Wild Fire: Cresting Wave



Date: December 10, 2011


Kibushi finds a nice, relatively secluded place to unleash his chakra at and attempt to understand its nature and how he might one day conqouer it while simultaneously ruining a reknown fisherman's day.

"Wild Fire: Cresting Wave"

Northern Sea

The waves roughly tumbled upon each other atop the North Sea relative to the Land of Water. Fishing boats were still out as a storm was not brewing, but only because the surface was manageable to navigate. However, Below the surface, the currents churned nearly chaotically as the flow of the water was disturbed by an unnatural frenzy. The fisherman would recieve very little in the way of the bounty of the sea as most of what they would gather in nets were horrendously destroyed pieces and chunks of former life.

One of the premiere fishing boats, the Obsidian Scallion, would be captained by the extremely season and passionate Otsuhide Miyatora who was nicknamed by his crew… "Captain Tora! We have a bit of a problem!" Miyatora would shake his head and rub his flowing grey beard for a moment as he'd yel lback, "Of course we do! Something is destroying my haul!" The man atop the crow's nest would say, "Yeah but… it looks like we may need to rescue someone! Off the port bow there is someone… is he adrift? He looks like he's just standing on something in the water. Maybe he doesn't see us in the fog?" Grabbing a monocular scope, Captain Tora would look and focus out to sea before chucklnig deeply. "Don't worry young man… it is just one of those Kirigakure folk fooling around. Still… he is way out here with no ship. I am a bit surprised he'd come out this far. But looking at him, I would guess he was one of them crazy Kaguya." The young crewman in the crow's nest would look through his own scope and say, "A Kaguya?" The captain would laugh heavily before saying, "Just watch… he'll probably do something interesting in a mome… hey wait a minute! He's the one stirring up the fish!"

Standing atop the waves with nothing but his own power supporting him, Kibushi would be lightly clung to the surface of the water. He allowed for it to slip under him while still standing atop it, allowing him to stand in palce even amongst the waves. As he stood there, he had taken the liberty of biting his palm and allowing his blood to flow freely into the ocean. The potent concoction had mixed with the sea and drew predators t othe area in droves. But more than that… something deep within the blood called out to the feral sides of these beasts. Even the most docile of sea life stirred with a basic lust to consume and thrive. Not all of them could, but instead of fleeing as they normally would, schools of small fish would attack their well known predators, scarring and pushing them through the waters below as if they had any chance of survival. Crustaceans would lose their patience and begin to fight amongst themselves as well as anything that swam by without the usual surprise tactics. Squid would joi nthe free for all carnage, choknig the life out of decent sized fish would clamping down on others to devour them with little thought of caution. This was of course before the sharks and sword fish and killer whales and various other top sea life forms in the food chain would even arrive for their share of the feast.

Kibushi remained still for quite awhile after that, his fist clenched, pushing out more blood until he quickly began to heal enough for the blood to slow and clot. Opening his eyes, he felt he had prepared himself enough for this particular training. The fishing ship that was out here was far enough away, and there was enough chaos below to make this training very dangerous or even fatal. It was as prefect as it was going to get. The bare torso of the young man would flex powerfully as he rolled his shoulders forward and his entire body tensed up, his teeth gritting as he snarled harribly, slight fangs protruding and falling over the smaller teeth of his lower jaw. His face would squint and cringe just prior to him expolding his body outward, arms stretched and chest flying forward as he bellowed with a deeply suppressed, wild rage. His chakra was poured out all at once to it's maximum burst. The sea almsot seemed to calm instantly, glassing over as if it was a still pond on a beautiful clear day. This however was only how it appeared around Kibushi. Outside of that, the waves had towered around him as a flash of white chakra had signaled what appeared to be a massive explosion that send the waves out at 360 degrees from the epicenter. Kibushi himself was literally on fire as the white chakra crackled and blazed all around hin as the water was instantly evaporated in to a strange solid sheet of minerals and sediment beneath him. He growled harshly as his body convulsed with the heat and erratic thrashing of his chakra that threatened to consume him and everything else around him. He grunted and then screamed out as he fell to his hands and knees, smoking and frying as his eyes were wide open in sheer agony. The tendrils of wild chakra sprang further in to the air and way from him as if using the sea air and winds as kindling before finally he would exhaust the amount of chakra he would unleash and be left with nothing but his several wounds and the trauma of the attempt. Kibushi was not detered however. In fact, he would begin to cackle. Nothing would ever dominate him forever, not even himself.

Now it was time to survive exhausted and weak amongst the frenzy of the sea. Kibushi would grin viciously, challenging the ocean it self to dare to face him. Meanwhile, the crew of the Obsidian Scallion would have had to hold on for dear life and hope not to capsize as what appeared to be a Jinchuuriki would have literally rocked the boat. Captain Tora would growl harsly at it as the young man that was still clung to the crow's nest would have said, "That thing had dozens of tails!?! What in the world kind of demon Jinchuuriki was that?!?" he would scream in terror. Captain Tora however spti as he said, "That wasn't a Jinchuuriki at all boy! I don't know much about the ways of Shinobi… but i've seen a beast or two in my life. Those weren't tail's neither…. I don't know what it was, but it looks like it is over now. We should head back home… there ain't going to be any fish out here after that stunt." Glancing over the rail of his ship, Captain Tora would see a sizzling piece of floatsam that looked alike like a fungus or a very fine coral mesh floating along. "Ya heard me! Let's get out of here." he would say to his crew that began to set the sails for a return trip home. He would raise his weathered gaze towards the still smoking warrior out in the sea and stroke his beard. "Like I said… crazy Kaguya"

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