What If? Self-Insertion - Farewell?



Date: March 7, 2013


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Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What If? Self-Insertion - Farewell?"

Unknown location

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?"

Rise flinched, then mentally kicked herself for revealing such cowardice
in front of Sasuke. Despite the kick, She still couldn't meet Sasuke's
eyes out of fear of losing even more of her nerves. So she replied softly
with her eyes closed. "Everyone who leaves will have to pass through this
road… It's always the road over here."
"You should go to bed." Sasuke suggested simply as he walked past a
frowning Rise. Stubbornly refusing to open her eyes under threat of
letting her tears fall freely. And yet nevertheless…

"I was always making Sasuke angry.. and maybe even a little jealous….
Do you still remember?" She asked calmly before turning back to look at
him. Beyond grinding to a halt however Sasuke remained silent. "….When
we first became genins, the day three of us formed a gang together… the
first time I talked to Sasuke alone, you got pissed off at me." She
continued on anyways before averting her gaze to the ground as the memory
played back in her head; elliciting a tenative smirk from the girl.

"I don't remember that." Rise's head shot back up instantly upon hearing
the cold reply. "Teh! I thought as much. It /was/ a pretty long time ago
n'all that." She paused gather her wits with a deep breath as well as try
to smile despite her heart throbbing painfully in her chest. "But ever
since that day. Sasuke and I, and.. even Naruto and
Kakashi-ba-*cough*-sensei… The The four of us have completed a bunch of
missions. Hmpf, all kinds of crazy n'rough ones.. but more than
anything… it made me pretty happy for once in my life……. I know…
about what happend to Sasuke's family, but a thing like revenge… ain't
gonna bring nobody happiness……Especially not Sasuke-kun's happiness.
But I…." She trailed off into silence; expecting with every word she had
spoken for Sasuke to react in some way. Even yell at her like so many
times before for being so long-winded about what she wanted to say.
Instead, he chose to be quiet as a unfeeling, as unmoving as a statue.

Like I thought…. I am not like the rest of you. We have different
paths that we must walk. When the four of us were completeing missions
together I had thought that was my path. But after everything… my heart
tells me…I am an avenger. This is why I am alive.I will never be like
Naruto and especially… like you." He stated and started to take another
step forward before Rise cut him off, yelling, "Sasuke, do ya plan on bein
alone again?! /You/ were the one who told me about the pain of loneliness!
Right now, I feel that pain too!" As if shocked by her own outburst she
instantly shut her mouth. Chewing on lips hardned by years of abuse from
her shark-like teeth before summoning up her courage once again.

"Even though… I have family and friends…. but without Sasuke,
without /you/ in my life.. To me… I… I'll still be lonely…", She
emitted quietly.

"These are just the new steps we must take… on our individual paths."

"…. I ….grrrr! I like Sasuke-kun, I like him so much I can't
freaking stand it!….. If Sasuke and I were together… I swear I won't
let you regret it! We'll live happily everyday no matter what stands in
our way!" She took a stomped her foot a step ahead, soaking the ground
with tears she could no longer hold back fully.
"I'm willing to do anything for Sasuke! So… please stay! I-I-I'm
begging you!" A maniac smile started to split her features as she went on
to say with an unnerving level of calmness, "I'd kill for you, ya know?
Anything you want me to do… I will do it for you… If only… If only
to make you stay here.. together with me."
Try as she might, Rise could no longer stop the tears from falling at
this point. She could only keep her voice steady just for a little while
longer to add, "Though.. if that ain't possible… then take me with

"You really are very annoying." Is all he bothered to say after finally
turning back to look at her, offering Rise his arrogant, yet (at least to
her) endearing smirk before turning to walk again.

"DON'T YA DARE! If ya take one more step I'll start screaming—" Faster
than the eye could follow, and before she could finish speaking, Sasuke
flickers from view just to stand right behind Rise. Warming her with his
prescence, yet confusing and shocking her into complete silence.

"Rise-chan… Thank you…"

The moment Sasuke's expressed his gratitude, no, as soon as he moved to
stand behind her, Rise knew what was to come. So, she bowed her head
submissively at first. However lowering so many of her mental barriers in
attempting to get through to her crush, Inner Rise was finally able to
take over and force her to move much in the same way that Sasuke had,
albiet at a speed he had never before witnessed her use. By the time his
mind catches up to what his eyes had just witnessed the world before him
starts to grow dark. His last thoughts being only 'Rise… chan…!?'
"Tch! If ya ain't gonna stay here with of ya own free will… and ya
ain't gonna take me with ya… then I ain't gonna let ya leave OR anyone
else come get ya." She stated frostily, glaring daggers into the backside
of the fallen Uchiha before turning her gaze down further along the road.
Her lips twitching upwards in a cruel smirk before she took hold of
Sasuke's collar…

"We've been waiting… Sasuke-sama." Sakon (Ukon?) stated as soon as he
and three others descended from the treetops along the edges of the road
away from Konoha.
"Huh?", Sasuke replied apathetically. "…Aaah, Hebi-teme decided to
send a welcoming comittee?" He added, rolling his eyes. All of the Sound
Four sweatdropped in unison and turned to one another in confusion before
Sakon(Ukon?) decided to speak up again. "…Ever since we left the
village, we've decided for you to lead us. Please forgive our earlier

"Whatever. Let's just get going already." Sasuke replied and started to
walk ahead while four fell in line. All except one. The only female of the
group who spoke up as the others began to turn away. "Wait!… That streak
in your hair…"

"Kuso! This why I hate ninjutsu!", Sasuke exclaimed in a higher pitched
voice before a column of smoke shrouded his form.

A few hours later, Sunrise….

While the feel of something cold and hard chaffing only made staying
asleep uncomfortable, it is the light from the sun, the sound of bird's
chirping, then finally the memory of his attempt to leave Konoha being
thwarted made the Uchiha woke up with a start… and curse between gritted
teeth as the chains binding his body to the bench keep him from moving
barely a centimeter. "What the..! What the salutation is all this?!", He
exclaimed as he struggled futilely against the chains adorning the full
length of his frame except his head along with a second set of links
keeping his fingers spaced too far apart to form handsigns or pull his
arms up in front of him for that matter. The scent of something fowl is
all that stops his struggles eventually as well as focus his energy on
investigating his whereabouts. An action he soon regreted within seconds
of turning around to look next to him. Words failed him after the initial
shock kept him silent, because set dead center of the path… was a mound
of bodies. From top to bottom it was the sound four. All of which
displayed some form of injury with the largest, Jirobo, being at the
bottom sporting the hilt of a combat knife sprouting from the back of his
neck, Kidomaru, facedown and missing a few of his extra arms from what can
be seen of him, then finally Tayuya, moaning weakily in pain every few
minutes while something suspiciously pipe like stands erect from… a very
unpleasant place.

"So, Sasuke-kun!" After staring for so long looking ready to puke at
just about any moment, Sasuke's eyes shoot up to the petite figure sitting
at the top of the mound. One Shirokiri Rise, scratched up sporadically,
covered head to toe in random spots of blood that had splattered on her,
missing a sandal, bearing the torn remnants of her clothing… AND YET,
overall looking pleased with herself with her legs folded over one
another, arms crossed below her breast, and a toothy smile in place.
"Still wanna leave?", She asked sweetly. Sasuke's only reply is to
promptly pass out after his eyes rolled upwards into his skull.
"That's what I thought… hmm… though I hope that otha guy comes back
for more now that I think about it…"

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