What If? Pokemon - Team Rock-It


Jon, Rain, Kyo, Sakuya

Date: December 18, 2015


In an alternate world where the people are pokemon, a ninja team heads out to deal with a troublesome group of rogues.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Pokemon - Team Rock-It"

Wilderness near a highway [Land of Lightning]

Jon waits at the gates of Kumogakure, feeling the breeze flowing through his fur. Yes, fur. Were you expecting some sort of hairless infernape or something? :P Jon is a luxray, a feline species of pokemon with primarily black and blue fur. He's also a jounin of Kumogakure, and the chief investigative detective of their police force. He's out here today to lead a search-and-capture/destroy mission.
Scruvo the murkrow flutters down and perches on Jon's back. "There y'are! Why didn't y'wake me up before leavin'?" "Because you never get involved in the fighting anyway," Jon replies without looking around. "That ain't no excuse! You know 'ow much I enjoy watchin' you work, an' don't I 'elp in other ways?" :P "Occasionally. About as often as you get in the way." e.e

Rain was known to be a recluse in a kingdom of his own making, though he was also known to occasionally appear in other places around the globe. His territory was rumored to live in some form of alternative perspective that was unharmed by the specific effects of his nature; One that embraced them entirely enough to do so. So when the deep shadow of a figure would appear else where, it was often considered a bad omen, or at least the beginning of troubles and perhaps even nightmares. The fear was not entirely unjustified, though it was certainly not done purposefully. At least, not every time.
As for the reasons for him appearing today, the Darkrai softly floating to the ground before sprouting two stalk like appendages as legs, had yet to be explained. Though it did seem as if he was almost waiting for the gathering of Pokemon and may have something to contribute or to disrupt their efforts already in mind. "Detective." he would state with a slight nod of his smokey white covered head before a piercing gaze would return to Jon and Scruvo before scanning over the others lightly. "I believe you are after someone of particular interest to me. I would like to help ensure your… success. I believe it more amicable than taking my own initiative in this matter; Wouldn't you agree?"

Another Pokemon apparently hired to assist with this, a somewhat over-sized Rapidash named Kyo, has made her way to the gates to meet those she'll be traveling with for this mission. As she approaches, her fiery mane billowing out with or without a breeze, she looks over to Rain first and then over to Jon and Scruvo as if to ask if it's okay for this other one to be here.

In a pokemon world, in the Land of Lighting region of Kanto… Or something… there appeared to be few trainers. Pokemon freely talk to each other, it seems. Sakuya and Zuzu? Why, they were Ekans of course. What do you get when you spell Ekans backwards? You get Zuzu and Sakuya. Almost like twins, the snakes were making their way to the gate in undulating pattern. Zuzu, a white ekans with the charactaristic trademark collar. Sakuya, a black ekans with the trademark yellow collar of scales. Almost like twins of two different shades the snakes were never far from each other. They clearly fought as one unit. They were also quite silent as they slowly made their way across the street.
«Sakuya, what do you think? You take the bird and I'll take the lion. Both seem quite tasssty.» — »We're on a mission! Take this seriously. Why are you suddenly acting like this?« "Ss… Scruvo-san, Jon-sensss… sensei." The black snake would greet, as the white one took a flanking position as if seeking an opportunity to strike. "Yes, hello. What was it we were doing?" Both their tails shook a little, though not in tandem as they both coiled up… Sakuya wondered what it was like to be human a moment in her idle inward musings. Of course, when a rather forboding presence appears in front of Jon, both snakes would freeze up! It's Rain, the Darkrai! Clearly though, in this light-hearted world of pokemon, even Rain would be accepted in the ranks of Kumogakure. Anyone would be able to join the mission surely. It's those mean-spirited humans you have to watch out for… They might try to catch each one of them!

Ohhhh boy. e.e; Having a foreign power show up and express an interest in cooperating on a hunt is seldom a good sign, especially when you thought your target was little more than a nuisance-level threat. Still, there's no law keeping Rain from following them even if they declined his offer, and Jon figures he might as well keep Rain where he can see him. "I see. Well, any criminals on Land of Lightning soil will be under the custody of Kumogakure. So long as you understand that, we can accept your assistance." Scruvo eyes Zuzu apprehensively. "Blinkin' cold-blooded savage, that'n," he mutters under his breath. "Runs on sheer predatory animal instinct. Dunno if you could even call 'im a pokemon." c.c;
Jon clears his throat and looks each of the gathered pokemon. "Thank you for coming. Our mission today is to break up and apprehend a rogue group that has been accosting caravans on our major trade routes. The group calls itself Team Rock-It, and is known to favor rock- and earth-types, although of course they have a few other types in their membership." Jon glances at Rain. "Our intelligence reports no knowledge of any especially skilled or powerful members in their group, but if anyone has new knowledge to disclose, now would be an excellent time." Jon starts off down the path toward the forest where Team Rock-It is deduced to be hidden. "Let's move out."

With an utter lack of expression, or at least and entirely obscured one, the 'Dark Rain' would accept the terms. "But of course. It is better that the individual within that group remains here any how." What ever Rain was eluding to, it seemed he would keep it to himself. Unfortunate as it may be for the group, but the Dark Rai was not known to be very group oriented to begin with. "Hopefully we do not run in to any… surprises." he would add before simply moving on, taking firm strides upon his entirely unnecessary leg stalks.
The actions of Zuzu, the… commentary of Scruvo, the composition of the members of this little task force; Rain kept them all in mind. "The intelligence gathered does seem to be coincidentally problematic. How do you plan to compensate, Detective?"

Ah, the nin partner. Sakuya's not the only person with one. As the conversation goes on, a male Rapidash comes up beside Kyo, none other than her own partner Yuuta. Each look to the pair of Ekans, seeming to ponder before they look back over to Jon while he explains what it is they're going to be doing today… Team Rock-It… How punny… With no words to add from either horse, they would simply follow the Luxray down the path toward their destination.

Fine with the two Ekans, they aren't the highest level ekans in the village but they'll do their best. Zuzu would hiss at Scruvo, not hearing what he said, but certainly knowing that kind of harsh glance. The very same he dishes out readily. "Lookin' for trouble, bird?" The snake would say, brandishing his fangs. Then he whispers under his breath. "Damned bird pokemon, feeling so might just cause they can fly to any city they want to as long as they've been there first." The black snake would take the lead, said snake being Sakuya. "Right! Let's go!" Far more happy and simple than her complex partner in crime! Not enough special defense stats in that one.

"Raw power," Jon replies to Rain's question. "Most of the criminals in this group should be pretty inexperienced compared to trained shinobi. Even with type advantage they won't strike very hard, and they should go down in a hit or two each." Assuming, of course, that this 'individual' Rain is after and any cohorts he might have don't turn out to be extra-troublesome. e.e Scruvo quickly looks away from Zuzu when challenged. "Nope, not lookin' fer any trouble! Lookin' fer not-trouble, in fact! Oh look, there's a nice pocket of it up theah!" Scruvo takes off and flies above the group to put some distance between himself and Zuzu. c.c;
When they arrive at the forest, the group proceeds cautiously amongst the trees. Every so often Jon stops and peers ahead, his eyes flashing. Eventually he lifts his tail in warning. "Bogeys ahead," he murmurs. "Looks like sentries for their main encampment." As if to prove Jon's theory, a sentret in a distant tree props itself up on its tail and looks around. Jon lays low behind a boulder until the sentret is done surveying the area, then creeps forward. "Let's take them down quietly if we can," he whispers.
Other than the sentret, it looks like there's a gligar making slow, swooping passes overhead, a sandshrew standing around in a small clearing looking rather bored, a mudkip getting a little too into the sentry thing by crawling about in a little pool pretending to be a commando, and a diglett popping up at random here and there. Pick your targets.

It seems that the target area was within range now and numerically the advantage was with the Kumogakure forces. So now it was time to leverage that advantage. First, positioning each team took precedence in Rain's mind. He would retract his make shift legs and begin to hover about one more, floating silently above the ground as he kept his gaze upon the Sentret. Staying within the shadows, the Dark Rai would utilize Hypnosis upon the Sentret in order to attempt to lower the active number of opponents and gain temporary control over at least one target should the sleep inducing attack be successful.

As they approach, the pair of fire horses look down at the targets below and narrow their eyes. Choosing to go after the sandshrew, they move around in opposite directions around it before Kyo charges in and turns around to perform a backkick to send it up into the air while Yuuta charges and attempts to impale the thing on its horn. No mercy from the pair it seems.

Well, look! Zuzu would hiss at Sakuya in a low voice. "I heard you liked Mudkips, Sakuya." The black snake would hiss, "I do not! Why would you even say that?" What deep dark internet meme is Zuzu referring to? Either way, both snakes would attempt to sneak in and bite the Mudkip whom was acting like a commando, which was ironic given how Zuzu and Sakuya evolved into a Cobra. Two references in one pose. It was perfect. Two snakes, two bites! Like a snake in the grass, or two snakes in the grass, Zuzu and Sakuya double team the mudkip in a way that would be considered illegal if this pokemon world had battle rules!

Jon's eyes glow again, tracking the diglett's movements through the ground. Predicting the little mole's next surfacing, Jon sprints forward and throws himself shoulder-first. The diglett pops up to see a black form hurtling toward him. o.o; *WHAM!* The diglett is tackled and faints, sliding back into the earth. BECAUSE NO MORTAL MAY KNOW WHAT THE LOWER PART OF A DIGLETT'S BODY LOOKS LIKE. >8/
The other's targets are efficiently dealt with too. Sentret, dropped into snooze-land. |L Sandshrew, kick-kebab'd. x.x Mudkip, fanged. DX Oh wait, that leaves the gligar. c.c The bat-scorpion-thing sees what's going on and starts flying off, but a dark blur drops from above and smacks into him. "Oi, nevah get involved in th'fightin', eh? I just needed th'right moment, that's all!" n.n Like when the enemy is attempting to retreat so that Scruvo can use Pursuit to maximum effect, apparently.
Just when it's looking like the mission is going as well as it can so far, though, things turn ugly. The tree on which the sentret was perched suddenly swings a branch at Rain, striking like a hammer! GASP! It was a sudowoodo all along! 8O The boulder which Jon had hidden behind uproots itself and bulldozes into Jon, revealing itself as a graveler! A smooth brown stone under the pool turns out to be a kabuto, and it spews mud at Sakuya and Zuzu! Finally, a haunter materializes near Kyo and Yuuta, sending out a wave of blackness like night toward them! OHNOES, AMBUSH!

Suddenly finding himself grounded, Rain would be lain low, face first by the sudden critical success. His eyes closed a long moment as pain and realization came over him in a semi confusing simultaneous mixture. The haziness would however only last so long before he floated back up once more. "You only get one." he would proclaim as the Dark Rai would suddenly bring his claws together before separating them slowly. "Dark Void…" he would mutter as if promising that this would not end well for the sapling. However, despite his words and his seeming intent, Rain instead would utilize Dream Eater on the Sentret, recovering from the damage while hopefully spooking Sudowoodo in the process.

Oh dear, a Haunter! The Rapidashes are knocked back by the wave of blackness, letting out whimpers of pain. After recovering, they begin moving around the Haunter and lean their heads back and breathe out waves of flame at the beast. Flames can hurt this thing, right? Physical attacks supposedly can't, but maybe this'll work.

Water-Ground type! Zuzu and Sakuya are unable to dodge the mud, and got rather messy… As well as both of them being thrown back! Zuzu was lightly angered that his white scales were awash in dirty brown liquid! Well, he happened to have a special attack for the Kabuto, and a future attack idea to boot! He would open his mouth and spray acid on the Kabuto! Acid Spray is a legitimate technique! Sakuya would follow up by lunging out and using Ice-Fa…. Oh right, she wasn't a Shirayuki Ekans. Guess she'll just bite the Kabuto with a poison-sting!

o/~ I'm…dreaming…of a whiii*SCREEE-GHZZZZKKK!!!* X.X The sentret writhes on the ground as his pleasant dreams are consumed into mental static. The sudowoodo lifts his arms defensively and prepares to counter Rain's attack — but since he turned out not to be the target, he wastes precious time just standing there. o.o;
The haunter is indeed affected by the flamethrower attacks of the rapidash duo. She wails and flees from the scene, apparently not dedicated enough to Team Rock-It to keep fighting such a battle.
The kabuto is sprayed by the acid from Zuzu, and while it doesn't seem to hurt him much, it does sizzle on its shell and soften it. The kabuto manages to avoid the stinging attack from Sakuya, though, thanks to the mud blurring up her vision. The kabuto fights back with a jet of water at Zuzu.
Finally, Jon recovers from getting knocked down by the graveler and springs back at him, bringing his jaws to bear. You wouldn't think teeth could do much against a being of rock, but thanks to the peculiar laws governing the pokemon universe, Jon's attack counts as dark-type and sinks into the graveler's arm with a satisfying *CRUNCH*. The graveler swings his other arm at Jon, batting him away. DX

Having psyched out his chosen foe, the obscured face of the Dark Rai more than likely had a satisfied grin upon it's visage. Still, as it turned it's attention fully on to the Sudowoodo, he would make sure his intentions were clear. "You… who brought shade to passers by within my territory… only to wake them from their naps and picnics much like you ambushed me just now. You who have interrupted my landscape of dreams and nightmares. You will be going with the detective now… whether you want to or not." Threat issued and reasons revealed, Dark Rai's energy would now properly gather between his claws, creating a dark, malevolent sphere imprisoned by a deep red aura. Releasing the concentrated, larger form of his attack towards the single target, Dark Rai made his move to trap his nemesis in a nightmare he would not soon shake off.

Victory… As their target vanishes, the duo of Rapidash seem to have accomplished their part for now. Since both of their targets are gone, they charge in to help Jon, circling the Graveler the same way they did the Haunter and breathing out waves of flame. If it's strong enough to bat the Luxray away, this might not be a good idea, at least no one can say they didn't try!

It was with one final effort that Sakuya moved out to strike the Kabuto after a vicious watergun sent Zuzu against a tree. She used all of her strength to wrap the Kabuto with her body! Tightening against the softened carapace, she would manage to hold it in place! Now was the time! Zuzu knew the right technique to end this Kabuto! He knew that Kabuto was actually a Water - ROCK - type! With this knowledge the weakened and clearly capturable Zuzu would lunge, opening his mouth as lightning channeled into them in some strange way that is never really explained in the pokemon universe! Zuzu sinks his electrified fangs into Kabuto… It's… Super Effective!

The sudowoodo makes ready to sweep his leg under Rain, but…how much good would it do to knock the legs out from under something that floats, he suddenly wonders? -.-; That and Rain's speech cause him to pause and back away. "Hey, uh, do I know you? Listen, if you've got some beef with me I'm sorry and all, I'm sure we can reason this out like evolved adulYEEAAAAGHHHH!!!" X.X The sudowoodo passes out after being enveloped by Rain's attack.
The kabuto flails his tiny little appendages inside Sakuya's snakey grip. "FOOL!" he squeaks. "It would take you HOURS to hurt me with such pathetic squeezing! Your poisons cannot penetrate my rocky shell either! Soon I will break free, and then I will BURY YOU WITH MYohcrudyoucandoelectric." o.o; *BZAAAAAP!* One more down.
The graveler scowls as he's teamed up on, and sees that he'll soon have others joining in against him. "Grrrruuuu…you all think you've won, don't you…well, think again! I'll take you ALL down with me!!!" The graveler starts to glow, and not just from the flames he's been enduring. "EXPLOSION! RUN FOR IT!" Jon shouts. Just then Scruvo swoops by, and a tailwind sweeps through to speed everyone along. "Move it mates, this is gonna be a big 'un!" The graveler turns bright red whilst the ninja team dashes clear. "LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCK-IT'S BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAAAAAIN!!!" >D *KABOOOOOOOOOOM!!!*
…Well, that's that. Team Rock-It has been squarely defeated, and peace is returned to the Land of Lightning's highways. The remaining gang members are rounded up and taken prisoner, and the team can return home (or go wherever they will in the case of non-Kumo members). MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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