Wild Kir-B in the Sand


Akiko, Hideyoshi, Kirito

Date: October 4, 2014


Three genin are sent to take on the machine 'Kir-B', as the creator of the mechanism forgot to include an off-switch!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Wild Kir-B in the Sand"

Desert in the Land of Wind

Messenger Hawks were sent off to Kirito, Hideyoshi, and Akiko to tell them to meet up at the gates of Sunagakure. The mission details would be explained there. It would be early in the morning when they set off, and they should be prepared for chaos, said the note. Akiko gets the message, so she and Kotone make their way to the gate where a single Suna-Chuunin stands. He gives her a nod, as well as the falcon, and just stays quiet while waiting for the other two to join them. Akiko bounces a bit in place as she waits, excited for the mission.

In the midst of messing around with the technology in his gloves Hideyoshi gets a message from a hawk. He doesn't notice the hawk at first until he it gets tired of waiting for him. Immersed in his work, once disturbed, Hideyoshi sort of freaks out. "HAWK!" he finds the message and sighs "Guess it's another sleepless night." he resolves and gets going right away. As instructed he meets up with Akiko and the Chuunin outside the gates of Sunagakure. "I'm here." Hideyoshi waves approaching the others. "This it? Or are we waiting for one more?"

Slowly pulling himself from the dirt he would shake the rest of the earth out of his short hair before looking at Akiko and then towards Hideoyoshi before yawning. "It appears we're all here at last. So what's the mission? Who or what do I have to kill?" Kirito would get straight to the point before tossing the four of them a smile (Slightly false in nature). If one would take a chance to full examine Kirito they could see his forearms bandage as well as his chest all the way up to his neck. He would be panting a little but not enough to cause to much worry, Kirito would start to slowly pull his hood over his face to mask any of his injuries he could.

The Chuunin nods slightly, saying, "There should be one more- Ah, here he is." He waits for Kirito to get settled a bit before explaining the mission. "One of the local scientists seems to be having troubles with his experiment. He calls it the 'Kir-B', and it acts much like a vacuum. The problem is whatever it sucks up can be used defensively. The machine is making its way toward a nearby village as we speak, so I suggest you move quickly." With that, he sends them on their way and disappears.
Akiko blinks a bit, the Chuunin not giving them a chance to ask questions. Apparently that was all the information that they needed. "But wait, who's in charge…?" she wonders. Well, they can figure that out on the way… "We should get moving, I think, then! Let's go, Kirito-san. And…" She pauses, unable to remember the other boy's name. "Kotone, fly ahead so we can scope on the situation!" she continues, already moving forward.

Seeing Kirito rise from the sand Hideyoshi shudders. "Oh." he tries to wave towards Kirito but the body count just rose to three and three is a crowd, Hideyoshi doesn't do well in crowds. He becomes rather timid and quiet. When the chuunin leaves Hideyoshi starts to find his nerve. The fact that Akiko didn't know his name doesn't surprise him he makes it a point not to stand out at times. He had his own set of questions at this time but they would have to wait. Seeing Akiko take off after her hawk Kotone Hideyoshi lets Kirito take up the rear as he follows behind her. "So some machine has gone rogue. Think it has an off switch?" he smiles wishing it would be that easy.

The chuunin makes a swift exit leaving the three of thing a sigh escapes his lips before he started to speak. "His name is Hideoyoshi it horrible that you didn't remember his name…any who the off switch is cutting it the up into tiny pieces since we were never told that he wanted it back in one piece. Lastly this is what we're going to do, since it has an AI unit we can use Akiko and Kotone to distract it as I move under it and strike as I do this however I'm going to be counting on you Hideoyshi to strike when the time is right. My whole plan is to hold it down in one place as you strike. Once you strike I hide again using the two of them as cover. Any more questions cause once we get moving I expect very little talking out of the two of you." Yawning once more a slight wince of pain can be seen coming across his face followed by him slightly holding himself. (They told me this pain was natural I just have to push pass it…)

The entire journey doesn't take too long, as the village they're heading to is relatively closeby. It's also rather easy to see their target, as it's about the size of one of those houses… The machine is rounded, made completely of metal. It travels on two feet, and the thing that could be considered its mouth is sucking in everything it can see. This mainly includes sand, but also some of the vegetation nearby like plants, trees, and even animals. Nothing seems to be stopping it as it moves along the warpath. Fortunately, it's still a mile or so from the village, giving the trio plenty of time.
Akiko hrms a bit as she listens to Kirito's plan. "Well, I doubt it has an off switch, otherwise we wouldn't be getting sent in, Hideyoshi-san. As for the plan… Well, I guess we could try it." Then the thing comes into view, and Akiko says, "But we should be careful… I don't like the look of that thing…" She glances up. "Kotone, watch out and be careful. Don't get sucked in!"

Hideyoshi glances back to Kirito and blinks "You're assuming a lot." he notes. "Why not just wait until we have a visual on the thing before we start formulating a plan." he suggested mostly because he didn't like how Kirito's plan put a bit of pressure on him. When they do have a visual on the machine it seems as though they'd be opting towards Kirito's plan unless something was done. "Err uh wait how about we…" he thinks for a moment. "Inhaleit Kirito." he sighs. "Never mind. Let's get this over with." He waits on the others to exploit the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the machine.

After he got the go he would slowly sink into the earth and once he was under cover he would start to transform and this time however he would grow a tail. Moving swiftly then before while not giving up his cover he would seek out the machine. He notice that he forgot to give a signal and thus frowns the wounds that he had before would slowly fade away. However he thinks the pair up top would think of something however for the moment he would just stay and wait before making any extra movements.

This 'Kir-B' is still quite large. While its attentions have not yet focused on the three genin sent to attack it, the thing is still somehow able to affect them and likely drive the group into chaos. As it stomps along, the shockwaves travel through the ground and are likely very jarring for the Shippodoku that's moving down there. The genin trio are close enough that its vacuum mouth is starting to affect them, too! If it does indeed end up sucking them up, then they would find themselves flying into its mouth, though only hitting the edge of it.
Akiko feels the air sucking her up and gets out of the way quick! She isn't sure how effective her arrows will be against this machine, but she can certainly try! The girl sends off arrows with flash-bangs attached to them, the things exploding before reaching the Kir-B so the bot doesn't get more defensive items. Then she moves in to just give it a good thwack with her bow.

Hideyoshi finds himself lifted off his feet as he's unable to avoid getting sucked in by the mecha. The result? He ends up hitting his head against the hard membrane of the machine, getting knocked out. Well, that's unfortunate…

Kirito would slowly rise from the earth reaching out to clip and slowly pull its legs underground once there he moved to try and clip its legs to see if the bot would suck itself up in its own vaccum. As he moved he notice that Hideyoshi would be quickly taken out sighing he would pick his body up and toss him out of the line of fire using his new tail. "Baka." Shaking his head he would hiss at the bot before looking towards Akiko.

Akiko frowns as she sees a teammate go down, but it seems Kirito's plan is extremely effective. He's able to pull the machine down enough that it gets stuck in the ground, his pincer effectively cutting through the bottom. If she's accurate enough with her shots, maybe she can get into some of that wiring.
The Kir-B is unhappy to be trapped… Clumps of garbage, which absolutely stink, are thrown out of the Kir-B as it tries to lighten itself enough to escape sand. Some of these clumps end up falling towards Akiko and Rikuto! Akiko attempts to avoid these clumps, but she ends up getting struck in the leg with one. It's likely going to result in a large bruise later. With a huff, the girl readies her bow. Earlier, the flash-bang had worked, so she tries to do it again! This is quickly followed by two more arrows as she attempts to destroy the insides of the robot.

Failing to dodged the first strike due to being slightly distracted with Hideyoshi disabled body Kirito winced as he used his huge pincer weapon to block the second incoming attack. Using this time he dashed underground to once again get the other two legs stuck before making his move to strike once more.

Once again, the Kir-B finds itself being dragged into the ground by the Shippodoku. It flails wildly, the vacuum mouth going on full power to try and right itself while the free leg lashes out at whoever is closest. In this case, it's Kirito who would end up getting the brunt of that attack. Unable to do much else but flail, the machine ends up getting its insides damaged by a relatively accurate shot from Akiko! Sadly, the hull is too strong for her normal arrow to pierce through, so only the one hits.
Kotone is the victim of the extra vacuum, it seems, but the bird is able to wing around the effects. Akiko is less lucky, the ground near her feet getting hit. She ends up flying backward and landing hard on her butt, which is painful despite the sandy landing. "Ow…" she mutters, getting up and dusting herself off. She considers, and then dashes in closer to the machine, intending to sneak into the hull to do direct damage if she can!

Once again his speed was too great for the machine and with that he found himself slipping too close to Hideyoshi and thus he would use his tail to flick him out of the way as he himself would be forced to tank the impending attack. Pissed and moved with swift anger Kirito dashed forward and this time pinched the neck before moving to swipe it clean off of its head before landing softly onto the ground he would dust himself off before speaking "its over Akiko you can come out of hiding. As acting leader I want you to sum up a report and hand it into the Kazekage at once as for Hideyoshi I'll carry him on our long travel back. "This was a waste of my time and energy…" Kirito would start to allow the effects of his transformation to subside as he stood there a lot thinner then he once was a moment ago. "Oh feel free to talk once more now that the mission is over." Rubbing Akiko on the head he would start to slowly but roughly toss Hideyoshi into the firemen carry. "Exhaleit I knew you were bad I never thought you'll be that bad…geez you need some serious training Hideyoshi." Shaking his head he would sigh before looking towards Akiko.

The machine shudders to a halt as Kirito strikes its head off. The body continues to flail, but eventually it dies completely, and Akiko pokes her head out from the body. Apparently Kirito's abilities weren't the only cause for the Kir-B to die. It only takes about a minute for Akiko to free herself from the inside of the hull, and Kotone comes down to land on the Hayato's shoulder. "Got it, Kirito-san," she says, getting a scroll out for the report. A quick scribble or ten later, the note is attached to Kotone's leg, and the falcon flies off with the report. Maybe it's not the most thorough, but it works, yes? "Right, let's get going, Kirito-san!" she says cheerfully, readying herself for travel.

Kirito frown as she spoke only to say slightly under his breath "why are you always so happy?" I asked as he carried the defeat shinobi on his back. He would just be walking as if he had no extra weight at all. (I need to watch my transformation cause I'm greatly fatigued, maybe I'll go have that nap once I take this baka to the hospital.) Kirito lifted his attention from himself and more so towards Akiko "you say something? Boy I'm hungry but more so want to go take a nap the sun almost fully up." Frowning Kirito with one hand reached into his pocket and pulled out his glasses before slipping them on.

Almost as if the girl heard the Shippodoku, she says, "I'm happy the mission was a success! Even if Hideyoshi-san ended up getting knocked out, at least we were able to save the village from getting destroyed by that 'Kir-B' thing. Whoever came up with that should have put in an off-switch, though. All that wiring was confusing, and he didn't even add one!" She shakes her head a bit. "I think you should eat first! That way you can sleep without waking up in the middle of the day to get some food." A small nod as she talks. Eventually, Sunagakure comes into view, and the pair are rejoined by Kotone. The falcon had delivered the report, and everything went smoothly from then on. Yay, happy ending.

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