Who are you?


Puchi, Kurohana

Date: December 7, 2010


Kurohana tests and taunts the blind Puchi.

"Who are you?"

Mist Lake [Kirigakure]


A large crystal clear lake with a small yellow sanded island set in the middle. The lake is surrounded with large trees and lush green bushes. There are berry bushes, some poisonous and some not. The grass surrounding the lake displays patches of long and short grass with the odd stone set allowing for great seating. Villagers and ninja tend to wander towards this area for relaxation or training. Filled with an abundance of fish, here also tends to be a great spot for those interested in the fine sport of fishing.


It was a crude thorn of a hook, carefully secured to a line of spider silk. About two feet up from the hook was a leaf, the line attached with two sticky globs of webbing. The girl carefully tossed the basic line into the water, the leaf acting as a bit of a bobber keeping most of the line dry from the water. The young Okumo herself, just leaned back in the soft grass, waiting for some random fish to bite. The light urticating hairs on her body ruffling slightly in the gentle wind coming off of the water of the lake. "Sensei says I'm just about ready to graduate. Who would have thought that? That I would stand to be tested to see if I'm worthy to join the ranks of the shinobi. The Okumo elders would be surprised, that's for sure." She laughed slightly.

She's here on personal business. Well, partly personal. Standing back away from the lake is Kurohana, as shadowy as ever and still as can be, watching.
When the Okumo speaks, her head lifts, following the line to the lake. The laugh even brings a smile to her lips. A piece of paper is carefully unfolded from her pack and Kurohana looks it over before carefully replacing it. It's time to start the testing.
A senbon is pulled free and tossed at the girl, intending to just faintly graze her arm. Enough to startle her and get her to be aware of the world around her… moreso than usual.

Puchi didn't think she was alone, but didn't really know if anyone else was actually there. She frankly, really didn't care if there was someone there. She did not sense the coming of the senbon as it sailed through the air, however when it hit the ground it made a slight sound as the tip buried itself into ground. The gentle and brief vibration being sensed by the fine hairs on the girl's body. "Not sure what you threw, but try not to hit anyone. Would hate to see someone get hurt, especially if that someone happened to be me." She said casually, flicking the web fishing line slightly as she continued to rest in the soft grass along the side of the lake.

Kurohana smiles softly as she takes notice, saying not a word to the student. She'd rather keep her identity secret for now. She lets unnerving silent moments pass between them. Is she gone? Will she attack again?
Just as the air begins to settle, the jounin lifts another senbon, throwing it and actually intending for it to piece just under the first layer of skin, like a piercing of sorts. What will she do now? And furthermore, why is someone toying with her like this?

As Puchi continued to rest there, she yawned and sat up, having sensed some movement on the line. In truth, it was nothing but perhaps the momentary catch of the thorn on some kind of seaweed or grass that grew up from the water. However, as she sat up, she felt the senbon prick her, the jounin having been careful in her technique, it did little damage, just a faint cut that was not unlike a splinter. "Please be careful, luckily that wasn't much of anything, but someone could get hurt. If you are sparring, that's fine, though, I don't hear the sounds of a spar. Just be conscientious, this isn't a prime training area." She complained as she jerked the webline slightly to move it from whatever it had been caught on.

Kurohana can't help but let her smile widen, thoroughly amused by the Okumo. Even if she doesn't select her, messing with her head will be enough for entertainment.
Let's see how she handles pressure. This is the future of Kirigakure afterall.
Kurohana's hands fold into a quick seal and ice cold water jerks up from the lake to attempt wrapping itself around the student in a watery prison. The jounin leans into the tree beside her, waiting to see how the jutsu affects Puchi and what extremes she might take to save her own life.
As the water piqued and pooled, Puchi was quick to pick up on the motion. She wasn't quite sure what the water was doing, her sensory abilities were not quite that honed. She could hear the water moving, but wasn't sure what it was doing. She quickly jumped to her feet, but despite how fast it may have been, she may as well been casually standing up to dust herself off. She felt the water quickly begin to envelope her, the cold wet on her body chilling her slightly. She felt her teeth shiver as a thin web began spinning from her hand that she had lifted to her cheek. It would have eventually formed something similar to a snorkel, if she had time to finish it. Instead, it was more of a small pocket that she could breath slight and short breaths for the time being as she simply stared out of the cocoon that enveloped her. Of course, all she thought was 'Now I know how a fly caught in and cocooned in a web during a rainstorm feels.' Some may have thought it would be a joke, but the expression on her face was stern and serious. However, her eyes, the red black marbled orbs seemed rather emotionless, then again, her eyes were dead.

Kurohana takes her time, walking forward and circling the girl. She walks a circle, inspecting her and picking up her senbon as to leave no real trace.
It seems to be forever. Will she run out of air or grow numb with cold first? Only until one or the other happens does the kunoichi release the technique, letting her settle roughly back onto the ground however she will.
Leaning back into her tree, Kurohana folds her arms over her chest, watching Puchi and listening to what the girl has to say if anything at all.

If Kurohana was indeed waiting for her to grow numb or run out of air, the woman would be waiting for quite awhile. The young Okumo herself had gone into a survival mode. Her breathing was shallow, her heart beat slowed. Within her, the spiders that were at the moment within her burrowed deeper, while those that were out of her host body drew closer though partially hidden as much as possible while the jounin inspected her. The moment the prison collapsed, the swarms of spiders made their presence known. Puchi herself was crawling with spiders that quickly positioned themselves and began hurling the tiny stiff hairs from their body at Kurohana in a defensive manner. Puchi said nothing, but the muscles of her body tensed shooting out from herself her own wave of urticating hairs at Kurohana.

The jounin kunoichi moves quickly, her cloak making light noise as she does. Successfully putting herself out of harm's way, she pauses, crouching down with a soft smile. She doesn't attack again, but waits, wondering just how she can test her further. Perhaps this is enough for now. The Okumo girl intrigues her enough keep her on the list. Kurohana decides to stay just long enough for the quiet to settle back in with the rhythmic sound of the waves hitting the lake shore.

Puchi could hear at least, some of the Jounin's movements, though she allowed her to be somewhat flanked by her. She could better focus on her location and actions by doing so. "Who is attacking me and why?" she asked, her voice sounding firm and somewhat demanding. However, she maintained her composure for the most part as she worked on focusing some of her chakra.

Kurohana grins softly to herself and adjusts her hood. That's enough for today. Perhaps she shouldn't be so cruel, but it's the only way to be certain. Leaving her with the lingering thoughts and maybe even paranoia, Kurohana leaves, not a word or greeting, nor of goodbye. They'll meet again, for sure.

"I asked you a question!" she demanded loudly, sensing the person leaving. Her small hands balled into fist, her nails scraping against the flesh inside her palms. She took a deep breath, frustrated. Who was it? Was it one of the Okumo? She didn't sense any foreign spiders, so that's not likely. Why did they attack her? Was it a preliminary thing for graduation? She hadn't heard of that being done. She almost angrily kicked a nearby rock, sending it flying towards the lake, the splash though wasn't all that impressive. She finally picked up one of her spiders, "Did you guys see the attacker? If you see them again, let me know." The spider chirped and then scurried up her arm and disappeared within her clothing.

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