What If? Pokemon - Disaster Hustle


Aburei, Mushi

Date: August 21, 2016


In a world full of pokemon, everybody's friendly and helps each other out, right? Well, not always…

"What If? Pokemon - Disaster Hustle"

A rural town

Ah, what a glorious day to be alive! :D Aburei the minccino struts along the streets of a rural village, pleased with the results of his recent medical visit. A feverish young pidgey, soothed with a clever mix of household berries. Why, the cure had barely cost the pidgey's mother a thing! n.n And Aburei neglected to charge her for his services too, but what's that matter, right? ;) "Mushi-neesaaaaan! Are you around?!"

Mushi the Espeon strolls down the path. Everyone has to choose a path in life. Some have only two paths to choose from. Some have seven, with an eighth choice that looks like a freakish cross between a chipmunk and a wrapped gift, and gives no other alternative in that Gameboy generation (at least players could avoid Leafeon by taking Glaceon…) Moving on (*cough*). She had a day off for once and has spent it napping and eating. Napping and eating. She's finally emerged from her cave, and has just crossed paths with Aburei. She herself works in the same line of business, though her pro bono services are far fewer than his. "Hey Aburei-chan. How did you do today. Didja save the world?"

Aburei rubs a paw under his nose proudly. "Well, close enough, if you ask certain people." ;) Speaking of saving the world, something dangerous has to happen for this to be an NMR scene, right? An absol comes loping into town from the direction of the nearby mountains and leaps onto a rooftop. "Beware, good people!" he shouts out. "A mudslide is coming! Evacuate the town immediately, if you value your lives!" XO Gasp! Absols are well-known as sooth-sayers of disaster, better listen up! O.O "Mushi-neesan, we've gotta help get people outta here!"

Quickly, everyone is Teleported out by the Psychic Pokemon. The end. But in the /fictional/ scenario there's an evacuation plan in place. And regardless of any psychic means, the injured must be handled with great care. Some patients in more intensive care need to be accompanied with the proper medical equipment, and it falls to Mushi and Aburei to assist with the five-mile movement of both patients and much needed supplies. Mushi and Aburei would find themselves in the ward with the less intensive patients, soothing sick children, and carefully helping those with injuries.

Yup, mass teleportation would be way too easy, wouldn't it? And for that matter, so would everything going smoothly even on a more ordinary evacuation. ;) That's why there's a minccino-shaped outline where Mushi thought Aburei was. If she asks around a bit, she'll find that Aburei went back to the village shortly after the evacuation began, because he thought of somebody who'd been under sedative medication and didn't have relatives around to ensure he was carried away. He should've caught up by now, something must've happened! 8o

The evacuation is well under way, and the Espeon has her hands full. Helping to calm people, helping to assist in the evacuation. All seems standard enough until she notes Aburei's absence. She sighs. Knowing Aburei he's probably off doing the job no one else thought of, like helping a feeble Mareep to safety, or coaxing a Skuntank to get out of the house. Some heroics. She can't leave her protege to be buried in mud, so after one last check on their progress she's off to help the boy. "Aburei!" she says, as she enters the premises. "Let's go." She'd search him out as quickly as possible. Foolhardy Minccino.

When Mushi arrives back at the town, she finds a SHOCKING SCENE OF — ! …Ordinariness, apart from how deserted the place is. c.c If there's a mudslide, it's yet to arrive. But then there is some movement — a meowth and a pikachu come out of a house, each carrying armfuls of valuables. "Dis ain't such a great haul, but I guess we gotta take what we kin get nowadays," the meowth comments. The pikachu suddenly spots Mushi and drops his load to point. "Pi, pika-pika chu pika!" "What? I can't unnerstand ya when ya stutters like dat!" "Geh, I said we've got company!" ^>.<^; The pikachu charges up an electric blast and sends it at Mushi, and the meowth follows up with a rushing claw swipe.

When Mushi sees the two with their arms full of loot, she mistakes their purpose. "You don't have time to grab your stuff," she says. "First you need to get to — whoa!" She gasps as they open an attack. She springs nimbly aside so the arc of lightning hits the ground. Her eyes and the jewel on her forehead blaze white for a moment, before she settles down. "So you're taking advantage of the disorder. You better not have hurt anyone." Before they can attack again she'd take the pre-emptive with a Swift attack. A hailstorm of stars would shoot out to pelt the both of them, faster than can be evaded.

The bandit-'mon yelp as they're pelted and turn tail. "Gyah, she's tough! Boss! Booooosss!" They flee toward the town hall. As they approach, who should step out at the head of a motley crew but the absol from earlier. "What're you punks shouting about?" "Chupipiiichupika — " "SHADDUP!!!" Then the absol looks past them and spots Mushi. His eyes narrow calculatingly, and he talks over his shoulder. "Get the hostages." B/

Mushi's eyes flash when she sees the Absol. It seems they've been fooled. "So this whole 'mudslide' has been a ploy to pick us clean," she says. "You know, some wounded people who should remain in the hospital have been forcibly moved. This is unforgivable!" Her psychic energy has become visible, like seething tendrils of white light around her body. At the same time a massive ball of psychic energy would come barreling in. Future Sight. It'd detonate like a bomb amidst the crew. Right now the wise thing to do was go get the police, but what did they mean by hostages? "The police are coming," she says. "If you leave now, you may not be arrested."

All of the bandit-'mon scatter with panicked yells, except for the leader absol. He just stands there with a smirk as the psychic ball lands at his feet and does seemingly nothing. "Pfft, there are no cops for miles. Any this town might've had went to evacuate people, and the nearest other town is hours away. And as for you, your luck ran out when you ran into me. Your pathetic psychic moves won't even tickle — " *BOOM* The absol is tossed skyward by the delayed detonation of Mushi's psy-ball. #.# Peculiar thing about future sight, even though it's a psychic move, it completely ignores elemental types. The absol grunts and picks himself up. "Ngh…you…miltank…" >.<;
Just then, a poochyena comes out of the town hall, dragging Aburei and a tired-looking kecleon. "Oh, hi Mushi-neesan! I had to come back for this guy, he tends to blend into his bed when he's sleeping so everybody else missed him, but anyhow it turns out there's not going to be a mudslide after all!" n.n Always looking on the bright side. The absol sweeps an arm toward them. "Any more rough stuff and we snuff them! Get 'er, boys!" A spearow hurtles spinning beak-first at Mushi, and a squirtle spews a high-pressure stream at her.

"Tough talk, ya Piloswine," Mushi shoots back, keeping with the pokemon-styled insults. She cuts off as she's forced to scramble around out of the way of angry birds trying to peck her to death. With the bird flapping about she opts for accuracy, and fills the air with a stinging cloud of stars that would follow the Spearow around. She looks to Aburei with a wry smile. "So I heard. But we still have a bit of trouble on our hands." This said as she avoids a high pressured spray of water that still sprays her a bit. Damp fur. She's really going to have to clean up later. Ugh.

The spearow is pelted out of the sky by Mushi's attack. "Okay, I warned you!" snarls the absol. He turns and raises his paw with claws extended — but pauses in confusion. "Hey, where'd that lizard go?" The poochyena blinks and shakes his still-clenched but seemingly-empty paw. A snore comes from the spot. "Oh, uh, still here, boss, just invisible." c.c Aburei takes the opportunity to reach his tail-tip around and tickle the poochyena's ribs. The pooch gives a surprised yelping laugh and releases both prisoners, and Aburei grabs the kecleon and dodges to the side. Of course, the absol isn't far behind. D< "Mushi-neesan! Little help?!" n.n; Also of course, the squirtle doesn't give up on attacking Mushi. He dives at her with its head and limbs tucked into his shell.

Mushi notices her friends' plight. As the Squirtle comes pelting towards her, she runs to get a better angle. Then she'd fire a well placed Psybeam not only to hit the Squirtle, but to hopefully send it ricocheting right into that Absol. Either way she's bearing down on them, her feet so light and graceful they barely seem to touch the ground. The Espeon's eyes aren't their usual obsidian shade, but bright white. Half mesmerizing, half unsettling.

Yay for extra-game applications of moves! :D The squirtle pings off the ground and careens into the absol. The bandit chief struggles to get up again after the blow. "You…pipsqueak…" Aburei turns to look at his pursuer. "Y'know, you really don't need to try so hard, especially to do something nasty. You should take it easy already. o/~ Go to sleep, go to sleep, don't be such a mean absol… o/~ " Whether because of Aburei's lullaby or simply from losing consciousness, the absol's eyelids flicker and finally droop down over his eyes. u.u
With the leader's defeat, the rest of the gang doesn't take long to cow into submission. The townsfolk are brought home and their possessions are restored, and once again the medics are heroes for decidedly un-medical reasons. ;) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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