What If? Fails And Flaws - Junko



Date: May 28, 2012


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"What If? Fails And Flaws - Junko"

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(OOC: Using the concept of the 'Self-Insert' What If? RP challenge and
combining it with the old 'Fails And Flaws' RP Challenge. This is mostly
just for fun, in relation to what COULD have happened at Hitoshi's rescue
scene recently.)

Suzaku Yuri, one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist, had stopped
the rescue attempt. Hitoshi was not to be rescued. But then, neither was
Kagami. Because now Nuibari was here, and it was time for everyone to
suffer. Those who had tried to fight against Yuri were helpless. Hitoshi
and Kagami and joined forces against the psychopathic kunoichi who wanted
to kill them all just for 'being there'.
It was not enough.
Then, a trio of shapes suddenly zipped in with the rotation and force of
throwing blades. Yuri deflected them with the wires from her sewing-needle
sword. Though the projectiles thunked in place like shuriken it quickly
became apparent that they were not shuriken. They were… Daisies? A
flicker of movement, a streak of blonde hair, and then a tabi-wearing foot
came flying in at the head of Yuri. It was by no means fast enough or
skilled enough to qualify as a Chuunin's Taijutsu level, thus a skilled
Jounin like Yuri had plenty of time and ability to react. But that wasn't
the purpose. The purpose was to drive her away from Hitoshi momentarily.
A kunoichi attempted to insert herself in the space between Yuri and
Hitoshi… And yes, between Yuri and Kagami too. Yamanaka Junko stood
there, legs shaking noticeably due to being way out of her element and
KNOWING IT. But she also didn't seem prepared to get out of the way. She
had been 'happy-go-lucky' in the eyes of many. More interested in
frivolous activities, fashion, having 'cute' weapons, and so on than in
being a successful ninja. She was a failure on many levels. But she had
been told by one boy that she is worth something more than what everyone
painted her as. She could BECOME more. She had the means and the will.
That led to her standing there, defending that same boy against someone
who had taken away Hitoshi's strength and ability to show HIS worth. It
was her who was strong right then. But she could not have done it without
Hitoshi himself.
"I have no friends!" Junko blurted out suddenly, without even being
spoken to. "But I want to have them someday! And that means I will not let
you take people I care about from me before I can confirm our friendship!"
Yuri grinned, baring her teeth in what is known as a 'slasher smile', and
then used one of the nearly-invisible steel wires that trailed from
Nuibari to split open Junko's right shoulder. She yelped as blood stained
her clothing, but then broughts her hands up in a Yamanaka Clan hand seal.

"Mind-Body—" Nuibari was thrown upwards, and Junko was distracted by
that, tracking it with her eyes. Yuri darted in and delivered a number of
savage punches and kicks to Junko, then caught her sword as it finished
its flight through the air, and performed a back-handed slash that opened
up Junko's throat.
Junko was kicked across the room. Bleeding from what was surely a
soon-to-be-fatal injury, the blonde teenager still got back up and tried
to head towards Hitoshi as her vision blurred. She was losing a lot of
blood, but she kept moving. When she fell down, she got up. When she just
couldn't walk anymore, she crawled. With her face in the dirt, she crawled
towards where Hitoshi lay pinned with needles through his hands, arms,
legs, and feet, unable to act.
Then Yuri was in front of her. Junko's vision was almost totally dark
now. The Swordswoman kneeled down and cupped Junko's chin in one hand. All
Junko could do was gurgle on her own blood. Then Yuri said, "You have a
cute face." One hand came up with a knife in it. "I think I'll take it."
Junko's last thoughts were, 'I guess I was useless after all.' But just
before everything went away forever, she caught a glimpse of Hitoshi and
Kagami breaking free of their bonds and charging Yuri from behind.

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