battlefield during his duel but he sees Ryouji take it up a notch and calls out, "Better hurry or I will be done way before you, Ryouji-chan!"

Michiko's opponent sees his life flash before his eyes before he is enveloped in fire. His screams pierce the night air as he falls over, his body spasming from the pain. With Miyo gone, the second archer turns his attention to Michiko now and sends a series of arrows towards her way. Misa's opponent manages to dodge her kunai but her previous attack injured his arm, and he's now firing with less accuracy than before. Ryouji's opponent attacks again with the spear, noticing that something was different about the boy than before, but not really knowing what it was. Sado manages to land a solid hit against his opponent, until the bandit used the flat part of his sword to block the other two attacks against him. "Run home to your momma, boy." The bandit sneers towards the genin.

The bandit leader steps further onto the battlefield. He counted the genin and figured that this would be an easy fight for him. He knew to be wary though, knowing that they were from Kumo..these were no ordinary genin. As he takes a moment to channel his chakra, it seems that he is not aware that a goat is within his midst.

- Hiroyasu winces as Misa is once again on the end of a lashing by an opponent giving her no quarter.. it was yet to be seen if her squadmates would notice and adjust to cover the failing flank, usually the failing flank was his so he can sympathize with the Hebisuuhai. As he lurks around the village, leaping between alleyway to alleyway there is sudden urgency to his movements as he can feel the utter destruction welling inside the enemy combatant. He meant very much to do harm to all the genin as if they were flies and this enraged the goat made man. Leaping from his concealment, his eyes burning into the tell-tale seals of the false eyes as his hand forming several seals glows deep with chakra as he attempt to plunge his hand into the back of the bandit in shinobi gear or was it the Shinobi in bandit company.. It was going to be a moment of sudden choices and it could shape the battle for him doing forward and if he looked bad how could he ever live looking at the genin who already see his partner as a God made flesh with the sword and fist. -

Michiko isn't ready for an attack from the archer, nor did she expect Miyo to cut out like she did. How rude of the rain ninja! Thanks to that, she ends up with an arrow skimming her arm and leaving her with a nice cut. Fortunately her own opponent is taken care of so she can focus her energy on this archer. She throws a Kunai so that she can charge up her Jutsu and sends two firebolts streaking towards her opponent, hoping to end him as soon as possible. "Keep it up, everyone. Their numbers are going down!" She shouts as encouragement.

The fire jutsu that the other young woman carries, Misa seemed curious about that. Another little beat, and she brings up her hands, kinda clutching a pair of kunai across her chest. Another little beat, and Misa flicks her chin a bit, briefly marveling at the interplay between Ryouji and his friend. But regardless.

That arrow comes in, and Misa twists again, the arrow shooting /through/ her seemingly. When that image kinda fades away. Misa herself was pushing off of the sand to lunge forward towards the bandit, both her kunai coming down to bury into his shoulder with a downward strike.

Ryouji snorts at Sado's teasing as the spear comes in, Ryouji quickly smacks it away with the flat of his blade, keeping it wide and harmless for now. He glares at the target in front of him and says to the spearman, "You would think he would have more to worry about than me right now. But he's right I guess, I've played with you long enough." He wanted to finish off the target and move to the next one, but his team mates come first. He disappears, running off with his new speed to Misa's attacker, pulling out his blue sword and calling out, "Misa-kun, no worries! Help is on the way!" He stops his momentium when he reaches the archer, pulling out the handle of his weapon to aim for a stunning blow against the archer. Followed up by a quick draw of the blade and a spinning kick.

The man's comment irks Sado, who responds in kind by moving out of the sword's attack path and aiming a fist right at the man's mouth. "Don't make me get serious." he says to the man as he strikes out with two more, chakra fueled, punches towards the man, releasing the frustration of the simple comment on the bandit in front of him. Sado still hadn't struck any serious blows on the man since the lariat, but it wasn't that he was pulling punches, it was more that he was going for the TKO not the Fatality.

Michiko once again finds herself successful as her fireball envelops her opponent, sending another one down in flames. Misa dives into the air, bringing her kunai down with force into the shoulder of her opponent. With his shoulder ruined, he can no longer draw his bow. He falls over..not dead, but completely useless now. Meanwhile, Ryouji powers up and takes on his opponent the stun attack to the face makes the spear user reel and Ryouji's second attack ends him. In a fantastic spray of blood, the man goes down, no longer able to continue the fight. It would seem the swordsman's taunting pissed off the little Yotsuki as his next attack, a devastating shot to the face, causes his opponent to spin around in a circle three times, as blood flows from his nose and mouth before his eyes cross and he falls like a sack of potatoes.

Perhaps the worse thing yet, as the bandit leader began to form handseals, his body jerks slightly as he looks down at his chest where Hiroyasu's chakra infused hand sticks out of the center of his breastbone. He falls as if in slow motion, first down to his knees and then his eyes roll back up into his head as he falls flat on his face. The Kumo nin have successfully defended this village without any civilian casualties. The result of great teamwork and good leadership.

- There is a moment where Hiroyasu stands there like a dumbfounded idiot waiting for a poof of smoke or his hand to be stuck through a giant log or a pot. The warm feeling of blood dripping off his fingers was hard to mistake. He waits for the guy to hit his knee and kicks him squarely in the back sending the body forward to his face.. Still in disbelief his body flickers as he activates the seal sown deep in the sleeve of his robes and his body begins to shimmer slightly before fading in significance until he is nothing more than a shimmer of his former self and he lurks again moving to check-in on the Genin and pretend like he has no idea what happened.. "Did you guys see what happened? That guy looks like he is hurt seriously bad!" then he looks around seeing all the other enemies also laying about in various states of terribleness "These seem pretty bad too.. Who needs medical attention?" he asks looking at his hands trying to shake the blood of them like he touched something sticky in the garbage. -

Michiko takes a breath, taking in the scene before her. It looks like everyone is wrapping up their battles. Misa just nailed her opponent useless and Ryouji was right behind her. Even Sado was able to make relatively quick work of his opponent. Michiko looks over herself, only a small scratch from an arrow proving she had even fought. "I'm good for now, Hiro-san. Misa-san was hit a few times, so you may want to check on her first. I didn't get to see all of Ryouji-kun or Sado-kun's fights, so I'm not too sure about them." She glances over at the body of the leader, frowning slightly. "Umm… He looks like he's in bad shape… Did you look at him already, Hiro-san?" While talking, she'll start moving to convince villagers that it was safe to come out.

"They are only scratches, Hiroyasu-san, but thank you," says Misa, kinda dipping forward to bow towards Hiroyasu - the woman's brow furrowing as she sees the cloud nin - or, rather - what was once a cloud nin. Glancing back towards Ryouji and Sado, Misa starts to move towards the fallen nin, before kneeling by him to examine him a bit.

Ryouji turns and looks around, seeing if there's any targets. Seeing none, he turns down his chakra, pushing his body out of 'blur mode'. He says, "Good job everyone. Hey Sado-kun, did you have any problems?" calling out to his team mate as we walks over.

Regardless of not being hit, Sado always looks a little rough for wear, with all the cuts from Ryouji still in his clothing. None of the cuts are fresh, though, and Sado exclaims, "All good here." as he dusts his hands off after TKO'ing the guy who got cocky with him. "Should we tie them up or something?" he asks Michiko and Hiro, unsure of what to do. One glance at the 'boss' and Sado adds "I guess he won't need tying up." Looking away from the body, Sado turns to Ryouji and perks up, grinning. "None, finished him up without a scratch. You?"

- Hiroyasu looks to the side when Michiko asks him if he had looked at him "Yeah there is nothing I can do.. I think you all scared him so badly his heart exploded out of his chest.. or maybe it was one of the parasite things.. cause he was about to use some kind of jutsu then he stopped.." he wasn't about to ruin their mission or their victory especially since it was Sado's first. "Yea anyone which can be tied up should be.. they need to face the law, its important that we don't forget we are instruments of it, not above it." then he frowns "If any of them are suffering, do the right then. Its no worse way to die than slowly" he says before whipping his palm on his robe and offering high-fives to anyone who wants one.. "Well once you have finished with that, we need to address your wounds anyways. Cause its already night and we may not be able to travel until morning so proper medical treatment may be some time away." he says giving those in need proper treatment anyways. -

Michiko has assured most of the villagers that they're safe now and left them to spread the words themselves. They could do it faster than only one ninja, and they knew the place better than her. "I see… I wonder who he was…" She hmms a bit, sending a nod to Sado. "What Hiro-san said. But overall this mission seems to have been a success." She grins and gives Hiro a high five.

Ryouji shrugs and says as Hiro is working on him, "A little cut in the side from that dull spear tip, but I'm ok." He tests a few of his joints, they work. All ten fingers, all ten toes. Two ears and eyes. Yep, all bits there. "Good job, Sado-kun, this was your first real fight, wasn't it?"

Sado nods his head to Ryouji as he begins to tie up his opponent while he was TKO'd. "It was. I was a little nervous, but not so much nervous nervous as excited nervous." he says with a chuckle, finishing off the rope with an impressive knot that the bandit won't be getting out of. "Now, how do we get these guys back?" he says, looking at the dark sky, and remembering how long it took them to get there. "Perhaps we should camp out tonight."

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