What If? Clan Wars – Ambush! Help Haruko or die!


Haruko, Kenta

Date: March 5, 2011


The clan wars continue striking fear and destruction in the land of fire. Tenjin Kenta, a herbalist and wondering genin, is traveling through the land of fire looking for a secretive hyuga village. Haruko was assigned a task dealing with the same village. She demands Kenta to help her or die. Kenta refuses and the two fight with Haruko driven off.

"What If? Clan Wars – Ambush! Help Haruko or die!"

Northern Pathway [Land of Fire]


This pathway extends north next to a thin stream of water dancing over the rocks on the left. Hints of small fish can be seen making their way through the rocks, often trailing down stream or stalking one of the water based insects noted in the water. Due to this water stream the bushes here are much greener and much taller, a very dense overflow of bushes is scattered throughout; Often expanding over the path making movement just slightly harder to accomplish.

The pathway eventually leads to a hill, the further one walks north the steeper it becomes before signs of rocks can be noted mixed in with the bushes. The hill isn't steep but it slightly elevates just below the tallest trees of the forest. The sight of animals is not a common sight to behold in this hill area, rumors of deadly snakes eating all the wildlife here has widely spread to the ears of many.




North East - (NE) [Winding Road]

North - (N) [Northern Hill]

South - (S) [Forest Crossroads]

Haruko has arrived.

Even in this what if timeline, Kenta is a true Tenjin. A wanderer of sorts, he continues the travels that his clan started long ago while trying to stay out of the clan wars. However, his clan's poison and herbalism secrets are well sought after by all the clans so he must be on guard constantly. Today, Kenta is in the land of fire, or what's left of it so war ravaged as it is. Even with the war damage, it's a nice spring day. It's just morning and Kenta has broken camp while chewing on a ball of rice for breakfast.

For one reason or other, the Amaro genin Haruko is also in the land of fire. Searching for something or other of value most likely. She had been traveling under the cover of night, and sleeping during the day in trees. When she notices the Tenjin however, she heads his way, jumping from tree to tree to watch more closely. "A Tenjin, huh?" She asks with a chuckle from her position in the trees, "How interesting…"

After Kenta polishes off his rice ball and licking his fingers clean, he reaches into his duster and pulls out a small map scroll. Looking this way and that he finds a mostly flat rock and unrolls and scroll to study the map for a moment. "Now, where is that pesky hyuga clan village. They're always so secretive about locations." he mumbles to himself while browsing over the map. He hasn't taken notice of the Amaro genin yet. Then again, he isn't the most observing type unless he's actually trying, which he isn't.

"Hyuga clan village is not too far off, actually." The Amaro genin says, a little more loudly this time. "I've been trying to find one of their genin alone for a while now. Shame they're never alone." She drops down to the ground, landing close to Kenta, "However, I feel you might be able to help me achieve my goals. And no, you don't quite get to say no. I'm sorry, but this is, after all, war."

Kenta jumps in surprise, "By the sage, you scared the chakra out of me." He coughs and picks up his map, "I see. I can't say no? Sorry, not my war." He rolls up the scroll and tucks it back into his duster. "What's in it for me?"

"Your life." Haruko responds, drawing a pair of Kunai. "I'm sure you'd consider that an agreeable deal." Yes, that is a threat. "If not, well then… I've been looking for a new fight of late. I have gotten bored from stalking and waiting, I feel the burning desire to kill."

Kenta just stares at Haruko for a moment. "You're kidding…" he asks with a snort, "…right?" But this does seem all to real, even for Kenta and his laid back attitude about combat. Giving a sigh he says, "Ok, I'll listen. No sense in spilling someone's blood on the ground today. Well, yours at least. How do I fit into your burning desire to 'kill'?"

"Well, either you help me kill a Hyuga with your fancy poisons, so I can take an eye, or I'll kill you. It's simple, really, and totally your choice." The Kunoichi shrugs, as though she totally doesn't care which one of the two it is. She doesn't seem very intimidated either. "So, please, tell me… which one do you desire more?"

Kenta's shoulders slump, "I was afraid of that. I promised not to use those skills to help kill others. There's too much death in the world and my hands get stained with blood well enough on my own. So no, do it yourself." He reaches behind him and grabs a hold of his kodachi's handle, ready to pull it out for defense. "How's that for an answer, kunoichi?" With his free hand he reaches into his duster, but keeps it hidden for now.

Well, that is the wrong answer, Kenta. But Haruko shrugs as she rushes forward, slashing out with both of her Kunai, aiming at the shoulders of her newly acquired enemy. She's got this blood-thirsty grin on her face as she attacks. She doesn't remain standing still, jumping away before jumping in again with another stab, this time aimed at the chest.

Kenta glares at the younger genin, not that he'd know, a year isn't that much difference. As Haruko charges in, he flips the grip on his kodachi and pulls it out with singing of metal on scabbard. A double line of white and silver appears for a second in front of Kenta, the only detection of his movements in counter the first two attacks. Kenta however, lets the last stab to his chest go through to allow the massive counters. How much damage he did by the technique, he can't tell. He sucks in a breath at the small pool of red now appearing on his duster, though luckily nothing vital was hit. Kenta exhales deeply and flips the kodachi back into the normal hand grip. "Those were some nice movements with the kunai…" he says, "…need some work though." He pulls the other hand out of the duster now, showing a field syringe of some type. Kenta breaks the cap off to reveal the needle, then jams it into his neck. "Urh..umph!" he grunts in pain as the serum takes effect. Muscles bulge and his face twitches as he fights off a spasm running through his body. "Now…" he says slapping his hands together with the kodachi between them. "I might have been lucky just now, but if you decide to continue attacking, I won't hold back." He waits for Haruko to make the next move.

Well… that is quite interesting. Also, that hurt… but not nearly as much as the hell Haruko is about to unleash upon Kenta… or so she hopes. Shuriken are drawn, big ones, and the Kunoichi starts to circle around Kenta at a rapid pace, flinging each of them from a different angle, one after another. She's fast, that much is clear… but is she fast enough?

Kenta just stands and flips through hand signs as the bladed weapons are thrown. Kenta turns into a pin cushion, full of shuriken, but before he could say 'ow' his form melts away into a puff of smoke and sound. Kenta looks down at his arm, a nasty throwing star did hit him before he could clone out of there. He pulls it out and lets it drop to the ground, giving away his position up and behind his form in a tree branch. "Well, I think I've seen enough. You're good…" he slides his kodachi back into its scabbard and makes a hand sign. "…and you're not giving up. Oh well…" and begins gathering chakra, a fair amount of it to boot.

Good isn't good enough for this Kunoichi. She has a taste for blood, for combat, and she wants to be the very best (like no one ever was.)

As such, she dashes forward yet again, throwing three more shuriken, one from the front, one from the side as she changes directions, and the last one is thrown as she jumps off against a tree to change directions back to Kenta.

Kenta ducks under the first shuriken and pulls his kodachi across blocking the last throwing star. But the one in the middle hits his thigh causing him to yelp in pain. What's that saying about 10,000 cuts? Kenta is starting to feel that at this point. He slides the kodachi home again and says, "Ok, you're asking for it now." He flips through hand signs and spits out several needles from his throat that is heavily dripping with fetid water, followed by a huge gush of water from his mouth once again.

Well, that hurt. This calls for dramatic tactics. Quite dramatic ones… you see? Haruko is going to take the path that involves remaining alive. She jumps up in the trees, and hops away, away, and away, trying to get away from Kanta if he decides to persue her, or just getting away from him if he doesn't.

Even in this what if timeline, Kenta isn't evil. If anything, he's even more of a caring guy seeing so much suffering and death around the world. So he lets her go while removing his coat to take a look at his injuries. "Aww man, now I've got to sew this up again." he laments.

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