What If? Self-Insertion - Path of Revenge



Date: March 8, 2012


After Itachi discovers Sasuke(During his Mission in Konoha) is going to run off to Orochimaru for training, he summons Naru to go after Sasuke, and train him personally for a plan unrevealed…

"What If? Self-Insertion - Path of Revenge"

Fuuma Alley - Miles from Valley of the End

“Did you do it…? Did you capture the Kyuubi?” A voice spoke from amongst the darkness, quietly nested within the quiet creeps far out within the neutral territory of the Fuuma region. One thing in this darkness was noticeable however, an intense scarlet red pair of eyes gleaming, watching, calculating all data that the sharingan could obtain. After all that was what she was taught, to be ready for anything, especially against her own master.
We spent a little too much time of the matter, but that was to be expected, the true mission was to gauge his strength, not to capture him as of yet,” Another voice had spoke out, soft, soothing, his body was garbed in a long black cloak emblazoned with a series of red clouds. “Which also has allowed me to get some insight on my brother, I have a mission for you, Narusegawa-chan,” Itachi had finally spoken up, his own sharingan activating as he focused his attention onto her.
The hairs along the back of Naru’s neck began to stand up, for quite some time now she had been training under Itachi, pulled away from the clutches of death for whatever reason. She had no idea of his true intentions but she had no choice but to remain true to him, he was one of the last of them, and she truly didn’t want to see their bloodline completely eliminated, the burden of survival rested on their shoulders.
So you have finally seen niisan for the first time in so many years? I assume that it wasn’t the most pleasant of reunions…” Naru almost joked, a very sly grin forming along her lips as she pulled herself up from the creeps of the cave and nodded her head. “What shall you have me do? Itachi-sama?” she had finally asked, honestly quite eager to stretch her legs and do something else other than training.
“Sasuke-kun has been going down the wrong path, during our encounter I did notice something interesting, he appeared to have a cursed mark along his neck, a unique way to tap into power however at the expensive of losing your mind and corroding your body…It was the Heaven’s Seal,” he informed quietly, pushing Naru to fill in the blanks.
“Is Orochimaru willing to go that far just to get the Sharingan? Does Sasuke-kun not even know he’s going to be used as a tool? That even if he gets his revenge his body won’t belong to him? Itachi merely nods turning back to the matter at hand. “Sasuke isn’t growing in strength as fast as he is supposing to, Kakashi isn’t able to teach him the full potential of the Sharingan, and this is why I need you to stop Sasuke…. Intercept him before he becomes difficult to track; and train him.” Itachi’s tone was quite unsettling, especially as his eyes quietly watched over her, it was definitely quite compelling, and almost seemed like his eyes were forcing a genjutsu upon her.
“You want me to stop Sasuke and train him… Do you have any idea what kind of problems that may cause for us? For you? Why do I need to do that anyways? Naru questioned, slightly flustered and a little confused about the matter, she had been with someone for quite some years now and finally he was pushing her away. “Look, Naru-chan,” Itachi disrupted, his sharingan compelling her into a state of paralysis, stunning her in her wake. “Sasuke needs the best of masters in order to complete the plan I have in store for him… He needs another who has mastered the sharingan and our true bloodline techniques, he needs another Uchiha…” his voice trails off, and suddenly his body tenses up as Naru’s eyes flash briefly, she smirks while slowly slipping out of her robe, revealing a traditional shinobi garb; after all running around in Akatsuki gear was going to be too suspicious after their investigation on Konoha.
She releases her genjutsu over Itachi, his body no longer tense… For the first time she managed to reverse his technique
“So be it then… It looks like I’m finally ready, but you will have to keep in contact with me… I don’t know what your brother likes, food, clothes, all those sorts of things, I might need a big brother’s advice,” she teased, moving out of the valley, within an instance she was already rushing along towards the border of Konoha, she had to find Sasuke before Orochimaru got to him….
Convenience must have played her hand for once because it didn’t take much for Naru to find a bruised and tired Sasuke, clothes falling off his body and hair soaking wet. With the Sound 4 taken out by Naruto’s group and Naruto himself failing to retrieve Sasuke, it only made things for Naru much easier to get into that thick head of us. Just a few miles away from the valley of the end Naru had stood, boldly donned with a simple black cloak she remained tall and firm while locking eyes with Sasuke from afar; He seemed a little puzzled and confused… She didn’t look like a member of the sound 4, and she definitely didn’t look like anyone from the village?
Was she a member of Anbu? Almost instinct fully his cursed seal began to activate, the burning black flames sprung along his flesh causing him to wince slightly, his body still quite sore from his previous battle. “I don’t have time for this, I have somewhere to go, and now who are you?” Sasuke ordered a response from Naru, the girl herself appeared to be quite cocky, and she took cool light steps in his direction, waving her hand as if she was dismissing his cursed seal.
“I never thought we would meet under such circumstances, Uchiha Sasuke,” Naru spoke with a smile, noticing that the hint of his name had caused him to activate his own sharingan, “Three tomoe… and he isn’t progressing enough…?” Naru mocked under her breath, though still impressed by Sasuke’s achievement, especially with no guidance from another true Uchiha. “I heard you planned on training with Orochimaru, rather than that I’m going to take you for myself,” Naru states, plainly, though Sasuke quickly tenses up.
A fight so soon? You better believe it. “I have nothing to learn from you….Now as I said you are in my way!” Sasuke shouts out suddenly motioning through a pair of hand seals, lighting streaks across his body before resonating into the palm of his hand. “Chidori!” His eyes lock on to her and suddenly he launches himself, attempting to run her through in an instance, however just as quick as he moved Naru’s eyes flashed at the last moment, her full tomoe’s sharingan allowing her body to instantly fade away, his chidori goes right through her but her genjutsu takes place.
The chidori had hit nothing but air as Naru appears behind him, reaching in from behind and pulling his arm high in the air. Forcing him to deactivate his chidori. “Even with the three tomoe sharingan you aren’t capable of fighting someone with your same abilities, is that right? Uchiha Sasuke?” Naru confronted, the seal along her hand forcing his stamina to deteriorate, he was getting tired quickly, not much energy within after his previous fight. “You…you have the sharingan? Who are you? Only my brother and I are the only ones that should be left!” Sasuke exclaimed, attempting to break his hand free from her gripe, she didn’t answer any questions, only letting going and taking a step back.
Sasuke could feel his lungs closing up, and an incredible power forcing him to his knees. He knelt there, suffocated by the power of her genjutsu; she puts a foot along his back forcing his face head first into the pile of mudded dirt.
“This little battle… Was finished as soon as we made eye contact that is how your revenge will take place… No matter how many jutsu and tricks you have up sleeves, unless your eyes are better than his…. You will die,” Naru spoke boldly, leaving Sasuke to cringe cough and gasp for air. “ Orochimaru won’t be able to show you the true potential of our Blood line… I’ll pave the way for you, Sasuke-kun,” Leaning down she finally reached a hand down to pick him up, gazing at his mudded face, Sasuke grunted, shocked, and a curious expression woven upon his face perhaps he was happy to finally find a member of his clan but the look on his face spelled out that he was submitting to her.
“When your eyes are stronger than mine… That is when we will face him,”

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