What was that Jutsu?


Hinotori, Ryo

Date: November 6, 2012


Hinotori returns to show Ryo a new trick to use at the Chuunin Exams

"What was that Jutsu?"

The Lake

Konohagakure Lake [Konohagakure]
The large opening boasts the main attraction of the area, a murky lake from where the river leading from the Hokage mountain leads towards. The water appears to be a very dark grey color but shines a slightly blue when the sun catches it. Matters of critters come here to drink water in peace who don't seem to bothered by the presence of others strolling or sitting around the lake for a quite day of peace and quite. People often come here to have a quite day with the family or to meditate to the clearly heard mountain stream flowing off the rocks into the river.

The sun was rising on the horizon. There are a few people out and about on this cool morning, but not many. Ryo however is out by the lake. He is practicing his form with his new ninjato. The bald young boy is moving slowly as the red sky starts to creep over the trees.
Training, toning ones body to perfection or to hone skills that you rely on the most. Something Hinotori knows very well, even though it's early in the morning the Jounin is up. THough where he's been for a while is anyones guess, appearing out on the lake and walking through the mist, his hair has grown a bit longer, and bangs hang hear his eyes and the rest of his hair in a pony tail. From the looks of him, he's tired. Dark circles surround his eyes but regardless Hinotori is awake, the pale red of his sharingan can be seen if anyone looks.

As Ryo turned in his form, he spotted Hinotori. There was a face he had not seen in forever and a day. "Hey. How's it going?" he asked. He was not sure why it seemed to be the popular thing to do, but both Hinotori and Naru seemed to have permanently activated their sharingan. Ryo kind of liked being able to activate the eyes at will. "So where have you been?" he asks.
No for Hinotori it's not popular, just something he guess thats run off on him from Fuyu. Those who know him, know he was close to Uchiha Fuyu, but when he his spoken to, he looks in Ryos direction. He nods his head a little bit, "Nice to see you Ryo-kun." he says to the fellow Uchiha. "How are you doing?" he asks as he walks off the water. His clothing looks pretty different from normal but it does sport the Uchiha Crest on the back.

Ryo shrugs his shoulders. "I am a little excited I admit. The Chuunin Exams are being held in Kirigakure this year. I am hoping to show the Uchiha pride off a little bit infront of all those Kaguya." He then looks down towards his blade. "Would you like to spar? I guess I could use some pointers. Maybe some new jutsu."
Nodding his head as Ryo speaks, though part of him didn't want to go to Kirigakure, but Ryo needs him and knowing the Lady Hokage she will be asking him to go. "Sure." he says as he looks to Ryo as he takes a few steps back onto the water. "But heed my words, don't go looking to show off. Play to your strengths and don't get over excited." he states. There is a seriousness within his voice something that hasn't been there in a very long time. "I can care less about the Kaguya, and I feel they may even be looking to see if they can kill an Uchiha. So be careful." he explains as he gestures for Ryo to start.

Ryo heard the words of the older Uchiha. The concept of death did not scare him. "I understand. Allow me to show you my strength." His eyes close for a moment. When they reopen, they are filled with the triple tomoe sharingan. He builds his chakra as he looks at Hinotori. He was debating the strategy for the fight. There were only a few moves he truly felt comfortable with. Those would have to be what he relied on.
It wasn't really understanding the concept of death, death is apart of life. Without life you can't have death and without death you can't have life. But Hinotori merely allows his sharingan to fully activate, though holding back the rest of his power, the older Uchiha watches Ryo. It's been some time since he's trained Ryo or Naru for that matter or his sister…..his head lowers slightly. "Come." he says solemly.

Ryo starts off with some strength. He places his hands together and then curls a hand around his lips. Soon a very small fireball shoots out towards Hinotori. Given his Sharingan, Hinotori should easily know that if the firebll hits, it will be a firestorm. He was hoping to draw out a decent defense from Hinotori that he might be able to copy. Luckily due to the placement of the lake, he was able to use the technique without too much damage to the land.
As Ryo's hands come together and he begins to blow, the Sharigan spins as it reads the attack. Hinotori continues to stand there as the fireball is blown and as it is, with his speed unenhanced streaks in under the fireball missing it entirely. The Jounin closes the distances easily and as he nears Ryo, something from above comes diving down above Ryo's head. A kick aimed towards the boys shoulder.

Ryo looked up in time to see the attack, but something seemed off. He ended up kicked, but still he saw something with his eyes. There were two Hinotori's. "Thats no fire clone." he states. Soon he draws his ninjato and lunges forward towards the first Hinotori. He makes to slashes towards the older Uchiha.
There is something odd and the look on Ryo's face confirms it, though Hinotori doesn't seem to show any expression. When Ryo attacks with his sword, Hinotori still looking a bit dubious and not fully focused. As the blade is struck out at him, Hinotori doesn't back away but only sways from side to side, keeping close to Ryo and as he misses, Hinotori throws a two finger strike towards Ryo's chest followed up by flaming uppercut which if it connects will knock Ryo high into the air with Hintori spinning as he lands back to the ground.

Ryo saw the attacks coming with his Sharingan. He easily manuevered away from them. "Hrmm, what else do you have?" he asked. He wanted to see if there was anything he could use in the exams. For now his hands move once more. Again he curled his hands around his lip and spit out that tiny fireball. He had positioned himself so it would go out over the lake.
Again the same attack, but this time as Hinotori stood there or looks like he is just standing there something seems to flicker out from behind him but his timing is off and he is hit hard by the fire technique. A grunt escapes him as he crashes into the water, but the explosion from the water does hide him along with the two clones he now has out, which actually may have looked like they are gone. But flicker of movement can be seen as the two seem to be dashing in from opposite sides launching simultaneous attacks from opposite ends of Ryo.

Ryo spotted the two of Hinotori coming towards him. "I see." he states before stepping backwards. Now the two clones would hit each other. "Which jutsu is that?" Ryo asked. The jutsu seemed to have several applications. It was a clone, but not of a normal element. The boy now moves forward with his hand signs. This time he looks to make a firestyle jutsu, but nothing comes out, nothing but hot air. His hands then move into another jutsu. This time it would be the great fireball technique.
Having gotten out of the water and Ryo seeing where he had come from, Hinotori watches the hand seal forms, "Sear." he says simiply and jumps back, "Goukakyuu no Jutsu." he simply states as he flips over the large fireball which he propels himself towards Ryo. As he nears Ryo, he brings his right hand out in a lightning flash flicker of speed aiming for one of the neural pathways along the center of Ryo's chest and strikes towards them. He then quickly follows up with a jumping split kick, but as he kicks flames roar out from his legs.

Ryo saw the flames moving from Hinotori's legs as he dashed and dodged away from them. He had easily avoided the strike to the chest. "Not my jutsu, the clone you have been using. What type of clone is that?" His eyes had copied the jutsu, but he had not seen it before. His eyes could also see Hinotori's chakra was starting to waver. He'd have to build it back up soon. "I think that is enough for a spar. Unless your not finished yet."
Hinotori was only partly done, those who spar him knows Hino will let his chakra get low before charging up more. But this was good for now, he wasn't fully focused on the spar. "This is good enough." he states. The two clones suddenly appearing behind him nod and Hinotori closes his eyes and his eyes go back to their almond brown color. Having gathered the data he could from the fight, he looks to Ryo. "I've taught that technique to my cousin, so if you've copied it, learn it. Learn it's weaknesses and strengths." he states. "Don't use it unless you need to. It's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

Shadow clones. "I have copied it. Very interesting. I think that might be the jutsu I am looking for." Ryo states. The other moves were fine, though Ryo was not exactly a taijutsuist. He was a kenjutsuist. "You are really worried about the exams, arent you?" Ryo asks. He did not get to participate in the wars. He had no idea what they were like. All he knew is that they were the enemy to a lot of people from Konoha.
Shaking his head at the later part, "No, the exams I care less about." he states. "But i will be there, just keeping an eye on things. This exam is in hopes of keeping people calm and letting out frustration I feel. But still be on your guard." he says as he looks to Ryo. Those dark circles about his eyes seem to have gotten darker and Hinotori does look more tired now. "Anyways, I need to speak with Naru-chan, have you seen her as of late?" he asks.

So it was not the exams, but the hostility between nations that seemed to get Hinotori. "Yeah, Naru and I were practicing here the other day. I am guessing she is going to go for the Jounin exam." Ryo states. He then looks towards the water. He was thinking about trying to become a Chuunin. He declined the last set of exams. It was mainly a decision of pride. He did not want to risk failure.
Wrong, but neither knows what the other is thinking. As Ryo speaks of Naru he nods his head, "I see. I figured she would be going for Jounin, and you Chunin due to you not going the last time." he says to him. Taking a breath, "I need to find my brother as well." he states. Granted most by now should know who he is referring to. "I will be cheering you both on, just be smart. Most go to the exams to show off, don't." He may not be Ryo's sensei, but friendly advice is always good.

Ryo nodded his head. "I am not looking to make a spectacle. I am looking to prove Uchiha do it right though." Though even Ryo did not believe that statement applied to everything. It was more on of those 'In Battle' applications. "Thank you for the spar and the lesson. I will be sure to work on the shadow clone jutsu."

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