Wolf and Sake


Totoro, Inpa, Rain

Date: November 4, 2015


A test to determine if a locally famous mercenary is recruitable for furthering the goals of certain organizations.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Wolf and Sake"


Suisei is no small city anymore. It is a thriving city where rivers that snake out all around the land meet, making it an in-land trade center as well as a growing threat. Though, it is far from rivaling the other villages in terms of raw power. The reason for this is because Suisei has not yet built up it's military power. It certainly has a ninja academy, but it has yet to produce the kind of ninja that can stand toe to toe with the strongest. For this reason, Suisei uses it's wealth to hire mercenaries and missing-nin to keep the peace in and around the city.

A popular place for those mercenaries is the Drunken Alpha. If you were looking for intimidating people with large physiques, you needn't come any further. There are few 'soft' individuals whom haven't been already expelled violently from the premises. That doesn't mean the most skilled people, of course. That also doesn't mean the most level headed.

That is why it seems whenever a mission is issued inside of the tavern, there isn't any cooperation to which whom should get it. Survival of the fittest, after all, and it never fails that a large fight breaks out in some form or fashion. One particular individual is currently being thrown against a rack of booze as it was. Her impact into it causes many of them to shatter, but some are saved by luck or by her 'caring' hands as she grabs two jugs of sake that were about to shatter on the floor. She would rise to the ground, covered in booze and glass with both jugs in her hands. "Compiling…" Her voice was littered with a very feral undertone as she looks to see the owner cowering behind the bar in which they were both behind. He wouldn't mind if he took these as payment for damages against her. She scanned over the bar which was in full fight. Individuals throwing strong punches into unguarded faces, and people being slammed into tables which collapse soon after. She places an elbow on the counter she was behind before jumping over it, making sure that the jugs of booze in her hands were unharmed. The individual who had thrown her against the wall was once more moving against her with hand raised, clearly a rather bulky bandit. He wouldn't expect that she would sacrafice the sweet sweet sake as she threw it against his face, making sure the other was at least safely in her arms. It stumbled him long enough that she grabbed him by the throat and returned the favor, sending him against the wall. She then opened her mouth and sunk her fangs into his shoulder. Behind her, a chair was slung into her head, keeping her from doing any more damage… for a few moments. It forced her to her knees and caused her to bleed a little.

The bar fight continues, though fifteen minutes later, the woman is thrown at the window finally, sliding onto the dirt. She didn't seem all that hurt, and would promptly pick out a shard of glass from her neck as someone with a club would step out of the shattered remains. "How does it feel it get thrown through something?" The weapon-wielding man asks as Totoro stands up. He would raise his club and swing down upon her shoulder, to which she would seemingly shrug it off and grab his wrist. From then on, she squeezed his wrist so tightly that his hand began to turn purple. "Class" She swears rather softly. "Remember. The last time you did this? You got the pit. Piece of argument." Her unamused frown upon a feral face soon turns into a grin as the man's hand gives out and he drops the club. Withdrawing the hand soon after, her hand grabs the shirt of the man whose fighting hand was stunned. Soon after, he was lifted up. "operator, not again! Come on Toroto! Not the sewage!" He grabbed his wounded hand as she started to drag his body along the ground. "Shut up. I don't even want the threading mission anymore." She reaches up and rubs her neck, closing her eyes a moment. "Ever since Suisei has let you missing-nin overloaders inside the city, you've caused me lots of looping trouble." By the way, she still had an intact jug of sake, the very same as earlier, in her hand. One she would uncork with a claw and

One she would uncork with a claw and start imbibing from, before lowering it and rubbing the residue off with her glove. "Now all it takes is a piece of paper promising money, and you all ruin my returning day." So heads Totoro down death street, dragging her next victim towards uncertain fate.

Inpa was of course outside of the bar. He was no bulky fighter, nor did he wish to be part of the atmosphere within. However, needs were required to be met and muscle was to be used for leverage. Thus, paying a kid to bring a particular paper in promising 'money for a job' would get the whole bar fight started. Inpa waited. Patience, as always, was a virtue and the resulting shuffle had no one notice the paper torch itself, chakra paper flaring up and vanishing in a single moment. When Totoro came out and showed her stuff with the man and the club, Inpa would break away from the shadow of the wall he had been leaning in. Following along, he'd fall in step easily enough with her. "Greetings, Madam. I heard tell that you had mentioned the potential of a job from within the bar. Tell me, could I interest you in a job with monetary return for the task and a potential opening for something bigger?" Inpa would smile lightly. "If it works out well, I could see a regular income for you, for a while.."

"Hey! K-kid! Y-you! C-could you go fetch the guard for me? Please… I don't have enough cash to visit the bath-house again." The man begs as he grabs Totoro's well-muscled arms. "Shut up." Totoro growls, "You couldn't even get my name right. You're going for a dunk." Totoro ignores Inpa rather well, as she turns into an alley. The man would be raised so that his back would be dragged along the side of the alley. Totoro would whistle, "Some things are best left untouched. This is one of those places, don't you think friend?" She asks the person doomed to drown in waste… In fact, there was a rather deep latrine pit that was still unworked on. Suisei had a long way to go, but for now this suited her purposes. She spent no time throwing him over. "Come on Roroto! Give me a break this time! I have a family that won't look at me if I smell like last ti-IIAAAAME!" He would cry out as he was promptly thrown into the large foul pit. "Functioning chairs. Maybe next time you'll beat me over the head with something different." She dusts her hands with a big-ole fanged grin, before turning around and nearly running into Inpa. "Hmm? Oh right. It's that little kid. Something about a job?" She places her hands upon her hips as she raises her head and sniffs the air. No, this one wasn't a girl. He was just a rather nerdy boy. Well, that's strange. She doesn't see many people as small and as delicate looking as Inpa in these parts. "Before I agree to anything, I need you to punch me." She says as she gives Inpa a light shove. "I need to tell me you aren't just screwing me over, kid. Punch me with everything you go. I want to feel it." She keeps her hands on her hips as she looks down at Inpa like an easy meal.

COMBAT: Inpa focuses 3882 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Inpa would step back a step at the push, raising a brow at the demand, Inpa studied Totoro a moment. Finally, a shrug is given and he'd move. It wasn't hand signs exactly, but instead he pulled out three seals from within his sleeve, the first would arch up to send an array of water needles at Totoro, not only seeking to hit her, but also soak her in water. The second seal hit the wall to her left, having a sudden hard gust of wind try to knock her off balance from a surprising side as the third seal was aimed for her chest, the seal's chakra surging to release a sudden cloud of static electricity that would shock through Totoro on it's way to grounding.

COMBAT: Inpa attacks Totoro with WATER-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 32

COMBAT: Inpa attacks Totoro with WIND-UNBALANCE with a roll of: 26

COMBAT: Inpa attacks Totoro with STATIC-CLOUD with a roll of: 30

COMBAT: Inpa attacks you with WATER-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE and rolls a 32. Action?

COMBAT: Totoro defends against WIND-UNBALANCE(26) attack from Inpa with a TICKLE-IMMUNITY…22

COMBAT: Totoro defends against STATIC-CLOUD(30) attack from Inpa with a TENSE…7

COMBAT: Totoro loses the roll and sustains 684 damage.

Totoro was expecting one firm punch. A punch in her stomach, or face… Well, if Inpa could reach her face. Instead, the little boy lifted a sealing tag up. Nothing she had ever seen before. "Oy, that's not punch." She says as she steps out of the way. "I said punch me!" Another tag is lifted up. "Kid, I sware to god." She would stand firm as an invisible, yet strong gust caused her to slide back. "Kid…" Another tag sent out a quick moving cloud of electricity that struck her powerfully. It wasn't as bad as some things she had experienced were, but it still made her heart stop for a moment. Raising her hands up for a moment, she would growl.

"Are you picking a fight with me?" She asks. "If you're picking a fight with me, I'll throw you into the pit too." She rolls her shoulders, trying to shrug the lingering effects of electricity as she approaches Inpa. "I'm not playing around. Idiot." She reaches out to grab his hand and places it against her stomach. "Eventing flashy ninjutsu don't tell me a bugged thing about the person I am dealing with. The only thing that communicates to me what kind of person you are is the INTENT behind your punch." She spits the word 'intent' for emphasis. "Throw another ninjutsu into my face, and I'll show you how much I care about money." Very little, when it comes to insults.

Inpa drew another seal at her approach, eyes narrowing slightly as she'd growl at him. "My apologies, Madam, you said for me to punch you with everything I have. I was attempting to show exactly what I could do." Inpa would pull out of her grip, only to suddenly reverse the action to try and slam his fist into her gut as hard as he could. "I am not a fighter. That would be the reason why I am hiring you. It's good to have muscle.. on tap.. as it were."

COMBAT: Inpa attacks Totoro with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 10

COMBAT: Totoro defends against PHYSICAL(10) attack from Inpa with a TENSE…10

COMBAT: Totoro wins the roll.

Totoro's muscles still felt a bit sore from the electricity, and her heart was still aching from being forced to a stop for a moment. The fist collides with her stomach. Though it wasn't the fact that the punch did nothing at all to her that made her laugh. To be honest, it was a combination of being drunk and hearing an alcohol based pun. She would laugh garrishly loudly as the fist sits there, against her stomach. "On tap… Heh… That's not too bad." She raises the hug of alcohol hanging off one of her fingers up to her mouth, chugging it from half-filled to empty before she throws it back behind her. The bottle would land on the head of the man trying to clamber out of the cesspool, whom is knocked out and slides back into the nasty sludge as a result.

"You're not kidding. That was the worst punch I have ever felt. You either don't have any muscle, which is why you need it, or at the very least you've proven to me that there is no hostile intent behind your punch. I've eaten a few people before, wouldn't be the first time some kid is after me looking for revenge." She doesn't eat kids though, lucky for Inpa. Doesn't matter if Inpa is an adult, his features make him look far younger than one to her. "Well, go on. Easy money. Let's get this over with." She says as she walks around Inpa, and out of the alley, yawning loudly.

Inpa raised a brow before shaking his head and letting her pass. He'd walk behind her, stepping out of the alley to motion off to the side. "Come along then. We shall see how you handle the requirement. If there had been hostile intent, it would not be a punch that I used, but a seal that would be much more damaging.." He'd glance at Totoro with a measured look, heading with her down the road towards the industrial area. "But you showed you can definitely take a hit. Ninjutsu or otherwise." Inpa would glance sidelong at her. "If you're interested, I could see a potential future for you. Dedicated work, regular pay.." They would pause outside of a blacksmith shop, it wasn't run down, nor was it top end. Inpa would pause outside. "The blacksmith in here has decided he is above the law of paying taxes. I have been unfortunate in getting ran out of her. Three times. We don't want him killed, but you are to persuade him to alter his ways. Any question?"

Clearly not one to be leashed into continuous work, Totoro does not say anything. She hasn't even told Inpa her name, though she certainly hasn't asked Inpa his. "Doesn't want to pay taxes huh?" She asks, with an unamused face. "Run out of there three times?" She doesn't even look at Inpa, nor does she need clarification. It was all rhetorical. She enters the shop, likely being greeted by the smith. "These are all nice weapons." She compliments as she crosses her arms. "Weapons are trash to begin with." Things take a dark turn as she grabs an expensive looking katana. It was ornate with gold. "Gold studded trash." She says as she looks at the katana as she swings it around a few times. She swings it as it should not be, which might affect blade strength. She takes her free hand and grabs the blade now, starting to bend the prized katana. Even though her hand bleeds as the blade bites down upon it, her expression does change. Eventually, the blade snaps as it is stressed too far too fast. "Trash." She continues to say as her eyes look over at the tempering furnace. By this time the blacksmith might come after her, so she heads over to the furnace. Grabbing a pair of tongs she slips it inside the fire, waiting for it to get hot. "It must be nice to make trash all day, and not pay for it."

Inpa watched Totoro as she'd move past him to enter into the blacksmith shop. There was a heavy pause at her words, Inpa slipping in behind her from there. The blacksmith would scrowl at Inpa, then glare at Totoro as she'd wreck his blade. "Hey! Ya'll ain't welcome here and ya owe me full price fer that blade!" Inpa would shake his head. "no. We don't. You need to pay your taxes or the lady here.." He'd motion towards Totoro. "Is going to hurt you." Inpa folded his arms across his chest as the man blustered, then scrowled at Totoro for messing with his tools. "What'ya think yer doin there? Stop it!" He'd start towards her then, the blacksmith seeking to go for the tongs first, to disrupt any potential plans she had, as well as stopping them from getting too hot.

It seems that today the blacksmith has a customer. The man would be of a somewhat short stature with a near shaven head of brown hair. He didn't appear to have much meat on him, and his thick glasses and arm full of scrolls would denote a bookish nature. He was facinated by a kusarigama when Totoro would enter and begin calling the weapons there trash. At first, he would huff a bit, looking to the woman, but then he'd see her break a katana in half and seem to shirk back away from what ever this was about.

Too late. The tongs were already growing red. It was an efficient furnace, likely bought with money that didn't go towards taxes. She would grab the hand attempting to take the tongs, squeezing it tight as a grin slowly forms on her face. "You're going to lose a lot more than a tool if you don't instancing pay what you owe. Her dominant hand then grabs the tongs, and thrusting it into the man's flapping mouth. The red hot tongs would sear the roof of his mouth and the back of his throat. There was sort of a sick grin on her face as she waits for his screams. "I was going to hurt you whether or not you paid them anyways… She said three times. This is for the firest time you didn't pay. She slips the tongs into the fire for a few seconds as she knocks the likely screaming man to the floor, placing a heavy foot upon his chest. "For offense two, you get a mark on your face, to show everyone what happens when you don't pay." She would settle the tongs on his face and slide it down his cheek to mark him twice. "Three times… You don't usually live on the third time…" She growls as she leans over the man. She might need to be stopped, if she is truly planning to end his life. That was against her perameters… Or was it simply a scare tactic?

Totoro caught the blacksmith by surprise with her power being able to overwhelm him. Twisting in the grip, she'd get him with the tongs, although interestingly enough.. he didn't scream. Instead, he'd glare at her and when she'd pull the tongs away and knock him to the floor, he'd twist out from under her foot, seeking to knock her back with a kick of his own, before rolling to his own feet. Inpa would watch on calmly, studying the interaction between Totoro and the blacksmith. The other customer was noted and Inpa would walk over to the man to speak to him quietly. "This blacksmith is having a simple lesson taught. He should be with you shortly. Could I point out some of the fine wares that he has available for sale?"

Almost hiding behind the Kusarigama in hand, the man would shake his head sharply. "N..no…no that's ok. I think i've seen enough." A glance would shift towards Inpa for a brief moment as the quivering little man's gaze would turn a distinct crimson for an instant before his gaze reluctantly settled back on to the violence before him. "I didn't realize that Suisei was so violent or that the women were so…." he would gulp lightly, "…feral." Placing the kusarigama back on the rack it was displayed upon, the man would begin to seemingly write notes about his experience. "I suppose this world is dangerous and full of such creatures like her, even in a city like this. And that blacksmith… why would he think that it was fair of him to steal from his benefactors? Curious, curious." the man nearly mumbled to himself as he jotted down his observations. "Uhm… excuse me… female… erm…" the diminutive man would begin as he'd scratch lightly at the back of his head. Of course it was likely Totoro had her hands full for the moment.

RPCOMBAT: Totoro defends against with a TICKLE-IMMUNITY…24

Her tongs would strike ground as the man rolled off, and tried to kick her off her feet. Which was cute, albeit annoying. "Yeah, you should have just taken it." Instead of a line down his face, like she wanted, there would be burn marks on the stone floor. She threw the tongs aside as she persued the man, attempting to rough him up some. She would take this opportunity to make sure that as soon as he was standing up, she would be throwing punches at him. "You think this is a game?" She asks before throwing another punch. "You're so lucky I don't get to kill you!" She would attempt to grab his neck and lift him off his feet. "Pay!" She demands… Unfortunately, the feral lady was very very busy. Though, she might have a chat or two once she was finished here.

COMBAT: Totoro attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 17

COMBAT: Totoro attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 25

COMBAT: Totoro attacks target 1 with YANK with a roll of: 22

It seemed that the woman was going to be relentless as she continued to pressure and perhaps break the man for money owed to the city itself. The diminutive customer would continue to stay out of the way, though his fear seemed to be replaced by fascination as he'd follow what was happening and continue to jot down notes. "At this point, it seems a better idea to pay than to resist. She is quite insistent." the small man would say to the blacksmith, butting in a bit where he may not have been wanted. The man of small stature seemed to speak with more confidence than he did before. Gone were the trepedations and the lack of control over his tone. As of now it almost seemed entirely calm.

The blacksmith refused to do anything but be resilient, merely glaring before he was slammed against brick, almost causing the wall to crumble. She was then thrown helplessly aside. "All it takes is two words. 'I'll pay'. Batching idiot. Is your money worth that much more than your life?" Her tongue slides over her canines as she things of what to do next that is non-lethal. Just then, a customer? She lowers her head as she looks over, menacingly. "Welcome to this man's shop." She looks towards the blacksmith as she stroll over with a grin. "I'm afraid the owner is a little busy, but I'm sure I can bring him over with some persuasion." The man was currently on all fours, trying to get up. She would grab him by the back of his neck and drag the bleeding man over towards the customer. She had enough strength to settle the man on his knees while he was reeling. Her hand reaches down to grab his jaw as she puppeted him. "Hello customer." Totoro growls pleased as she opens and closes the man's mouth to her words. "I'm sorry, I can't help you today. I decided I am above the law, and kept all my money. NOW I'M GOING TO BLEED!" Totoro would laugh as she punched him another time, sending him to the floor. "A shame. It seems like he is actually busy. I guess he'll lose your business. Even more of a shame, BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO NEED IT FOR ALL THE TAXES HE WILL BE PAYING!" She plants a foot on his chest and leans in to get her face close. "Am I right?"

The customer would witness what was happening, and the brutality of it as the man would still not give in even despite her threats and her physical persuasions. He was rock solid in his defiance of her even as he bleeds on the floor and is made to look the fool. The customer would seemingly be unfazed at this point however. "Were he a man that was truly in monetary debt, he likely would have given in long ago. However, his debt is far more profound than merely money." The diminutive man would move over towards the blacksmith, offering a handkerchief which seemed to be accepted respectfully as he'd clean himself up. The customer would then lay a hand upon him as the glow of chakra would be used to treat his wounds more directly. "His debt is one of his own creation, yes, but it is not money. Instead, it is his life." As the chakra would heal the battered blacksmith, the small man would side glance back towards Totoro. "Though you seem to be willing to follow instructions just fine. There are certainly people that truly do try to cheat and steal and get away with things in this land and beyond. My question for you is… what is more important: What you can get in your life, or what you can do with your life?"

Inpa noted the eyes. Hard to miss when looking right at him. A brow raised, Inpa would stand back and watch Totoro work the man over as he'd refuse to pay. When the other customer stepped forward, Inpa would as well, moving to in sight of Totoro and would wave a hand to motion for her to back off some. "The job is done. You don't have to continue any further at this point." Inpa would pull out a small pouch of ryo from one of his pockets and toss it to Totoro. "payment for the service rendered. Although I am curious as to your answer to the question as well. There is a lot of potential here. If you are interested."

Sure Totoro would step off the man as the customer came over, but she believed she had done what was asked. Rough the man up and make him pay. It didn't truly matter what truly ailed this man. 'Toro patted her hips hoping there was a jug at her side, one filled with sweet sweet alcohol. To her disappointment, there was none. She looked over to her 'employer' and groaned. Her eyes begging for orders. He was the boss, after all. "Tch. Array" She growled. "I didn't sign up to get a lesson in philosophy. I signed up to eat and drink for another day." She walks over to Inpa and crouches by his side for the moment. Life on the prowl was so much more simple. Her prey didn't talk to her when she sunk her fangs in it. No complicated words that make her head spin. When the bag hits the floor beside her, courtesy of Inpa, she would take it in slip it into her kimono. Plenty of room to hide things there. "Listen…" She says as she stands up straight, rolling a shoulder. "I get it. I do both. I get, I do. I don't understand anything else. There isn't anything else" Far too under the influence to logically think about what was said, and probably wouldn't properly understand if she wasn't. "Ah…" She smells the air, taking their scents to memory. She doesn't communicate will with words, "Thanks for the work, kid." She remains only long enough to take a look at her prey, the blacksmith. "You'll know where to find me."

Both. It was a very succint and direct answer. Both were important. This meant she was not one for selfless sacrifice, but she was also not one for wonton greed. She was as she appeared, one interested in survival, and that was not a black and white subject. The customer would stand once more as he nodded slowly. "Not the obvious answer, but indeed the best one." the small man would say before his body would poof in to familiar smoke, dissipating in the air until it would reveal Rain, dressed in the attire of his station of Daimyo of the Land of Rivers. He had healed the blacksmith up to almost prestine condition again for his services and now glanced back at him, "Thank you for your sacrifice. Perhaps her fang and claw can be turned towards aiding you next time instead." he would joke lightly before looking towards Totoro once more.

He approached the woman, now slightly taller than her and gazing at her with a deep crimson gaze. "Tell me your name." Rain would ask her in his calm tone as he would look her up and down lightly. He'd notice her form, figure, dimentions, recall her stance, movements, and the way she held herself. She was being examined without a filter to be certain. Would she react as a beast, a woman, a warrior, or a drunk?

Inpa would listen, nodding lightly in response to her answer. He'd glance to Rain and bow to him, then help the blacksmith to his feet. Shaking the man's hand, he'd pay the man as well a similar pouch of ryo. Patting the man's shoulder, he would step up and to the right of Rain, a step back, but watching Totoro curiously and intently all the same. Inpa stayed quiet this time around. Although his focus was there as while Totoro might be stronger than him, it wouldn't stop him frop attempting to stop her.. if the need came to be. There was always that potential and Inpa, the one who didn't fight, looked ready for one.

Afterall, Totoro hated ninjutsu null used against her, right?

Totoro didn't know the Daimyo of the land was who the villager in front of her was. When he dropped the henge, she still had no idea. She can only assume that he was a little more than at first appeared. "Name?" She grunts. "Names… So unimportant. All know me by Totoro. That is all." She was not growling at least. The hunt was over, and Rain understood that the only drive that the woman in front of him had was the drive to meet ends meat. A simple life. Her form, tall. Figure, rough and curved. Stance? Hunched, as if prone to dropping on all four at any second. The way she held herself was with vexation. Her movement?

She turned away to move out the door, for her head was not clear. "Ja mata." She says slowly with a growl. She reacted as a beast, avoiding confusion and negative stimuli by retreating. Before long, she was gone. Out on the streets she waited until she had turned into a small passage between houses before dropping onto all fours to move about properly.

As she jumped up the walls to make it on the rooftops, she would continue to run on all fours to see if the bar was calm enough to pay for a proper drink.

Glancing towards Inpa as Totoro would depart, he would smirk slightly. "Rough around the edges. Certainly not a problem for me. However, one that lives off of her gut both literally and figuratively is either gonig to become extremely loyal, or never grow attached to anything in particular. She will not respond to material things. Incentivize her with items of use such as food, shelter, and freedom. Explain to her what is expected of her in return… the purpose of our offer. Why we support her in such a way. Simply put… we would like to add her strength to our own, and for that service, we will take care of her needs while she strives for her wants." Rain would explain to Inpa. "…But of course I am sure you are already working out just how to approach that angle. For now though… perhaps it is time for a drink."

Inpa would finish up with the blacksmith and return to Rain's side, just in time to watch Totoro leave. Glancing to Rain, he'd smile slightly with a small nod. "I have a few ideas already. Some a little more elaborate than others, but all of them are potentially viable. I'll see what resources we have so I can do the most efficient work to get the quickest answer." Musing for a moment, Inpa would stare at the door that Totoro had left out of, before giving a small nod to Rain. "Depending on your taste, there's the bar that I was able to draw her from. Although it too, is a bit rough around the edges. It's proven useful for several hires."

"I recruited Tessen in little more than a sandlot full of broken teeth. It is certainly surprising what you can find in such places." Rain would chuckle lightly. "Places like that draw survivors… as well as riff raff and vagabonds and petty criminals. I have been in my fair share of taverns before… this." Rain would gesture towards his outfit. "The world is big… and not experiencing it in as many ways as possible is a loss." Rain would inhale slightly before saying, "I will follow up with her the next chance I get. The Drunken Alphas… I assume is where you found her. Appropriate." With that he'd clasp Inpa's shoulder after turning towards him. "Well done." he would say to him with an appreciative nod. He then would move to exit the shop himself.

Inpa nods in response, listening to Rain mention his past. There was an honest smile at the praise from him. Something that Inpa definitely enjoyed. Another nod was given and Inpa would make sure that they were square with the blacksmith before heading out himself. Plenty to plan and plenty to do. Taming a feral woman? No. Taming such would break them. Instead, the question is.. become their pack, get their loyalty. A matter of time, a bit of resources and just the proper manipulation. Inpa touched a pouch with writing tools while he left. It had felt.. good.. to use what he learned. But an alley with no witnesses has to be a limiter. If word gets out.. Well. He just has to be smart and make sure it doesn't.

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