What Starts a Bond


Ryuunosuke, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: August 27, 2012


This is part 1 of 5 for Ryuunosuke's summon plot. In this scene the young genin is plagued by a lingering concern and heads out to investigate it.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"What Starts a Bond"

Grassy Plains - Land of Grass

Two days have gone by and Ryuunosuke couldn't stop thinking about Django. Though the monkey put him through quite the trouble the young genin couldn't help but feel sorry for it. Being caged up wasn't something he'd become too fancy of either. A day ago Ryuu found a flyer promoting a show titled 'Monkey Business' Upon the front the client from the other day, Ganjo, stood with 3 feature monkeys behind him. One of them was Django. "Daring Stunts, Mesmerizing Tricks, and the Dome Games continue on?" Ryuu states incline his head as he read the flyer. The young genin crumbled it up trying to assure himself that this was behind him now. But this morning Ryuu remained sleepless plagued by dreams depicting Django. Pretty soon he began to feel aas though something was trying to reach out to him. Later that day he could hear villagers talk about the show. Apparently Ganjo runs quite the spectacle. It was being held outside of Kusagakure this month. Many were going all the way just to see it. That's when Ryuu got involved. He checked mission requests seeing if either of them could take him to the Land of Grass. He couldn't just up and leave saying he wanted to go see 'Monkey Business.' unfortunately none were available. The village was keeping its shinobi close with the War going on.
Nearly a week has passed and not a night came when Ryuunosuke slept soundly. His dreams grew more violent and vivid. The young genin was stressing over this. The wear was visible. He went to the medical center today and they detected no physical abnormalities. The medic stated whatever was causing this unrest was something personal. An issue unresolved in the mind. Of course Ryuu had no choice but to accept the fact that somehow for some reason he was concerned with Django. The young genin makes plans soon after to venture to Kusagakure. He's well packed by the next day. Now comes the issue of slipping out of the village. It wasn't hard though. Ryuu knew a guard rather well. Being a Senju and an annoyingly tenacious one at that Ryuu was able to convince the guard to look three other way. He might've tossed a fib or two in there about just going to the river to fish but no real harm done.
After two days the young genin arrived in the Land of Grass. He under packed a bit so he would have to restock. As he moves through the valley of grass in a distance he can see a large tent. People were lined up around it. Ganjo's fliers swept by on the winds. When Ryuunosuke came closer he could hear the roar of a crowd and music. People stood outside the tent seemingly upset. "Sold out? What kind of primate is this?" they complained. Ryuu inclined his head and wondered how hhe was going to get in. Just then a few kids scurry by. "Shhh hurry up." one of them said. They were running around through the back of the tent. Once there the snuck in through a gap in the tent. There were about 3 of them iin total. As they crawl through Ryuunosuke is there standing behind them. "Ya know that's technically stealing." One of the kids looks back and scoffs. "You gonna tell our moms?" Ryuu chuckled and shrugged before following them inside. They came out underneath the stands. They had full view of the show but it was hard to hear much with the crowd over them clapping and stomping. What Ryuu could see was Ganjo standing in the center of what seemed to be an arena. "Ladies and Gentlemen the moment you've been waiting for since last month! The Dome is back!" The crowd cheers ecstatically. One of the kids below with Ryuu cheers too. "Alright Dome Games!" Ryuu looks to them "Dome Games?" He'd soon see it though as Ganjo was flashing through handsigns. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Upon Ganjo finishing the handseals, one monkey would appear, a male it seems and followed by him another is summoned this one a female. This was his way of making things more interesting. None of this brawn and craftiness that came from pairing two of the same together. Now, it was time to see which of these two would be the better? "I'm sure you fine folk are looking for a most wonderful show and today, I have one that is sure to pique your interest! The Dome Games will begin and will star two participants," he gestured his hand over the two monkeys and snapped it outward as he finished introducing them as, "Django and Mayu!" Mayu looked around at the area and though she didn't exactly want to be here, a show was a show and she'd have to do what was necessary to make it through. Besides, she can always get away with a sneak attack disguised as a modest mistake to give the crowd a bit of a laugh. Ganjo wasn't going to get away with using her as bait all that easily.
Django on the other hand wasn't exactly excited to be in the position he was in. Compared to Mayu, a raincloud could be his companion, but there's always a silver lining and it shows itself in the form of his performing partner. Maybe he can find some good in this and a mischievous grin began to spread across his face. It was time to dig up some benefits from this performance. Ganjo began to turn to the monkeys and explain exactly what they were going to do. Naturally, it was stated with a commanding tone and a certain air of coldness that was in complete opposition to the mild warmth of the Land of Grass. Once the directions were finished, he turned to flash a grin to the crowd and step away from the two monkeys so that they could be free to begin what consisted of the Dome Games.
Precautions were taken to ensure that any routes that could be utilized to escape were to be closed off and that happened to include the gap that was nearby one of the bleachers. It was found by one of the hired hands and monitored from then on, mostly the inside part. He didn't care who came in from the outside. It wasn't his show. All he knew of his job was that the main attractions were not to escape.

Ryuu was confused thus far and can't hear Ganjo say much of anything at the moment. However when he sees Ganjo step back and face the crowd Ryuu can figure that something is about to go down. "Alright Django's up again. This is all his man." one of the kids says. Ryuu blinks and tries to get a better look at the two monkeys. Indeed one of them was Django. What are these Dome Games exactly? Ryuu was thinking this all throughout Ganjo's posturing and what not. Finally Django and Mayu would be given the signal and the crowd went silent as the light dimmed. The first move was made by Mayu who was wearing a rather apologetic look on her face. She charges and Django but midway appears to trip and fall on her face. Django just inclines his head and looks to Ganjo very quickly. Ganjo return the look to Django and the monkey reluctantly leaped to stomp on the fallen Mayu. Of course he fell for Mayu's trap. She sprung up instantly and caught Django off guard in mid air. With tumbling like agility she hurled him to the edge of the arena. Django revocered and tries to slow himself to a stop. The rung suddenly becomes smaller as the outer rim sinks in and reveals fire. "Oh Django looks like he's going to end up the main course tonight." Django eyes the fire as he slides right for it and off the edge of the arena. The crowd gasps unanimously including Ryuu. Mayu doesn't seem too happy either. She rushes towards the edge.
Once she gets there she doesn't see Django at all. "Wow he's done already?" "Is he really cooked?" "Nah it's all part of the performance." several commentaries can be heard but everyone is on edge. Mayu backs away from the edge looking horrified. Suddenly she finds her posterior being squeezed. The look of horror on hehr face turns to a look of great irritation and disgust. The crowd starts to laugh which only makes it worse for Mayu. Django wears a goofy look on his face and snickers. "That Django, toldya." Mayu turns around putting an end to Django's fun and strikes him on the head very soundly. Django bit his tongue in the process and felt to the ground rolling in pain. The crowd continues to laugh. Mayu's attention is then drawn by Ganjo who is giving her an icy stare. Mayu looks back to the now recovering Django and lashes at him with her tail which becomes bladed. Ryuu blinks "Whoa…what kind of game is this?" one of the kids looks to Ryuu and sighs. "Man you've never seen the Dome Games? Basically it's a match between all these skilled Monkeys. First one to get a ring out wins. This one is a little more intense. But that just makes it all the more awesome." Ryuu looks back to the arena watching Django getting backup to the edge. He's just over the edge and he can feel the heat on his back. The crowd once again is on edge. Mayu begins too hesitate in her attack seeing Django about to lose balance. Again Ganjo shoots her an icy glare. She closes her eyes and slices one last time. Django leaps back to evade the slash but soon would fall into the fire. That is until he poofed into a cloud of smoke. Mayu inclines her head and looks over the edge once again. She rubs her head. From behind her comes a hoot. There stood Django. "How does he do that?" some wondered. Django charged Mayu now. In fear she peddles back and Django winds up for a swing. She yelps and there is a silence throughout the crowd.
Now comes a shocker. Rather than attacking Mayu Django simply places his hand on her shoulders and stares at her with kind eyes. He lowers his head and shakes it before bringing Mayu into an embrace. The crowd was awed but at the same time heartfelt. Of course it was short lived. It appears it was just another ploy for Django to get in close to Mayu. The female monkey caught on to his game and once again became angered. She takes control and baits Django with affection now. He of course fell for it and before he knew it he was backhanded several times furiously. At the end of it all Django was lying on the ground with swollen cheeks, apparently unconscious. Ganjo groans and raises his hand "Looks like Django is down for the count! Mayu is the victor." The crowd cheers and laughs at the same time. Ganjo was obviously disappointed to be a comedy for them but they seemed entertained none the less. "She'll move on to the next round." he says. Ganjo motions his head and two cages roll along on wheels. One for Mayu the other for Django. Once inside the cages are rolled back into a deeper section of the tent. Ryuu decides to slip out here. "I think I've had enough of these 'Games'." The young genin departs and attempts
to get back into the deeper part of the tent. Meanwhile Ganjo is starting the next round stating that it'll be more thrilling and cut throat than the last.

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