What If? Self-Insertion - War Council



Date: March 8, 2012


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"What If? Self-Insertion - War Council"

Unknown location

"Stop. Here looks good." A near thirty-five year old Keiji states. Behind
him, the Sand Siblings come to a halt. Next Keiji's hands make a few earth
signs before he places his fist into the dirt below him. "Earthstyle!
Hidden Cavern Technique!" The earth slowly begins to part, revealing a
dirt stairwell down into the darkness. The elder Shippodoku then glances
around before entering the stairwell and vanishing into the darkness
below. The Sand Siblings follow without a word. Shortly after dirt from
the edges closes up over the hole making it almost as if it never existed.

Now in complete darkness only silence can be heard until a few sparks
flicker and soon a fire illuminates the cavern. The figures are dark but
each is evident by their figure. Gaara by the massive gourd upon his back.
Temari by her figure and Kankuro by his rediculous hat. Each sits down
around the fire. Keiji then moves a pack infront of him. From it, he pulls
out a rather large pipe and a bag of herbs.

"This bores me." The voice was obviously Gaara. His face semi shadowed by
the dancing flickers of light from the fire.

Unaided by the shadows, Keiji's dark pupils focus on Gaara. "Enough
Gaara, we are about to begin the war council". Soon the pipe is raised to
Keiji's lips and lit. He then passes it in the direction of Temari who
seems eager to smoke from the pipe.

"Why do we always have to smoke the pipe… Sensei?" Kankuro had almost
forgotten to add in the honorific. He had learned that lesson the hard
way. Soon the pipe comes to him and he presses it to his lips. The boy
coughs a little before adding the question, "And why does Gaara never get
to?" He then hands the pipe back towards Keiji. His eyes then focus on
Temari as if wishing for her support.

"The pipe allows us to move towards spiritual enlightenment. The smoke
cleanses the soul." The dark pupils of Keiji remain on Gaara. "There are
some souls that even the smoke cannot cleanse." The real reason was
actually one of caution though. Memories of what happens when Gaara falls
asleep begin to work their way through Keiji's mind. Yeah, he was not
going to risk that in such a small enclosure. His eyes then glance
downwards over his pincered finger. He made sure it was coated with poison
at all times. Especially this close to Gaara.

"Now the war council begins. We have been over each test and the roles
you are to take in them. We are here to discuss your targets." There is a
pause as the pipe makes its way back to Keiji. After passing it he
continues to speak. "Once the signal is given… Gaara, you are simply to
wreak havoc upon the village itself."

"Temari, you are to look out for the Nine tails. Though Konoha is
reported to have captured it around the time of your brother Gaara's
birth, they have done an excellent job hiding it. Being as this Uchiha
Sasuke is considered the top shinobi I am guessing their host is lacking
in ability." The jounin still has not removed his eyes from Gaara, though
he does feel sympathetic. 'Poor boy. To get the Shukaku of all demons. It
makes him irritable. If it were not for him killing Baki, I would still be
in the mountains at the Temple of Scorpio. One more assignment and my debt
is paid… Stick with it Keiji.'

Soon he is snapped from his thoughts. "What about me… Sensei?" Kankuro
asks with a little hesitation. He then takes a puff from the pipe and
begins a small coughing fit.

"The poison I gave you. You are to coat one of your puppets with that and
attack the exam proctor with it. DO NOT let it touch your skin." Keiji
glanced down at his own pincer. It was a similar poison he planned to use
on Gaara if the kid decided to go nuts. "Also Kankuro, you need to take
your battles more seriously. This time is for real. Playing around will
make you weak and get you killed."

There is a nod from all three of the genin, though Gaara starts to close
one of his eyes. "Open your eyes Gaara." He is reprimanded by Keiji.
Though Keiji had the advantage of sight over the three of them, he doubted
he would survive the boy becoming the Shukaku. Luckily for both of them,
Gaara opens his eye though he does give a growl in response.

"Where will you be Sensei?" asks the female voice of Temari, who had been
fairly quiet around Keiji.

A smile forms on Keiji's face as he quickly makes a side glance towards
Temari before returning his dark pupils to Gaara. "I have my own target. A
favor to someone I owe. It seems they wish someone's son dead for killing
their own."

"Ooooo" Temari says sarcasticly. "The greatest assassin we've never heard
of is going to assassinate someone." Across from Temari, the eyes of
Kankuro go wide. He had learned his lesson making fun of Keiji. He had
seen the transformation into a scorpion and believed him to be just as
much of a freak as Gaara was.

"Yeah Temari. If you had heard of me before that would mean I either left
evidence behind or the Kazekage has been speaking too much." Keiji then
shakes his head. "We have three days before the exams begin. Do not draw
attention to yourselves. I am looking forward to stalking my target. This
council is over. Hand me back the pipe." After placing the pipe back in
his bag, more hand signs are made. Soon the ground above them parts
revealing the stairway again. The smile still remains on Keiji's face as
he thinks about his target. 'Here I come son of Konoha's White Fang.' As
he walks up the stairs, he turns back to the team. "Oh and the Kazekage
has ordered no one is to harm the Uchiha."

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