What if? Examiner - Naoya



Date: Unknown (log received April 1, 2015)


A seasoning Okumo Chuunin is allowed to toy with the Genin hopefuls, playing the role of Instructor as he and his brood evaluated the Genin from every possible angle.

"What if? Examiner - Naoyae"


The day had come and of all countries where the intervillage Chuunin exam would be held was within the Hidden Mist village. Such an exam was unusual to say the least, especially as Kirigakure held its down exam in isolation just two years prior of which their young Examiner, not even twenty attended. Quietly he awaits the candidate hopefuls as they begin to make their way into the lecture hall as he stood on the center platform with his eyes closed. It would be until the doors behind the last of the candidates is closed and something heavy is slid over it, barring everyone inside so his amber orbs gaze upon the Genin gathered. "This is what I have to work with this time? A room full of cheats and liars planning to use parlor tricks to win? Peh.. Order are order unfortunately.. On your desks is the usual basic page.. you have twenty minutes after I stop talking to flip it over and begin working."

The more studied Genin would notice soon after entering there was something wrong with the room, while it was filled with seven examiners, each one gave the same feeling of chakra. Those with keen eyes would be able to note at least half of them were using a henge of some sort.. the truth was much more sinister, each one of them were save for the one speaking. "Now start!" was shouted. And with that the class would begin. For the next four minutes.. nothingness. Not a single instructor, not even the one on stage would blink or look away from the students in question.

With little notice a thin silken web trails behind a spider that crawls up the opposite end of a desk section of a student. The spider was large, almost the size of a infant's palm and it quickly leaps at the panicked Genin as one of the instructors speaks with a distorted yet hushed voiced, "One.." The spider detonates utter, covering the Genin with the initial explosive seal's flames but then also bathed it in a ink black blood which burned as if acid, eating at the flesh and clothes alike. It wouldn't be long before a small troop of spiders would come along to bind the Genin within silk from head to toe before they are stored on the ceiling.

"If you are caught, you will be dealt with by the Brood.. If too many of you pass equally, you will be dealt with by the Brood.. if you fail, you will deal with the Brood." Shifting his gaze, the instructor shifts his stance, quickly hurling an elongated ivory needle tipped dart, quickly piercing into a oddly calm student. While at first panicked the student quickly splashes, a clone. 'Tsk..' "Find him.. Those who managed to free from this chamber will be hunted. I expect no more than four sets to pass." The young man spoke as if the nothing was wrong and with a whip of his wrist, the dart is withdrawn, quickly withdrawing back into his sleeve.

The truth was, the written test was meaningless. Those two were called out for cheating he strictly punished, though those who managed to free the room were rewarded. The trial was never to test the Genin's information gathering skills, but to test their threat assessment and knowing when to retreat against near impossible odds. Once the Genin who were wounded were bound and carried away, dozen after dozen of spiders would begin working on recovering and sedating the young shinobi. While the punishment were painful, or even scaring, none were life threatening, that was for his teammates to offer after the preliminaries..

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