Worth Dying For - Scene #3



Date: April 27, 2012


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"Worth Dying For - Scene #3"

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(NOTE: This teaser is jumping the gun a little bit but we're going to be
speed-sceneing the rest of the plot it looks like, or otherwise doing each
scene faster than we planned to, due to scheduling difficulties. Tommorow
morning will be 'Ashes and Ghost', from Scene #2's teaser. After that,

"People speak of the eternal battle between good and evil, and the war
between light and darkness. People also speak of 'shades of grey' and
'dwelling in the shadows'."

"People are idiots."

"The war has never been between good and evil, but between Purity and
Corruption. The place in the middle of the two extremes is called Balance,
and Balance is the point where nothing ever changes, moves, or grows. To
dwell in Balance is to TRULY die."

"If you ask someone, 'What is perfection?' you may receive many answers.
The truth is that perfection is Purity. Perfection is when there is
nothing else left but that one thing. Perfection is possible to obtain by
removing everything that is impure. What is NOT Purity, then?"

"To begin with, your friendship is an impurity of my existence, Ta-kun or
Hiroko, or whatever you call yourself now. Removing you from my existence
is a crucial step towards Perfection. Thus, all three of my blades will
seek you, just as they do your precious 'Fuyu-sensei' and your failed
guardian, 'Itami-san'."

"The twin swords 'Kiba' and the sound blade 'Otomegami' serve me for now.
In time, they too will be cut away."

On the next episode of Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0, "Worth Dying For - Three
of Darkside".

Pure Light and Pure Darkness are both on the same side of the scale that
measures souls. To be human, thus, is to seek out Corruption…?

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