Rain, Uchiha Tessen

Date: March 1st, 2010


Rain takes his time in the Twilight Village to meet prospects whether they realize it or not…


Training Grounds, Twilight Village

The sun sat high in the sky this near cloudless day. The few moving clouds casting faint shadows across the area and those that were scattered about training alone or sparring. Off from the others a man stood without sweat on his face, unlike the others, he seemed calm and collected insted of in a training frenzy. His hands at his side almost as if he were not even training. Then in a second his eyes opened and his hand reached for his waist. The bottom of his sword made a resounding thud on the training post before a clank of the guard hitting the scabbard. Then the blade passed through the post and his sheath struck it and sent a disk of wood toppling to the ground. A long breath was exhaled softly as he stood there as if regrouping to attempt the move again.

The Twilight Village… such a strange name they chose in the end. However, Rain didn't mind, he still had plenty of connections in a place like this. Who would of thought they would feign civility in this rough little nook of the known world. A named Shinobi village… who were they kidding? Talented people from all over stopped by here… but not to serve. They came to test themselves. They came to find sport and blood, and some times to learn some of the most brutal forms of fighting there were and train in it, or die by it. Rain would allow natsumi to sleep in his room as he'd venture out to look for the most likely place to find these types of people. There he would spot the swordsman that was not interested in the competitions that were about him. That was of silent note to the raven haired man.

As the raven haired man entered the area skillful eyes picked him up and his movements for a moment before a hand moved from his blade. It seemed as if the man decided it was time for a break as he turned to take a few steps. A small bag was opened as he removed a bottle of water. Despite his stopped effort to use his sword, he continued to survey the area. Never did he drop his eyes from the area to his water or seem to relax from his readied posture. After all, in an area like this relaxing was not something that would keep you alive, but instead end with you maimed or killed.

Taking the man in, Rain didn't approach any closer as he would seem to prefer to watch him. A few there wondered what might be happening, perhaps some grudge match or some long lost brother deal or something going on they were noy privy to, but for the most part they just continued their training and their competitions. Rain was interested in testing the swordsman's resolve however and would attempt to slip in to his mind without him even noticing through his chakra.

Tessen stared the man down as their eyes locked. His water bottle lowered when he felt something off comming from the stranger. It had been a little while, but he felt his perceptions begging to alter and focused himself to shut it out and smirked a bit as he continued to lock eyes with the raven haired man. If this was what he wanted, so be it. Tessen would return the favor of testing the man to see if he could take as good as he gave.

A response instead of simply a victory, that was promising indeed, though highly unexpected as he would appear to simply continue watching the man. However, he would internally have to deflect the efforts to grasp a hold of his conciousness on the sharp riposte of the chakra link. Narrowly avoiding it, he would attempt once again to do the same, fighting a battle of mental dominance with the other man for the time being.

Tessen felt the pull at his mind again, and narrowed his eyes fiercely as he tried to force the invasion out of his mind. Narrowly, he felt his efforts fail, and knew that he was captured. A part of him let his lip tug in a smile. This was fun indeed to see what this man had in store now that he had a hold on him, but he was not one to be out done either. He decided now was a fair opening since the man was distracted and tried to grasp him while he relished in victory, only to show his own fangs.

Largely in the same instance that he had established his own link, due to the awareness of his opponent as it were, there would become a mutual link between them. However, Rain had the initiative in the match and he sough to capatolize on it. A silent impulse would be sent towards the swordsman, a command if you will to submitt and concede defeat.

Tessen looked to the man and felt his muscles begin to tug towards the ground. His lips drew back to reveal his teeth clenching slightly. His arms fell to his sides at first. His hands open away from his blade. Next his right leg began to tremble as if it were holding a significant weight. Within a moment Tessen's body dropped down to a knee. The only thing still held up off the ground as if it weren't shackled was his head. Deep dark eyes still stared up at Rain as if trying to pierce him and see what he was up to.

It seemed that Rain would approach finally after this long stare and the lone swordsman appearing to kneel down in defeat. He would pat his shoulder enough to shack his body slightly before saying, "I was not certain of the future with you. Thus i offer one thing as a reward for shaking my clarity. I offer you the opportunity to never kneel before another man again and have him walk away with his life." Rain would say rather daringly to the man who could stand at any point he wished from this point on, apparently never to fall again if Rai nwas to be believed.

Tessen felt the pat and his limbs freed of their weight. Without hesitating he moved to his feet and didn't turn to face the other man. His hands came together and he exhaled slowly. As a precation he would not allow himself to be in a state to not defend himself. His stamina converting to useable chakra should this be a ploy. After a few seconds he blinked and began to speek in a deep voice. It was not full of rage or fury, but a calm collectedness. "Could have, and should have taken my head. That is the way a warrior is to die… Though I suppose in the end the loser has no right to claim he deserves anything. What makes you think that you can hold your promise beyond that one display?"

Rain would have a strange smile tug at his lips for a brief moment as he faced the back of the man. "The answer is fairly simple. I am the only one who makes men such as yourself kneel without confrontation. Though for the most part, i prefer not to." Rain seemed to be very confident, whether it was overly so or not. His chakra would build as well, and he wouldn't make any more moves towards or away from the swordsman at this point either.

Tessen smirked as he brought his hands together. His link hadn't been destroyed yet. Now was the time to take advantage of it. As he turned the command to submit would follow through to Rain. This was his show that just because one thought he could have true submition through one display of power, it would not always be so. Should it strike Rain, the man might want to consider his luck if Tessen would be as kind and peaceful about the display and his release as Rain was.

As the mental war continued, Rain would not seem to be effected by the efforts of Tessen's counter attack, though he would be aware of it as his chakra flowed violently for a mere instant before he would send the same command towards Tessen again, as if certain of the message being relayed once more. However, Rain was not so unwise as to consider that to be the truth of the matter as he'd keep his eyes on his opponent.

Tessen brought his hands together and forced the command away with a surge of his own chakra. "I am not one to fall for the same ploy twice. Remember that, and that at any moment I feel an opening…it will be seized even if in that moment I claim your life. As long as you can live with that I can respect your strength and wisdom. After all, there are many innocent lives here. No sense in spilling unneeded blood." With that his eyes again locked on the man before him, waiting to see if another strike would come his way or if in the end this would resolve without bloodshed.

Rain would chuckle and turn his back on the man as he'd begin to walk away. Was he truly trying to test this mans patience in the end? He would state as he'd leave with a calm stride, "My back is always turned to someone, but that does not mean my weaknesses are exposed. If that is your way, swordsman, so be it. If you could not overcome such a small trick, we would have even less words between us, i assure you." It seemed that Rain had discovered what he camed to fine and perhaps he was satisfied with that.

Tessen only smirked as he began to walk after the strange man, just enough to keep him in ear shot. No rushed charge as if not to be left behind, or hidden attack at some slight. Just a stride that seemed natural for him. "Seems you are a bit more like me than I expected. Until our paths cross again…I will continue to train, and see if you ever can deliver on that offer of yours. Though it would be nice to travel with someone who can weigh when there is need to fight. Seems most these days, are too ignorant and greedy to do anything but."

"You are right about that much. That most do not see the value in patience and preparation. I have no room for blame however. My only responcibility to this world is to deliver suffering to those who try to avoid it altogether by stepping o nthe defenseless, killing the innocent, and stuffing themselves with their blister-born labors. Let them be ignorant… so that they may learn through experience." Rain would proclaim, though in a casual manner. "As far as the rest, you cannot have something you choose not to take. An offer that is ignored cannot be considered to be in your possession."

"Everyone in this world must learn to test the validity of an offer made. What seems a ripe golden apple that you would expect to be sweet and juicy, often turns out meely and has at least one worm devouring it from the inside. Trust and faith are things that should be handed out blindly, or else you become one of the defenseless because you let yourself be disarmed. Suspision is something that keeps most alive on their own." Tessen kept himself walking and his tone level. Not caring for the few megar things he left behind.

"There is a difference between trust or faith when compared to certainty. If you look at the consequences of your actions before you take them, then you have nothing to fear. Win or lose, you have clarity in your forward momentum. You do not need trust in order to take a step forward. All that you need is the certainty that there is something to step upon, even if there isn't. That step may lead to your demise, or it may lead to something much greater then anticipated. However, all that you needed to commit to was that step in order to find out. No one controls the future, even if they can see it clearly."

Tessen let his face fall cold. "If you have decided my caution and methods do not suite your purpose then so be it. You have survived without my help in the past, and so I have survived without you. After our brief clash I saw someone I could follow based on ability, and someone whom my strength could be of assistance to. It is now up to you to decide whether or not to accept me as I am, or cast me away. Which step will you take?"

"If you are going to continue to exist in the world as it changes to this mockery of a civilization governed by shinobi, then there is one piece of wisdom that i will impart on to you right now." Rain said as he'd stop and look back towards Tessen. "Do not be so cautious as to miss your opportunity to strike. You had mentioned something like this prior… but you also don't seem to recall." Rain would then continue walking again. "I gave you the choice when you rouse to your feet under your own power, and told you that in that choice lay never having to rise from the ground for another man again. I already made my decision, it is your hesitance in accepting my proclimation that has you second guessing my intent."

Tessen stopped in his tracks and turned his back. "As I said before. I will see you again when our paths cross. Until then, survive as best you can. Someone with a resonable head… it would be a shame to see it cut off. Hopefully, your belief gains you companions that are of more use than be living shields or cause for an end…but true companions." With that last bit said he began to head back towards the training area. Enough time was spent away from his training already.

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