While sleeping dogs lie, someone else gets the prize


Keiji, Shikoge

Date: May 28, 2014


As Shikoge was doing some sight seeing in Toshi Sagan's bazaar he came across a a rolled up piece of paper with information on it too good not to share. Luckily Keiji happened to be in the area and the two went in search of what the paper had to share.

"While sleeping dogs lie, someone else gets the prize"

Toshi Sagan

The bazaar of Toshi Sagan was as packed and crowded as any other day with merchants, sailors, pirates and simple villagers just wanting to buy or trade goods. It being mid-afternoon and the sun shining high over head before disappearing beyond the walls that protect the area, there was still plenty of shopping left to do and that was exactly what Shikoge had in mind until he came across a scroll that he just couldn't help but to pick up and read. What the boy saw wasn't something he had expected at all and with the new information, he simply didn't know what to do. So he did nothing for the time being as he simply remained motionless staring at the paper.

It was not long before Keiji noticed Shikoge staring blankly at the piece of paper. The assassin had tried to remain in the shadows of the Bazaar. He really did not feel like being in the sun. It was too bright outside for his comfort. However as he notices the boy's broken stare, he decides he has to ask. "What did you find Shikoge?" There were several options that came to mind. It could have been an animal, like a giant scorpion, a snake or even a dragon. It could have been some sort of food. Most likely though it was probably a picture of a nude girl. Keiji was certain Shikoge would be dumbstruck for weeks if he had ever seen something like that.

Shikoge continued to stare at the paper even as people started shouting at him to get out of the way. The boy didn't actually move until he heard the voice of someone familiar. "Keiji!" Quickly spinning around, knocking a few people over with his massive sword as he does just so he can face the Jounin. "Look what I found!" Waving the paper about with excitement as he moved toward the shadows, forgetting he should probably keep it under secret and managing to catch a few glances from onlookers. He didn't notice though and kept on until being closer enough to show what he had found. "This paper. I was walking around the bazaar and some pirate looking guy dropped it. Look what it says. Something about a meeting location behind Razor's Edge at sunset and we strike tonight! What do you think it means? Maybe treasure or something right? We got to be there when the meeting goes down. We can't miss this."

Keiji raises a hand to his forehead as the sword knocks people and items over. Shikoge was like an elephant in a china shop. Nothing was safe around this boy. Then to make matters worse he was yelling about what he had found. Keiji clenches his fist together and whaps on the head with it as soon as he's within range. "Rule number 1. A shinobi is suppose to be another face in the crowd. Do not draw attention to yourself." He then reaches his hand out for the paper. It seemed someone was meeting for a planned strike.

"Ow!" Shikoge started rubbing his head as he slowly started to figure out that he needs to keep some distance between himself and Keiji and he'd start now by shifting away a few feet. "Isn't that more suspicious though? Trying to not draw attention to yourself?" He questioned, but already knew the answer. Yes. Yes was the answer. "So what do you think? Sunset is a few hours away, we could go scout on top of Razors Edge, wait for the guys, overhear their plans and beat them to the treasure!" Shikoge was pretty sure it had to do with treasure. Pirates and all.

"You knocked three people over. They are still staring at you and making angry faces." Keiji states as he watches the boy. "Fine, we will go see what they want, but I doubt there is any treasure." Keiji knew better than to buy into the boy's fantasy. However the place was known for scumbags and they could possibly get the jump on some thugs that were up to no good. "Will you even be able to stay quiet for twenty minutes?"

There was some mention about knocking people over or something, but Shikoge just stayed wide eyes in anticipation to what Keiji had to say. Whether he was in or not. Regardless, Shikoge was going to do it, but with Keiji there, digging up treasure would be twice as fast. He would have to share the profits though. Pros and cons he guesses. "Excellent. Let's go!" He shouted again as started to turn around only to realize sun set was still hours away. "Ok, new plan." Turning back to the shadows, "We'll split up and convene on the roof an hour or so before sunset. Deal?" He'd nod in agreement as if the plan was already accepted then disappear back in to the crowd until the arranged time. When that time came, Shikoge was already there. When he got there however is unknown as he was sleeping shirtless on the roof and possibly for some time.

Sometimes Keiji was not sure that the words actually made it in Shikoge's ears and through to the brain. That or his processor was seriously damaged. Shikoge had been way too excited. Keiji knew this to be a bad sign. Even when he comes up with the new plan, it does not sit well with the Shippodoku. Keiji did not want to spend that much time in the sun, even if it was setting.
After about an hour, Keiji moved to the roof only to find Shikoge sleeping there. Originally Keiji was simply going to check on the status of the roof and makes sure there was no one guarding the access point. Since he found Shikoge passed out, he decides to have a little bit of fun with him. Quickly, Keiji makes his way back to the bazaar where he finds a seemstress. With a few coins he purchases a fabric cut out of a kitten. Once he arrives back at the roof, he ever so delicately sets the kitten cut out on the skin of Shikoge's back. He was certain the kid would never know.
Once more Keiji leaves the roof only to arrive back at the designated time. He lets Shikoge sleep until something seems to happen.

Shikoge didn't move a muscle during his nap, remaining practically motionless the entire time. This of course helping Keiji's evil plan in imprinting a cat tan line to the boys back, just under where he normally carries his sword. A cat stamp if you will.
The hours would pass and the meeting time came and gone and still Shikoge slept. The sun had set and were the note the boy found correct, those that were to arrive would be doing so. A few minutes passed, followed by an hour and eventually someone showed up and then another until four guys stood behind the Razor's Edge dressed in loose and ratted leather clothes. "Alright." One of the individuals started to speak. "We made it…eventually. Nothing wrong with a short detour to the local skin house am I right boys?" The others cheered excitedly, but keeping their tone down.

Keiji waited until the sun was down, then he decides to lay down on the roof as well. He looked up at the night sky as the people showed up and finally decided to talk about their plan. He was silent and not too worried about Shikoge. Keiji had a plan for the boy. The more information Keiji had, the more Shikoge had to listen to him. Especially if he thought there was actually buried treasure involved. The Jounin was certain there wasnt, but he could not help but have a little bit of fun at the boy's expense. Of course as he's thinking all of this over he decides he better listen a little bit to what these guys were saying.

"So what's the plan, Captain?" The shortest of the group would offer toward a man in a wide brimmed hat and bushy beard. "It's simple. This town is ripe for the pickin. It's a perfect place to set up base camp. We just need the locals to know who's in charge around here." "But Captain." The biggest of the group spoke up, "What about that Shinobi village not too far away. Won't they be a bother?" The Captain let out a hardy laugh. "Shinobi only act when they're paid to do so. They're hired help. They won't help out this town. No one is here to protect it. It will become ours!" The group let out another cheer, though a skinny individual with a pair of sabers at his side had something to say, "Captain, just how exactly are we going to do this?" The Captain reached out and placed a hand on the saber wielding pirate, "We storm the town and any one that objects is in

Keiji did not like what he heard. If Toshi Sagan were to fall to a specific set of pirates, then there would be work later. Work later meant that the pirates would have time to set up defenses. It also meant that Keiji would get paid for it. As Keiji looked up at the night sky, he realized he had an interesting decision to make. "Just this once." Keiji sighed as his hands moved together to form an earth style jutsu.
Soon the ground beneath the pirates would reach up and grab each man, dragging them down beneath the earth where they could no longer breath. He was hoping the screams might wake up Shikoge. The lazy brat had been sleeping the entire time. Things were just now starting to get interesting and it did not seem to bother Keiji that he just killed four guys. Infact if anything, his mood was improving.

The Captain shifted his weight and turned away from the group, preparing to head out. "With booze in our bellies and our seed some where else, we attack now while our victims prepare to sleep and our completely defenseless." The captain took a step, but found he was unable to move. "What in the…" Looking down at the ground before glancing at the other men in the group that were suffering the same fate as he was. "It's an ambush!" He shouted, but it was already too late. Each of the pirates were using their abilities to try and fight against the earthen jutsu, but they were no match for the skills of a shinobi and one by one they were swallowed whole, screaming a blood curdling cry the entire time. A gun shot going off as the Captain was able to pull out his piece and get it off before completely dying.
All the racket naturally caused Shikoge to stir awake and slowly roll over to his back and sit up. Rubbing at his eyes, "Keiji…" He'd whisper. "It's about to start any moment right? They'll show up and we'll discover where they're hiding the treasure…" He moved to his hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the building to see when the guys showed up, but with the sun already gone, there wasn't much light to see into the alley. The blood that had squirted from the coffin had formed into pools of blood and was already starting to seep back into the earth, but to Shikoge it only looked like a rain puddle. A skilled ninja would have known it hadn't rained in days. "How long do you think we should wait?"

The masked Shippodoku turned towards Shikoge as he woke up. "Shikoge, I am so glad you are awake. You missed the meeting. You were right. The pirates talked about their buried treasure. I know where it is. If we move now we can make it there and be filthy rich by sun up. Come on… lets go. You arent going to believe where they buried it." Keiji states as he moves to slide off the roof. He was pretty sure with the excitement level of Shikoge, he did not need to oversell it. Now he just needed to figure out where would be the best place in Sunagakure to have the boy dig up. He was not sure if he could get Shikoge to dig an eight foot hole infront of the administration dome entrance, but he knew of a few gardens that might stir some anger up. Mainly Hibari's…

"Aw, no way…I missed the meeting and you didn't wake me up?" Shikoge was pretty upset about that, even with mention of there being treasure it didn't help too much. "I would have loved to see some pirates up close." The boy said as he stood up before following after Keiji and sliding off the roof as well. "Well, alright. Let's go beat them to the treasure. I can always see pirates another time, hopefully." Though as they made their way back to Sunagakure, Shikoge didn't let up with the pirates, asking several questions about them to paint a picture in his mind and fill the void of not actually being able to see one.

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