Worth Dying For - Scene #4



Date: May 22, 2012


None given.

"Worth Dying For - Scene #4"

Unknown location

"Uchiha Madara told me when I was still his student and still young that
to face a fast opponent I must also be fast. If my opponent is too fast
for me to match, I must track and PREDICT him with my Sharingan. He also
told me that, when facing an opponent too fast even for my Sharingan, I
must never stop moving. If I stop moving, I will die."

"Perfection is an ideal that is striven towards, but it is not something
attainable. You'll see that eventually, Shima Sami. After all, a ghost is
one who has already failed that pursuit."

On the next episode of Naruto MUSH: Rivalry 2.0, "Worth Dying For -
Essence of Sight".

'Perfect Speed' is 'being there'.

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