First Promotion Exams - What’s Most Important: Naru vs. Naoki and Mizuru


Naoki, Mizuru, Kibushi, Naru

Date: January 18, 2012


A battle for Naru's scroll turns into a clash of idealogies. Words of wisdom are shout from both sides while Naru and Naoki battle out, only for Mizuru to step in at the right time to assist Naoki and to show the strength of a team and protecting those close to you are more important than gaining power and strength. Kibushi watches quietly in the background, helping the genin settle their idealogies stepping in the way of the last attack to keep things from going sour.

"First Promotion Exams - What’s Most Important: Naru vs. Naoki and Mizuru"

The Southern Caverns

Naru was surprisingly not with her makeshift team at the moment, going out alone in attempt to get things like supplies and food for the group. She wandered throughout the cavern rather aimlessly, the walls covered with illuminated interesting insects/whatever the heck they were; "Hmm… I definitely don't want to eat bugs…" Naru whispers quietly under her breath, her eyes still carefully looking around. She didn't find anything entirely interesting, as of now, just a few sticks on the ground that she was bent over attempting to gather a few sticks. " Hmm" She thought quietly to herself, prodding a finger along her cheeks as she attempted to figure out what to do… There was no way she was going back with a bundle of sticks.

Mizuru sighs as he works on his shoulder. Rise did a number on him and he was still recovering from the damage. He barely escaped the other day, had it not been for Naoki Mizuru would've lost his scroll for certain. He was in debt to his friend. Teamwork was the key however so for Naoki to do what he did make sense. Even so there are some like that Rise person who are just way out of their league. "Hey Naoki-kun, how're your injuries holding up?" he asks ignoring his own injuries for the moment. It was the best he could do now.

Naoki would be focus on reading out the landscape scoping for anyone and anything that can into the range of his eyes as he sighed for a moment before shifting back towards Mizuru with a smile. "its alright really…I didn't really get hurt..Lucky for us right." Naoki would laugh softly for the walls might echo any sound made as he yawn for a moment he would go back into making sure that their defense were strong. Checking the shuriken launcher trap and the tri-angle formation pitfalls just in front of them. "Just happy I found you before anyone else would have cause that might've been bad on both our parts." Naoki yawn as he sat down and went to eating some of the cook snake from the other night "man I miss my mom home cooked meals….nit this isn't half bad." Naoki would have slightly lowered his defense as he waited and watched as he took off his shirt and started to remove his own bandages looking at the long chest scar that was given to him by Keiji his eye became intense as a dark energy/pressure could be felt "I will get you for this….you won't escape…my wrath." is said in a low tone voice to himself.


These conditions were routine for some and hard on others. In all honesty, Jounin candidates likely had been in far worse environments by this point, and Kibushi was certainly amongst them. The comforts of home were relative after all, and permanent housing was still a brand new invention and way of life for Kibushi. To him, food was plentiful here, it was warm, it was isolated from the weather, and it had more than enough room to stalk about in. Kibushi would be standing out in the open, collecting various lichen and being sure to seperate them properly. Some were edible, some were used for various other things. One of them, a nearly purple green variation, he would mix in to a small, broken piece of rock like one might mix colored paint together with antoher, cleary substance before applying it to his bare torso along his abdomen.
Glancing slightly to his right, he would then notice a scorpian was crawling past him, but all he would do is nod to it and allow it to go on its way. He had heard naru talking to herself, mostly because caverns carry sound quite far, but he would not say anything. There was a chance she'd pass right by without noticing him, and she may be skittish if approached. Considering her "tactics" she must be within one of those teams he'd seen dotted around the locale.

Despite Kibushi being out in the open, Naru didn't notce him.. At least not yet. A yawn escapes the girls lips as her attention turns to something alittle more noticeable. Some small chitchat within the deeper corner of the caravan. Keeping her body low for the moment she began to motion forward under the radar, quietly moving forth while her eyes finally set on a pair of familiar genin, two which she had been on a mission awhile back. "Naoki..Mizuru-san?" Naru spoke outloud, attempting to get both of their attention as she began to approach them,carefully and slyly, her hand was snug on her katana however… she had her team.. She had no idea if she could trust the two of them as of yet…" I didn't know the both of you would be in these exams,"

Mizuru nods to Naoki "Well if you say so. I was just asking because I know how you like to overdo it." He comments. The cooked snake wasn't so bad; it was kinda like eel but chewy. Mizuru leans back against a rock having gotten the aching to subside. He wondered who else was in the exams or even if Kizuken made it. "I haven't seen Kizuken yet. You think he made it?" he asked.
When a voice is heard Mizuru becomes a bit alert and restless. Under attack again? Not the case yet. It seems a familiar face had wandered upon Naoki and him. "You're Naru." Mizuru is rather relieved to see that it's here and not some shinobi from another village. "Good to see you're alright." He smiles.

Naoki would smile softly as he took another bite out of the snake as he dropped it to stand he would notice that Naru was here. Picking it up and eating slightly faster he would speak softly to Mizuru "the person that is about to head over here is a Genjutsu, Kenjutsu type…she is also an Uchiha so be on your guard. And it appears to my eyes that she still have her scroll as well." A smirk would replace the soft smile as he stood up to greet here when she came into the view of Mizuru, the sounds of their names would pull him closer to her just to signal to get here to quite down or else others would appear sighing he would speak. "It appears you still have your scroll…I will have no other choice but to relieve you from itso please hand it over or prepare yourself to do combat for it." Tapping his foot onto the ground as he watched her as she got ready. "Don't get the wrong idea Naru-sama, I really do like seeing your beautiful eyes but I have to obtain two scrolls to advance…I don't want to be stuck here going nowhere." Naoki would take a poweful Juuken defensive stance as he stood there and watched her for a moment make sure she was ready at long last.

Since it seemed that there were far too many genin from Konoha and they were asll so familair with each other that they would congregate as soon as they met in msto cases, Kibushi was easily able to overhear most of what was goingon. As he finished gathering lunch and supplies from the surrounding area, he would make his way towards all of them. Brazenly, he wouldn't bother hiding himself as he approached, mostly because he knew the situation was already tense. Standing behind Naru, who likely had her attention towards the aggressions of Naoki, though Kibushi wasn't that close, he would gaze down towards both Mizuru and Naoki. "You will let your passionate flames die simply so that you can win a silly little game?" Kibushi would say to Naoki as he was prepared to defeat someone for their scroll instead of reclaiming his and his true opponent's. "You would let your own personal mission go by the way side, for the possability of an easier victory? Can your eyes not see how far you are plummeting?" Kibushi would ask. He looked towards naru, not knowing whom she was, nto caring of her pwoer, naoki's power… or Mizuru's. All that he knew was what that Hyuga boy said to him. "Failing yourself, is not victory."

A warm smile had almost sprawled along her face at the sight of Mizuru, however Naoki seemed to bring her mood down… It seemed like everyone was becoming more crazed for the need of scrolls… "My scroll huh?" Naru spoke outloud, allowing her fingers to feel around for the scroll within the pouch on her side, she sighed softly and nodded her head. " If you want my scroll your going to have to defeat me… However, if I defeat you, I want your scroll; and if you don't have it…." Pausing briefly her eyes narrowed down upon him, quickly the pumpkin hued eyes darkened into that of a blood scarlet sharingan, the chakra about her body racing into flourishion… It was probably more than Naoki had seen before. " Instead, I will take your life," Naru suggested coldly, finally unsheathing her Katana, determined to see how far Naoki would truly go. Soon enough though her attention turned to the one behind her, she had no idea who he was… But he needed to becareful, especially sneaking up on her like that. " This is survival… he can do what he wants to achieve it, as for you… you shouldn't be sneaking up on people, Its suspcious and provoking,"

Mizuru was a bit shocked to hear Naoki's words. He knew his friend was enthusiastic about the exams but Mizuru thought of Naru as a friend. There a plenty more people taking this exam, why fight a friend? Mizuru stood as Naoki entered a combat stance "Now wait a minute." he starts. His train of thought is cut off by another. A stranger, the likes of which he's never seen. Another genin? Didn't seem likely. The presence of this person was too intimidating. Mizuru blinks a few times getting a bad feeling. However when the man spoke Mizuru found truth in his words. Even though this was an exam passing wasn't everything thing. Mizuru still kept a watchful eye on the person, as Naru said sneaking up can be provoking. "Naru, Naoki you guys don't have to fight." Mizuru didn't think Naru had intended to fight anyway. She didn't try to sneak up on them and she called out their names first. Naoki's actions must be forcing her hand.

Naoki eyes would key over the body of Naru causing him to laugh slight before speaking again "its not that important and I have no goal of killing you just for a scroll…nor do I desire to get myself killed over the likes of it as well…however I want to fight someone that defeated me…his name is Keiji… that means the off chance I don't run across him in here again I need to have two scrolls ready to go onto the next level. Beside…I know your gentle eyes…you nor I have what it really takes to kill another just to aquire something as a scroll for a exam." Sweat would roll down the side of her face as he smirk and started to shed some cloths, he would take off his shirt and a huge scar could be seen on his chest, (she gives me the same feeling for when I fought with Yuzuna…but unlike Yuzuna her eyes give off warmth…not that Yuzuna eyes don't give off warmth…it just…why the hell am I doing this now, get in the zone Naoki you have Naru standing there in front of you so be on guard damnit!) Naoki eyes would be locked onto here before shifting it slightly to Kibushi "she has a point…this is the second time we had the pleasure to meet one another, and thus my goal hasn't changed…it just if I am to meet him again and be able to do anything I have to first be able to defeat my first set of rivals before anything else…and Naru is the third on my list in terms of power." Naoki eyes would shift back to Naru as he pulled out some kunais and spoke once more "Mizuru if you wish to leave then go for it, but I'm staying…this battle with Naru has been a long time coming…I have to see if I really grown at all! Damnit." Naoki would be thinking about that feelings that Keiji has placed inside of him and used that to fuel him pushing him forward.

Naoki eyes would scan her body as he lashed out and attack with a straight Juuken strike once his feet touched the ground he would take the side in which the sword was sheathed and attack once more as he flipped back he would unleashed a barrage of kunais.

Kibushi had never witnessed the Sharingan before, but when he saw it, he simply smirked slightly. "Noise and clumbsiness had been bred out of me… but there is only one thing that I can do that would my my presence noticable, it seems." he stated with his cool tone, though it didn't seem he had any inclination to make it happen at this time. "Your eyes… do not match my Kanrai's." He would clarify however given that he was faced with such an intense gaze. Though there was only two major differences… very important ones, in his mind. "You are correct, he can survive how ever he wishes. I merely offer him his own words… as advice." Kibushi would clarify as he would take the time to retie his loose, flowing shirt. Kibushi was very impressed with naru's determination at this point, but he had heard only words thus far. He was still not certain… if he would save Naoki… or allow his allies to bare the consequences themselves. He had reason to do both, and reason to do neither.
Listening to Naoki, Kibushi would level his gaze on him, "Excuses." Kibushi would state. No one settled for "third" aside from simply wanting to win. Kibushi began to wonder, if in this state, Naoki deserved the opportunity presented before him. Was it his place to interfere… especially with a formerly enemy nation's genin. At the same time, he wanted for naoki to pursue what his heart burned for him to… this distraction… these mere scrolls… were simply pieces of paper. But Naoki had already made his attacks, he had made his decision… Kibushi would allow for Naru to make her own.

Naoki had made his choice and Naru had made her own, surpisingly Naru was able to slip away from his quick movements, with each juuken strike it had slammed into a clone, and then rock sediment from the surrounding areas, however the barrage of kunai had manage to cut their way through her her hand, scaving it up nicely but not entirely too much damage. With a slight grimance she began to motion through a pair of hand seals, opening up with her first attack it was better for her to get the field advantage first before she went any further., " Fire Release! Foire Bullet Barrage! Naru shouts out towards her opponent, hopefully the catch Naoki in a series of fire dense chakra. " I mean what I say.. I'm going to kill you if I have too," Naru states, also using this time to finally establish a genjutsu link. She had no idea what really happen with Naoki deep in this cave, but for now the only thing she could think of was protecting herself, if he wanted a fight Naoki was definitely going to get it…

Mizuru sighs knowing that if he didn't want to see a friend die he'd have to step in when the moment came. He could feel the resolve coming from each of them and respected it enough to not interfere. He glances towards Kibushi "Naoki's head strong. Can't change his mind that easily." Mizuru shrugs and smiles "Whatever I guess I'll be behind you on this one Red." he grins. The medic charges some chakra as he's sure he'll need to use it.
Seeing Naoki start off as fierce as ever Mizuru makes sure to stay well out of his way. Mizuru had heard a few things about Naru all of them lead to her being seen as a noteworthy opponent. Uchiha seem to carry that reputation. Mizuru is impressed by her evasions. Her ninjutsu was definitely up there with some chuunins Mizuru's seen. "Be careful Naoki…" he mutters

Naoki would sigh as he is caught a blaze as he try and knock the flame away he would fail and now as he tried and dodge the flames would fail yet again…this was already looking back as he stop, dropped and rolled the flames would he would come to a stand and sigh. Naoki would flash forward and push just short of her face, this time he would using his long flowing hair to distract here as he took a stance and spoke something himself "Eight Trigrams Thirty Two Palms!" as he started to move and spin he would finish the assault on the last bounce as he smirked he would start to glow with chakra something her eyes could see and thus he smile as he attack speaking once more "Heavenly Spin!" as he came out of the spin he would flip back and dash back trying to lead her to the traps on the ground and land softly next to Mizuru. "Blue-sama heal me please before she start her assault again." Naoki would have burn on his arm as his left eye was close as he was trying to deal with the pain by just trying to be strong.

It was a bold claim for a Genin to make, especially one from Konoha, but Kibushi had the feeling that she would at least come close enough to it to make that point ring true if Naoki pushed it that far. And while he'd never faced a Sharingan User himself, he did know of them. The Uchiha after all, were reknown beyond their lands much like the Kaguya were. What he did know about them seemed to be true. Fire was in their nature… in more than one way. A heart of fire… was capable of many things, including self destruction and the destruction of anything that was close to it. He did not envy them what so ever, to carry that burden as their birthright. You can tell many things about someone's abilities… merely by the heat in their eyes. Kibushi would consider this and decide that truly getting to know an Uchiha, was something he would aspire to do.
On the other hand, the Hyuga were, after having faced them, a rather cool hearted people fro mwhat he could tell. Proficiency seemed to be their drive, and some sort of… strange heirarchy Kibushi didn't understand at all. Their technique was something he did udnerstand however. It was not unlike those of his clan, but it was also entirely different at the very same time. The core of the matter… that was what was the same in the end. He could learn much from their ways as well. He would decide that he must meet more of the Hyuga in the future as well.
Taking that, and what Mizuru says in to account, Kibushi would nod slowly. "I will only say this once…" He would state to Mizuru "…If you interfere, I will shatter you." Looking towards the battle, Kibushi would know enough to make another decision. "I will not allow for this to reach its ultiamte end. If open betrayal of yourself and others is the path that you will walk then be prepared… to endure that from others." Even though it would be regretable later… Kibushi resolved himself as he grit his teeth and unleashed his chakra fully. The wild lashing of the white chakra would scortch everything it contacted as the small coridoor that he was standing within became blindingly white as he stood withi nthe torrent of his own chakra, roaring down at them with echoing power.

Almost as if she was predicting the attacks, Naru had become quite accustomed to fighting a Hyuuga. Once the eight trigram strike had closed the space between Naoki nad herself, upon finishing the strike had caused her body to explode yet again, once again into a puff of smoke while the heavenly spin knocked her back… Or at least a large rock that had been sitting in the corner, Naru was just out of reach from the massive circle, blinking her eyes curiously… That didn't seem like a technique that she could learn. " Interesting, thats the first time I've seen that technique, you are learning quite a bit aren't you? Naru spoke, however rather than proceeding forward her chakra would lash out into his mind, hopefully to being a series of suffocation of the Hyuuga. Noticing that he was near Mizuru however she couldn't help but to establish a greater link, not just on Mizuru but Kibushi also..She had to be ready for anything

Mizuru winces seeing Naoki take the burns. Naru was indeed strong. Mizuru does recall Naoki mentioning something about her specializing in Genjutsu and Kenjutsu. But from what Mizuru could see her Ninjutsu wasn't a joke. Still he would need to watch more before he formed a conclusion. When Mizuru saw her evade each of Naoki's attacks the young medic got a feeling that he'd have his work cut out for him. He heard Naoki's suggestion as though he said he'd assist Naoki he still has stipulations. "After the battle Naoki-san. This is much more than a survival game. The dignity of our village is on the line." he states. "I'm sorry but I can't interfere without disgracing the name of the leaf."
The medic's chakra surges slightly as a look of determination comes over him "However I will not let my friend and teammate die. Do what you want but no one is going to die while I'm here. I'll bet my life on that." He wasn't only speaking about Naoki he meant the same to Naru, mostly in response to Kibushi's proclamation to shatter him. Mizuru sighs hoping things don't escalate to the level at which he'd have to risk his life to prevent the loss of another.

Naoki could feel the increase effects of the genjutsu coming across him as he thought fast he would pull the kunai out of his pouch out of and try his best to slice himself across the leg to cause some pain to surge him from it as he felt his stamina escaping. This was starting to turn bad..perhaps his body need longer to rest then he thought it did and thus he would try and regain his breath. "Naru…I can't beat you now so I will have to retreat for now." Bowing towards her he would still be to drained to move as of yet.

"Tsk," is released as he regained his breath and once he made it back to the side of Mizuru that's what Kibushi would pop his head over. "Get lost…this has nothing to do with you." Naoki eyes would shift slightly towards him before they would have to change swiftly towards Naru. "Mizuru as it stands now I can't defeat anyone…that being said I will have no other choice but to retreat for now…its the smartest choice I can think of at the moment." Naoki would pull a Rose Red kunai from his pocket and tossed it into the air "my best friend gave this to me and I have vow to care for it with my life that being said you take it and keep it until I return strong enough to beat and take it from you." Naoki would pick up his shirt and place it on as he started to walk away with anger building once more "hmph I did good the other night with Rise…why is it today I'm doing bad could my body need time to rest?" (Never thought that Mizuru would do something like that…perhaps he is starting to feel the pressures of these exams as well…might have to start watching myself.) Naoki would smile faintly to Mizuru as he spoke "its fine let just get out of here, Naoki would turn back around and try his best to walk away.

Kibushi's form would be burned, as it normally would, and his energy depleted, as normal as well. He had severely weakened himself with his own power, but he had hoped to use the flash of chakra for one purpose, priamriyl to test the limits of Byakugan. However, during this, genjutsu was able to slip to him, and Naoki's retreat would have made the preparation pointless. Gritting his fangs in pain, Kibushi hadn't moved a bit, as things had shifted drastically before he was preapred. "You are wrong…. Hyuga." Kibushi would say through a heavy breath. "You are not family… you are not an ally… nor is your nation. However… you seek to be one who will have the responsibilities of war and politics thrown at you. You seek to have a a position that allows you to lead men and women to their deaths or to victory. It would be foolish of me… to leave you in chaos. It seems… i was a bit too quick to assume however" Kibushi's body would be very red and slightly bleeding as he stared at the boy a moment longer before looking towards naru, wondering if she had control over the flames of her heart.

Naru wasn't going to allow Naoki to get away so easily, challenge her for her honor and scroll and he thought he would be able to leave so easily? Naru's cheeks burned for the moment, this wasn't going to be a fight where he would simply lose and become stronger at a later date… She was going to make sure to instill this in his mind until the the true day had come to defeat her. " I'm not going to let you just walk away from me this time, Naoki-san," Naru spoke boldly as he was walking away, though she did catch the Rose Red Kunai.

"There is more to being a shinobi than being stronger… Fighting as a team, knowing your surroundings… And NEVER turning your back to your enemy, we may be friends in Konoha but in this pit of hell… We are adversarys," She states, soon enough a dangerous aura of black chakra began to circulate along Naoki… Was it a jutsu? Everyone would actually be able to see it due to the link. " You want to become stronger? Training is meaningless, it has to be earned in blood, now you can learn the true sacarfice of a shinobi," Naru finalizes, finally blades would appear from the thick smog of chakra, stabbing into his flesh tens of blades at a time, hopefully to completely drain him of energy, and surcumb to a "mock death".

Mizuru was a bit content. He could tell Naoki was upset about this all. He'd offer to mend Naoki now but he understood that the young boy's pride wouldn't allow him to agree to it as of yet. He's ready to leave letting Naoki react to Kibushi's words as he felt they were meant for him. Once Naru starts however Mizuru's eyes widen. -Is she serious?- he was a bit shocked. Exam or not Mizuru couldn't bring himself to think of a comrade or friend as an enemy. Once he sees the black chakra beginning to gather around Naoki Mizuru acts. He moves knocking Naoki to the side "Tag" he lets the blade pierce his skin. He grits his teeth but notices there are no wounds to show for his pain. -A genjutsu? When did she?- he wonders. Mizuru lowers his arms and sighs "True strength? What is that?" The medic replies. Chakra flows through his body, his muscle coursing with it. "That's all you guys are searching for. Every waking moment of the day. Power, just can't get your fill. I guess it's because you think you're weak." Mizuru steps forward head bent downward. He takes his head band from his neck and secures it around his head. "I'll be your opponent then Naru. You can have my scroll." he says. "Because for me true strength isn't how powerful you are or how many opponents you can best." Mizuru tightens his head band and lowers his hand to his tool pouch. He opens it and whips to shuriken at Naru. "True strength for me is having value in what's really important." he charges at her now. The medic sends a fist for Naru's gut with chakra fueling his strike.

This would be the first time Kibushi would have a shared vision of genjutsu… but beyond that, he had faced the unwordly demons of such techniques before. And he knew that their fangs were usually…. false. Having sacrificed his body prematurely in roder to give the spirited genin a target other than themselves, he decided to merely watch as this continued. Perhaps Naru… was able to tame her own flames after all. Smiling slightly as he winced, closing an eye and leaning against the wall, he'd watch as the battle to bring Naoki back to his senses continued without his interference. Mizuru's words were heard and understood, but Kibushi believed that his own were as well. The wisdom of a Kaguya… not only was a wise Kaguya an oxymoron, but it was rare, and apparently… unnecessary in this civilized world. It seemed… no matter how this ended, they all had to figure it out for themselves. "It is a good thing… i only went that far…" Kibushi would murmur. He did not break the threshold of a Bijuu, but he had still done plenty to himself regardless. All he could really do now, was allow for them to express themselves until they were at their limits.

As Naoki would try and leave with honor she attack him still with such levels of dishonor as he shifted around his anger owuld return from before. As he started to dip down into his stance and just glare at her. "Why? I gave up, I even said I can't win… I even started to leave the battle field only after bowing to the person tha have won…I told you we can fight later and thus I offered you a trophy to keep until I take it back with your scroll…but through it all I can clearly see it wasn't enough." Shaking his head he would drop his shoulder and an attacked her with the eight trigrams thirty two plams once more. "If there is one thing a Hyuug a heat is dishonor!" is started as he attack before swing the last blow he would pour more chakra into to greatly increase the impact pressure. As he came to a stop he would toss the other man some words "There is a find line between honro and dishonor…as well as pride and over confidence…I have both pride and honor….I fought her in your eyes for all the wrong reason but in mine they where right. Keiji is the strongest genin I have seen and thus he has my distante as top strongest…Ryo is second and now the beautiful gentle eyes NAru. If I want to be the best I have to fight the best of the best I know…Naru is here thus I fight her to become strong enough to to defeat Ryo and I beat him to become strong enough to defeat Keiji." Naoki would speak this and once he would do would feel he lasting effects of the genjtusu.

Naru was doing an incredible bob and weave, once Mizuru had joined the fray and spoke his words she couldn't help but to smile, that was spomething she had been wanting to hear for along time, more so words of wisdom than perhaps the others would realize. "That is the essence of the will of fire…" Naru spoke softly to the both of them, her eyes strained on Mizuru for the moment.. It was going to become much more difficult to deal with the both of them, "I will go all out, i will make you realize whats truly important, especially 'here', Naru states, turning her gaze on Mizuru. " This isn't about scrolls anymore, its about the will to live… Survival, if you want to make the ultimate sacarfice in his place I will offer you the same treatment… to death," It seemed apart that Nar uwas quite serious now, though she was showing some wear, her body would explode with even more chakra…

Mizuru wasn't surprised how easily Naru evaded him. Even so though wasn't encouraged. He still believed he could win this fight. Mizuru smiles back at Naru and tugs on the bottom of his gloves tightening them. "Alright right then. I didn't peg you to be the type to hold back anyway." Mizuru cracks his knuckles "Here I come Naru-san." he dashes in keeping close to Naru. He'd picked up a bit of her fighting style as he watched Naoki fight her. The medic intended to keep the pressure on her. He launched a combination of strikes each testing Naru's reflexes. Naoki's assistance wasn't expected but hearing him voice his opinion about honor Mizuru knew that there was nothing he could do about it. He wasn't fighting for the exams or scrolls anymore. To Mizuru this battle was for something more important than mere survival.

Kibushi merely smirked at the young people growing up. By the end of all of this, they may be stronger than him. They had grown up in a world of morals and guidance… of reasons and dreams. Powerful things… motivators for the future. Things he was just now learning about… and obtaining himself. Strength was certainly not found in power alone.

Naoki would take a fist and hit himself in the forehead as he stood there looking down as blood started to drip onto the ground from his fist and forehead he would sigh as he started to take his forehead protector off his shoulder and started to tie it around his forehead. "Alright since we're no longer holding back then this should be fun. Mizuru…I'm sorry for the way I've been acting….sorry that there was a moment I thought you might have betrayed me…and Naru…sorry for stepping on your honor…that being said I can't lose here either!" Naoki would lift his head as he started to dash forward and attack putting his weight and speed into each Juuken strike as he used his mind to breakdown and spin the last one right into her Solar Plexus to knock all the wind out of her.

Their combined forces… Made everything that much more difficult, however Naru would make sure tha tthe both of them sustained as much damage as possible. Their strikes manage to cut through her defenses, her sharingan shifting left and right. She could see the attacks coming but with it happening so quickly and suddenly the difficult had risen. "Tch.." Naru groaned after each strike, the juuken strikes sealing up her chakra while Mizuru pummeled her to death, however with them both in close range proximinity she rolled back on the ground and pulled herself in a crouched positon. " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Naru shouts out loud, exploding the area with a massive cover fire as she panted heavily, she continued her assault, more so on Mizuru this time… he would not only get burnt but feel the pericing blades of her genjutsu once more.

Mizuru has to dodge fast but ends up taking a fair amount of burn damage to his left side. He's able to fuction still but once the blade come he has to try his hand and releasing the genjutsu by inflicting damage on himself. It wasn't enough though. The blades took the last of his energy. He has no choice but to submit. "Hehe…I'm out of fuel. You're strong Naru-san. Next time though." he chuckles softly. He feels his vision fade and begins to fall. "Sorry….Naoki-san." Mizuru said before falling to the ground. He laid their not lifeless but certainly not awake. Whatever occurred now was up to Naoki.

They had fought for their individual beliefs. They had bled, suffered, and burned for them. But now, they were going to end up helpless in a place where any opportunity would allow for them to lose not only their pieces of paper, but maybe even their lives. Kibushi would see this as Mizuru fought to his exhaustion, and make his decision then. Blurring in front of what remained of Naru's assault, Kibushi would stand as it came, grinning slightly, and spreading his arms wide. The fire ball would impact against him, just as he roared out and slammed his hands together, the blazing wave washing over his form. , but largely over and around Naoki. There are many things he could have done, things that would have easily protected himself, but he decided that was not enough. "In order to survive…. you must figure out… what is worth sacrificing. What price you are willing to pay. In this situation…" Kibushi would say as he stand there smoking, "…you are all about to lose. Recovery, out here… is dangerous. Your ally has already succumb. Neither of you will last much longer. It is time… to set your differences aside, and pursue this lesson another day." Kibushi would advise, his hands shaking slightly with their burns, but toher wisehe seemed to bare it quite well. He had been through much fire in his life, this was nothing.

Naoki would be building up chakra all the while as his impending doom that was heading his eye for at that moment Mizuru would fall onto the ground as he smirked he would bow slightly as he thought. "Wonder what Yuzuna-sensei would do here?" He would hear a voice ring in his head "DODGE!" is all is said as he got ready to move but then his legs would give out "Oh you got to be kidding me!" is stated as he closed his eyes before long he could feel heat around him but didn't feel it burning effect as he slowly on his eyes it would be Kibushi standing there knocking the heat all around him and keeping it from his with his body. "Thanks…you saved my life." As he started to stand he would bow to him and speak softly to him "thank you." He would dash forward and pick up Mizuru and spoke once more "wow he lighter then the weights I use to carry." laughing he would run deep into the cave to find their old hideout from once before, "come one it has to be around here somewhere."

Naru blinked to see Kibushi suddenly rushing infront of her attack, the explosion of her fire scattering over his body. It seemed like for the most part the battle was already over, there wasn't really losers or winners, you gained what you gained from it…" I have to get back to my group…" Naru spoke softly, since Naoki wasn't completely out for the count there wasn't any need to stick around to watch them… Not with Kibushi at least, she looked at him and for some reason she definitely felt like she could trust him. "My name… is Uchiha Naru," Naru spoke softly to Kibushi, introducing herself, friend or foe rather than sticking around she would attempt to fade out of existence, after maybe catching kibushi's name, hearing a few words she would safely attempt to retreat back to where she was before… She couldn't look Naoki in the eye right now, even if the majority of everything was mental pain, they would notice the cuts disppear as her link began to wear off.

"Kaguya Kibushi." Kibushi replied to the demon-eyed girl. Her disappearance was something that his mind resisted, but failed to truly comprehend beyond having seen it. Genjutsu… was still very new to him, even though he'd learned much about it through facing it head on. "Survive…" Kibushi would state simpyl to all of them as they would rapidly or mystically depart, leaving him at their former little site. He would move over towards the shuriken launching trap, manipulating the rig with his foot and catching the shuriken between his fingers rather casually aside from two that cut his cheet and shoulder respectively. "I needed some more ammo, but i didn't think that trap would be built as well as it was." he'd smirk before glancing around for any more traps and noting the strange terrain, but leaving it. He'd then say "I suppose i will keep this place warm." as Kibushi began to make even more fire, using the bit of flame that still remained and also began to treat his wounds once again.

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