Worth Dying For - Scene #2



Date: April 6, 2012


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"Worth Dying For - Scene #2"

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(OOC: Posted on Sami-player's behalf as a teaser for the next scene of her
plot, which will be occurring relatively soon, hopefully.)

His right eye is black like a beetle. His left eye is pale as though
cooked. His flesh on that side is grey like wood turned to ash by a
lightning strike. The opposite side is the dark tone of a desert dweller,
or perhaps of a certain Clan of the Land of Lightning. His hair is the
same dead-white coloration it was when he was born.

Half of him is Yotsuki Ryuutai, Swordsman of the Hidden Mist and wielder
of the twin swords 'Kiba'. Half of him is Shima Sami, Swordsman of the
Hidden Mist and wielder of the sound sword 'Otomegami'. Both men are dead.

And yet it's not either of them who are absent from this body. Instead,
the one who should be there but isn't, the one who wanted to start over,
the one who was convinced by a Genin named Taji to abandon the ragged path
torn from the darkness… The man named Serin is the one missing in that
expression. It's the blank face of a dead man who doesn't understand why
he's still walking this tortured world.

It's a world he wishes he didn't know. He has a message he wishes never to
deliver. He wishes he could be free from all of this pain. He wishes
someone would help him die.

His eyes are absent of care as he looks upon the Hidden Mist that he has
spent all of two lives guarding and protecting. He has only one thought in
his head — one concern. In his expression, he is asking, "Why won't
anyone kill me? Why won't anyone make the pain stop? Why won't anyone let
me go?" And most importantly…

"…When can I finally stop being a ghost?"

The next episode of Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0, "Ashes and Ghost".

If being left in this world is eternal suffering, then what purpose does
'Hell' serve?

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