What If? Genderswap – The Kumo Shore


Amani (Amano), Misa (Miso), Nariko (Nikko), Hiei (Hieita), Hiroyasu (Hiroko)

Date: February 5, 2014


Nikko, Amano, and Miso hit up the training center and end up hitting on Hieita and Hiroko.

"What If? Genderswap – The Kumo Shore"

Training Center - Kumogakure

It is a fine afternoon, the sun is shining over the Land of Lightning, the animals are wide awake and doing their thing while the people of Kumogakure are running around doing their chores and their daily activities. It is at this time that we find the training center. Within the training center is the very ripped and tan Yotsuki known as Nikko. He was sitting on a bench, holding onto a pair of free weights. He would lift one and then grunt hard. "Fifty." He says as he rests. "Only fifty more to go! Yeah!" His speech was very loud and boisterous, shocking some of those who were new to the place.

You know, Miso had no idea that he was living his life entirely wrong before he came to the village. Before, he would write poetry, and was a quiet, watchful sort of kid. He had no idea how wrong he was living his life. These days - the young genin hardly wore a shirt, always combed his hair and let it grow out so that it was long and luscious and stuff - and always tried to attend the gym with his favorite sensei. And now was the time for him to arrive. Slipping into the training center in his quiet fashion, with the serpent following along beside him, he had his tunic over his shoulder, muscles (kinda - they were small yet) showing on his (still kinda pale) caramel skin. "Yo, sensei!" he calls out, "I'm ready to lift today! Like every day!"

"There's nothing to be afraid of, seriously. All you have to do is focus on me and focus on all of this," Amano says as he gestures to his athletic build. He smirked and brought the girl he was with closer to him. "As a medic, it's my responsibility to show you proper technique so you won't damage your body. But, if you ever do, you know where to find me…" He winked at the girl and she giggled. Frick, he loved that so much.

"Alright, so we've got work to do. Let's see where to start first…" He lifted his hand to his chin, stroking his beard. "Cardio. You know how to punch a dummy, right? It's easy, there's so many of them here."

The sultry heroine Yotsuki Hieita is sitting off to the side performing one of her guilty pleasures. People watching. Only today it's in the training center. She's paying extra attention to the muscle bound guys who are working out with their shirts off. She is lounging a little with her long legs on display while she casually watches them, every so often flashing a smile at anyone who catches her eye. She idly reaches up to flip a lock of long white hair out of her eyes while her other hand lazily fingers the designs on the scabbard of the sword that is resting nearby her.

Nikko looks up from his lifting when he hears Miso. "Yo bro. Glad you made it. You better be ready! It's going to be all about working these guns." He points at his biceps. "We need to get your muscles built. Fifty reps! Do it now bro!" He lifts the weight up again. "Fifty-one. Gotta push it bro." He looks up when he hears his best bro with some girl. "Yo bro! Hit that!" Triple meaning! Out of the corner of his eye comes a hot young thing and he gives a whistle. "Hey hot stuff. Need some help?" He winks and does one more lift. "Fifty-two." With an ending grunt.

"I am so ready, bro-sensei," says Miso, rolling his neck and tossing his hair to the side. For the lifting session today, he had braided his luscious black hair into a ponytail. Blinking over at Amano, Miso lifts a fist in silent bro solitude for the girl chasing. And perhaps he sits his young butt on one of the weight lifting benches - picking up a pair of weights that were much, much smaller than the Yotsuki's - the Hebisuuhai kinda looking towards Hieita and waggling his eyebrows as he lifts the smaller weights. "Fifty reps! Yes, bro-sensei!" says Miso, starting in on curling the weights, making sure to add extra grunting in her exertion.

Amano returned the fist to Miso. "Only at night, right now I'm on the clock," he looked back at the girl as she found a dummy to hit or…what looked like a dummy. He couldn't tell from here, but he was fairly certain what she was hitting was not an actual dummy. It was a dummy dummy… But the dude seems okay with it, so he'll let it slide. A momentary eye catches Hieita before focusing back on the girl he was training. "Keep up those hits! Don't hold back on that dummy! It doesn't feel pain!" He…probably doesn't right now.

Hieita glances over towards Miso and Nikko and feigns a look of indifference. She flips a lock of hair over her shoulder again before she asks Nikko's question with a question of her own. "Help me with what, exactly? I'm not much of a 'pumping iron' type." She cants her head to the side slightly as her blue eyes stare at Nikko. Her gaze shifts to Miso and she flashes the younger shinobi a slight smile, but her attention remains on the boisterous one.

Nikko looks to Miso and nods approvingly. "Wait bro. You gotta push yourself. Come on bro! Heavier bro!" He gives an encouraging grunt to Miso. "You gotta push yourself, bro." He looks to Amano. "Doesn't mean you can't get her." He gives him a wink and does another rep. Then Hieita speaks to him and he sets the weight down. "Pumping iron is just where you got to start, girl." He moves to stand up and crosses his arms on his chest. "I can show you a thing or two. What you say?"

"Heavier, bro-sensei?!" says Miso, kinda glancing down at the weights, his masked face twisting in consternation. Briefly, he glances back up to Hieita, and catches that smile, his eyes kinda going goofy and wide for a moment. A beat. "Yeah, bro-sensei! I can go heavier!" he says then, setting the weights aside, and picking up ones nearly 1.5 times the weight of the others.

That he can barely lift. Groof. Kinda waddling with the new weights back to his bench, Miso quirks his brow a bit, and starts trying to lift one of those weights, his muskles visibly straining. "Grrrrrrroooffffff…one!"

"Bro," Amano started. "Tonight. Bet on it. After work, she's coming in for some personal training. I can't give her all the goods now 'cause there won't be anything left for the grand finale. She won't know exercise until she's had /my/ exercise." A few pelvic thrusts finish his thoughts. "Hey, yo! Cardio is done! Besides, that dummy is bleeding," he called out to the girl. She smiled sheepishly. "No, no, it's all good. It happens sometimes. That was just your excitement coming out." He gestured her over to him. "We've gotta get you to the next area of training."

Hieita rises gracefully up to her feet and walks over towards Nikko. She shakes her head. "Pumping iron wasn't the kind of exercise I had in mind." Stepping in close to Nikko, Hieita lays a hand lightly on his arm. "Besides, I don't think it would be good for me to be all muscle bound like you, right?" She takes a step back and offers a coy expression. "I have to admit that I'm not very strong physically. My frame isn't built for power." It was a bold faced lie, but hey, guys liked to hear that kind of stuff. She looks over at Amano and makes a disgusted face. She murmurs, "Disrespectful goat." Under her breath.

Nikko nods at Miso. "Yeah bro! Now thats what I'm talking about. Gotta get those guns of your built up!" He looks over to Amano and nods. "Yeah, get some!" She gives him a bro-fist salute and a thumbs up. "Show her who's the bro!" He looks back to Hieita and pretends to be understanding. "Yeah, well, if you want guns like these, you gotta start with the heavy stuff." He flexes and points towards the door. "The beach is thataway." He looks her over and rubs his chin. "Well, I suppose some cardio wouldn't hurt. You could always start with jumping jacks. Yeah, start with jumping jacks."

The brief flicker of victory that comes over Miso's features was short-lived. Twisting his head to look towards Amano, Miso kinda crinkles his nose and grimaces. "Don't do that, bro - that's nasty," he says. "I don't wanna see that," he says then, looking towards Hieita. A beat. "…will you do the jumping jacks, Hieita-san?" He sounded pretty hopeful.

"She is 100 percent correct." He agreed with Hieita. "Amano fun fact: If the girl has more muscles than me, it's an automatic turn off. But! I /am/ willing to try new things…I just don't know if I'd come out alive from that experience," he spoke this with some deep thought in mind. Would he date a girl that was much larger than him by comparison? …Yeah, he probably would. By now, he's already pointed his trainee to another area. There's a technique to talking about girls in this way. "Don't hate on my thrusts, bro. Those are what gave me these," he pats his abs. "There's a reason I don't come here all the time."

Hieita comments, "Your thrusts are disgusting and demeaning to women. But your abs are yummy." She offers him a wink before she looks between Miso and Nikko. "Jumping jacks? I suppose I could do that instead of lifting weights. Definitely better than playing around with rocks." She giggles a little and then smiles at Miso. "I suppose I should get a workout in, being in the training center and all." She then begins to do jumping jacks…and she's not really dressed for it, which causes some things to jiggle when they probably shouldn't.

- A gentle like prose enters the training center, seeming so out of place. It was the quiet young Hiroko Katayama, if there was something she should hide behind right now she most certainly would. Her gentle midnight like strands curling softly around her face, the green emeralds peeking out from beneath a pair of svelte glasses which she casually pushes up on her nose. ~Eww it reaks like BO in here~ are her first thoughts as she glance about seeing the large group of trouble without shirts.. ~gulp~ she left like a mouse in the nest of terrible monstrous birds.. with great abs. ~quick fleeting glance before eyes avert to the ceiling~ -

Nikko looks at Misa and gives an approving nod. "Yeah bro! Push through! Do you even lift bro? You don't act like you've lifted in days!" He disciplines his student for a moment. "Lift harder bro!" He looks to Amano giving him a thumbs up. "Yeah, now thats what I'm talkin' about bro." He looks to Hieita, raising his shirt. "Mine are better. I spend every waking moment lifting bro." Ab competition, go! Then Hieita starts jumping and his eyes go to the jiggling bits. "Yeah, do twenty of those." His eyes don't even wander. His eyes do notice another girl enter and smirks. "Hey, bro, check her out." She gives the male nod of pointing towards Hiroko then whistles at her.

Miso kinda just… continues to strain as he pulls up the weight, feeling kinda awkward at his more lithe form, as opposed to the hulking bodies of the bros around him. Cheeks coloring, he furrows his brow and flexes. "…three!"

"I worked very hard on these…so thank you," Amano accepted Hieita's compliment…and insults, it seems. "I am a certifiable uncertified personal trainer. In other words, I'm a medic. I know the body inside and out. If there's ever a day where you're sitting at home and thinking 'I wish I could have Amano train me', then look no further. I am here to help you," Amano offered to Hieita, jokingly. Although, there was a hint of seriousness. "I lift too, bro. I just don't lift like that. I need to maintain a certain physique." He snickered. "Miso…do you see this. This!" He pointed out Hieita, "Is inspiration! Feel your muscles surge with energy!"

And then the air was filled with the sweet, sweet scent of another that came in. Amano knew…he studied these things, he was a master! Another girl has entered the area! He cut his eyes to Hiroko to take a look at her.

Hieita frowns a little at the posturing, but then again the place also reeked of testosterone as well as body odor. She stops jumping when everyone, including her notices the new arrival. She lifts her hand in greeting, "Hi, Hiroko!" While the attention was on the other kunoichi, she discreetly places a hand under the bar that Miso is working out with and lifts it up with one hand, putting it on the rack. She flashes the young shinobi a smile. "What they don't tell you, is that too much lifting is harmful." Not only physically, but mentally. They didn't have a working brain cell between them, but still…it was hot. She fans herself slighty at all of the abs and muscles. Her cheeks turn crimson. "I guess all that jumping has me a little warm." She comments to take the attention off her flush.

- Hiroko can feel the burning sting of eyes upon her.. there were some loud muscle heads always saying bro and talking about lifting.. and they were oogling her.. ~Defenses activate!~ her arms curl around her chest instinctively trying to curl up into them.. Then there is a whistle in her direction and the shade of rose fills her cheeks and she sidesteps to hide behind a weight-bench.. ~Animals~ she whines. Her head peeks about from behind the bench, at the use of her name.. "hello.. hieita" she whispers loudly before hiding back behind the bench.. -

Nikko looks to Hieita when she takes his students weights. "Yo bro, why'd you do that bro? He has a strict regimen he has to adhere to." He looks at Hieita. "Gym, Tan, Laundry. GTL." He counts them on his hand. "Three rules bro. Three!" He grunts and then turns around to look at the other girl. "Hey there sweet stuff. Haven't seen you around here before. I'm Nikko. Whats your name?" He looks back to Hieita. "You want to impress me, do some squat thrusts." He looks to Miso. "I'll let it go this time bro, but next time you gotta lift more bro."

So focused was Miso on his 'lifting', that the words of his sensei just belatedly reach him, his eyes lifting up and blinking towards Hiroko. "Hi! Um…" he begins to say, when Hieita comes over in front of him, the Hebisuuhai lifting his masked face up towards the woman, cheeks blazing red. "Bro-sensei! Help!" he calls out as the weight was lifted from his hand, kinda scuttling back on the bench like a bug, kinda looking to Nikko and bobbing his head in a nod to him rather madly.

"Bro, what was that?" Amano asked Miso. "We need to work on that. It's totally cool 'cause you haven't reached your potential yet. Right now, you're soup, but later, you'll be a full course meal, bro. The ladies will be eating you up," he states, cracking a joke on his name. "Come on, up top," he lifts his hand for Miso to give him a high five. "Dude, here. I have a special massage oil. It's all fully medicated and shiz, but it's equally manly and sexy. So, you take this oil and offer her a massage. She's warm and needs to cool off. You get me, man? Are you understanding what I'm saying, bro?" He asks as he indicates Hieita's issue.

"Nikko, bro. Just go back to lifting. If you stop for too long, you'll lose your progress."

Hieita gives Miso a slightly confused look while continuing to fan herself. "What's your problem?" She shrugs faintly and then walks towards Hiroko. "You guys leave her alone. You're freaking her out, okay?" She smiles at Hiroko. "Don't worry. They talk a lot, but they're mostly harmless."

- ~Noo~ Hiroko squeals to herself.. she had been seen by someone she knows.. and Hieita has such a big mouth "Katayama……. Hiroko" she whispers from behind the bench, the emerald eyes peering over the top of the bench timidly. She didn't think it would be like visiting the zoo, she thought it would just be awkward with old guys in shorts too short or something equally gross.. "Hi~" she squeaks at miso.. at least there was one normal looking person here. Looking at Hieita "…" she was going to say something but no words just a squeak escapes. -

"It was… uh… I dunno, Amano-sensei," says Miso, the young man bringing up a hand to brush through his black hair. Sheepish - he did look sheepish, but he lifts up a hand, hoping to catch Amano's own in a hi-five. The young man kinda tips his head forward, and looks up at Amano out of the tops of his eyes, kinda… reaching out slowly for the jar of massage oil. "Uh. You're saying that Hieita-sensei is…" Miso looks between her and Amano, before his eyes kinda shift towards Hiroko. "Uhm. I just remembered the Raikage asked me to…!" Miso kinda drops the oil, and swings his legs off of the bench, running as fast as he can towards the exit.

"Hiroko? That's a cute name," Amano stroked his beard, but he was snapped out of it as his oil began to drop to the floor. He hurried and made a jump for it before all the contents could spill out. "That was close… This stuff doesn't come cheap…" He sighed in relief. Too bad, though. Miso was almost there. He was almost in the zone! It's okay, though. That's what practice and training is for. They'll have to meet up later about this.

"So…ladies," Amano started as he gathered himself and the oil he had. "Coming to work out with us? My schedule is open, but I do have someone I'm working with right now…" He looked back to see the girl he brought with him approaching.

"…Give me a sec." He went after her and began to talk with her to try and redirect her attention. She'd been doing all the work regarding the workout. Now it was time to seal the deal. "Later, you can come over for some personal training. Then we can get into the real deal. The gym is so impersonal, you know?" The girl gave it some consideration. "I'll make it even better. I'll make you a healthy meal that you can work out on. How's that?" That does sound nice. "I think…I'll be over later," she starts. "Excellent. Until then, rest up." He then walks her to the door.

Hieita blinks at Hiroko. "What are you doing here anyway? You /never/ come to the gym." She takes a seat on the bench that Hiroko hides behind, mostly to give the other girl some much needed moral support. She was kind of the timid sort. With a smirk she watches Miso run out like someone was chasing him and she sighs. "Youngsters." Before looking at the interaction between Amano and the girl he was training. She frowns, knowing from the comments she heard earlier that Amano would attempt to take advantage of that girl. "Actually, Hiroko, this may not be the best place for you right now."

- Hiroko slips back down out of the view of the man-beast with abs stalking its territory. "Well.. its" there is a pause as her two fingers press against one another pensively "The mean Yotsuki harpy at the library, said I could only check out as many books as I could carry.. and " she sighs "It wasn't enough.." she grumps cross her arms "So I thought I could come and workout.." she pauses "It works for so well for you" she peeks over the bench at Amano "I thought the cavemen died out a long time ago" she whispers as an aside to Hieita. -

"Alright, I heard something about books," Amano says as he makes his way back over and takes a seat nearby Hieita and Hiroko. "First, I wanted to say… Congratulations. Because reading is fundamental," he grins. "Secondly, if you want more books to read, just bring me. I can carry all the books you want." He flexed to show off what he had. Needless to say, it was enough to carry a lot of books. "You look smart. What do you read? Encyclopedias or somethin'?"

Hieita stares at Amano. Just..stares. She turns back to Hiroko. "Just use a cart next time. Then you can take as many as you want." She flips a lock of hair over her shoulder. "I'm outie. I'll catch you later." She finger-waves to Amano before picking up her sword and sauntering towards the exit.

- Hiroko scrunches up her nose as the muscle monger makes himself a closer target "I tried, the harpy was not having it. I think she just doesn't like me.. you know how those Yotsuki treat us" she says to Hieita before her eye plead with her not to leave her alone.. not with the sweaty caveman, she takes a deep breath as if to prepare a long list, and raises a finger "books~" is all she whispers before ~boomphf~ her clone dissolves into a puff of smoke.. and the trestles of her midnight hair trail her as she escapes out an open window.. she would just lift some rocks at home or something. -

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