What If? Examiner - Fudo



Date: August 14, 2013


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"What If? Examiner - Fudo"

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Another Chuunin exam, another crop of Genin to harvest. Should the fruit
be spoiled, they will be rendered into seed and replanted again for
another attempt. Otherwise, they just might be served up to their very
selective Kage and Elders to savor as choice produce from their respective
Through the years, Fudo has had to learn that there are certain ways to
go about examining prospective Genin for Chuunin-hood. Though certain
pitfalls and mistakes along the way, he has had time to hone himself and
his expectations to match that of what truly matters in evaluating
prospective leaders as neutrally as possible. This year would be no
differen, as the world's shinobi would gather once again to see who the
best of the best of the newest generation is gonig to be.
The first step, which he held true to, was the written examination. It
was intergal in his mind to get an idea of the thought processes of the
Genin. It may not be entirely accurate, and it may only be how they think
inwardly and not how they act outwardly, but it was stilla glimpse in to
their character, their ambitions, and their maturity. The questions
however, were ones that he had refined to have no answer. Not just because
they were open ended, but because there was not way to truly answer right.
They were no win scenario's that were designed to make the Genin consider
how to make the best of situation that no one wants to ever be in. To
Fudo, this was a true measure of leadership, how you handle things falling
apart or being off balance. Fudo had never mastered the game Shogi, but he
considered that if you started with less pieces, or in a bad strategic lay
out compared to your opponent, instead of it being even to start, that the
questions would be a similar test of superior ability versus meeting
expected parameters.
The Questions this year, as a test to this philosophy would be quite

Question 1: During an escort mission, your four man team sets off a trap
and take heavy casualties. You are uncertain if the rest of your team is
alive or dead, and the person you are there to safe guard is injured, but
will live. You cannot be certain if the enemy is near by or not, and the
closest town is a few miles away. What do you do?

Question 2: You have orders to retrieve documents from a safe house
within the lands of neutral shinobi. While it is not their primary
village, you know that they are on guard and that being noticed may cause
heavy consequences. You were briefed that no one knows what is on the
documents, or how valuable they are, and as you approach with your team,
you see that getting in and out will be near impossible without being
detected in some way, even if it is after the fact. How do you proceed?

Question 3: Your Kage is acting very strange. Going back on treaties and
agreements that they made both a long time ago, and quite recently. They
are spending up funds recklessly as well as being lax when it comes to the
security of the village and the safety of the people within it. You are
approached by some allies you have known for years, and they tell you that
they are part of a resistance group that is planning to take control of
the village and restore order. How do you proceed?

The written portion, as telling as it may be, was of course only the
begining. The next trial would be based on practical application of
responcibility and team work. This would be achieved by a series of
challenges within a group of three Genin. To make things more complex
however, the three man team would be chosen at random from all villages.
This means that a team without a Chuunin or higher guide could be created
from bitter rivals, or even enemy villages. The goal and evaluation of
such things would be to see how they can adapt to this, and if they can
work together to solve the challenges. Part of being a leader, especially
at the Chuunin level, is working with a variety of people you may not
know, understand, or even like. And there may even be times when you have
to work with foreign shinobi for a joint operation, even if it is unlikely
to have you in charge at the Chuunin level.

The Challenges are:
1. Hostage Rescue
2. Escape
3. Information Gathering
4. Pursuit and Capture
5. Defeating a Superior Opponent

Lastly, there would be the individual challenges. The duels between
shinobi that will dictate how profient they are in combat. While this has
the least to do with leadership, it has the most to do with seeing how
they handle themselves against, by this point, Genin that are relatively
at their own level. This challenge is a test of mettle, of wits, of power,
of ability, and it can be a test of various other individual
characteristics. However, it is also about village promotion and pride. It
is, truly, why many come to these exams before and after their time, or
even if they aren't shinobi. Of course after this, the scores are
aggrigated, and the best amongst them, or a certain level of score will
allow for them to be a Chuunin candidate, chosen by their village's
leadership in the end.

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