What If? Future Me - Passing the Mantle



Date: November 28, 2016


Hokage Lookout - Konohagakure

Poster's notes: references to Hokage numbers are 1 behind (Daisuke is the Third Hokage, etc.). Foul language filtered in obvious places.

What If? Future Me - Passing the Mantle"

Hokage Lookout - Konohagakure

Konohagakure, 40 years from now. Senju Daisuke stands atop Hokage Lookout overlooking his village, his ever vigilant eyes looking out over a large cityscape, ever growing and prosperous, a smile on his face and a sense of pride within him. The Second Hokage turns towards the Hokage lookout, the sprawling cityscape turning quickly into debris and ruin, the mountain itself having numerous scars within the rock. Ninja and construction workers were amongst the ruins clearing out the areas to free up more space for the ever growing Hidden Village. His smile sours slightly at the memory of the battle that had happened there 2 years ago, though he couldn’t be completely downtrodden with what potential damage the village could’ve sustained, no short of being eradicated.

An ANBU captain appears next to Daisuke kneeling down in respect to report. Seems the Uchiha clan was growing restless and the potential for a mutiny was becoming more of a reality and pressure from the administration was growing stronger and stronger. Daisuke’s eyes fall on the Third Hokage’s face up on the mountain, wishing he were still with them so he had to deal with this instead of pulling Daisuke out of retirement to fill in.

Daisuke gives him some orders and the ANBU poofs into thin air after confirming them, leaving Daisuke alone again. He retreats to his thoughts. If not for the cloaked Demon Fox things would’ve turned out so different. Under his reign as Second Hokage he had successfully made the Uchiha clan feel at home in the village, with enough power in administration to quell any unrest or thoughts of oppression. He had created a proper policing force amongst the village, and strengthened the bonds between the ninja and villagers. He had successfully negotiated terms with the Capitol City to free up more resources and breathing room for the Hidden Village without needing to bow to the Shogun so much. Konohagakure had united in peace for a good 20 years, and would’ve continued if it wasn’t for one of the Uchiha clan’s rogue members, long thought dead, bringing the Fox to Konohagakure and killing countless. The Third Hokage was the most notable member amongst those that sacrificed themselves in the battle, with his sacrifice sealing the Fox away and stopping its rampage. This rogue member carried enough influence amongst the clan to undo all the effort Daisuke had put in mending old relationships and now something had to be done for the safety of the Village.

Daisuke reaches over to hold the spot his right arm used to reside, another casualty in the battle against the Demon Fox. He was getting too old for this, old and disgruntled. He had spent the better part of his life helping this village grow and prosper, and to see it have so many problems these days with the 3rd Hokage’s passing and the shift in administrative and political power put a dark stain on the memory of his time in the village. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, the cool Fall air entering his nostrils reminding him of times past, with good friends long passed and where the biggest concerns on their minds was that new cute Kunoichi chuunin liking them or what next cool new jutsu they were going to create.

“Hokage-sama.” A light, airy voice interrupts his thoughts as he reopens his eyes and turns towards the voice, his newest apprentice standing near the door holding a thick book of notes she had taken for today. “It is time.”

Daisuke lets out a sigh and nods his head, taking one last look at the Hokage Mountain before he turns and heads towards his apprentice and the door. Today was a good day for the Village, the Fourth Hokage was being named; someone bred for the role by the Third Hokage for a good 10 years. He was young and brash, like Daisuke was when he was appointed, but the village needed a cause for celebration and he could think of no better way to do so, as it needed to be done anyway. Daisuke had had his time, he was never supposed to retake the role, and hopefully he would never have to again. He was tired, fighting the fight for as long as he had, and his hopes, along with all the others of the village, were put into this new Fourth. It was time for another to take up the reign and lead the village towards a brighter future.

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