What If? Self-Insertion - Out of Self Exile



Date: March 8, 2013


None given.

"What If? Self-Insertion - Out of Self Exile"

Unknown location

A door opens and a young man comes rushing into a shrine. "Master Ryo!
Master Ryo!" he yells. He is a bald man wearing a monks garb.

Another bald man of at least two dozen more years is kneeling before an
altar. He turns his head to look at the younger monk. "Calm yourself. Take
a deep breath." His voice is kind and soft.

"I mean news… I heard have… I mean I have news! Sorry…" the young
monk seems to twist his words before getting them right. He takes a deep
breath and relaxes. "News from Konoha."

Ryo turns back towards the altar and dips his head and closes his eyes.
"What is it?" he asks. His tone now seems as if it was bothersome of the
boy to bring the news to him.

"The Uchiha clan has been massacred. There are only two surviving
members. Itachi and his brother Sasuke. Word has it that Itachi is
responsible for the massacre. He has gone rogue."

The elder monk remains in his position with his head dipped down. "Why
would you waste my time with this? Leave. Go back to your studies." It is
only after he is certain that the boy has left that Ryo raises his head. A
single tear trails down his cheek. He gets to his feet and moves towards
the left end of the shrine. He kneels down and opens up a small hatch in
the floor. "My nephew, what have you done? What are you up to?" he asks
allowed before reaching down into the hole.

He pulls up a large box and opens it. Among the items displayed are an
Anbu Fox mask, a sheathed Katana and two articles of clothing folded
neatly. He picks up the first article of clothing. It is obviously too
small for a man his age. It looks like a jacket for a ten year old boy. It
bears the Uchiha crest on the back of it. "A shame." He then places the
jacket down and picks up the other article of clothing. It is an Anbu
uniform. It as well seems to be too small for him. Almost like it belonged
to a fifteen year old. "I doubt your father would have wanted me involved.
I will not let your heart be corrupted by darkness Sasuke." The monk then
takes the mask in his hands. He places it over his face. Though a little
small it seems to fit. He lets the material of the mask sit against his
face a moment. "It has been so long…" He then removes his hands to
reveal two red eyes. Both with the Mangekyo Sharingan. He remains still
for a moment, only scanning the area. It had been far too long since he
had used his eyes or even needed them.

As he stands up he looks towards the altar. "Sorry. You never know what
tomorrow brings." is all the man says. He had vowed to live a life of
peace. The last twenty years had been in vain. Now he had a mystery and it
involved family. Some things were just more important. He then reaches
down and picks up his katana. He pulls the blade from the sheath. It is
still sharp as the day he had placed it away. On this night, he would once
again take up the title of the Crimson Blaze.

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