What If? Self-Insertion - Uchiha Jon in the Valley of the End



Date: March 5, 2012


Tragedy can be a powerful driving force. The precise direction that drive runs in, however, differs according to the person at the helm.

"What If? Self-Insertion - Uchiha Jon in the Valley of the End"

Valley of the End [Land of Fire]


Naruto pants heavily, having finally come within sight again of his errant team-mate at the base of the waterfall. Uchiha Jon seems not to hear him at first, staring complacently in the opposite direction. Then he slowly turns around, revealing that one side of his face, including a baleful grey-and-yellow eye, is being taken over by the influence of the curse mark.

"Yo, Naruto."

Naruto grits his teeth. "Jon, you have to stop this! Orochimaru just wants to use you as a vessel! He'll put you on like a new set of clothes and there'll be nothing left of you!"

Jon tilts his head just slightly. "I've already made my decision, Naruto. I know what the consequences are."

Naruto clenches his fists. "So that's it!? You're throwing away everything, just for a shot at revenge against Itachi!?"

Jon smirks. If only Naruto knew…vengeance comes second. Sure, Itachi deserves to die for what he did to the Uchiha clan…but first and foremost, Jon wants to know the truth. Why did Itachi really do it? How was he able to slaughter an entire clan of elite ninja in a single night, without the rest of the village realizing it until he was gone? How did the caring elder brother Jon knew until then become such a monster? The answers can't be found by living a happy life in Konoha.

Neither can Naruto and the rest know of Jon's intentions. They wouldn't let him risk it anymore than they would let him do what they thought he was doing. Worse, ironically, they wouldn't try as hard to stop him. A chance like this, to be welcomed into the folds of darkness, is rare, and it is fragile. If Orochimaru or his cohorts suspected Jon would not cooperate, that his thirst for vengeance was not great enough to be used to manipulate him, they would vanish and take with them the secrets they carry. And if Jon's old comrades did not believe, if any of their punches were pulled or any of their words held less pain than they should, Orochimaru would know.

"I thought of you as a friend," Naruto continues, his voice harsh with grief. "It's the first time I've ever had such a bond. But if I was the only one who thought that way…how stupid am I?!"

Jon almost loses his composure there. His jaw tightens and his fist balls before he slowly relaxes again. "No…you're not wrong," Jon replies evenly. "I thought of you as a friend too. That's why you hold a special value…to be killed." Jon walks across the water toward Naruto. "Do you know how the greatest power of the Sharingan, the Mangekyou, is awakened? There is a very special condition. It only happens when an Uchiha kills his best friend. I need that power, in order to face Itachi."

Naruto seems paralyzed for a moment, caught between Jon's admission of viewing him as a friend and the statement of intention to kill him. Then Naruto summons a shadow clone and holds out his hand to it. "I don't care what you say," Naruto snarls while the clone starts forming a whirling ball of chakra above Naruto's outstretched hand. "I'm bringing you back to Konoha alive, even if I have to break every bone in your body first!" The clone vanishes, and Naruto charges.

Jon smirks and dashes to close the distance, the blazing light of chidori forming in his own hand. You have another special value to me, Jon thinks as the powerful techniques near for an imending clash. No matter how deadly a blow I give, you'll find a way to survive it. I believe that, Naruto.

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