Well Underway


Sosuke, Suzume, Hotaru

Date: January 5, 2013


A team of three shinobi are gathered to address this mischief in the market place.

"Well Underway"


This rainy day wasn't all too glamorous for a mission but had either of the three known that there'd be such a down pour perhaps the events that would transpire today would pan out differently. Light small footsteps splash through shallow puddles of rainwater. A small student with a scarf as long as his body runs frantically as if being chased. The student trips suddenly and skids along the ground. Sosuke would be standing ahead of the student there when he finally stopped skidding. "End of the line." he states rather blandly. The student looks up to Sosuke and starts to whimper with tears. His knee was bleeding. Sosuke sighs having little to no experience with consoling others. Thankfully he wasn't alone.
Along with Sosuke two other genin were selected to accomplish this mission. They weren't necessarily a team but they would be working together. As it stated on the postings there were a number of misfit students causing a rukus and trouble in the marketplace. They were being lead about by a genin. Sosuke, Hotaru, and Suzume each were tasked with disbanding this gang of mischief. Sosuke looks down at the student then up past him in search for Suzume and Hotaru. He wasn't good with this sort of thing. The child was caught in the action of placing smoke bombs underneath a flower shop. THe trio of the shinobi soon would've chased him down and head him off. They needed to gather information about this group, hopefully this student had some answers. However he was just a kid, torture and interrogation would just be cruel and unusual…at this point. "Uh…I…well." Sosuke rubs his head looking away not sure how deal with this.

Arriving soon after the kid, she peers at him and then hmms. Hotaru peers at Sosuke and then looks at the kid again, "So, we caught him?" She asks and then peers at the kid, "So, this is one of the kids who was responsible for the heinous crime of smoking up the flower shop?!" She peers at him, placing her hands on her hips, "Sounds like he is in for a world of trouble!" She nods her head sagely, "Definitely a lot of trouble." She takes a long stride around him, her knee not bending as she takes the step, peering over at him, "We'll probably have to take him straight to the Hokage." She nods again and then peers at him, "That is…unless he talks!"

The Uzumaki on the other hand had a different approach when it came to missions, if anything she picked up missions without having any intentions of actually completing them. It was a wonder how they managed to pluck her out of the medical facility to do something so trivial, but with two other people with her it made things far easier to be lazy and not worry about having to do anything. Suzume approached from behind, her crimson locks of hair picked up by the slight breeze while tugging a red cloak over her body, her only protection against the chills of the day. While both Hotaru and Sosuke seemed more interested in getting some information out of him, Suzume merely beamed at the explosives with a wide smile, “Wow! Were you really going to gas this place with smoke bombs? That would have been very cool to see… Hmmm did you make this yourself?" She arched a crimson brow and smirked playfully, getting a better look over the kid. “Come on don't be shy… You're not in any trouble in my book, after all you didn't really set anything off yet now did you?"

Sosuke nods once as Hotaru terrorized the student. He looks to Hotaru obviously frightened once she mentioned the Hokage but bit lower lip seeming to have resolved to be silent. Sosuke reaches for his scythe "He's not cooperating…" that's when Suzume shows up. Her friendly approach warmed the boy up and he withdrew his tears as she praised him. He turns away from Sosuke and Hotaru to face Suzume. "Aniki said it'd be very cool. He got them for us. He gets a hold on a lot of things. Caltrops, smoke bombs, flashbangs you name it." Sosuke lowers his hand and folds his arms "Is he the one that leads you? Where is 'Aniki'?" The student looks back at Sosuke and give him a good look at his tongue.
Sosuke blinks twice hard as he was mocked by the boy. Sosuke had no retort to offer he just sighs and lets Suzume handle this. It seems like he won't be getting much from the boy. The student glances to Hotaru then back to Suzume "She isn't really going to take me to the Hokage is she?" he asks while he picks at his bleeding knee.

A blink at the Uzumaki's approach and then she shrugs, "She's no fun." Hotaru states, not that much older than the student but she shrugs, "I was going to feed him to my friends." She holds out one Kikaichu to the kid, which…frankly isn't very threatening until several more start crawling out of her hair and then all over her, seeming to crawl out of nowhere, appearing here and there on her body and her hand quickly becoming a bunch of them as she hmms, "But, if you want to be nice about it." She shrugs. She then peers at her bug, "Aniki, maniki, paniki, waniki." She states as she watches her bugs crawl on her hand.

"Huh…fun?" Suzume inquired confusingly, she wasn't at all trying to be fun. More or less she wanted to satisfy her own curiosity rather than downright convince the kid. “You know…. I'm not really.." she paused briefly and her eyes beginning to bulge from her sockets, her azure gaze peering over the spectacle which began crawling all over and about Hotaru. “Whoa! What the heck are those things! That's…SO WEIRD!" Suzume exclaims, pointing a finger at the Aburame bugs, they appeared to be very gross…but interesting to her. “They look a little small to eat a person though…don't they?" She peered and began to take a slightly defensive position near the student, taking a knee next time him, her fingers planting along his wound, he would be able to feel a soothing aura of healing come over him. “That guy has a pretty wicked weapon… I don't know him but he might as well cut your head off for all I know, I just want to meet this Aniki person, I definitely wouldn't mind finding some of that equipment…

Sosuke rubs his head as Hotaru goes on about Suzume not being fun. Then as she continues to grow odder the student peers at her with a mix of fear and bewilderment. He didn't fear one or two of the Kikaichu but when more started to crawl from Hotaru's hair he lets out a soft yelp. Suzume was the only one who didn't frighten or freak him out…that is until she showed enthusiastic interest in the Kikaichu beetles. The boy blinks looking at all the genin gathered. "You're all weird. No way you're a legitimate team." Sosuke sighs once rubs his eyes. "Very perceptive of you. Now if you…" Then the boy lets out a large gasp "WOW it's all better!"
He's looking at his knee after Suzume did her work with it. The boy stands and laughs "Thaaaaaaanks~" he says smiling at Suzume. He then looks to be thinking. "Ok. I can take you to see Aniki." he says with a smile before looking back to Hotaru and Sosuke. "But you two weirdos can't go. You're creepy and you're just cruel." Sosuke peers to Hotaru then back to the boy almost asking for clarification. Sosuke frowns before he thinks of something on the spot. "I promise I won't do anything cruel or creepy." The student hums then looks to Hotaru "What about her!?"
"I make no promises about her." he states quickly. The student chuckles finding Sosuke's response funny. "Hehe well maybe you guys aren't so bad. But you gotta keep this a secret!" He turns and looks up and down the road before waving Sosuke and the others on. "Follow me."

"Yay!" She exclaims, "We get to go see Aniki!" She chuckles and doesn't appear to be at all brought down by the kid calling her creepy. She seems unfazed by it completely, as a matter of fact. She simply seems happy as they will be completing, their mission, falling into step behind the kid as she watches him.

Surprisingly things were going smoothly, not that Suzume anticipated such, instead she merely shrugged her shoulders and began to follow along. With the student before them more or less bending to their will unintentionally, Suzume followed along with almost no questions asked. “I never seen a weapon like that before, are you sure that's used to cut people up?" She asked Sosuke, not quite knowing his name just yet, "And you…. don't you get itchy with all those bugs crawling all over you?!" Of course she did consider Hotaru to be the creepier one… Sosuke… she didn't know what to think about him just yet. “Oh by the way, my name is Uzumaki Suzume, in case you two didn't know,"

Sosuke looks to Suzume and then glances to his scythe. "Yes." he answers her before looking back forward to the student to make sure the kid wasn't going to try to slip away. He glances to Hotaru, never a dull moment with her, and then back to Suzume after she gave her name. "Tsukinamida Sosuke." "And I'm Shinji!" The student turned around and bowed. Sosuke nearly choked the child. "That's nice. Ahem so….Aniki?" The student eyes Sosuke then turns around. "Sheesh you're a barrel of laughs." Sosuke grins at the boy.
The student comes to a stop before a well. It was an old looking well, most certainly no longer in use. "Here we are." The student says climbing onto the well's edge. "Down here and through the tunnels you'll find Aniki." Shinji looks back to the trio of genin. "Aniki said that these tunnels used to be used back in…bad times." He leaps over the edge and down into the well. If they would look over they'd see that it wasn't a far drop but there were rather deep column of water due to the rain. "Watch your step. Some of this stuff gets deep." Sosuke sighs in relief "Finally." he soon followed the boy down into the well. There they'd await Hotaru and Suzume.

Looking at the other, she hmms, "I'm Aburame Hotaru." She states with a nod and then looks down at her hand as a few bugs crawl over her hand and then back up her arm, she grins. Then they arrive at a well and she looks confused. She peers at it and then at the boy who leaps in. She peers down the well and then swallows upon seeing the water. She swallows deeply and then takes a small step back, "Umm, deep, huh?" She asks and then shifts some, "I can wait here…for umm, for security." She nods, "I'll keep guard while you two go check it out."

Suzume was getting pretty excited, up until the point where the student wanted her to jump into some dirty well and tunnel their way through to see Aniki. A sweat drop trickled down her cheek as she peered at her cloak, finely woven and literally in pristine condition. With Hotaru's protest to enter Suzume soon followed suit. “Looks like the end of the line for me too… I didn't plan on getting dirty today… I don't have any extra clothes to change in to after this, the boy should go first and you can yell really loud if you need help…right?" She perked a brow and grinned at Sosuke from above waving her hands for him push on. "Go go, we will make sure no one splashes water on your head!"

Sosuke grumbles looking up at the two girls in a bit of a shock. "So….this is woman." he looks to the student. The boy shrugs "You're too young. Continue." Sosuke motions the boy to carry on forward. Just as they were about to take off snow begins to fall from above. Sosuke peers skyward. "Oh neat it's snowing!" Shinji exclaims. There is a smile that comes across Sosuke's face before he nudges Shinji on. The two travel down the well and above the girls wouldn't be waiting too long over 10 minutes before they heard a ruckus. Dozens of footsteps can be heard before Hotaru and Suzume would see a group of students at the bottom of the well. A latter is retrieved and set up allowing each of the students to exit. One by one they do so and then sit or kneel on the ground around the well panting heavily. "I don't like this group any more~" one student whines.
Finally rising from the latter was Sosuke. His pants were wet up to the waist and he had a well water smell about him but other than that he was alive and very much healthy. "I think we're finished here." he states. Sosuke looks to the students "Well?" They look at one another then rise and bow "WE QUIT!" Sosuke shrugs at them. "I'm a lousy leader…go figure." The students then take off probably returning home. Sosuke looks to Hotaru and Suzume blinking at them. "You two were actually serious about waiting." He shrugs "Well mission accomplished. I don't think they'll be causing any more trouble." There is a rumble beneath them now. The ground actually shakes for a short period. Sosuke peers back at the well and smirks. "Shall we go report to the Hokage then?" he asks the two.

A nod to that and she grins, "Evil smoke bomb ring has been dispersed!" She gives a thumbs up and then chuckles as she gestures, "Lead the way." She grins and then starts off with him.

"See! That was easy now wasn't it?" Suzume added with a grin, arms resting behind her neck, she looked over the group of students crawling out of the well, honestly quite content that she didn't have to step a foot into it. Instead she just carried on, moving after the both of them. If she got a decent pay out she was definitely going to pick up something to eat…

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