What do you know about sweetroot?



Date: May 20, 2013


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"What do you know about sweetroot?"

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Any self respecting adult knows sweetroot is a type of addictive
substance consumed by placing a portion of the root between the cheek and
gum or upper lip teeth and chewing. Upon chewing it releases a sweet
nectar. This acts as a mild, and yet VERY addictive sedative which calms
the nerves and muscles. Sweet root is generally hard to come by, and hence
the real issue is the severe addiction. While the sedative is mostly
uninhibiting, a sweetroot addict can become volatile if not plainly
dangerous if they run out of sweetroot!

Nearly all modern sweetroot are produced via a process of leaf curing,
cutting, fermentation and processing or sweetening. Historically, sweet
root was used to treat psychological trauma, but was soon forsaken due to
the addictiveness and rarity of the substance. The sweet root treee, and
the growth of the tree is restricted in all countries but the land of
swamps, where most dealers can be found. The prices vary per month,
depending on the actions of the local authorities and the supply and
demand of sweetroot at the time. It is however, quite an expensive hobby.
It's said that five years of eating sweetroot can amount to the savings of
a nice farm estate!

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