While the Teachers Are Away


Ryo, Takkaa

Date: September 22, 2011


With everyone tied up in the escalating war, two students practice on their own

"While the Teachers Are Away"

Konohagakure Ninja Academy

The Academy has been deathly quiet lately. Most of the available Shinobi are tied up in the 'incident'. As such, practical lessons have been difficult to come by for its students,

Takkaa is here, a wooden training sword in hand, whacking away at a practice dummy with his right hand. Swinging the blade, he whacks the side of the dummy's neck, before twirling the blade, and bringing it around at a slash to the simulated groin. Sighing, he mutters, "A war going on - Ninja getting mission experience and the like, and we're basically under house arrest.”

Ryo would enter the room just in time to see the attack on the simulated groin. "That is so wrong. No one deserves to be hit there, especially with a blade." The kid says as his eyes go wide. He had comes here looking for someone to practice against, but now he was reconsidering the idea. "As most of the Sensei say, we'll have our time and there will be wars in the future. Course if we practice enough, maybe we will survive them."

Takkaa turns with a bemused look on his face. "Care to be a practice subject, Uchiha Ryo," he asks. "I'd love to see how I'd do against a prodigy like yourself." He hefts the blade up onto his shoulder, smiling as he does so. "And you'll finally get to see what it is I do."

Ryo's eyes remain wide as this seems to get even more odd. "You all but castrated that dummy for practice. Now your asking me to step in and takes it's place?" Ryo would move his fingers as quotes when he states 'practice'. "I was kind of hoping to one day have children of my own. Besides, we kill people, not ruin their lives. There is a slight difference."

Takka laughs as he watches Ryo's eyes remain locked in an open position. "I promise I won't repeat that blow on you - I'd never hear the end of it, if I endangered the continuance of the precious Uchiha line." He looks at the boy again. "So, how about it, you in? Not like we're going to get any practice on the front lines."

Ryo nods his head and grabs a couple of the practice kunai. He would load up and then look towards Takkaa. "So this work for the battlefield or did you have somewhere else in mind?" This was important, cause they might have to limit their jutsu inside. Either way Ryo would flip the kunai over so it was pointed downwards. He was not much for Taijutsu, though he felt he'd be able to hold his own.

Takkaa shrugs. "Take your pick, and pick your limitations for what we can use," he says. "I'm not too particular - I'm just getting antsy cooped up in here." His grip tightens on the wooden practice sword.

Ryo nods his head and then looks towards the door. "Lets go outside. Then I can at least use my firestyle. No holds barred sound ok?" The boy asks before heading towards the door. He would look back at the other boy and hold the door open for him. "If we practice hard, we might be able to make it to genin before the war ends. It isn’t much but maybe we could do a few missions. See some real action."

Takkaa nods, following Ryo through the door. There's no real reason to say anything - no holds barred it more than clear.

Ryo nods. He would follow Takkaa out to the courtyard, then place his fingers together and begin to build up chakra. "Being an Uchiha is not always easy. The shadow I have to fill is very big. The eyes always search for the Uchiha. It seems to make everything we do bigger than it actually is. Sometimes I envy other clans."

Takkaa shrugs, his hand tightening on the wooden blade, still on his shoulder. "Thankfully, you have that flame thing to help cast some light on that shadow," he says. "By the way, when I hit you with this it's going to hurt." He doesn't bother to even attempt to build Chakra - he just stands there, watching the Uchiha kid.

Ryo nods his head. "I imagine being hit with anything will hurt, it is a matter of not making it fatal. Also remember, the only rule. Don't beat on my junk." The kid then throws up his firestyle hand signs, "Fire bullet barrage jutsu!" he yells as he curls his fingers around his mouth. 'Lets see just how fast he can dodge these.' Ryo thinks to himself as he spits out the fireballs.

Takkaa falls backward underneath of the flame, and scoots backward on his buttocks, sliding out of the range of progressive waves. "Don't singe my junk either," he yells from the ground. Kicking up to a standing position, once the flames have abated, he slide the sword off of his shoulder, and runs forward, taking a swipe at the younger boy's left knee.

The strike would smack the boy's right knee. It would travel right through and Ryo would go poof. From behind the clone, the real Ryo would throw two wooden kunai towards Takkaa before doing up some hand signs again. "I was aiming for your head. It's not my fault your a lot taller than me." Ryo joked.

Takka watches the two kunai flying through the air, and at the last second, swats them out of the air. "Not bad, but you'll have to do better than that, Wonderboy," he yells, while throwing the blade up in the air. With the blade still in the air, he reaches his right hand around his back, and as it returns to the front, he throws two wooden kunai to repay the favor in kind. Catching the blade as he releases the wooden knives, it is becoming painfully obvious he's using only one hand. His left hand is still hanging limp at his side.

Ryo watches as the guy sees to have quite a bit of speed. Then as he throws the sword up, Ryo's eyes would follow it. The first kunai would hit a clone. The second would hit him. "Eh, that tickles." The kid stated before doing his hand seals again. "Firestyle, Bullet Barrage Jutsu!" he would yell. While one hand curled the mouth to guide the flames, the other would reach into his pocket. He'd withdraw another kunai and whip it towards the boy at the end of the fire bullets.

Ryo had not expected the sword, but it hits him in the chest as he moves to make hand signs. "Owe damn… who throws a sword?" The kid would ask as the fist came directly towards him. It would land, but then the image of Ryo would poof. He would come up behind the boy and aim a palm at his back before stepping back and reforming the hand signs. "Firestyle, Bullet Barrage Jutsu!."

Takkaa dives forward, as he feels the boy slip behind him. Kicking upward as he does so, he lets loose a blow towards the boys chest. Unfortunately, it leaves him in no position to dodge the fireballs that followed shortly thereafter. Raising his right hand to protect his face, he also crosses his legs to protect… more important assets. He jumps backwards throwing a wooden kunai to cover his retreat, and proceeds to flick his clothing with his good hand, in an attempt to put out any embers remaining from that attack. "That… HURTS," he says, as he jumps from leg to leg, brushing at his clothing.

After being struck in the chest, Ryo would side step the kunai. "Pain makes us stronger." Ryo says as he takes out two more kunai. He whips them, then does a slight spin. In his hand there is yet a third wooden kunai. He would toss that one as well hoping to catch the other boy off guard. "I wish had more to show you, but I have been spending most my time on the basic stuff. One day maybe I'll be able to use fire clones or something awesome like that!"

Takkaa pulls out a kunai, and taps the first Kunai out of the way, as he dives to the right. Rolling, he throws the Kunai at the third, surprising one, and knocks it out of the air. Standing, he pats around for another practice weapon, but comes up dry. "Well, we can continue like this," he says. "Or, we can postpone until you have some weird fire clone jutsus."

Ryo smiles at Takkaa. "The second option suits me better. You are quite formidable though from the way you talk, no one would know. I guess that in itself is an advantage." Ryo would walk up towards him and offer him a hand shake. "Thank you for that. I see a few areas I really need to improve. Hopefully the next time I will be more of a challenge." Ryo then quiets down, except for one thing. "I still cannot believe you threw the sword at me."

Takka smiles, and raises his hand, taking Ryo's in friendship. "Thank you," he says. "Your fire style would work wonders with a team backing you up. You could limit the avenues of escape, letting me put a blade through someone's heart." He smiles, and shrugs, at the mention of the sword being thrown. "That was kind of the idea."

There was a nod of the head by Ryo. "Your kenjutsu is not a family secret is it?" Ryo asks. He seems interested in learning how to use a sword. "I have not really picked up a good taijutsu style, but then again kenjutsu seems like it could have some distinct advantages."

Takka shakes his head. "It's no family secret," he says. "It's just a style. It's not really a matter of advantages or disadvantages - it's a balanced style. It has good range, but unlike a spear, it can cut you the entire length. It can stab and slice, not one or the other. And because it's sharp, it doesn't require a lot of power to cause a lot of hurt. It's also not that bad on defense either." He looks at the boy appraisingly for a moment. "With those fabled eyes, you could be a regular demon with a sword… of course that could be said of any weapon, for you."

Ryo would ponder the concept of using a sword. "I like that. A regular demon. It would be like those legends. Striking fear into the heart of the enemy. Hopefully getting most of them to run instead of stay and fight." He shrugs his shoulders. "We should probably find most those kunai and clean up before any of the instructors come yell at us."

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