What If? Dead Rising - Perfection



Date: November 30, 2011


None given.

"What If? Dead Rising - Perfection"

Unknown location

"….You can not be serious." Karasu stated dryly while a hand falls to
rest on the hilt of the sword shifted at his side.

'You are young and have barely started upon the road towards perfection.
It is, understandable, that you would question my suggestion.' The man,
dressed only in a loin cloth with skin dried out and painted with a
variety of red tatoos, telepathic replied to the Hatake. He then grinned
broadly and elicited a grimace from Karasu, for the sight of greying flesh
peeling away and even worse the stitches sealing the dried out man's mouth
shut for the most part, greatly disturbed him.

"I will conceed that my age in part makes me but a foolish child in the
eyes of the universe…Even so, I am not so much of one to wholly believe
that in death I can achieve perfection, and in rebirth through will alone,
maintain it in this existence. It is, improbable at best without—"

'Centuries of Training? Some, Kinjutsu perhaps? Maybe a Kekkei Genkai
even? These things I too thought in life, only to waste years of my life
running down the wrong path for my desires.' Once more the voice echoed
warmly in Karasu's mind. However as disturbingly nice, no alluring it felt
to hear those words within him, almost as if he thought them himself,
Karasu rejected them with barely the faintest hint of his efforts showing
through on his expression in reality.

"Very well, U-Guru-dono. I will, take your teachings into consideration.
But for the time being I must return to—"

'Of course, Hatake-san. I have faith you will make the right
decision….In the End.' The guru interjects, leaving behind with his
return back to silent meditation at the top atop a needle thin point of
rock sitting upon the center most point of a mountain plateu.

So grateful is Karasu to be finally released from the unnerving blank
eyed gaze of the mountain guru after spending the last half hour enduring
its hold since climbing up the plateu for a quiet place to meditate, that
he goes as far as to drop down to bow on his knees at the Guru before
calmly walking over to leap off the edge of plateu.

Seconds later in a furious gust of wind and dust, Karasu hits the ground
softly; and only now starts to wonder to himself '….When did I ever give
him my name?'

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