What happens in Oz...


Jin, Eri, Akechi, Kanbei, Ayumo

Date: November 6, 2012


This team from Kumo goes in undercover to find out a suspicious prisoner's plan for a prison break.

"What happens in Oz…"

A prison just over some mountain in the Land of Lightning.

It is early morning and the sun is barely creeping up from the horizon casting the land in a beautiful orange-pink glow. Eri had been assigned a very important mission over in a village not too far from Kumogakure settled in at the very base of the mountain. She looks up at the sky and hums softly to herself as she waited on her counterparts she had picked to join her to catch up with her. "Come on shake a leg fellas! We aren't too far off from where we're supposed to be! Just over this next hill I think." She had picked Akechi, Kanbei, Ayumo, and Jin to join her. Although the mission details made it sound like it was going to be rather difficult, four chuunins should be enough to support a genin.

She continues at a brisk place as she skips along casually going over the details as she went. "Alright lovelies, seems the village that requested this mission is in charge of one of the prisons where all the badies around here tend to go. Seems one prisoner in particular has been acting rather suspicious, so they want an experienced group to go undercover and make sure he is behaving as he is supposed to. Once we arrive we will be provided the proper attire to blend in, but it is up to you guys to behave like a bad guy to sell the bit. Now since we will be dealing with criminals there is some risk…but it is preferable that if we do have to fight that we make killing any as a last resort. They have much better punishments than death for them in store." The last sentence would be rather creepy sounded as her tone did not change from its usually cheerfully state. "Any questions?"

Ayumo would hesitate once the details for this little mission were revealed. Frowning, he'd sigh softly with a shake of his head. Well, that was definitely going to make it more difficult. Either way, he'd give a nod. "Behave like bad guys. Try to not kill… unless they push it…” He'd frown slightly, before sighing with a shake of his head. "Eri-san, I will try. They cage me… I… don't know for sure how well I'll do at this, hai?"

Kanbei had not been informed of the mission…up until now. He was pretty sure he was not the type to survive in prison. "Aren’t the prison's segregated to prevent gender crimes?" he asks. The boy did not want to let on that he doubted a pale white guy with red hair would not do so hot in prison. He heard stories and did not want to end up with a pair of juggs inked on his back. Finally as his brain continues on. "You know… I'm not sure this is a good idea. I'd be like a trophy for someone." He then glanced between the other members. He was looking for someone to be his protector. It chained having to admit he was not the baddest man on the planet, but he wanted to live. "So who here is the strongest…?" he asks with a slight hesitation.

Jin trekked on at the back of the group still able to hear Eri and the others. His hood has been let down upon hearing the details of the mission. He no questions but didn't like some of the stipulations. What's the fun of going in undercover as a criminal if you couldn't play the part fully? Jin complied no less though. Akechi was here and he didn't feel like hearing him spout some heroic nonsense. The responses from a few of the other shinobi both irked and amused Jin however. "Then stay behind. It's that simple. If you fear for your precious life or wellbeing so much then remain here." He then glances to Kanbei "All the strength in the world won't help you when it's your time." He grins malevolently at the young man. Jin moves up now taking out his mask. He looks to Eri "Can we move along now?"

"I have a question do I get to kill so one this time around? And does anyone have anything to eat I seems to have packed my water scroll and not my food one." Akechi head draped a little bit as he was with the group making sure that he was the last or the first in line if they were to travel. AKechi would then find himself thinking of a battle plan so he might be able to use his vector sealing ninjutsu in a similar fashion to other use the body flicker technique. "I never thought to use the technique like that I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot once I mean." Akechi would smirk for a short moment before cracking his shoulders and placing the scroll away once more. From what he could pick up from the group it appears that it might be kind of hazardous if he wasn't paying full attention this time around. And it really didn't help with Jin being here as well for some strange reason this guy just loved rubbing him the wrong way.

Eri looks over her shoulder giving Ayumo a soft encouraging look "I'll be there every step of the way…As a shinobi part of learning how to control yourself is getting used to stressful situations such as this…I know being caged up doesn't sound like fun, but just remember we aren't -really- bad guys and can leave the moment we have the information we need..Besides at least it's just criminals, sure we'll get fussed at, but I'm sure they won't be missed if something does happen…” She glances back over and grins brightly at Kanbei "That's what the henge technique is for love, so get used to seeing a more manly, but still just as amazing, Eri…Oh that's kind of girly just call me…” She taps her lips in thought for a moment debating on a cool sounding name. "Erik, that way it sounds similar enough that I respond if you need me. And don't worry, Erik the Crazed will make sure no one takes anyone as a trophy." She cackles a little bit getting into her insane role before peering over at Akechi and Jin. "Patience dearies we're almost there, and you heard me love, killing is a last resort…granted it might happen, but that just means more paper work for me to fill out."
As they continued on they finally arrived at the prison where they were escorting to a special changing room. Eri takes her prisoner outfit and begins getting undressed almost pulling her shirt over her head before the shocked guard stopped her. "W…wait ma'm! We have a special area for you." Eri stops just before anyone gets a show and looks over at the guard shrugging. "Be back in a moment sweeties." She skips off following the guard to her own changing room. After several minutes a man returns, tall and handsome with long blonde hair tied back with twine. He flexes his manly well developed muscles and grins over at the others winking. It would become obvious that it was Eri in disguise. "What do you guys think? Am I smokin' or what?"

Ayumo would just smile wanly towards Eri. Glancing at Jin, he shrugged slightly. "I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about removing walls…or people…" He'd keep with the group, having to give up his gear for the outfit, he still keeps one kunai for himself, hiding it within a sash at his waist. It was still better than him trying to punch them and potentially have a chakra leak, in his mind's eye. Either way, he'd eye Eri… Erik, as they walked in, waiting for a long moment, before shrugging. "I prefer the girl." With his decision given, he'd double check that his stuff wouldn't be messed with, before preparing to enter the world of the criminal.

Kanbei turned towards Jin but did not say anything. The guy made the official book of Asses. Unlike Eri's Official book of Asses, the two were not the same. He quieted down a few moments until Eri made mention about Erik the crazed. Great, he thought to himself. Now he was pretty much owned by a dude that was really a chick. There were some really conflicting thoughts in the boy's head as they made their way to the prison.
Kanbei quickly changed his clothes without saying much. Of course when Erik returned there was a slight grimace from Kanbei. The girl was ruining every image he had of her."Let’s just get this nightmare over with…"

Jin smirks at Akechi "The Hero wants to kill something? My my have you finally come to your senses? Assuming you ever had any to begin with that is." Jin chuckles. He sighs at Ayumo "Fear is fear. And too much of it is a hindrance. My offer remains." he moves on ahead placing the mask on. When they finally do arrive at the prison Jin peers around for ideas as to what form he should take. He doesn't notice that Eri is about to change until the guard speaks up. "Well at least someone's showing signs of boldness." he shrugs. When Eri returned as Erik Jin had nothing to say. He only rested a hand on his hip and gave an approving nod. It was a disguise after all. He touches his mask now and as he does so the mask changes into a real face but completely different from Jin's. The face was rough looking with a few scars and a beard. Jin figured it would suffice until he found a more appealing face to take. "Alright then. Let the nightmare begin." he grins.

"There is no need for fear when Akechi is here," Akechi laughed softly before transforming himself and standing there just like everyone else Akechi would have his thoughts in the clouds as he shifted and smirked "the world of the criminal sounds pretty cool never be elbow deep with the very same scum I put down and who knows I might put Jin down a couple of pugs when we get inside." Smirking as he slapped his fist together the young man would sigh as he rolled his shoulders and smiled. "Things are about to get good I just have that feeling you know." Akechi was allowing his excitement about the exams get the better of him.

Erik smirked over at the group shaking his head "You all are so hard to please. It is difficult improving something that was already so perfect." He holds out a picture of the man they were supposed to be keeping an eye on. "It is about time for prisoners to go out to the yard. That should be plenty of time to find him and keep an eye on him. We'll blend into the group and if anyone asks, you are free to make up some false charge that you were given to be placed here. My charge will be that I stole too many hearts…that and I stabbed a bunch of people." He grinned a bit wickedly before handing the picture off to the group for them to look it over. "Memorize it quickly. We'll get two hours before they are called back in." With that the guard would shackle each of the group before leading them out to the yard and releasing them. It had to be made believable after all.

The guy they were supposed to find wouldn't be difficult to spot; in fact he seemed to be the center of attention at the moment. A small crowd gathered around him, whispers could be heard that he had managed to find a secret tunnel that the guards had overlooked and he was allowing other prisoners to prove that they were worthy of escaping with him. As Erik moved through the crowd he listens to the whispers and tries to blend in. Although it seemed that one of the prisoners didn't like his attitude "Who da stripe do you think you are? You just bumped into me!" Erik glances over at him "Sorry lov…I mean stay outta my way or I'll do more than bump inta ya when we get back to the cell, ya wanna be able to walk next week?" He almost forgot that he was playing a tough criminal. The prisoner blinked and ran off to warn their apparent leader, Erik grumbled to himself. He didn't know he was dealing with a tattletale. He began focusing his chakra preparing for whatever discord would result from their presence here.

Erik had flare. No matter what…and even if it wasn't exactly useful at the moment. Shaking his head, he'd let himself be shackled, shifting his hands within it. Once they were released, he'd immediately leave the group, circling the yard while he'd watch the situation develop. This got him over to where the weight lifters were at, he'd eye the dumb bells, picking up some of the smaller ones, but otherwise just simply tried to blend in as a guy who was contemplating a long life of criminal time. Glancing over at the group, he'd sigh as Erik seemed to lock someone off, who had to go tell the boss. Following the gathering crowd, he'd listen to those around him, doing his level best to not touch anything…or anyone. That chakra was gathered and harnessed while he'd watch. They had to gather info on the guy, so a low key profile was probably better, than getting messed up in the situation. Of course, with the crowd turning ugly, there might be further requirements on the shinobi group.

Kanbei had to think of a reason he was here. He was still very young. His taijutsu was a bit lacking to be a burglar or a thief of that manner. He did not seem to be a killer. So what was left? What was it criminals always seemed to want that would give him an edge in this mission?
Like Ayumo, Kanbei scattered away from the group. He had decided it would be best if they were not all seen together, despite his worries. After a while he found a vacant bench. He decided to take a seat there and see if anyone would approach him. If not he'd simply watch the group. Maybe there was something to be seen in the big picture.

Jin moved towards the target prisoner like Erik. After all he was their objective. He remained separate from Erik but still close enough to see her and hear that she had gotten into it with someone. Jin peers at the man Erik got into it with. It seems the scum was little more than a footman for their target. "Interesting." Jin remarks. A prisoner manages to overhear him. "What? You say something?" Jin shakes his head. "Well keep it that way. The boss doesn't like it when people interrupt." Jin looks at this prisoner now. "Eh…haven't seen you around here before. What are you in for?" Jin smiles. "I'm just here for the festivities." This answer thoroughly confused the prisoner who would then regard Jin as a nutjob. With that awkward exchange out of the way Jin looks back to see what Erik had gotten herself into.

Akechi wasn't going to let Jin out of his sights as he did before however there was something he couldn't control and that was everyone else there at that present moment in time. He is closed off by two rather large men and they seem to mean business. "You have a very pretty mouth on you little lady." Akechi’s eye twitched as he spoke "I'm a guy," the other one started to speak as well "Is that right? You’re a very pretty guy…you can be our little lady can't cha…or rather you don't have a choice." Akechi would sigh once for a moment as he cracked his fist and blurred right pass them like they weren't even there, however Akechi had no clue that there were at least high genin low chuunin level and thus they caught up to him. With a little chakra charge he would smirk "Well well it appears you two need to learn to respect me." Akechi would for the moment try and pin point Jin once more but failed due to the large amount of people. One of the two guys would signal and a couple more would flock. "Well it appears I'm pretty popular. Fantastic." Shaking his head he would slip on a pair of his chakra gloves as he tapped his foot onto the ground.

As the leader was alerted about Erik and his threat he rises to hit feet. "Who is the one who decided to try and make the mistake of musclin' in on my territory?" The crowd gathered would begin to part to leave Erik out in the open. He peered around before standing confidently addressing the man they were supposed to keep an eye on directly. "I can't help it that your boy toy can't handle the sheer thought of one amazing night with me, now how about you stop all this talk about escaping hm? Aren't we all here to get rehabilitated?" He glances over discreetly keeping an eye out on the rest of the group. Seems everyone was blending in quite nicely, except Akechi, who got a faint chuckle out of Erik. The leader growled before snapping at Erik "What are you talkin' about?! You lost your mind or somethin'? Ain't no way I'm takin' orders from some pretty boy." Erik cackled a little before nodding "Oh I'll lose something alright..I suppose I'll just have to knock you down off your perch."

Erik twirled around and suddenly POOF Eri would stand there posed in all of her glory. The crowd would begin to whisper excitedly amongst themselves 'Is that a woman?!' '..How'd she get in?..' I'd let her in my cell any time…’ The leader took a step back obviously surprised before smirking. "You just made the biggest mistake of your life kid, hurry up and grab her before the guards see. We may as well have a little fun before we leave." Eri giggled faintly before allowing her white chakra to surround her in a beautiful white aura. "Well if you wanna have some fun dears you'll have to catch me first." She gave a playful wink before motioning through her hand seals "Love at First Sight…” If she could get him under her love spell then they could just grab him and turn him in once they fought off his minions. She just hoped that the others would be able to help her with the rest of the group. "Sweeties you can come out now! I could use a hand!"

Ayumo would glance up as the crowd started catcalls. A soft sigh was given with a small shake of his head. Great. It quickly went south, didn't it? Glancing around, Ayumo would scoop up a loose stone, following it with one of those free weight discs that was part of the weight lifting area. A few steps, he'd discus throw the weight, sending it flying over the crowd, before taking a step forward and hurling the rock at it. The rock hit the disc with a POP from the smaller explosion, that would flip the disk end over end, shattering it into shards that would fall down on the crowd attempting to get Eri, as those shards hit, ground or people, they too would explode. Well…if he was going to defend her, guess it was going to be with a Bang?

Someone had sat down next to Kanbei. He was just about to think on how to tell the guy he had gotten in with some smugglers and had a lot of cash on the outside. However that is all for not. Someone decided to let down a henge. Yes, leave it to Eri to expose herself as a woman to a group of men that haven’t seen a real woman in a very long time. "That one is going to get us all killed. Excuse me a moment." Kanbei states to the man who sat down next to him. He rises from his seat making some hand signs and sends dirt flying towards the ring leader of the prison yard.

Jin frowns at the spectacle. And shakes his head. "Such a wild group." He remains henged until he spots the tattletale gentleman from earlier. Jin grins then glances back and forth before moving closer to that gentleman. With Ayumo's explosions and Eri's dazzling performance this left Jin with the opportunity to take a captive. At the feet of the tattletale a dark pool swirls. In the excitement he'd be snatched away and dragged off elsewhere. Jin would then meet him at his destination and smile. "You won't be needing that face." A black tendril appears now and it would only take a second for the deed to be done. Next Jin would assume the identity of this man and try to get a bit closer to the leader.

Everyone skills and abilities would be noted by Akechi before he did a swift count of the attacking men, "So only five or you…well this will be over quickly." Smirking as he dash into a blur using the vector Sealing Technique and a kunai in hand as his means of attack to move around the yard slashing four of them with one pass leaving the guy that made the look like a girl comment for last. "Well looky here it appears that you're all alone persons I should kill you…I mean I did spare the idiots on the ground from taking a massive slaughter but all and all they never made that stupid comment." Akechi would start to slowly approach the man as he thought long and hard about it.

Eri braces herself as the explosions go off on the people around her, taking out or scaring off the majority of the prisoners. "Thanks Sharp Shooter, they must have forgotten what personal space means." She glances over at the leader and frowns, seems she was going to have to try again. The leader blinked and cursed as he realized there were more attempting to thwart his plans. "Damn…leave it to a woman to ruin everything." Shaking his head he looks over at his right hand man, not knowing it was now Jin in disguise, "Take care of the red head over there he seems to be the easiest to pick off…leave the others to me." The leader rushes towards Eri attempting to put her in her place with a swift right hook. Which definitely catches her off guard, her eyes narrow at the man and she shakes her head. "Love hasn't anyone told you not to touch a young lady?" She makes a few hand seals before attempting to place him under her genjutsu once again. "Love at First Sight."

As for the others Akechi's guys would crack their knuckles and pull out a sharpened rocks they had put away attempting to slice him as best as they could. Prisoners had to make do with what they had. Ayumo would have a couple of weaker inmates go after him to try and get him to stop making explosions by pinning him to the ground. Jin however would remain unnoticed since he seemed like one of them. A couple of the prisoners would attempt to rush at Kanbei as well, only trying to capture him. If he was with them, they thought they could likely hold him for ransom if they had to.

Shifting back a step, chakra flowed through him as he'd watch the guys rush at him. Frowning, he'd focus that explosive chakra into his leg, waiting for that last moment to stomp on the ground at them, causing that explosion at his feet and knocking them both off their feet. A kunai pulled then, his only one, he'd flip it into a guard, looking at them with a raised brow. "Stay down…or it gets painful." Glancing over, a small nod was given as Eri would finally catch the guy, he'd keep that kunai out, but head for the guards. "I'm ready to leave now. We got him…”

As Kanbei is attacked, his body breaks apart into a million little pieces of dirt and rock. The boy then appears from the side aiming a few punches at the man who tried to attack him. He was no longer interested in using his earthen rain jutsu. "Think I'm easy huh? I'm not getting knockers inked on my back!" he yells.

Jin as the man's right hand would nod softly and make his way over to Kanbei. As Kanbei came under attack Jin grins interested to see how the young man managed. "Looks like he won't die so easily…." he comments. Jin looks back to see Eri has gotten hold of the leader in a genjutsu. "Well then I guess the only thing left to do is…" Jin begins performing some handseals and the ground begins to tremble. "Clean up the trash." waves of darkness start to arise and sweep over the prisoners to incapacitate them so that they can finish with the leader and make their departure. "Erik whatever you're going to do…do it quick." he says. His henge was gone after the attack. He looks over to Akechi now then glances to Kanbei. "Oh no….Akechi's in trouble…." Jin adjusts the wave Akechi's way as well to 'aid' him. But Akechi might end up caught in the attack too. A slight miscalculation on Jin's part.

Akechi would already see the attack headed his way and deflected it or rather blocked it with a seal barrier, the same technique would be used on his feet to allow him to hold his position on the ground before yawning. "Well it appears that Jin wants a piece of the action too but I have no time for trash at the moment." Shifting about he would once again go into a blur this time he would just knock the man out like the rest using the blunt handle end of the kunai and the force of his movements to jam it into the man stomach knocking him out. As he started to slowly walk towards Jin and Eri before speaking "how's everything? It appears that we attracted a lot of unwanted attention it's hard to believe that they don't have any guards."

Eri smiles softly as the leader's demeanor changed completely towards her "There…all nice and calm love…now come here.." She reaches back and undoes the twine holding back her hair before tying the man's wrists together remaining close to him so he does not make any surprising movements. "Now dear I'm just making sure you won't be naughty and try to hit defenseless me again, sound fair?" The leader can only stare love struck at Eri and nods eagerly obviously wanting to please her."Y..yes..w..whatever you say" She looks back at the others glancing around watching Ayumo as he runs towards the exit. "Poor Sharp Shooter…he did rather well at least." The yard would be rather empty as what prisoners remained were ushered back into their cells. "Well Lemon-drop it isn't a very big prison, and the guards were the ones who hired us…they likely expected a little rough housing to take place."

Relaxing her white aura fades and she glances over at Jin peering at him slightly. She did not appreciate him turning on one of his teammates accident or not. "Do try to contain yourself next time Shadow…I would hate to have to place you under my genjutsu to keep you under control…at the very least you would enjoy it." Her voice was quite stern, well stern for Eri. With that bit of lecturing done she turns over to smile at Kanbei "See Red Pepper, everything went just fine. We got the trouble maker and now the guards can interrogate him to find out where the holes in their defenses are at. In fact…” She glances over at the leader and leans close to him softly whispering into his ear. "Where's that escape tunnel you were talking about hun?" The man shivers answering almost immediately "I…it's a hole in the pipes where they bring water into the prison…can crawl right through it." She nods pushing him forward roughly heading towards the exit. "There, now we can alert the guards and they can punish him as they see fit. Come along dears, we need to collect our pay."

Kanbei is still shaking his head at Eri when she makes mention everything went fine. "Ok trouble." He then turns to face Jin and Akechi. It was hard to think he'd ever find Akechi to play a hero. It was really hard to think, yet somehow Jin seemed to play the perfect bad guy. It was a head scratcher. Now that the mission was done and over with, Kanbei headed towards the dressing rooms so he could get out of his prison colors.

Jin shrugs at Eri "It was an accident. Next time I promise it'll be on purpose." He grins. "And I won't leave you out either." he blinks removing his mask. "Oh and we have one casualty." He looks over the tattle tale from before. He was intact mostly but his face was…well it's seen better days. Jin chuckles "Well at least I got some fun out of this. I'll be heading back." Jin notes before glancing to Akechi. "See you later Hero."

"Tsk," is all that is tossed towards Jin as he walked away before he scratched the back of his head. "That guy, tsk, but the title hero has a nice ring to it to say the least." Akechi would stand there for a short moment before looking at Eri, "hmmm how about this I take you out for breakfast tomorrow morning to make up for the mess we caused, and your more than welcome to come too Kanbei." Akechi would have a smile on his face as he looked over the man once more before sighing. "Jin, I pray for your sake our paths don't cross during the exams, to be honest I hope you don't enter the exams for fear of damage I might do to you." Tapping his foot onto the ground the young man would yawn before smirking and walking away. "Later guys off to take a nice long eight hour or more nap."

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