What if? Dead Rising - Dog Thief



Date: November 13, 2011


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"What if? Dead Rising - Dog Thief"

Unknown location

Taiki crept along the walkway quietly, his ears and nose both flooded
with chakra. His senses were brought to their most acute levels as he made
his way toward the front of the house as he did not want to be caught by
anyone, canine or otherwise. Shinobu traveled quietly above him, walking
along the roofing of the walkway so he could keep his ears out. They could
not do this that often, but this was an occasional trip the duo made, when
the pressures, lectures, and even threats became too much. But Taiki
wasn't thinking about that now, he couldn't afford to. If he was to escape
for his training, he'd have to keep all his attention on the task at hand.

Shinei was making fairly good time, which in a way was surprising to him.
Those marks thought he had died after that squirt stopped him, so much so
it was almost funny to see the old bastard's face contort in shock when he
revealed himself. He nearly laughed then, until the coot had the audacity
to demand an explanation. Shinobi of his clan and stature did not answer
to weak clan trash, a fact he had to remind the old bag of bones about.
But it was worth it, and at long last he was about to claim his prize.
Kiri would pay a handsome price for a pregnant pooch from the Inuzuka
after all. The so-called guards were as easy to take out as ever, though
Shinei briefly considered killing them. But no, that would cause too many
problems. So instead he grabbed the pregnant pooch and started to make his
way down the mostly unused walkway, until he rounded the corner and saw
something he couldn't believe. Talk about fate…

Taiki heard something ahead, and slowly opened his kunai pouch, but did
not draw anything out. He crouched low, his eyes straining against the
dark to pick up any clue as to the identity of the stranger. Shinobu
growled just as the stranger came close enough for Taiki to see who it
was. But wait… that man is supposed to be dead! The color drained from
his face as he drew out a kunai, dropping down to all fours. "But…
you're supposed to be dead…" Shinobu drops down on top of Taiki,
growling even as Taiki is talking. "They killed you!"

Shinei didn't have any worries about the brat alerting anyone by that
shout, the only people that could hear him were poisoned, after all. "Well
well well… look at what we got here. The brat that stopped me the last
time. This must be my birthday, for sooooo many presents are just handed
to me. First the means to complete my work, then the gullible fools that
don't bother to change their guard patterns in seven years, and now the
runt that got me killed. I must be doing something right. Tell me, you
ready to repay what you cost me, child?"

If memory served, this ninja was a Jounin, and Taiki was barely a Genin.
Weighing the options and the consequences quickly, Taiki made the only
decision he could make. "No, but I'm ready to send you back to hell,"
Taiki said before throwing a kunai with an explosive tag on it at the

Shinei caught the kunai and threw it back so fast that Taiki could not
hope to catch it. As it was, it cut his chin as it passed by. The kunai
hit a post just behind Taiki and exploded, sending both Inuzuka and ninken
hurtling toward the jounin. Shinei was ready with a sword of his own, and
slashed both of the defenders across their chests with one sweep. Before
he shushined away, Shinei said, "Say hello to hell for me."

The sword bit deep into Taiki's chest, and it was all he could do to
remain conscious. Shinobu was nearly cut all the way through though,
though somehow was still holding on to life. Taiki grasped the air from
the shushin's wake as if trying to stop the ninja once more before
darkness closed around him.

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