Wildfire in the Land of Fire


Rockpath (emitter), Eiji, Jade, Zori, Kyuketsuki, Naruko, Yori, Yoshomaru, Takeo

Date: March 16, 2015


Fires in the Land of Fire have been put out with a large team of fire-users and a single major water-user.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Wildfire in the Land of Fire"

Land of Fire

A large wildfire caught wind in the eastern forests of the Land of Fire, decimating the flora and forcing wildlife to flee from the area. It has been running rampant unchecked for the past day as Konoha worked to gather a team to take care of it. The Leaf Village also sent in for some help from Kumo, likely hoping to create some sort of pincer effect when tackling the fire. In charge would be Uchiha Eiji, Uchiha Clan Head. The Kumo-nin would have to decide who would be sent, how the responsibilities would fall, etc. Within their mission briefing, it would note that while they have their own hierarchy, they should obey Uchiha Eiji's orders provided that said orders are not a detriment to Kumogakure.

Uchiha Eiji covered his ears. Raging fire was devouring everything on its path like a demon on a rampage. It made constant sounds as it turned all creation on its path into ash. The heat from the fire caused fluids within wood to vaporize into steam. This resulted in trapped steam exerting pressure on surrounding wood till it gave up with a loud ear splitting pops, snaps and crackles. The situation seemed hopeless yet defeat would not be an option - the last stand scenario!

Jade sits in a nearby non burning tree sending out kikaichu scouts to see whats the what out in the fire zone. No need to put herself at risk after all. The things look for anyone trapped in the fire while she tries to keep connected to them and ignore how many die in the flames.

Upon arrival. Zori is almost struck by a falling tree. He jumps out the way unto a rock nearby. "Wow that was close." It seems the tree that fell was burned out already. Sounds of sizzling could be hearded from the tree. He thinks to himself "How could i help in this situation.. hmm" Zori stays clear of the fire zone for right now.

Kyu watches the trees burn in awe from next to Eiji. He can't think of any way to put out the fire. If only he could use water based ninjutsu. But no, the best he could do to the fire is make it bigger. "Uhm… What should I do Eiji-sama? I can only make fire, but I have to be helpful somehow.." Kyu stares off at the fire. He'd gladly take water bucket duty, as ineffecient and insulting would be.

And suddenly the mission became very odd. Why in in the world would Kumo send Naruko? Well maybe because she was really good at making fires…But not necessarily putting them out! On Eiji's mark Naruko found herself standing along the forest grounds, inhindered by any licking burning flames. On her back was Yori to whom she dropped down to take a break from all the carrying. "Oy! Kumo is here to help with…. these really powerful flames!" Naruko calls out, exclaiming to the group of Konoha shinobi, hopefully getting their attention. "It should be simple Yori-kun. At least… I hope it will be."

Climb up she'd said. It'll be a faster trip she'd said. Yori was regretting it all a little now. Not only because he felt a little silly for the ride but because, well, he was feeling a little bit of motion sickness. "Uh, hai, Naruko-san. Yori manages to get out a little weakly as he regains his balance and takes in a few deep breaths. Whew. That was certainly one blaze of a trip.

Eiji took a step backwards and then another one as the intense heat radiating from the raging fire got too much for him as the fire kept advancing. Time was of essence. Should they fail to react fast enough the wildfire could get totally out of control. At that point all they would be able to do is to pray for heavy rain. With this in mind he bypassed some of the more official protocol and chose not to exchange pleasantries. "Konoha appreciates the assistance. Please excuse me for getting straight into the point. We must act fast when there is still something we can do." He paused for second before raising his voice to a point of almost shouting. "Everyone! We will use fire to fight fire in a form of suppression fire. What this means is setting fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line. Those who are able to use fire related ninjutsu will form TASKFORCE A. Those who do not form TASKFORCE B. Taskforce B will monitor the situation and provide intel and take out sparks and prevent escaping sparks from starting another wildfire. Now GO GO GO!"

Jade listens to the plan and hops down next to the clan head "Ok then. Ill keep an eye out with the kikaichu. I can watch the entire area pretty easily. Are we worried about people trapped in the fire zone? Also why dont we have any water guys?"

Zori hears a famiar voice. "Jade?" he then walks over to where she was standing. Facing Jade he questions "I dont know what i could do, i could possibly cut the trees down. Im not sure if itll help or anything." Glancing over at te Uchiha clan head "What do you think? Could me cutting the trees down possibly cause the flames to smutter out on the ground?" Zori asks grinnin a bit.

Kyu listens to Eiji's plan, and knows he will be with Taskforce A, and assembles with whoever is in that group. Kyu's fire techniques may not be his focus, but it's certainly still there. He will wait to be told what to do exactly, ready for just about anything.

"Alright so let's blow up a forest that's already burning! That sounds exciting for the most part!" Naruk exclaims as she shoves a fist into the air. There needed to be some enthuiasm. They wouldn't get crushed anyways would they? That had a freaken Uchiha Clan head at their back. " There is no way we can lose! Fire is just fire and doesn't dodge or try and get away from you. Naruko than places her hands together, summoning up a single clone right along side of her. Two narukos ready to bring on the flame pain. " Taskforce A at your service!"

Yori bows deeply to Eiji, "Hai Uchiha-sama. I am ready to assist. I can't use fire myself but I am able to help strategize and put out small fires as required." The young Saito looks over towards Naruko and gives a sheepish smile to his team mate. "Be safe please Naruko-san. I don't want to have to explain you being injured to Michiko-san."

The one who is the tag-along, Yoshomaru, is of course running up behind them as he looks back and forth while listening. The moment Naruko mentions blowing the forest up, he frowns and goes to throw a rock at the back of her head. Instead he palms it, quietly grumbling before looking over towards her with a murmur.
"We should build a fire break. Churn up the ground and get some space between the rim of the fire and the forest we want to preserve."
There's his smart mouth.

The forest itself was slowly becoming pure flame as the wildfire continued in its path. While the idea itself was good, the shinobi would need to act fast to try and contain the fire. Already, some of the sparks were starting to catch the nearby bushes, allowing for an even further spread of fire. Jade, with most of her kikaichu getting burned to a crisp, would find that the fire stretched for several miles. Everyone else would notice much of the same thing: fire everywhere with seemingly no end in sight.

"Make sure to burn everything into ashes so that we get a nice control line this wildfire can not pass as there wont be anything it can use to advance. Just make sure it is wide enough. Kumo please start at the right side hand side of the fire and us Konoha will start working from the left side. We will meet at the middle. In the mean time taskforce B will take care of all possible small fires started by sparks." With this being said Eiji proceeded to jog into position and started working leading by example expecting others to follow.

Jade quirks a brow at the huge ball of fire that gets to work on the charcoal work while she moves along the fire line as fast as she can while monitering the kikaichu to avoid fire spreading. Too bad the only thing she has for putting out fires is a bottle of water and her shoe. but whatever works.

Kyu jogs after Eiji, he focuses his chakra quickly and after he sees the fire Eiji emits, he exhales a barrage of small shuriken sized bolts fire, following Eiji's example. It certainly isn't impressive, but he hopes it's helpful.

Naruko merely focuses some bolts of fire along the palms of her hands as she thrusts them out into the surrounding areas. her blasts of fire wasn't exactly large enough to cause a whole bunch of flames but she was hopeful that they would at least keep things under control for the time being. She couldn't use much of anything else without getting too close… Or wasting to much energy.

Unfortunately Yori doesn't know the first thing about Fire jutsu. So all he can do is run around putting out any sparks that come out over the fire break that everyone is creating. Far from truly useful but he's doing what he can for the situation. Where's a water user when you need one?

Yoshomaru would take in what the others say. He already knew what he had to do, but when MORE fire is added into the mix, his eye twitches. You don't fight fire with fire! He would clap his hands together once loudly, and then take in a deep breath before starting to form handseals…This was going to take some time, and he was letting them act first before he made his attempt.

The flames from the Uchiha roar through the area, creating a rather good example for Naruko and Kyu to follow. While they aren't as impressive in size like the Clan Head, they succeed with numbers in cutting through a swath of the current growth, allowing for a firebreak to be created for the first mile or so on the far left and far right. Good show thus far!
For those who cannot be of much use except as scouts and as spark-putter-outers, they have their own work cut out for them. The blaze that is the wildfire is intense, and it doesn't like to be controlled. Sparks fly everywhere, catching many of the bushes. It's almost like as soon as one is put out, another starts.

They were making progressing at fast pace but the job was far from finished. Sweat dripped from his shin and the intense heat started to get into him. He felt slightly lightheaded but forced himself to keep going. Situation did seem bit hopeless but with the resources available this was their best option. He gave it his all and doubled his efforts.

Jade puts up her kikaichu columns using the bugs to devour any vegetation that the fire cant reach like a swarm of locusts. It might buy some time at least. Its really all she can think of while she looks for a water pump or something.

Kyu would keep up his efforts at full force, not weakening, not fumbling, definitely sweating! Kyu blasts yet another barrage of shuriken sized fire bolts, fighting fire with fire is certainly weird, but Kyu will follow his orders at full force! Unless specifically told to tone it down.

Naruko pretty much kept up the same force. She didn't have massive fire balls to breath out from her lips, so instead she merely kept on the assault, tossing bolt after bolt… They continued to follow suit right along with Kyuketsuki's shurikens. Maybe their combined strength would be a little stronger than throwing seperately.

Not much to go except continuing to beat down the sparks that make it over the part of the fire break that's been created. So Yori keeps doing that. Yay!

Yoshomaru would suddenly form five fast handseals, and breathe out before clapping his hands together and stomping one foot….
Not a burning thing happens. He just reopens his eyes with a slight grin, and then suddenly leans forward. The ground itself suddenly shifts and quakes…pushing forward as if it was a small landslide beneath him. He pushes his palms outward from his center, splitting a pathway as he begins to drive straight forward along a path ahead of the flames…trying to get as far ahead as possible to create a wide, earthy arc!
"Earth Style: Earthflow…"

It took some time, but eventually, someone in the village alerted Konoha's resident expert in Water Manipulation about the giant fire outside. It probably would've helped if the scout had been a little faster on his feet! Nevertheless, a glowing, two-tailed Takeo arrives at great speed. It seems he's shed his distinctive longcoat so as to leave less to catch fire. With only an amount of bandaging on his upper body, the intricate seal upon his stomach is visible.
"Everybody into the trees! Uh, the ones that aren't burning," Takeo roars out, jaws parting broadly as he does so in baring his enlarged canines. There's no lake around him, no river, but he doesn't need such things. The man draws his arms inward as a mass of water rolls into existence in front of him, building larger and larger. Once he has enough collected, and once he believes he's given enough time to escape, Takeo roars again and moves his clawed hands forward in a fluid fashion. His movements are much like water, practiced and smooth.
The water, formed and released, rises into a great tidal wave which is directed upon the fiery blaze ravaging the forest. It's sent directly into the worst of the fire as Takeo observes, no doubt waiting to see if that does the trick. It may damage the forest some, but it's better than losing the Hidden Village.

While the fire vs. fire battle was going well (not really…), it's amazing to see what earth can do! Yosho is able to break up the earth enough that the fire doesn't really want to continue via ground-level, though that doesn't really stop the sparks traveling through the air until… *WHOOOOOOSH* Takeo makes a very impressive entrance and tidal wave, that results in all but a few minor fires getting put out. Definitely taken care of… Curse that messenger, why couldn't he have traveled faster!!!

Konohas resident water manipulation expert made a grand entrance. Eiji did not hesitate to follow the suggestion and dashed towards nearest fire free tree. He rather enjoyed the spectacle put up by the Jinchuuriki. After it was all said and done the entire situation was resolved. Enji got down from his tree and greeted Takeo wondering why the village did not send him here in the first place. "That was a spectacle. I am sure we all enjoyed it and I thank you for your assistance. Now frankly said I need a shower so why do not we all head back, clean up and go to have some lunch together. You Kumo Shinobi are welcome to join us"

Jade walks back to the group confused "Did you just say the Kumo shinobi can join us for showers? Because I dont think were that close…" She looks exhausted now and covered in ash.

Kyu hears the call to move, and moves to the nearest fire free tree and leaps up to the top. What's the point of tree walking if you can just leap to the top anyways? He looks down at the insane flood that rushes through. "Wow" is all he says as he observes it. He watches the others, seeing what they do while staying in the tree.

Takeo nods his head once as the wave begins to settle. He takes in the field, noting only a few small fires remaining, and lifts his claws upward. "Right, then. Up and away, before we drown any cute little edible critters," he says. With Wave Manipulation no doubt in play, he makes a smooth gesture upward with his hands. The water from the tidal wave begins to turn to mist before settling again, leaving the forest damp but not drowned.
Exhaling slowly, Takeo's body is slowly revealed as the aquaeous chakra cloak surrounding him fades away.
"It wasn't a spectacle. It's a mess, and da- the Hokage's probably going to praise me /and/ kick my flame," Takeo remarks, though his tone's casual. Then, just as abruptly, the youngest elder of the Inuzuka brandishes those same canines in a grin. "The one time I try sleeping, and someone sets the forest on fire. Figures. I'd better get back and find my cloak, before this body starts getting to people. Kept man, you know!"
Takeo leaps up into a tree branch, and then from tree to tree, walking easily along each and sometimes upon the sides of trunks (or even upside down when required). It'd not long before the Tokubetsu Jounin is gone, vanished into the still flourishing trees toward the Hidden Village.

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