What If? Dead Rising - Revenge Assignment



Date: November 30, 2013


None given.

"What If? Dead Rising - Revenge Assignment"

Unknown location

The door flew open behind Shisei and he spun quickly, a kunai ready in his
hand. A figure was silhouetted against the sun outside, and when he
stepped inside the young Uchiha still couldn't recognise him. His long
black coat flapped in the wind, and his conical hat was lowered far enough
to obscure his eyes from view. "What are you doing here?" Shisei asked the
man aggressively.

"What are you going to do with that?" the man asked, raising his head to
reveal a pair of red eyes, three small black tomoe surrounding each.

Still with his kunai in a defensive position, Shisei demanded, "Who are

Smiling, the older Uchiha answered, "That's a much better question. I am
your father."

There was a moment of silence as Shisei watched the older man, examining
his face. Within seconds he noticed the similarities to his brother and
his own face, and the boy nodded in acceptance. This was definitely Uchiha
Mafuba, his father.

"I've secured just a few hours in the world of the living, and I need to
find your brother before my time runs out, so I'll make this brief," he
explained, his expression serious and brow furrowed. "I'm aware that the
woman who killed your mother and I is still alive, and my pride won't let
me suffer it," he told Shisei, and held out a small, tightly bound scroll,
"This is her name. Your brother has failed to exact our vengeance, so I
leave this task to you."

Still a little shocked, Shisei took the scroll and slowly unwound it. The
boy's mouth dropped open a little, daunted by the task now ahead of him.
Brushing a loose bang out of his eyes, Shisei looked up at his father and
started to speak, but Mafuba interrupted him. "I know its a big job, and
it may take you some time, but you must complete it so that we can rest in
peace," he insisted, then asked, "Now, where can I find your brother? He
needs to be punished for failing to complete our dying wishes."

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