Who do you think I am?


Kagetsu, Kuroyosai

Date: February 11, 2012


Kuroyosai is dropped even further into Kagetsu's 'new' life.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Who do you think I am?"

Nishikaze Street - Sunagakure

Kagetsu lead Kuroyosai to his home after they had cleared things up with each other. He was excited anticipating something of a spectacle when Kuroyosai meets the family. Hikaru owned a home in one of the buildings on Nishikaze Street. It was right next to the mystic flower gardens. Kagetsu's wearing a smile and literally bouncing with each step. AS they enter the building he starts rambling about how much Kuroyosai was going to like them. "Katsuya is just the cutest thing. She's smart too. But she tires herself out easily. Hikaru's wife Yukiko is so kind. She couldn't hurt a fly. She's kinda sensitive too so do mind what you say." Kagetsu turns around looking back to Kuroyosai as they walk up the stairs. "They're gonna love you." He giggles and spins around. Outside the door to his home Kagetsu paused with Kuroyosai. From inside they could hear a little girl's voice. "Kagetsu-oniisan is so slow! What's taking him so long?" Kagetsu smiles and knocks lively.

Kuroyosai followed his brother quietly, trying to carry himself in a more dignified manner than usual since he's still embarrassed about crying earlier. But Kagetsu's bouncing and big smiles and excited speech brought a small smile to his lips anyway. He had missed that kind of light. So when they get to the building and enter he's still listening and taking things in. He frowns at Kagetsu telling him to mind his manners around the woman and wonders if he can really go through with this part… But he had no intention of leaving if he didn't have to so… And it seemed important to Kagetsu that he not only meet this new family of his but that he like them and they like him in turn. It was a bit of a tall order for the 16 year old nomad and finally at the door he feels a stab of panic.. "Uh…you know I uh…lived with nomads… I'm not good at etiquette…" Truth was he'd lived with bandits and there had only been women when the men had wanted to force something from them. Then to forestall any questions he sighs. "I'll try…"

Kagetsu leans over and speaks to Kuroyosai "That's ok. Etiquette isn't a big issue. Yukiko will find you exotic probably." he snickers. The door opens and a softy eyed dark brown haired woman answered the door. It slowly opens wide and she stands before Kagetsu and Kuroyosai. Her eyes go to Kagetsu but notice he's not alone. They become puzzled when they set upon Kuroyosai's face. It was completely identical to Kagetsu's save for the mismatched eyes. She opens her mouth trying to say something but can't seem to find words. Kagetsu blinks wondering why Yukiko hadn't said anything yet. "Uh hey I'm home. Uh I have a guest-" from Behind Yukiko now came a flying pillow on a course for….Kuroyosai. "Kagetsu you slowpoke!" a small brunette marches up to Kuroyosai and starts pummeling his legs with her tiny fists. "You kept me waiting all day. You said you'd be back soon. You lier lier pants on fire." She peers up pouting at Kuroyosai. She blinks a few times and hits him on the leg one more time "And you need a hair cut!" she seems to be done ranting now. Katsuya's little act gave Yukiko enough time to see what was going on. "H-Hi welcome to our home….come in?" she says turning her head to the side slightly looking to Kagetsu. Kagetsu rubs his head and glances to Kuroyosai "Hehe see? Nothing to worry about?"

Kuroyosai looks at the woman and then almost pities her in her obvious confusion. He can't imagine what this was going to do to people around here… But then just as he's about to explain his reflexes kick in and he raises a hand to deflect the missile aimed for his head. The pillow smacks into the wall and for a moment Kuro just looks at it wondering why someone would attack him with a pillow… Then the girl comes out and starts chewing him out for being late. He would have chuckled if she hadn't said he needed a haircut. No one touches the hair. "I'm not about to cut my hair yet. Besides. You missed…" He bends over, picking up the pillow and turns a cold eye on Kagetsu before trying to smack him with the pillow in back of the head. "THAT was supposed to be your target. Fear not. I'll teach you how to aim better." He nod-nods as if he's totally serious. The pummeling on the leg seems to get no reaction from him, though Kagetsu might notice a twitching muscle by the corner of his mouth as he fights a smirk.
Yukiko's invitation brings him back to a more adult matters and he grabs both of Katsuya's fists to keep her from attacking him then whispers into her ear conspiratorial. "I'm Kagetsu's evil twin. Want a ride?" There was no reason to have this conversation in the hallway after all. Assuming Katsuya isn't freaked out he would give her a piggy back ride into the home, bowing slightly, stiffly to Yukiko as he passes her.

Kagetsu raises an eyebrow as he watches Kuroyosai interact with Katsuya. When he's smacked in the head with the pillow Katsuya looks his way. "Oh." She squeaks. She giggles and smiles at Kuroyosai. Kagetsu looks to Yukiko hoping Kuroyosai wasn't too much for her. She was politely covering her mouth trying not to laugh. Kagetsu is relieved at first then he's a bit embarrassed. What about all this was so funny? When Katsuya finds her fists seized by Kuro she giggles thinking this all to be a game. She eagerly accepts Kuroyosai's offer and spider-monkeys on his back. She looks to Kagetsu and sticks out her tongue "Your evil twin is more fun." Kagetsu chuckles "He's not evil. Not completely anyway." Yukiko steps to the side seeming to have gotten all the laughs out and lets them in. "Well so far so good." Kagetsu says to himself.

Carrying Katsuya into the home, Kuroyosai hesitates at the entry, then after a second bends down, keeping good balance even with Katsuya on his back, and manages to pull off his boots, Then he walks in, not thinking about his sword or what normal people did with them at home. He was used to keeping it with him at all times.
He moves into the kitchen area next where Yukiko had evidently been starting to cook and sets Katsuya down carefully, whispering "that's what he thinks" About not being entirely evil. Kagetsu would notice the joke of course but there's a tendril of self-recrimination aimed at kuro in his own words. Standing back up again he blinks several times before quickly brushing his hair over the mark on his temple. Let someone else explain his entry into the village. The home is like something out of a dream for Kuro. Nice things and happy environments surround them. It kind of makes him feel like he might break something just by looking. So he looks to Kagetsu with a 'now what' expression. He really had no experience in this kind of scene.

While Kuro waltzes past Yukiko with Katsuya perched happily upon his shoulders the dear woman's eyes, kind and blessed, befall upon Kagetsu in a very much so confused manner. Kagetsu senses the unrest within the woman's eyes and does well to explain what has transpired in what was only a half a day. "That's Kuroyosai. My brother." He clarifies. Yukiko nods not finding the statement hard to swallow in the slightest. The resemblance was striking but in appearance only it seemed at first, towards her. Kagetsu enters so that she may close the door and converses further with her going over the events the lead to this very moment.
Katsuya looks upon Kuroyosai with all the whimsy that a child gives to that which is unknown. Fascinating she found his proclamation and remarks of being evil. She grins wide with teeth clamped spouting out a snickers clearly amused. Kagetsu and Yukiko join the two in the kitchen. Yukiko returns to preparing tonight's supper. "Make yourself at home Kuro-kun? Is it alright if I call you that?" she asks a bit apprehensive clearly. Kagetsu meets Kuroyosai's look with one of his own. "Hey Katsuya wanna show Kuroyosai your room?" he asks of his little sister. The girl was elated beyond description and prods Kuro to take the offer. Kagetsu looks to Yukiko figuring Kuro would have his hands full with Katsuya and offers to assist her. "It's alright Kagetsu. Go with them. I'll be done in a few." Just like that he managed to circumvent the introduction, now if the rest of the night could go as smoothly.

Kuroyosai blinks as the woman asks if she can call him Kuro-kun. It was new to be asked like that so he just nods his permission. He's also noted the apprehension on the woman's face and in her eyes and he sighs. Temporarily distracted by Kagetsu getting Katsuya hyper about showing off her room, Kuro allows himself to be led through the house by the little girl. He hesitates at the door of the kitchen, loathe to leave Kagetsu out of his sight. But the girl isn't to be deterred and he has no interest in upsetting her so he follows.
The room is what's expected of a young girl. Bits of pink and purple all around and stuffed animals on the bed. He finds himself extremely uncomfortable in this fluffy kind of setting and idly wonders why. So his eyes unfocus for a few moments. It gives him a distant or dazed appearance and he's most certainly not paying much attention to his surroundings. Something was bothering the nomad, but there was little from his demeanor or actions that would give any clue as to what.

Following after Kuro and Katsuya, Kagetsu comes up behind Kuroyosai as he 'saw' Katsuya's room. The little girl felt compelled to point, name off, and give a brief synopsis of everything in her room. She moves to her window and retrieves and small windmill, a toy-like thing that most children play with. Kagetsu steps up beside Kuroyosai. He looks over to his brother and can see the issue as plain as day. He clashed with the room so heavily that Kagetsu felt one of them was about to concede to the other's existence. Knowing Kuro he'd probably try to fight it. Kagetsu snickers amused by his own humor and nudges Kuroyosai. Before Kuroyosai is Katsuya holding the windmill. "Kagetsu-oniisan got this for me. It's my favorite gift ever." She holds it up showing it to Kuroyosai "Don't break it or I'll thrash you." She warns Kuroyosai. Kagetsu's eyes become softened as he looks upon the windmill.

Nudged by Kagetsu, Kuro's eyes come back into focus and looks down at the windmill and the girl holding it. He takes a breath and thinks forcefully at himself. -This girl is important to Kagetsu. BE NICE, idiot!- He forces a small smile onto his face and goes down to one knee to take the little toy gently. Kagetsu had gotten it for her…. He really had found a family and a home. He'd built and molded into this happy family. He nods slowly as he examines the toy then hands it back carefully. "Very nice."
He wants to ask the girl what she thinks of Kagetsu, if he's a good brother, but he manages to keep his mouth shut. He stood up suddenly and stumbles once before spinning on his heel and moving so fast out of the room he's nearly running. He gets to the entrance and hesitates, looking at his boots. Half a second later he scoops them into his hand and is out the door and headed outside barefoot, stopping only when he's alone and sags against a stone wall breath shallow but deliberately slow.

Katsuya smiles pleased by Kuroyosai's comment. Kagetsu feels unease beginning to creep up within. His eyes dart to Kuroyosai and he's shocked to see such a hasty retreat by his brother. Kagetsu turns around reaching for him but falling short just a hair. Katsuya watches on too with much confusion. He eyes go downward and her voice becomes melancholy. "He's not evil." She remarks. Kagetsu looks back to her figuring Kuroyosai had said something to her. It sounds like something he'd do. "He's sad. Like you." She claims. Kagetsu sighs and returns his gaze forward seeing that Kuroyosai had left. "I know." He starts to go see what's up with his brother but Katsuya grabs his pant leg before he can take a step. Her hand tugs and she lifts the windmill presenting it to Kagetsu "This makes me happy. Tell him he can have it."
Kagetsu takes the windmill and sighs "Katsuya….are you sure?" the girl nods and smiles. Unlike Kuro or Kage her smile wasn't forced. "I don't like it when you're sad." She answers. Kagetsu understood his little sister well enough to not question her any further. He nods and departs. Yukiko inquires what's going on but Kagetsu is swift and doesn't have time for an answer. He rounds the exit and looks for Kuroyosai outside. Against a wall he can see his brother standing. Kagetsu runs over worried for his brother "Kuroyosai? Kuro what's wrong? Why'd you leave?"

Kuroyosai's mind was far from his body as he leans against the wall. He felt lost and cornered at the same time. He didn't begrudge Kagetsu what he had, but he couldn't see where he would be in that place. It was all so perfect without him. And the child.. Seeing her brought on other worries, worries of exposing her to danger and thus harming Kagetsu in the process. Where did someone like him belong in such a nice home?
By the time Kagetsu catches up to him he's pale and looks shaken, one hand covering his mouth like he's fighting nausea. His posture goes from a kind of weak slump to rigid control the second he hears Kagetsu's voice. He didn't want Kage to see him like this. But then again he wasn't exactly sure what this was. He was happy Kage had found a safe haven. He knows his brother hadn't tried replacing him with the girl so that wasn't it. Taking a deep breath and not wanting Kage to know the truth of his actions he just says, "I…thought i was going to be sick. A guy gets hit in the head hard enough and it happens. I didn't uh…know where to go so…" He pauses, wondering if Kagetsu is going to buy that one.

Kagetsu's concern elevates once he gets a gander at this brother's complexion and the signs he's giving off. Kagetsu's concern makes a stunning transition to bewilderment as Kuroyosai tries to explain what was going on with him. "Really? I didn't think it was that bad." He says looking to his brother's head. He'd forgotten about the injury that he'd taken earlier. Kagetsu was gullible but he wasn't stupid. "Why didn't you just say so earlier? We have a bath room." He inclines his head. His brother's face tells the truth though. Kagetsu isn't one to force things though. His calm nature is usually what gives him an advantage. He wouldn't prod his brother though he knew something was wrong. He'd let Kuroyosai move at his own pace.
"How are you feeling now?" he asks looking at Kuroyosai. There was a bit of a forlorn expression on his face. He wanted to know why Kuroyosai kept things from him if they were bothering him. One thing that did anger him about his brother is that Kuro would sacrifice too much for Kagetsu's sake. Kuroyosai was always trying to protect him from everything without taking his feelings into consideration. Of course he couldn't fault his brother for it. He understood. But he felt that Kuro would behave differently if he knew how it made him feel. Kagetsu was never happy when Kuro took all the grief and pain unto himself. Against Kagetsu's better judgment something slips from the young man something he wished he could take back. "Selfish."

Kuroyosai rubs the back of his head in a good imitation of being sheepish. "I.. should have thought of that. But, that would have been bad too…I get introduced to your mo—" He trips verbally then rights himself. "Your mom and I end up puking first thing? Bad impression.. Besides I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me. Not that I blame her…" He looks to the side making it look like a joke. But he could tell Kagetsu wasn't buying his story and he takes a breath, preparing for…something.
Then Kagetsu's muttered 'selfish' comes out and Kuro looks like he'd been slapped. Several still moments pass until Kuro simply slides down the wall to sit on the ground. "Yup. That's me." The tone in his words suggests he's still trying to make it sound lighthearted. It was all just too much too fast. He felt like he was strapped to a maniacal carousel and it wouldn't stop spinning. When had he lost so much control?
Kuro runs a hand through his bangs and decides to give in a little. It's a small concession but it's a kind of peace offering, trying to show Kagetsu that he's going to try. That he's not completely out of his mind… Probably. "Go ahead and ask. Whatever it is that's on your mind… ask."

Kagetsu keeps quiet in shock that he just let himself slip like that. His eyes go to Kuroyosai to inspect the damage he's done. Kagetsu knows he shouldn't have said that and was well on his way to apologizing until he hears Kuroyosai's response. 'Yep. That's me.' Is all he had to say? Kagetsu wasn't hot headed but that isn't to say he doesn't get frustrated. For the first time in ages, perhaps in his life, he wanted to just reach over and slap his brother. As Kuro slides down the wall Kagetsu desperately searches for some alleviation for his contempt.
Now comes a test for Kagetsu. His brother no doubt heard him and sensed that he was upset. Kuroyosai's words ring in the young chuunin's head until he can't think of anything else but to just ask. Speak. Shout. Cry. He can't bring himself to unleash all his frustration on Kuroyosai but at the same time it's such a burden to keep in held up inside. There comes a time when one must put aside fear, coyness, and doubt to reach the truth of the matter. Only then can peace be achieved. So against every sensation in his body Kagetsu speaks out to Kuroyosai. "Why…why are you…you…" His hands curl up into fists. "IDIOT!"
Kagetsu intended to release his anger steadily and told himself not to raise his voice. But what we say we do and what we do often aren't the same. "We're separated for 11 years and still you see me as an obligation. I'm a chuunin now. A shinobi. A trained killer. Yet you still see me as the 'little brother' that needs protecting." His eyes are shut tight as he can't believe what he's saying. "You're so selfish. Acting all tough and trying to pretend you can take anything so long as I'm fine. But I'm not fine. I'm more in pain now than I've ever been before." The next part he knows is going to hurt even now he clears his sinuses as the tension wells up. "And it's your fault." He shuts up for a moment. The rage was gone. With it came the truth of how he felt. Kagetsu falls to the ground on his rear just sitting. A heavy sigh escapes him. He's regained most of his composure. "Why am I unhappy Kuro? I got you back. After all these years I finally have you back and I'm still unhappy." He tosses Katsuya's windmill at Kuroyosai. "Here." He murmurs. "I don't hate you. I just want to know why. Why do you do this? Because you think it'll make me happy?"

Kuroyosai watched the emotion build up in Kagetsu until it threatened to overflow and he fully expected a slap at least if not a full out punch by the way his twin's fists were clenched. But the kid had more control than that it seemed and Kuro blinks up at Kagetsu as he finally starts venting some of that emotion. When the explosion finally comes it's not what he'd expected. He'd expected a 'Don't bell this up.' or 'Use your head' or something like that. Instead, he's confronted with a picture of his brother that he hates to admit to. Shinobi. Trained killer. Killer… The words echo in his head and Kuro starts shaking his head slowly.
The next accusation hurts more. He had been worried about just this thing when he'd stumbled onto Kagetsu. That he'd make his life worse somehow. That the taint on his soul would infect his brother. So now that Kage had said just that. It was Kuro's fault. He finally shows a visible sign of pain. He flinches and looks down. Anywhere but at his accuser.
Kagetsu continues to suprise him when he sits on the ground too and tosses the windmill at him. He catches it easily and blinks oddly at it, but doesn't have long to spend wondering what the drum this is about. Kage's questions leave him feeling hollow. But at least he feels he can answer them. "I've spent more than a year wandering, looking for any trace of you. Of course I still want to protect you… What kind of brother would I be if I didn't want you safe? I do it because it feels right. And…" He pauses, fidgeting and looking back and forth before settlng his gaze on a pot in the sand at his feet. "And.. because I… I failed you once already during that sandstorm. I don't want to repeat that mistake."
He shifts uncomfortably and pounds out his boots by slamming the heel against the ground and dumping anything living out of it, a standard scorpion check.Then he puts the boots back on his feet. Looking back up to Kagetsu's face and then down again he fidgets with one of his gloves, careful not to pull it off. "You say you're trained to kill.. Have you killed a man?" His tone is even and calm, but he looks afraid of the answer…

Kagetsu frowns at Kuroyosai's answer. It wasn't surprising or shocking but Kagetsu did notice the reaction he'd solicit when he mentioned being a shinobi. Kagetsu blinks a few times feeling calmer that he was when he'd first met Kuroyosai. When the question came his way he watched closely studying the reaction on Kuroyosai's face. "I'll kill you if anything happens to that windmill." He jokes. He'd make light of the situation now because he can see now what he'd have to do. He stands knowing full well that he hadn't answered his brother's question "It's rude. To just run out like that. You better apologize to Yukiko and Katsuya. You were doing fine up until now." Kagetsu moves closer to Kuroyosai. "I know you want me safe but I want you safe too. What kind of brother would I be if I didn't want you safe?" Kagetsu offers a hand to Kuroyosai.
"You're my beloved big brother. More precious to me than anything else. I want you in my life. I want you happy. I don't want you to get hurt because of me." He explains. "Just please consider how it makes me feel to see you like this. You know Mom and Dad would say the same thing. How can you help the one's you love when you're hurting yourself?" Kagetsu smiles warmly at his twin. "I became a ninja so I could protect knuckle heads like you too." Kagetsu recalls that Kuro wasn't feeling well. He keeps a watchful eye on his brother looking for the first sign of heaving. "I don't need a martyr Kuro I need a brother. Think you can help me out?"

Kurpyosai's eyes narrow as Kagetsu literally ignores the question then shrugs it all off with the joke about the windmill. Kuro even sat through the lecture about being rude with fairly well played patience. But then his own words are thrown back at him and he scowls even more. "The question isn't who can fight better, Kagetsu. It's can you deal with the baggage I carry? You don't know me. You don't know what I am or who I’ve hurt. You said it yourself. You're in pain because I came looking. And no matter how hard you try, Kagetsu, I don't fit into that family. Katsuya shouldn't be anywhere near me."
The color is slowly seeping back into his face and he does seem to be feeling a bit better than he had been, but he's still distant, separated from something. Then he focuses his eyes on his twin as the hand is offered. He starts to take it but hesitates. "This had nothing to do with being a martyr.. Besides.. to be a martyr you have to believe in something." He's trying to make a joke. It's a temporary reprieve before he moves on to other matters. Before he accepts Kage's hand, he needs to get something out in the open…or at least just between them. "I'll always be your brother, Kage… But your brother's a killer and I don't mean that I know /how/ to kill. I mean I /have/ killed. I'd do it again. I'd have made it harder on the cello if I'd have had a chance." His tone suggests rage deep-seated and dangerous. He looks right in Kagetsu's eyes, mirroring his own and yet they're far less wild than Kuro's. "Can you stand to have a killer around your little sister?"

Kagetsu listens to his brother speak and withdraws his hand. Kagetsu knew he'd get the truth out of Kuroyosai one way or another. This wasn't about not fitting in. Kagetsu could see that his twin thought of himself as a burden of sorts. A danger and a threat to everything held sacred perhaps even. Kagetsu folds his arms feeling that urge to slap Kuroyosai. "Use your head more." He comments looking to the side. He almost seemed like he was teasing Kuroyosai but really he was embarrassed by his twin. "Her father is a killer." He states. "So what does it matter who you've hurt? What is this some kind of self pity?" His eyes fall on Kuroyosai. The look in his eyes wasn't a look he'd ever given Kuroyosai before. It wasn't superiority or arrogance in his glare but more of a questioning look of 'who the triangle do you think I am?'
"I'm not in pain because you came searching for me. But when I heard that I was a bit mortified. I should've been searching for you too. I shouldn't have given up on you like I did." Kagetsu's arms fall to his side. "But seeing you here now I know, as I've always known, that I can trust in you." His tone was filled with unbridled serene. "But you don't believe in anything. Not even me. So if that's the case then why are you here?" he asks a bit harshly of his brother. "Listen. To. Me. If you can't be around Katsuya then neither can Hikaru-san. As a shinobi, one should always be prepared to take a life. I understand that..very well. You think I'd let something like that pull me away from her? How can I protect her then?" he asks harshly again. "I know flute well who you are. You're my brother. I don't care what you've done or who you've hurt. I trust in you. I know you wouldn't hurt me or the ones I hold dear…..including yourself." He explains. "Frankly put dearest brother of mine you don't trust in me. That's where my pain comes from." He points at his headband "I don't let my friends and family down. That's called a nindo, a ninja way. You'd be wise to respect it."

The whole speech sets Kuroyosai off balance and he just sits and stares, taking the berating like he was helpless to stop it. He manages to keep his eyes up and on Kagetsu through the whole thing, though he flinches a few times as a comment strikes home. Once when Kagetsu admits to being mortified at not searching, though he knows tuba well the chances of them both surviving were extremely low. Once when he's accused of not believing in his twin and one last time when he's accused of not believing in Kagetsu.
The whole Nindo thing was new, though. He'd been told shinobi do anything for money.. Then again, he had been told that by the very man he'd later killed and he'd never been one for having accurate information…. So, he thinks, they have a system of honor after all. Very well. If that bit of his past hadn't even phased Kage, then he would try to relax about the whole thing. "If you're certain. I'll try." He looks up at Kagetsu with an oddly child-like expression of hope. By the way it sat on his face it's clear the muscles aren't used to such a thing being displayed. They were far more used to snarling aggression. But the effect is as one lost looking up at a rescuer's hand.
He Stands up.. A little too fast and sways, a hand snapping out to grab for Kagetsu's shoulder for support. His other hand goes to his forehead. But despite the dizziness which is far from feigned, he still tries to continue the conversation. "I wouldn't have ….done what I've done if I didn't believe in you, Kagetsu.. I just think you should be able to believe in me. I'm used to being on my own like that."
And yet he'd grabbed for Kagetsu's shoulder after moving too fast. He certainly had a concussion and the stress wasn't helping the situation. The kodachi at his hip was specially made. Even the Saya was reinforced with metal, so it weighed more than comparable swords. He'd be fine in a day or so, of course. And as with most ruffians… He hadn't even considered a medic. Now, though, he tries letting his guard down a little and closes his eyes, resting his forehead on Kage's shoulder. A few seconds of silence go by before he finally speaks. It's low and quiet, conspiratorial. "I'm not used to having anyone give a clarinet… It's going to take some time… Think you can deal with that?"

Kagetsu knew full well what he had signed up for when he became a shinobi and he already told himself that he'd never become someone his true family would shine down upon. He'd be a different shinobi than the ones that stole and harassed them when they were kids. He's not a tool he's a manjust like his brother. Kagetsu watches Kuroyosai now wondering what he had to say to that.
Once Kagetsu hears his brother say he'd try then a smile quickly formed on his face. Kuroyosai might as well have said that he'd do it, that's how much Kagetsu believes in him. When Kuro stands up and starts to sway Kagetsu would reach out to catch him should he fall. He ends up being support for his brother instead. -Maybe he needs to see a medic- Kagetsu thinks. He begins to wonder how much luck he'd have at getting his brother to the medical center. Fiddle after what they just went through, Kagetsu didn't want to chance it. He'd decided to take him back inside and let him rest.
When Kuro says he needs Kagetsu to believe in him Kagetsu blinks quickly then pulls his brother in for a hug. An overzealous hug. His hold was tight and would be considered uncomfortable by most. "OF COURSE I BELIEVE IN YOU!" He lifts his brother up and starts to rock obviously overdoing it. "Don't worry we're brothers we can handle anything that comes our way. I'll watch out for you, you'll watch out for me and we'll just watch out for each other it'll be just like when we were kids." Kagetsu rambles while death hugging his brother.

Kuroyosai hadn't noticed the concern in Kagetsu's eyes when he swayed. He was occupied with keepng upright. Only to be suddenly grabbed and squeezed nearly to the point of losing his breath. Nearly. The sudden hug gets that odd flinch at first before he settles into the action. It was almost as though he had to will himself to relax, but he wraps an arm around Kagetsu's back to show he was okay with it. He sighs a little as Kagetsu starts rambling. That wasn't new at all. He'd had to tackle his twin to shut him up as kids. And even that only worked so often. When he's finally able to get out of the hug he looks a little more relaxed and his eyes are lit a little. "Why don't we go get something for dinner from the market for dinner, like a desert or something." He looks to the side a little then at Kagetsu. "Look I don't want them to know anything about my past…You might be able to get over it but I'm not sure they will… So…that'll be my excuse. I thought of something and went to get it… Guitar, like I said I don't think she likes me much anyway."

With Kuro free from his grip Kagetsu had calmed down now to a level where he could contain his joy. At his suggestion for dinner Kagetsu placed a hand on his hip looking rather oddly at Kuroyosai. "Eh? But Yukiko cooked. She likes you….she just doesn't know it yet. Besides you have to apologize." Kagetsu explains. He looked at his brother though and realized he couldn't just drop him in the middle of all this. It was too much for Kuroyosai. Perhaps he should listen to his brother and take it slow. Kagetsu sighs a sigh of defeat and shakes his head "Fine have it your way. But you're not getting out of that apology." He adds
"I'm telling you though you're not uncommon around here. I mean finding someone who hasn't taken a life is rare nowadays." He tries to make Kuroyosai a bit more comfortable with his past in regards to Hikaru's family. "I get to pick the spot. You're ok though? You don't want to get that looked at?" he points to his temple referring to the injury Kuroyosai sustained earlier.

Kuro clearly isn't sure about Yukiko's feelings toward him but he lets it go for now. At least Kagetsu is trying to work with him. The final acceptance of his idea to grab a desert to add to the dinner gets a small nod from Kuro and as he takes his weight entirely off of Kage, he seems calmer in spirit if not body. At the question about getting his head checked out he shrugs. "It's just a concussion. Don't worry about it. I just need to stop moving so fast." And they set out for the market, Kuro taking it at an easy pace so as to keep from showing any more indications of his wound. They draw stares of course from the townspeople, and especially Kage's friends but Kuro seems oblivious through the whole shopping session. Take it one step at a time, he tells himself. Tonight he'd be sure to lay down early.. if Katsuya allowed it anyway. As the time passes with Kage, Kuro slowly comes to the conscious realization that he'd found his brother. Not just found him but found him in a nice home with seemingly nice people and a position as a suna shinobi… No wonder he was having a hard time processing.

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