Steel Soul Tourney - Won't Go Down: Kiji vs. Kaidan


Itami, Kiji, Kaidan

Date: May 23, 2015


Steel Soul Round 1 Fight of Kiji Versus Kaidan

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Won't Go Down: Kiji vs. Kaidan"

Dammed Arena

The arena is filled for another thrilling match in the Steel Soul Tournament. There's an itch that's waiting to be scratched, so there's no time to lose in getting the participants into the arena to brawl. The air is foggy, but it's bound to clear soon enough, enabling a clear view of the fighters. "Participants of this match please enter the arena!" Itami announces, calling them forth from the works and onto the floor.
Upon their arrival, she continues. "I'm certain you both know what is expected of you out of this tournament, so do more than your best out here. You're doing more than just entertaining masses, you're entertaining one another in an honorable, yet all out fight." She stepped back and raised her hand. "When I lower my hand, your fight is to begin." Without further instruction, she kept her word and signaled for the match to begin.

Kiji waited in the center of the arena as Itami brought her and her opponent together, facing down the man before her. Kiji did not wear her chuunin vest, rather she just had on her usual tank and silken skirt (shorts underneath) and her blood vines were already coiled up her arms as she gathered her chakra, watching Kaidan with bright golden eyes slowly starting to show a ring of orange around the outside of the irises. She nodded her head toward Kaidan and then…. took a rather poor stance, looking more like she was posing for a picture than readying herself for battle…. Her long white hair was braided down her back, stiff at the back of her neck, but flowing the rest of the length down to her waist.

Looking at his opponent, Kaidan shakes his head and then glanced over at Itami. He looks then back to Kiji before clearing his throat, "Well, this isn't awkward at all." He chuckles and then considers the girl for a moment before nodding to her, "Well, I recommend doing your best, because, well, there's no way for a puppeteer to hold back." He chuckles and then with that he pulls up his armor and his body is almost completely covered in the pupppet he doesn't just wear but relies on. He looks at her from behind his wooden mask and then nods to her, "Whenever you're ready." He adjusts his arm slightly with a roll of the shoulder.

Kiji narrowed her eyes as she watched Kaidan's puppet armor… thing. She could tell he was gathering quite a bit of energy… She also knew that she wasn't going to be able to ride this without putting out a bit more effort than usual. She had kept herself under control during her fight with Tsubaki.. now… she closed her eyes and focused hard, thinking of something.. anything.. oh there that.. that was plenty… When she lifted her head her eyes were black. No whites. Just solid black and her expression was cold. A sensor or someone able to see chakra might note a touch of darkness in her aura but otherwise… She moved. Her vines uncoiled and snapped at Kaidan, one looking to wrap about him to snare him, keep him immobile… the next… was less of a whip and more a line of needles that rained down on the various joints and spaces between his armor, head, neck, knee, elbow, anywhere he had a joint….

He has to admit, he was not prepared for that. Kaidan winces as he is suddenly wrapped up in the attack and then hit with all the blood. He winces and drops to a knee for a moment before he looks up. He stares at Kiji a moment before suddenly racing forward with incredible speed. He states as he passes, "Good job." He then punches…past her? He appears to have missed but right as his arm passes by her, the real danger presents itself. A blade comes out of his elbow to try to slash her in a feinting manner. The cut isn't meant to deal a tremendous amount of damage. It's more scary the toxin that is dancing on the edge of that blade.

Kiji didn't seem to respond to the compliment, she just waited, her world seemingly focused on Kaidan. He wasn't holding back. this was more like a death match or assassination attempt than a match for the crowd to see… But she had other things to worry about. She turned, moving as if stumbling backwards and to the side, but her whips sprang forward, cracking as they deflected Kaidan's bladed attack. Instantly Kiji could sense the syrum in the whip blood and she flicked her wrist, sending the affected blood away from her and therefore avoiding it getting into her system. She tilted her head just a little tiiiiny bit as if trying to figure something out… as the black-eyed girl stared at her opponent, tails sprouted behind her. Much like a jinchuuriki's tails bt made of blood, she lowered herself just a little, akin to how Kiyoshi fought and then.. the tails suddenly wove together and came at Kaidan. At the end of the hammer-like tail was a spike, hard, sharp.. and there was plenty of power behind it… If this worked, it was designed to pierce and pin the person to the wall….

Trying to get out of the way of that attack has him wincing heavily as he is smashed into a wall and growls out in pain. He now wishes he were better with the nurses. He looks down at his wound and then slumps some as he holds at the damage, "That was unpleasent." He states as he is stuck and attempts to free himself will be rather brutal to say the least.

Kiji watched him slam into the wall…. She frowned and stood up straighter, those tails whipping as if they were truely tails as she approached the pinned man. "Now is your chance to surrender Kaidan-san…." The answer was of course a negative.. and Kiji sighed softly then backed up, her eyes showing nothing but blackness…. Similar to spider eyes which was.. fitting… for the Mizukage's pet Shimizu. She lifted one hand and flicked her wrist. The tails behind her extended, crashing down with such force and striking power that it would dislodge Kaidan from the pinning force of the first attack… Stone around him cracked and was crushed…..

The damage was brutal and he was wincing as he nearly drops to a knee. Of course the answer was negative. He wasn't prepared to give up yet. Kaidan looks at his arm and then at Kiji. He had not intended to use such a thing on someone who wasn't an enemy but Kiji was pushing him. He races forward suddenly even as his right arm trails behind him. Blood falls from the wound but he appears to not care. Even as he whips his arm back, it seems to fly to pieces as more and more chakra strings move between the parts. Suddenly the arm slams together and he sends it right for Kiji's chest and states, "I apologize in advance." Should the attack hit, all the momentum, strength, and chakra will be sent spiraling into her body.

Kiji blinked as Kaidan got in too close. But when she saw his arm she lifted her arms, crossed and brought up her tails as well. The strike landed but between her tails and arms, a lot of the damage had been spread out. She slammed backwards, hitting the ground hard enough to leave a mark and rolling, sliding several yards. She ended up on her stomach, head down… But only a moment. There was blood and the damage had been dealt but.. she was a shimizu. She was Meruin-dono's. She would not fall so easily. Pushing herself up she panted a few times, blakc eyes locked on Kaidan as she pushed herself up. Suddenly a cough racked her and she choked, spitting up blood. But she wouldn't stay down.
Her tails aided her to her feet and she backed up just a bit, her body already righting the wrongs done to it. A band of blood wrapped about her ribs to stabilize them and then she came at him again, seemingly without feeling pain…. That pinning tail went straight for his chest. However, she was careful to avoid the heart. She was a medic after all…

For a moment, he looks concerned that he had overdone it. She seems to get back up he lets out a sigh. He then blinks as she comes at him with that attack again. That strike would end this battle and he cannot have that. He looks at the incoming strike and as he does he turns. A hand comes up and sheens with chakra as the sharp blood spike slams into the palm and then he steps forward. As he does his arm appears to stretch back for that massive strike he just did again. However, even as he swings forward, he once more misses his attack. As he does, a blade slides out of his side this time. A telescoping spike that attempts to jab Kiji's thigh. The blade isn't the damage once more, however.

Kiji once more took the strike and could feel the poison infiltrating her blood. She glared darkly, her eyes glowing slowly a crimson ring in the black background of her eyes. She stepped forward, totally ignoring the cut to her leg She ust stood there though, blood encircling her leg as her body regenerated itself… Those eyes though.. she was not a happy person… She glanced up at meruin's box for a brief moment, looked sad.. then looked away.

Watching as the girl attempts to heal herself, the man would not at that and take a moment to follow suit as well, "Good idea." He chuckles as he steps back from her and then points as he allows the healing to flow through his left hand, "You may want to be careful with that. That poison is rather nasty." He then gasps out a sigh as he feels the healing flow through him, "Too bad the nurses aren't ready." He chuckles to himself.

Kiji tilted her head, her crimson ringed eyes looking confused if that was possible, but the second she could move properly she was moving forward, her tails once more forming up, weaving together and trying to slam him once more into the wall. this had to be fast and brutal if she was going to win….

And then just as the wound closed up, Kaidan would get slamed into the wall again. He groans out as he looks down at the tail of blood slammed into him and then he lets out a slow sigh, "Again?" He then shakes his head, "This seems like we're playing an odd game." He coughs a little as he looks at the damage and then shakes his head to the left and right.

Kiji breathed a sigh of relief and spit out more blood as that impact landed. Good..good… She turned then, her tails comming down much as they had before, looking to pummel and lacerate the man like heavy whips. She hoped they called it soon because if they didn't neither of them would be moving on to the next match…(re)

Growling as he is hit by that attack again, Kaidan is shuddering as he holds up a hand and starts to send more healing chakra throughout his body. He gasps softly as he comes back to stand up full, his healing chakra flowing through his body. He looks at the girl before him and shakes his head, "Alright." He states, "That's impressive." He chuckles and then checks himself over, "Are you alright over there?"

Kiji narrowed her eyes. It was annoying that her opponent could heal himself… this would never end if she allowed that to continue, but this was starting to get boring too. She glanced toward the stands then focused in on Kaidan… if he wanted to keep going fine. Something in her blood breathed at her, hissed at her, pushed her to attack and attack she did….

Nearly ascreaming as he is sent flying back into the wall with a slash of those tails. He has to be better than this. Once more he is forced to send healing up through himself and shakes his head, "Well, glad I picked this trick up." He nods his head and then poitns at the girl, "Careful girl, you appear to be losing it and I can't be held responsible for what I might have to do if you do lose it." He then sends healing chakra thorugh himself again.

Kiji watched as he was thrown backwards and lowered her head just a bit, glowering as he healed himself once again. Her eyes fairly glowed, black and crimson. She snarled. "SUBMIT!" She lifted her tails, wove them together and paused with a little snarl on her face. What he might do if she lost it? what was he talking about? No! He was trying to confuse her.. wait… was this..a dream? She narrowed her eyes and waited, ont he edge of attacking again….

Taking in a breath, he shakes his head as he stands up straighter, patting himself down as he sends more healing through himself, "You are really focused on that, aren't you?" He hmms as he tilts his head, "I don't believe I will be though." MOre chakra takes care of his wounds, "You see I'm very good at controlling my chakra and I need less to use my skills. This might go on for a while girl, but you are losing it in more ways than one."

Kiji glowered at Kaidan as he stood up and mocked her. Was he mocking her? Yes of course he was. Dream or no dream, test or no test.. He was mocking her… Right? RIGHT!. So she went with what worked. Once more that tail sprouted it's spike and this time she aimed for center gut, looking to pierce him through to pin him to the ground this time…… "SUBMIT!"

The man disappears this time and takes in a sharp breath as he appears right beside the girl again. Behind him is an arm glowing with pure power as he looks at her, "Once more I apologize but I will not lose." He then attempts to slam his fist forward right for Kiji again. If successful she'd be hit by that brutal strike once more as he looks at her, "And you need to calm down anyway."

Kiji seemed to be yanked out of the way of Kaidan's attack and indeed she was, but.. by her own blood whips, pulling her onto the arena wall, high above Kaidan's head a she focused her energies, eyes locked on Kaidan. She crouched, hands and feet on the wall, upside down, much like a spider and now everyone knew why she wore shorts under that pleated skirt….

Hopping two steps as his attack misses. He looks over at the girl on the wall, tilting his head as he looks at her, "That's not normal at all." He looks at her carefully before raising up a hand and he sends more chakra into himself, "I believe we are reaching the point of things being rather interesting." He nods his head, "Well, lets see how far it goes."

Kiji ignored or diid not hear his comment about being normal and spider walked — with some speed — along the arena wall, moving ever closer to kaidan. She felt like her blood was on fire, singing, she would not back downfrom this man…. She would make him submit or she wouldhave to be put down. She hissed and there were other hisses from her though they sounded just a second behind hers…. And then she spun on the wall, her blood tails lashing out at Kaidan, once more looking to pin him to the ground through his gut.

Racing for her again, he shakes his head, "Girl, I don't know what is with you but lets end this." He literaly smashes right through her blood tail, his armor protecting him and not even stopping him as he races right up to Kiji and suddenly he is sending a flurry of blows right at her. His hands going like a blur to attempt to hit her with a series of nasty physical strikes, "Stop. Already. Girl!" He sends attack and attack till finally he dances back and lets out a breath.

Kiji watched him punch through her spiked 'hammer' but what he was striking physically ended up being the tails themselves which suddenly whipped out, slashing at what was left of Kaidan's armor and tryng to send him flying backwards into the wall. Kiji's eyes were locked ont he man. "I'm no girl."

And then he is slashed and he hits the wall with a wince as he stumbles and then he disappears again. Kaidan growls to himself and shakes his head, "This one…" He states and then races back over to her. He jumps up high and then spins as he sends a spinning axe kick right for her, "Seriously! You are a tough one!" He declares and then lands one way or ther other and looks at her, "And to me, you are a girl. Sorry to say." He grins and shakes his head.

Kiji brought up her tails once more as Kaidan spoke and charged, defending well, but as they both landed on the ground Kiji looked a bit strange, not quite 'sad' but certainly meloncholy. "I'm not even human." And then she was pulled back and away from him again, slashing out at him once again…. Hoping to land her spiked tail once more, pin him.. wherever he landed..

"Now you're just confused. I assure you, you're still human. Me, on the other hand." He chuckles and Kaidan disappears from her stabbing tail and is above her in the air, "Now, go down!" He declares and his arm is stretched out behind him before he turns and sends the hand downward toward the girl. He attempts to plant her into the ground with that slamming strike, "And stay down!"

Kiji shook her head and that bit of distraction was enough. his poison slammed into her and she stumbled backwards sweveral paces with a growl and more hisses that did not seem to come from her. Those eyes were wild now and she gathered more energy, pulled herself backwards, back up onto the wall, scowling. "No."

He doesn't hesitate at all. This time he shakes his head, "You asked for it." Once more he is disappearing in blur of movement as he starts sending a series of attacks at her again. Each individual hit is hardly more than a standard strike but they come so fast and with such speed. As he bounces away from her, he is sweating and breathing heavily, his body shaking as he holds himself together through sheer force of will and holds himself up in the same way.

Kiji once more brought up her woven whips, her tails to defend and knock her off to the side where she hissed again but used his proximity against him, looking to nail him in the back with that spike.. there was just a hint of sanity left so she aimed off to the side so it would pierce him to one side of the spine, not looking to completely kill him.. wait.. or was she? The attack went off as she had originally intended but she was left wondering if this was really a game….

Zipping to the side, he gasps out a breath and shakes his head, "This fight." He breathes in and out slowly. He drops down nearly to the ground as he breathes in and out. He slumps and nearly falls completely. He then rears back for another strong strike, "Fall. Down!" He then sends it forward and nearly drops to the floor as he sends it in, "Sluice! You're tough as bank."

Kiji was once more crushed into the arena wall and s she slid to her feet she coughed up more blood. She was certainly on the edge, but she didn't seem to feel any pain. She looked wild still and if anything annoyed that the blood was comming from her mouth. She waved a hand in front of her face and gathered it into a ball which splattered on the arena wall. "I told you I'm not human." And she tried one more time… Lookng to pierce him, pin him, hold him down. She needed to win. She .. it.. it all depended on it right? RIGHT! That thing in her blood seemed to make her move faster rather than slower….

The man is only just able to avoid that attack. He is nearly out of it. He is being held up by nothing but sheer force of will. He glares at the girl, watching her closely as she stays there claiming inhumanity. He is beginnign to believe it but he is just as bad off as she is. He is mostly puppet. Soon…he might be all puppet. He glares at her and then suddenly races forward to try to send another kick right up into her jaw, "Well, neither am I!"

Kiji was once more pulled away from Kaidan and she growled darkly, panting lightly, her first real signs that she was feeling /something/ at least.. but all she did was pull more chakra to her.. preparing…. gathering and preparing….

Watching her, he takes a deep breath and then lets it out. He shakes his head, "This is unbelievable." He nods his head and then licks his lips under the mask, "How in the reservoir are you still standing?" He races in and takes a chance. He pulls chakra into his arm and then sends it right toward her gut, "Go down!" He screams out and he sounds like he might actually be losing it.

Kiji shifted, moved by her tails as he came in looking to hit her down off the wall and she hissed at him, watching him punch the stone wall instead of her. Why wouldnt she go down? how was she standing? who cared? She shook her head and her hairtie came loose, her braid unwinding itself, platinum locks hanging about her making her appear ethereal as well was wild, but something.. something just as white kept her hair at thebase of her neck in place….. She tried to return his favor, hoping to send him crashing to the earth…

And then once more he is hit by that horrific attack. He slams into the ground and screeches as he is pinned by blood. He reaches up and grabs at the blood and then his arms fall and he slumps back, wincing and growling, "Poolit!" He screeches out and looks over at her, "Not yet…" He coughs up a little blood behind the mask but that can't be seen through it. The armor on his chest is practically broken to pieces. HIs left arm cracked. He glares at the girl, "You little…"

Kiji landed on her feet and moved over closer to Kaidan panting slowly, shallowly.. she gathered her breath, her chakra.. "I'm from Kiri. Meruin-dono raised me. That is how." And then a torrent of whipping tails came crashing down on the man…. If she was lucky he would call ane end to it.. If not? she would fight to her last breath if she must….

Kaidan yells out in pain as he is hit repeatedly by the attacks of her crimson tails. He slowly pushes himself up to his feet and then glares at the girl. He is wobbling on his feet, barely standing and then he looks at Kiji. He stumbles several steps toward her and then glares at her, "And I was raised…by the desert sands." His voice is gravely and scratchy. He stares at the girl and then he slowly pushes himself up to his full height and then takes in a sharp breath before whipping his arm back and attempting to plant it right in her face, "You are one impressive beast."

Kiji stumbled , stunned by the impact that, due to her height, luckily nailed her inthe forehead. and then she just dropped like dead weight ending up face down in the dirt, blood comming from her mouth as she lay unmoving. Then there ws her hair. Three purple spiders came out from thier nest in her hair and took up defensive positions about Kiji's body, hissing at anyone not from Kirigakure that came near the girl.

Looking down at the girl as she finally fell to the ground, Kaidan is breathing in and out heavily. He stares down at her, at the spiders, and then turns away from her. He walks three steps and his left arm falls completely off. His right leg literaly gives way, fall into nothing but so many pieces on the ground as he ends up face first on the ground. Chakra strings can be seen flickering in and out of existance about his body as pieces of Kaidan literaly fall to the ground, his eyes opening but his breath breathing in and out heaviliy causing dirt to kick up.

Itami dropped in on the arena floor, being careful to mind the spiders that were present around Kiji prior to looking back to observe Kaidan. "I can officially declare this match finished," she spoke aloud. "The winner of this match is Kaidan of Sunagakure!" She focused on the staging rooms and gestured for medics to take the scene to tend to the fighters here. "This was a well fought match and both participants engaged one another admirably! Be certain to show your support and appreciation for what they have done here!" She called out to the crowd. With the match over, she provides as much assistance as she can to ensure the fighters are safely transported to the hospital.

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