What If? Self-Insertion - Chuunin Exams



Date: March 6, 2012


None given.

"What If? Self-Insertion - Chuunin Exams"

Unknown location

The Electronic Score Board began to flash as it came to life, randomly
scrolling through the names of all the remaining contestants.



| |

| VS. |

| Eremi|


While most of the crowd was in shock at the two that were chosen, Gaara
was already waiting down in the arena glaring up at Eremi with crossed
arms. "Get down here already." The sand shinobi would utter. However, the
same enthusiasm would not be found from Eremi. Instead he was completely
terrified, frozen in place simply from the look he was receiving.


"Alright! You're up!!!!" A slap to Eremi's back would be given, with Guy
sensei hovering over, offering a thumbs up and a smile. "You can do this,
it's what we've been training for! Now show them the power of youth!! Let
it explode!!!!"

The force of the blow enough to jolt Eremi forward and glance up at his
sensei. A nod would be given in exchange and just as he was about to turn
to head down, Guy stops him. "Wait Eremi. I've come upon some great advice
that everyone else would have missed."

Interested in this, Eremi perked up, hoping to gain whatever advantage it
might be. Guy leaned in close, narrowed his eyes then said, "That gourd is
supsicious…." At a loss for words, Eremi could only stare at his sensei
for a few moments before grinning a bit. "Ahh, I see. Thank you for that."

Slowly, Eremi descended down the stairs until reaching the center stage
and stood in front of Gaara. There was silence as the two measured each
other until suddenly, 'THWAP!' An object bouncing off of Eremi's forehead
leaving a red mark. When it landed on the ground, it was clear to be the
cork that plugged up the sand ninja's gourd. Rubbing his forehead,
"There's no need to get antsy."

Off to the side, Hayate smirked, "NOW, 9TH MATCH, PLEASE BEGIN!!!!"

There was no time for hesitation anymore, no time to let fear take over.
This was a match that would determine who goes on to compete in the
chuunin exams. Sasuke, Neji and even Naruto have already progressed
further. Now, it was Eremi's turn.

In a burst of speed the young leaf nin shot forward, closing the distance
between himself and the overly relaxed opponent. With a leap and a spin,
"Leaf Whirlwind!" Eremi brought his foot around to blast Gaara in the
head. Before it could though, a wall of sand came up to absorb the blow,
preventing it from landing.

There was an almost, synchronized gasp among the crowd with what they
witnessed. Whispers of the genin being able to manipulate sand floating in
the air. Not about to give up though, Eremi pushed ahead further. Running
circles around his opponent, jumping backwards and springing forwards.
Even trying to attack from above only to have each and every last attack
be blocked.

Turning to face Eremi, Gaara continued to give the same look he had been
giving the other since the beginning of the fight. "You annoy me. I'm
going to kill you." His voice was calm as he said this and lifted his hand
to control the sand and launch it forth.

Desperately Eremi did his best to avoid the wave of sand that was coming
his way, but ended up tripping over his own feet and crashing into the
ground. With all his momentum now lost, he could only raise his hands to
block the attack. However, it wasn't something that could easily be
blocked. The sand completely encompassed Eremi, swallowing him up until
nothing was visible.

"Desert Coffin!" Gaara would exclaim while clenching his hand into a
fist. There was a loud crunch as if all of Eremi's bones snapped at once
and a red coloring oozed from the sand.

The match was now over, Gaara was the winner. The crowd could only look
on in horror and some with tears.

Eremi, was dead.

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